"I live for those who love me, for those who know me true, for the heaven so blue above me, and the good that I can do." – George Linnaeus Banks


Chapter Eight

I was done with killing, living a life of fighting and violence, and having to succumb to all the unforgiving things that it meant for me and my family.

I never…wanted to do that…again. I never wanted to be like that again, and most importantly…I never wanted Sasuke to see that in me again.



Three weeks later…

Itachi's POV

"…tachi….Itachi!" came flooding into my ears, ruining my peaceful slumber, so I only made a half-attempted 'mmn' sound in my throat and turned over onto my stomach in bed; the warm, thin sheets twisting tighter around my body as I made the adjustment.

"Itachi, it's time to get up," Sasuke tried again; not receiving any kind of answer this time as I was already falling back asleep, having gotten completely comfortable in a whole new way now that I was lying on my stomach with the side of my face nestled snuggly amidst our feather-soft, overstuffed pillows.

Obviously not a fan of being blatantly ignored, Sasuke only waited a second longer before grabbing onto a far end of the off-white and honey-colored comforter and then yanking the whole thing off of my snoozing form to prove his point.

I groaned pseudo-miserably into the intricately designed, silken pillow as I felt the dreadful morning chill start to make me aware of its presence, my tiredness leaving me as my alertness was kicking in so I may, in fact, start the day.

"Oh, come on already. I made breakfast," Sasuke added the last bit with a little hopeful upturn in his voice, purposefully trying coax me out of bed with the mentioning of his food.

…and his food was always good.

"Fine…fine," I mumbled, turning back over and slowly swinging one leg after the other over the edge of the cream-colored mattress, forcing myself to sit up and face one of the many brightly shining windows that was in our new bedroom.

One of my eyes was cracked open while the other was still closed as I yawned groggily and felt the large bed dip down from behind me; telling me that Sasuke had gotten onto it as well and was inching closer to me.

I finished my yawn with a little huff before feeling Sasuke's weight settle down behind me, a comb coming into my hair as Sasuke performed his own, personal morning ritual of braiding my hair for me.

It was like candy-sweet magic every time and I relished in the gentle sensations of having my hair straightened out for me as I leaned back into his touch a little more and welcomed the new day in the best possible way.

"Thanks, Sasuke," I said as I rubbed the heaviness of my dual-colored eyes so I may actually see and be mobile now and not just think about going back to sleep again; Sasuke's combing as efficient as ever as he ran the brush through my hair only a few times to calm down the unruly locks before he could braid it all.

"As usual, you're welcome...now hold still," Sasuke said sweetly and sternly behind me, gathering up my long midnight mane and dividing it into three, equal parts to be intertwined amongst each other to form one, long braid to hang down my back.

It was a most thoughtful gesture from my brother as my hair had gotten quite long and on a few occasions had gotten into my way while eating and other things; so Sasuke had opted awhile back to start braiding my hair for me before we ate breakfast so none of my food would get ruined again.

Besides, he probably knew that it did feel really nice for me to have him play with my hair as he did every day; making it an extremely effective means of motivation for me to wake up and seek him out straight away. Feeling his long, slender fingers working through the length of my hair soothed my soul and put my refreshed mind at ease every morning- it was like nothing else and I loved it every time.

"There you go," Sasuke said, pleased with his work, as he used his fingers to smooth down my long bangs around my face last; the rest of my hair now braided down my back; before he shifted his weight to slide off the bed from my left.

Still sitting in just my dark grey boxers, I gave my right shoulder a little flex to stretch out the sleep-cramped muscles before I lazily rose up from the bed and faced my already dressed brother who was patiently waiting on me by the door; his white-robed arms folded over his chest while he wore this amused, lop-sided grin on his lovely face.

After a crack of my neck and a quick scratch to my left ear, I pulled on a pair of loose-fitting black pants that had already been laid out for me ahead of time, along with a simple v-neck cut black shirt – not too caring about fishnet undershirts and arm and leg wrappings at the moment since eating breakfast with my brother always came prior to worrying about anything else.

"You know you should just walk around naked," Sasuke commented in a dry, matter-of-fact way that made me whip my head towards him with an awkward look on my face – the younger Uchiha nonchalantly ogling me as I dressed and moved about in front of him.

"Cute, Sasuke. Then what am I supposed to do if enemy ninja show up at our door?" I asked sarcastically yet seriously as I pulled my braid out from inside my shirt once I had put it on.

I looked back to Sasuke; my black and white eyes meeting his black and red in a comfortable yet playful stare – smiles making their way onto both of our faces at such a ridiculous mental scenario of me actually greeting some of our dangerous and most powerful foes at the door in the nude and just being totally fine with it.

Being the oftentimes mouthy younger brother that he was, Sasuke smartly replied back to my rhetoric with a chuckle, "It would probably work in our favor if our enemies saw you like that. They would be too busy drooling over you; I could just walk right up and kill them without them even knowing."

One of my eyebrows rose at this while I sort of half-frowned my lips; truthfully embarrassed as well as highly flattered at my brother's raunchy antics about how my naked body would distract others so much, even people that are supposed to hate us to no end.

"I'll keep that in mind," I answered back in an even drier tone than what he had used, letting Sasuke know with the curve of my lips and the slight roll of my eyes that he had definitely made me blush on the inside – my hands busy straightening up our bed with a quick fix to the ruffled covers and disarranged pillows.

Sasuke briefly laughed at my purposefully grouchy but good-natured retort as he uncrossed his arms – his laughter warm and wonderful and every bit as adorable as I remembered it from years ago when we were little.

"So, what's for breakfast?" I asked while administering another light scratch to the same ear as before, my head tucked down a little bit as I did so and I knew I just had to look like a begging puppy right about now – it was completely on purpose.

In all truth, it really did not matter what kind of food my brother made; I would always eat it just the same, but I was just trying to keep the extremely sweet, light conversation going, I suppose; forever loving how we could talk about this and that at all times of the day since he and I had that kind of precious time together now.

At my almost child-like question, Sasuke's small smile grew wider, his mismatched but fully seeing eyes showing nothing but warmth to me, as he casually refolded his arms back over his chest and said, "I was just kidding; I still need to make it. So, come help me when you're ready… I'll be waiting for you."

And with that, he turned around and exited our bedroom; probably still with that devil's smile of his on his face while feeling pretty satisfied with himself as he walked away from me and towards our kitchen; leaving me standing there feeling positively light-hearted and bamboozled.

I rolled my eyes at his retreating form, a cocky smile stretching my lips as I considered his slight prank on me, before I turned to the right and walked the short distance into the adjacent master bathroom to quickly wash up before handling food.

I was so unbelievably happy.

After our conflict with Madara Uchiha, Sasuke and I had wasted no time and had fled from Orochimaru's old hideout – allegations made by other Akatsuki members were sure to make their way to me one way or another, so we knew that we could not stay in the same place as before.

Our decision had been effortless, like the idea itself had been something that he and I had been born with and still possessed, as we had made the choice to go to a secluded area up north in the Land of Waterfalls and build a house there just for the two of us.

Between the two of us working tirelessly around the clock, our humble abode had been finished in record time and we had been living here ever since – our intention was to probably stay here forever together.

The process had been tedious and grueling but well worth the trouble, as trees from all over the area had to be cut down and fashioned; never a large amount of trees from the same spot since that might look suspicious to someone; which was followed by a word of mouth blueprint for the actual construction for the modest but spacious, wooden house that we had had specifically placed by a lot of medium-sized, leafy trees on every side and with multiple windows per wall. Concealing our presence as well as being able to see what was going on outside from the inside were crucial, but we had managed to pull of such criteria for our new home remarkably and without fail.

Our hard work that we had endured with seemingly endless amounts of energy had paid off indefinitely; one Uchiha knowing that all of his labor was not solely just for himself the entire time; as we now had a share in the other's life and could enjoy it in our own house that no one else knew about, in a distant land where nothing would bother us.

That was all we had ever truly wanted, I dare say, and now…that dream was a reality.

I was so happy.

I could not help but reflect gratefully, triumphantly on these things he and I had accomplished once I was by myself from time to time; as I was now in the master, dark red and honey-accented bathroom and peering thoughtfully into the large, framed mirror above the sink.

I had finished brushing my teeth and washing my face; the dampened ends of my bangs slightly stringing in front of my dripping face; as I just took a moment to keep my hands pressed flat against the edge of the cool, white sink and take most of my weight off my legs.

Eyes of two different colors and capacities looked back at me from my reflection in the mirror, but the image and concept did not serve to bother me like it had the first time I was made aware of it.

Now, I could not be more thankful for my brother's choice and sacrifice. I loved being able to see him; every angelic facial expression of his, every quirk he could not help but perform from day to day, every time I would catch him just staring right back at me.

Sasuke made my blood race and slow down at the same time; exciting my nerves and putting me on my toes while offering a certain calming serenity with his presence simultaneously, but such a phenomena did not confuse me any longer.

While I could barely recognize my own reflection, I was glad of all the changes that had occurred; making me a different man than who I was before…making me a better man.

I was a better person because of him, but I also recognized that I was better for him

I sniffed in a bit of air before raising one of my hands to my face and rubbing my nose for a second; more crystal-clear drops of water falling from all angles of my tanned face before I blinked and then lowered my gaze to the drain in the sink. My thoughts honestly never stopped being so heavy and meaningful inside my head, but it was only all the more encouraging for me to continue to do right by him, love him unconditionally, and to truly accept this newfound happiness with open, willing arms.

Fluidly snatching up the small, folded white towel by the side of the sink and pressing it firmly to my face only once, I then flung the soft material back down to where it had been before I quickly turned away from the bathroom and went to be by my brother's side.


"The rice is done," I commented, quite happy with the sticky, fluffy turnout of our small portions of rice that I had prepared to accompany our breakfast.

"Good, because I'm ready for it, Sasuke answered at my back as he placed equal portions of steamed fish and vegetables onto each of our burgundy porcelain plates with surprisingly delicate care and attention.

After one last stir to the rice in the pot with the wooden cooking spoon, I gripped the handle and lifted it off the burner of our stove; turning towards Sasuke and stepping beside him so I could add the contents to the plates at the same time.

I could tell Sasuke was smiling next to me, as close as he was, as he finished his task, while I spooned out more rice for us both to eat– the knowledge making me smile happily in the process as well.

I needed to take out one more spoonful of rice for my plate, but could not do it right away as Sasuke sweetly proceeded to wrap his arms around my neck from the side; bringing me down a bit as he stood on his toes and pressed a firm, chaste kiss to my cheek, almost like it was in thanks.

I had already been smiling, but now I chuckled at how impossibly loving and cute Sasuke was being before I straightened back out and placed the pot back down on top of the stove with a wide reach back; ready to eat but even more ready to give Sasuke a kiss in return.

I lightly seized my brother's slender, exposed wrist and gave it a solid, but not violent yank towards me; the act making my brother all but lose his footing as he came rushing towards me – my back leaning comfortably against out black-topped counters in our warm and inviting wood-grained kitchen.

Sasuke gingerly collided into my sturdy chest and my hands were already cupping his infinitely adorable, smiling face, angling it up towards me, as I dipped my own smirking face down and pressed my lips to his petal-soft mouth.

Fingers clutched at the front of my shirt with almost a distinct desperation behind the strength as Sasuke purred into my mouth and I moved to kiss him again, our lips positively melding into the others' as I gently stroked my brother's perfect cheekbones with the pads of my thumbs and relished in how inexplicably soothing Sasuke's breath felt against my skin, the length of his body pressed up against mine, his supple, needy lips seeking out my own.

Gathering some shred of sense in a half-serious, half-joking manner, I lingeringly broke off our bittersweet, morning kiss in the kitchen before saying, "The food's getting cold."

"Let it," Sasuke replied sternly without missing a beat before smashing his lips against my own once more, this time with more urgency and demand behind his movements and force - exactly the things I could never oppose of my little brother as I let him somewhat overwhelm me by taking control of our kiss.

His body ground into my own, pushing me back even more against the countertop, as I felt him uncurl his fists and slide his hands down the flat, solid planes of my chest – the gesture making me kiss him a bit harder as I angled my head to a side so I could deepen our heated kiss.

My hands left his face and instead wound around his slender back, squeezing him to me, before I groaned against my brother's talented mouth as Sasuke's hands had reached my trapped groin and administered a no-nonsense grip to my stirring cock through my clothes.

This time, it was Sasuke who broke off our kiss as he playfully but purposefully glared up into my pleasured, tortured face and cooed, "The food can wait. I want…this."

I groaned again before biting my lip to stifle the sound as Sasuke gave me another possessive squeeze – his mismatched eyes never leaving my face as he watched me all but come apart for him in record time.

I could not help it; Sasuke's lips were like the finest alcohol zinging straight through my system while his hands always served as a potent catalyst to such intoxicating effects on me; forever reducing me to a witless, wanton version of a man with only a few, knowing ministration and coaxes.

"The food can wait," I agreed, my black and white eyes already becoming half-lidded with desire as I watched Sasuke's grin widen even more across his handsome face; his hand still tightly holding my growing arousal, feeling its increasing strain and excitement.

Hastily, I gripped the sides of my brother's narrow, tantalizing waist and ground my erection into his, my lips equally as quick to seek out his again so I may feel his moan when he let it out from feeling such delicious, tempting friction.

His soft tongue swirled inside my mouth, tasting everything I had to offer, as I ran only my fingertips teasingly up Sasuke's perfectly sculpt back; his shirt pulling up in the process and revealing more of his porcelain skin to me. As soon as Sasuke's long white shirt was all but falling off him, I seized the thin material in my hands and roughly pulled the garment off of him, eager to have him naked before me.

As I rid my sexy little brother of his shirt; one of my hands already raising up to grip some of his short, black spikes while my other hand slowly ran down his smooth, bare back; Sasuke pressed himself even harder against me – his hands sliding from my hips to my ass which he squeezed suggestively and pulled closer to him so our trapped, swollen members would rub together once more.

I shuddered a bit upon feeling Sasuke be so demanding and wanton with my body, but did not have much time to recover before I felt Sasuke deliver a quick nip to my bottom lip – my mind losing track of how his hands had already gripped the hem of my shirt and was now lifting the lithe material from my torso as I could only feel wholly consumed by how maddeningly wonderful it felt to have Sasuke's cock pulsating against mine.

Before I knew it, I was rid of my own black shirt and was currently watching through lust-hazed, half-lidded eyes as my strikingly beautiful Sasuke was carefully sinking down to his knees in front of me; his hands trailing down my body as various curves and lines as he made the move.

Looking down at Sasuke as I was, I could not help but gulp at such an unworldly erotic sight as he effortlessly inched down my soft black pants with both of his hands and administered a quick lick to the pink, enflamed head of my cock once it was released and right in front of his small face.

I shivered at the gesture and unconsciously reached my hands out to my sides to grip onto the edge of the kitchen counter that was behind me for support – my eyes still glued to Sasuke's mouth and tongue and how he used them to only give me fleeting, torturous amounts of pleasure as he kissed and lightly licked around the ultra-sensitive head.

Fingers tightening against the cool, solid surface of the counters, I dreamily craned my neck back and sighed out my pleasure as Sasuke effectively played with me, his deadly, lovely hands still holding tight onto my pants which only served to drive me even more insane as I internally craved to have him grip me with that same intensity.

It delighted me to no end that Sasuke was so adamant about pleasuring me and seeking out his own pleasure from me in turn, and I let out a strangled moan to the kitchen ceiling once I felt my younger brother let my rigid member slide passed those perfectly shaped lips of his and down his throat – his fingernails scratching down the sides of the muscled curve in my waist as he did so.

Still keeping me fully in his mouth, Sasuke used his tongue to work the underside of my weeping member; my heightened senses picking up every flick and recoil his soft, wet muscle performed on me as I felt jolt after blissful jolt of red-hot pleasure build up deep within me.

I shuddered again, my breathing becoming a little heavier through my mouth, as I looked back down at my little brother again; his button nose almost pressed flat against my lower abdomen as he kept my cock deep down his throat – his light suckling only serving as pure, riddling torture to me as no necessary friction and additional movement was being administered to my begging body and disintegrating resolve.

I knew Sasuke knew what he was doing – he was purposefully trying to make me insane for him so I would just abandon all kind of loving courtesy and just give him a good, hard fuck.

…so be it.

Who am I to deny my precious younger brother, my only family?

Freeing my hands from the counter behind me, I grasped my brother's hollowed cheeks and pulled him off of my cock with a distinguished wet sound – his neediness beforehand and now painstakingly slow pleasure had completely done the trick of making me lose it.

Sasuke was quickly back on his feet in front of me again upon having released my cock from his mouth, and I was even quicker to seize around his middle and effortlessly lift him off the ground; his legs bending at the knees automatically so he would be an easier carry.

I only had to take a few, big stride-type steps forward until I was on the opposite side of our elongated kitchen, where I proceeded to effectively sit Sasuke down on top of the black-topped bar where we always ate most of our meals and just chatted face-to-face.

There would be no casual chatting right now, however, as Sasuke was already licking long, hungry lines up and down my bare neck as I hastily rid him of his black pants – the garment all but being torn from his long legs and mindlessly chucked off to my left so I could finally see to my prize.

Sasuke's fingers clutched at my shoulders before he used his hands to feel down my arms as I worked in situating him – my little brother's lovely, pale legs hooking around my hips as he sort of leaned back for me while still holding onto me so he could still remain propped up.

His eyes held that of a dare while his body showed that of the opportunity…and I knew it was all on purpose by my younger brother; only one thing came to mind to say to him as a result of his wanton ministrations and mannerisms – if Sasuke wanted it rough, it would be rough.

"Sasuke, I'm going in dry," I informed him, no room for negotiations was present in my low, breathy words to him as I freed one hand from my brother's heated, perfect body angled in just the right way before me on that kitchen bar.

In a matter of mere milliseconds, my free hand was grasping my hard, pulsating member at its base and I was positioning the thick, moistened tip at my brother's unprepared entrance…when I felt a particularly hard squeeze to my biceps from Sasuke's hands; making me raise my eyes to seek out his face.

Sasuke had his bottom lip in between his teeth and his eyes looked deliciously helpless as he clung to me before he said pleadingly, "Do it, 'tachi…I want to feel you…all of you."

Obliging his mind-bending and all-too inviting words, I kept my eyes transfixed on Sasuke's striking face while I slowly pushed inside of him; intent on seeing every reaction my younger brother would make on account of my doing so; my hands resting flat on the smooth surface of the bar on either side of his waist while I moved.

I watched, mesmerized, as Sasuke's face scrunched up in sheer pain as pressure was applied to his tight skin until it eventually gave way and his entrance was forced to stretch around and accommodate my large member pushing into him at a maddeningly cautious and measured pace.

"Ugh…nng…" Sasuke voiced in his throat, trying to deal with the initial, undaunted pain as he looked like I had punched him in the stomach rather than entered him as I was; his words and actions wringing out murmur after murmur of loving, comforting words to him from me.

"I love you so much…so much…Sasuke," I chanted in a lust-filled, whispered voice for only him to ever here as I continued – my body almost shaking as a result from having to remain so composed through this though I took to placing kiss after open-mouthed kiss to his collarbone and neck.

The more I sheathed myself inside of him, the more Sasuke seemed to relax as his brow was kept furrowed but now he was not gritting his teeth in pain and was only breathing heavily as he gazed up at me and retracted his fingernails that I had not even realized were dug relatively firmly into the rugged flesh on my arms.

"I'm alright," he breathed at last as he wrapped his arms around my neck and brought us even closer together; his legs trembling a bit as he raised them only a fraction higher up around my back as he held me tightly now before I did anything else.

To support him so he could remain as he was; just barely sitting on the top of the bar and hugging me securely with his arms and legs; I moved my hands from the bar to his lower back and gently started pulling my cock out of his impossibly tight entrance – the move proving to be a bit difficult as his intoxicatingly hot entrance was squeezing my length almost too much.

Inside of him, with no kind of barriers whatsoever, felt amazing and I knew that I would have to do this with him again – the exact same way.

Sasuke shivered and moaned sensually as I pulled my length out of him and gasped and clawed his fingers across my bare shoulder blades once I eased all of it back into him; my pace still mindfully slow since I did not want to hurt him.

Since no kind of prior lubrication having been used on anyone's part, I could feel every tremor, every tremble, every mind-blowing time Sasuke even twitched a certain way as I repeated pushing and pulling my heavy cock deep inside of him; every time relishing in all his encouraging, addicting sounds that he made as he arched his slender back in my hands.

I could have sworn that I could feel it even when his mood changed, just how much he liked a certain something I did, and just how far into ecstasy I was bringing him with each passing second.

I had never felt so connected to him before in my life, and it was captivating.

Quicker, with more burdening, magnificent passion positively flooding out of me now, I made love to Sasuke as I increased my pace – his moans starting to overlap each other and create this beautiful chorus for me as I groaned my own pleasure while I semi-unconsciously kneaded the lithe muscles underneath my hands.

Sasuke kept his back arched for me; his arms stretched out as he held onto my broad, scratched shoulders for support; his voice and actions revealing nothing but his white-hot pleasure as he obviously relaxed his muscles for me even more while I processed to pound into his loosening, dripping entrance with such tenacity and need that it made me moan right along with him.

"Oh…shit, Itachi…s-so…good...mmn…" Sasuke stammered hotly before he tossed his head back to let out a throaty moan to our ceiling; his wonderful, battle-hardened hips and legs moving right along with my hurried thrusts into him as I was vastly being overwhelmed with all of my senses being brimmed with nothing but the extreme eroticism my younger brother exhibited while being so unrestrained, so passionate; so desperate for only my sex.

Pounding furiously now, like I had something to prove and die for, I gripped the sides of my brother's hips painfully hard; forever loving his short, airy screams he would make as I got even rougher with him; and could not stop such words from coming out of my opened, panting mouth.

"Tell me how much you love me," I growled out to him before dropping my sweating brow to his equally sweating and dampened collarbone – Sasuke's back remained arched as his fingers dove into the short hairs on my neck not included in my braid and squeezed; both of our breathing excessively hard as I felt myself becoming dangerously close.

"…so much…ahh…Itachi, I love you…ughn…s-so fucking much…," Sasuke answered shakily, his neglected but pulsating member throbbing violently in between our two, grinding stomachs as we kept each other as close as possible.

Upon hearing my brother's sex-laced words that spoke of his undying, unwavering love for no one else but me, I could not help but feel an immediate jolt of electric current zip through all of my previously pent-up sexual need and practically make me come on the spot, though I was able to ward it off with a sharp bite to my lower lip and an increasingly desperate grunt in the process.

I needed to hear more.

Only taking the smallest of moments to widen my stance a touch more, I reaffirmed my almost deadly-serious hold on my brother's nicely curved waist before whispering, "And whose cock is the only one you'll ever want inside of you?"

My thrusts were bordering on savage in their concentrated intensity as to hit only one spot that had my brother bellowing wildly to the heavens, but miraculously, Sasuke was able to answer though highly broken and stammered, "Ahhh...yours! …oh my God…only yours; I'll only want your cock, brother…mmmn!"

Pure ecstasy to me and my cock swelled dramatically inside of him as a result as he tipped his head back and let out another silent scream pass those unabashed, promising lips of his.

I could hear it in my brother's exhausted, sultry voice; feel it in the sway of his begging hips that matched my every thrust; and know it from the way Sasuke's textured insides were positively sucking my large, hot member deeper and deeper inside of him – Sasuke was nearing his climax as well.

"Come for me…mmn…just like this," I purred against Sasuke's heated flesh; my words low and timbered and filled with nothing but smoky, drunken lust for my brother; "…with nothing but my cock deep inside you…come for me…Sasuke."

I had practically breathed out Sasuke's name as I had spoken to him; my voice almost making love to the precious word in its own right as I finished my lewd command.

My brother's face flushed with even more pink than had already been there as he squeezed his eyes shut and gripped my shoulders even tighter in his trembling hands – my own head craning back in a loud moan once he did so since I felt him purposefully squeeze my intruding cock with his insides so he could feel me even more while he got off.

"Fuck, Itachi…kiss me," Sasuke pleaded breathlessly below me, immediately prompting me to lower my face back down to his and smash our lips together; our kiss instantaneously hot and heavy as our breath mixed and tongues clashed.

Then, in a beautiful and entrancing display, my gorgeous Sasuke broke off our kiss that seemed to be the final thing that pushed him over his edge, as he flung his head back and arched so far back that his shoulder blades and shoulders touched the bar's surface – my named deliciously screamed from his lips as I watched stream after stream of his pearly white essence erupt from his straining, untouched member and onto his sinfully chiseled stomach and chest.

It was too much, far too sexy and alluring for any mere man to behold, and with one last particular sharp thrust inside of my brother's scalding hot body, I came long and hard; already hearing the increased wet sounds that his saturated insides produced as a result of my continued but weakening thrusts while I emptied myself inside his blissfully willing cavern.

Sasuke had initially drew his bottom lip in between his teeth once again from feeling me come inside of him but released it upon being unable to suppress a breathy, heavenly sigh as his deep, black and red eyes sort of rolled in the back of his head as his body shook with each of my subsiding thrusts into him.

Completely sated and more than exhausted, I released Sasuke's tortured hips from my grasp; my hands favoring to just slump by my side; as I effectively dropped my head to my brother's chest and just let him cradle me while I tried to catch my breath.

My bare back and shoulders were damp with sweat, my long bangs sticking to my cheeks and forehead in some places, and my legs felt like watered-down jelly as I peacefully rested against the firm, solid planes of Sasuke chest – my softening member still inside of him since I did not even have the strength or particular desire to detach us straight away.

Sasuke said nothing at first as I heard him only clear his evidently dried throat while he let his fingertips casually, leisurely stroke across the nape of my neck.

My senses progressively returning to me and providing me with long-forgotten, basic information with which to catch up on, I immediately made a rather humorous assessment that I just had to voice as I was still being coddled by my younger brother as I remained bent over him as I was.

"Breakfast was great," I joked with a smile against my brother's flesh, clearly referring to our mind-blowing and rough sex just now and not the food we had prepared that had yet to be eaten.

I felt my brother's fingers halt in their ministrations on the beck of my neck, making me look up and seek out his eyes at once.

Almost on cue, the both of us broke out into a fit of laughter, my brother's trim stomach reverberating underneath me as he chuckled at my joke and me right along with him – our laughs somewhat similar in intonation and pattern as they filled our humble abode.

God, I lived for these moments….just simply lived for them.

He was so impossibly beautiful and wonderful; I was constantly kept in a state of amazement when with him.

"Well, I think our real breakfast is going to have to wait even longer, though," Sasuke commented once his laughter had died down, though he still had his heart-stopping smile on his pale, dampened face.

"And why is that?" I asked, unknowingly playing right along with his intentions.

Suddenly, my brother's warm smile melted easily into a small, playful smirk that made his eyes narrow and glint with an almost wicked gleam in their staggering mismatched hues.

"Because now we both need a shower," he answered coolly, suggestively.

I could only stare transfixed at his smirking face and read into the many, multiple implications that that same look has meant for us in the past.

I gulped.


Sasuke's POV

Thick, warm blankets of white, puffy steam seemed to float all around our quaint, master bathroom located adjacent to the bedroom, tingling my already sensitive senses and skin as I clung sensually to my older brother's larger, smooth form.

Inside our adequately sized, clouded-glass shower, remarkably hot water rained down from overhead onto both of our naked, attached forms as Itachi kept his hands on either side of my face while he proceeded to successfully kiss me senseless – our breath coming out in short puffs as our pink, petal-soft lips sought out the other's in the most delectable of ways over and over again.

I had long since released his long, midnight hair from its braid as it was now strung about wildly down his dripping back and across his shoulders; my own wetted-down locks of blue-black hair were completely free of their usual spikes in the back as it all just hung heavily down because of the constant water.

My own smaller hands grasped at Itachi's wide, strong back as I practically adhered myself to him, forever loving the feeling of his soft, warm tongue inside my mouth and against my own as I let him dominate our heated, passionate kisses while I kept my chest securely against his own.

I loved how Itachi knew exactly how to kiss and touch me, at just the places and at just the right times to make me a mindless mess in his arms…and right now was no different as I had already reached such a state earlier in the kitchen and knew straight away that I wanted another round with my talented, handsome brother – the love of my life.

Somewhat reluctantly breaking off our water-streaked kiss; my lips already missing his as soon as they were parted; I slowly turned around so my back faced him and suggestively placed my opened palms flat against the tiled wall in our shower for support; effectively presenting my ass to him to use however he wished.

It was a demand, not a request, in all actuality and I knew Itachi would pick up on this as well.

Truth be told, I was always to insanely desperate for my older brother – anything; it did not matter what it was; a kiss, lovemaking, a sentence…anything…any kind of contact; it all was enticing and wholly engrossing to me no matter what.

I purred as soon as I felt Itachi strong, deadly hands on my thighs, his warm and deliciously soaked body coming closer to mine as I felt his trained and battle-honed hips brush against my ready flesh.

The steady, soft 'zaa' sound the shower made was infinitely relaxing; the water itself that poured over us was immensely purifying; and my brother's slow, purposefully teasing of making his swollen member grind against my ass was maddeningly sweet in its excruciating torture.

I gingerly bowed my back, though I was not completely bent over by any means, and sort of gave my ass a little wiggle so I could tease Itachi back in the process – our playfulness seemingly never-ending as we constantly desired to please and feel the other.

Preparing me at this point was thoroughly unnecessary and I shamelessly moaned out loud as I felt Itachi easily slip his rigid member into my sopping, stretched entrance and effortlessly sheathe the whole thing inside of me until I felt his sexy, lower abdomen make full contact with the delicate curve of my ass.

"Holy shit… Sasuke," Itachi cooed from behind me, his voice raspy and airy as he said my name and just took a moment to relish in being completely inside of me before moving; his hands lightly resting on the tops of my spread, slick thighs.

My own cock dripped with dire, pulling need at feeling my brother's gorgeous cock fill me up once again and I wantonly bent over even more for him; my resilient hold on the white-tiled wall making me stable in my move and I could feel Itachi's length automatically get pushed deeper inside me as a result.

At this, I moaned again and closed my eyes – my brother's hips pulling away from me as I felt him retract his pleasure-inducing cock out of me almost completely before pushing it back in with virtually no kind of resistance on my part.

It was like silk gliding over satin; us being together and joined like this; and I was easily intoxicated with how utterly heavenly everything felt.

"M-more…Itachi…please," I whined quietly, water dripping off my kiss-swollen lips as I pushed out my ass a little more for him to emphasize my lustful plea.

Obliging in the most mind-shattering of ways, Itachi only hurried his pace a fraction more; his grip on my thighs tightening, however, as if to keep himself in check so he could continue making slow, meaningful love to me and not hurry as I had asked.

I was dying pleasantly from feeling my brother make leisured, measured thrusts into me; my body feeling as if I was coming apart at the seams; as I moaned over and over in my throat and felt my body positively race with growing need and desire – Itachi's unhurried and savoring thrusts were melting my mind and making my whole world collapse slowly as I felt pillow-soft pleasure reach almost everywhere within me.

However, just when I was a second away from making another desperate beg of my older brother, I felt his hands smoothly slide up from my thighs to my stomach where he proceeded in pulling me upright from my bent-over position.

Freeing my hands from the cool wall, I stood up straight and tossed my arms back to latch onto his lengthy, sopping mane behind me while I ground my ass against his groin – his thrusts quickening as result as he kept his hands securely on my soaking chest; holding me closely to him as we continued to make love.

Time after time, I moaned my brother's name as I arched against him; grinding my ass into him every time; while I let my hands sift endlessly through Itachi's unbelievably silken hair; my body heating up in the most satisfying of ways as I felt his large hands firmly hold my chest and his solid member pound into my entrance, expertly hitting my sweet spot.

My vision was beginning to blur around the edges, my peripherals sort of leaving me as if in a drunken haze, as I delivered one particular sharp tug to my brother's long hair- Itachi's mouth securely on my shoulder as he proceeded to bite down on the slender muscles there before sucking and licking at the worried area.

I was gradually losing my mind in the arms of my beloved Itachi as I could not help but writhe around in his hot, alluring embrace as I moaned and gasped for precious air; welcoming my sweet oblivion almost too eagerly; as I felt one of Itachi's hands trail down the front of my slender, smaller body until he reached my weeping member at last.

I gasped sharply and lolled my head back to rest against the top of Itachi's sturdy shoulder as I felt my older brother pump my cock in his hand; his mouth still hungry and tedious against my slick shoulder and neck as he left mark after purple mark on my pallid skin – my overwhelming desire for him only increasing as I felt his lust-inspiring mouth work on me like I was something so unspeakably delicious to him.

With a sort of pleasured groan, Itachi pulled his lips away from my neck and instead gently placed them against my ear, allowing me to closely hear and feel his heavy, lustful breathing as he hurried his thrusts even more inside of me.

I was so unbelievably close; everything this extraordinary man did was like some kind of magic spell that made me see brilliant stars and about lose my right mind; as I felt his other hand free itself from my chest and instead slide into my unruly, wet locks to which he gingerly took hold of the far side of my face; turning my head towards him so he may claim my lips once more.

I moaned into our sideways kiss and tightened my grip in his long, midnight locks as I felt my own straining member swell inside of his hand; Itachi's strokes to my cock were furious and ideal and my pleasure only amplified now that I could taste my brother's hot mouth once more and feel how much he needed me.

Suddenly, like a gripping, unavoidable wave crashing down over me, my eyes flew open as I felt my orgasm positively tear through my every fiber as I kissed him harder, my moans being muffled as Itachi drank in all my shameless, needy sounds – Itachi making sure to keep his lips firmly against my own panting mouth as I came in multiple, glorious spurts of fiery white liquid that coated his pumping hand and splattered onto the watery shower floor below.

All at once, Itachi's parted lips were pulled from my own, his hands still holding onto the side of my neck and jaw and keeping it tilted back, as I felt him finally come as well; his hot, thick essence filling me up to the brim again as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into me – my opened eyes so close to his face watching as his handsome, wet face first scrunched up in crucial concentration but only to relax all at once as tiny, clear droplets of water spilled from his cheeks and his luscious mouth.

It was beautiful to behold so intimately, and I felt truly privileged.

Panting hard and clearly drained of all types of energy, Itachi eased his flaccid member out of me and took a little, tired step backwards; prompting me to turn around at once so I may face my lover and, ultimately, finish our shower that never truly got started in the first place, aside from just turning on the water.

I could not help but smile at how utterly exhausted and worn out Itachi looked, and said smartly, "Good?"

Itachi nodded at first, the shower water still pouring over us and soaking us fully, but then said, "The best."

He was absolutely too cute sometimes, so I closed the remaining yet small distance between us and threw my arms around his neck, immediately laying my head down on top of his shoulder, and just held him.

Itachi's arms lethargically circled around my waist as he tipped his head over to the side to lovingly rest his temple against my sopping mess of black hair – everything astoundingly peaceful, perfect, and just blissfully serene between us, through us.

I sighed heavily, already feeling rather sleepy from our rounds of intense love-making and now being held in Itachi's equally tired embrace, but I forced my head up so I cold look him in his ominous but intriguing black and white eyes.

"I love you," I said solemnly, meaningfully as my gaze sort of trailed down from his eyes to his supple lips just inches away from my own; forever being in awe of the breathtaking perfection that is Uchiha Itachi.

"I love you too, Sasuke," Itachi replied earnestly, my eyes positively glued to just how his lips formed those words as he said them to me.

I was so happy.

"I guess I should wash your hair for you now," I commented suddenly, realizing that the chore plus some others still needed to get done before we could end our shower and finally eat and go about our day.

At this, my darling older brother cocked his head over to a side, a grin plastered on his lovely face, as he said, "I'm not blind anymore, Sasuke. You don't have to still do that for me."

Sucking in a bit of air through my nose, my answer formulating inside my head as we both maintained our affectionate, loose hold on the other's wet, naked body, I replied thoughtfully, "I told you…I'll always want to take care of you. Don't you trust me?"

It was not accusatory, it was not implied with some underlying, scheming tone – I only meant that I was sure about my decision regarding him and that he should be sure about it as well.

Upon hearing my somewhat emblematic question, Itachi smiled sweetly down at me; instantly melting my heart as well as capturing my full, undivided attention as I could only focus my eyes on how angelic the man absolutely looked to me right now in my arms; before he said, "I've always trusted you, Sasuke."


"I looked into your eyes and saw / A world that does not exist / I looked into your eyes and saw / A world I wish I was in / I'll never find someone quite as touched /As you / I'll never love someone quite the way that I / Love you." –VAST

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