Harry Potter: The power of Oa

By Bluminous

A/N: A small boy receives the essence of Oa when the planet disappeared from the universe forever.

Harry Potter/Justice League Crossover.

Chapter 1: Destroyed plans

A/N: I don't own Harry Potter or Dc comics

December 25, 1985 9pm Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

A satisfied Albus Dumbledore walked towards his office after the satisfying Christmas dinner he shared with his staff, and a few students that had chosen to stay in school during the break. It was a good dinner, and he made a mental note to thank the house elves for their wonderful cooking. As he went inside his office, he spent a few minutes petting Fawkes, his phoenix familiar who looked like it was about to reach his burning day. Feathers dropped every now and then from its perch, and the bird's posture had weakened as the days progressed. He hoped Fawkes would burst to flame soon.

A loud keening noise suddenly blared loudly in his office and he rushed towards his silver instruments, one designed for monitoring the blood wards and general health of one Harry Potter. He stared in shock, unable to believe what the instrument indicated. He rushed to the floo and called Minerva McGonagall Transfiguration Mistress and head of Gryffindor House.

A few seconds later, the tall stern looking woman stepped out of the floo and faced the Headmaster. "Yes Albus, is something wrong?" She asked, wondering what business they had in the eve of Christmas. Albus replied "I will explain later, Minerva, for time is of the essence. We must depart now." He held an old sock and they both grabbed hold of it and disappeared in whirl of wind and colors.

They appeared in front of number four Privet Drive and gripped their clothes tighter as the chill of winter rushed through their bodies. They hurried across the icy stone foot path, with Minerva occasionally looking at Albus with a worried gaze. Upon reaching the door, the Headmaster waved his hand and it opened, revealing a dark corridor.

Upon entering the house and closing the door, Minerva rounded on Albus and asked in a worried but angry voice. "Is this about Harry? Where is he? Where are the Dursleys? They haven't even turned the heating on! It's freezing!"

Albus looked around and said. "Search upstairs, and I'll look at the kitchen and living room, I fear he is in mortal peril." Minerva gasped and ran upstairs, thinking that poor little Harry was cold and alone, and she started shouting "Harry! Harry!" opening the various doors to look for the small child.

Albus lied to her, for he knew what he saw, but even he didn't believe it. He refused to accept the situation. He started flicking proximity charms at every room to identify if someone was there. He found none, and Minerva came down after a minute, looking extremely worried. She stopped at the foot of the stairs and rubbed her arms, it was as cold inside this house as outside. "He's not upstairs, and I don't think he even has a room there." She said, her voice tight with concern.

"He is not down here either. we have searched every room in the house." Albus said. He was relieved now, he thought that his instruments malfunctioned, maybe Petunia took her nephew somewhere warm for the holiday in a family vacation. He breathed a sigh of relief and spoke to Minerva with a smile. "False alarm Minerva, I think that Harry is somewhere...." He trailed off and his eyes narrowed as he spotted a piece of paper sticking half way from under the cupboard. He picked up the paper, and read the childish writing written in crayon as Minerva read over his shoulder.

Dear Santa, plis bring me fud and a nice blanket. I am very very cold and very very hungry. Iwill try to be a gud boy next year and try harder to stop being a freak . harry poter.

Albus dropped the paper to the floor, as Minerva wiped tears from her eyes. "Oh where is he!" Minerva cried in frustration, and with nothing to do she opened the cupboard under the stairs, to see if there were letters hidden there. She found more and worse, and she fell down to the floor with her mouth open and a weird sound forming in her throat. Albus looked inside and he closed his eyes as a single tear dropped to his cheek. He turned around, punched the wooden door of the cupboard and fell down to the floor. He placed his bowed head on his knees and cried, for he has failed.

The body of Harry Potter was curled over a thin dirty mattress, his eyes wide open and his lips blue. He was painfully thin, and wore a thin large shirt and dirty large pants. Several more letters written in this brown pad paper littered the floor, his last thoughts before he died imprinted on them forever. Minerva cried softly, for Harry Potter is clearly dead and they were too late to save him. She looked at Albus, clearly a broken man now, silently weeping by the cupboard. Gathering her Gryffindor courage, she stood up and walked to Mrs. Figg's house to use her floo and call the aurors.

The front lawn of number four Privet Drive was occupied by so many wizards and witches that aurors had to cast a ward type notice me not charm to prevent the neighbors from getting suspicious. Red eyed aurors with grim faces stood around the yard, along with reporters, their enthusiasm gone. Some famous personalities, like Lucius Malfoy were there, anger written on his face. Even though the child defeated his Master, no wizarding child should be treated like this. He was glad his own son was warm at their mansion, with his mother to provide warmth and comfort. Harry Potter had none and died from hunger and the cold, writing letters till his last breathe. For the first time, Aurors and ex death eaters were of alike of mind, for they only thought of one name. Dursley.

The Yule holiday of 1985 was none existent, as wizards everywhere, from England to as far as France and United States, paid tribute to the boy who lived. The name might not be appropriate now, but it was the child's hero name, as he defeated the darkest of Lords when he was a baby. And the reward for his sacrifice was to die in a cold Christmas night, begging for food from a fictional character. His letters written on half sheet brown pad paper from school were hung inside his cupboard, his childish writing making the hardest of men cry. A plaque was placed beside the door, and a preservation charm was cast inside the cupboard to preserve the surroundings of the boy who lived, so people may know how cruel Men can be. The plaque was engraved :

Here on December the 25th 1985, young five year old Harry Potter died from the cold of winter, weak from the lack of food. He has lived in this cupboard all of his life after Defeating the Dark Lord when he was one. He spent his last hours writing letters, praying for food. The wizarding world mourns the death of its hero, and vow that this tragedy shall never happen again.

In a warm tropical island Vernon Dursley mysteriously died from a freak wave, in a calm beach. Petunia ran to the surf and yelled for help, but she stepped on a poisonous stone fish and tripped, landing beside a portugese man-o-war.

December 25 1985, 6pm

Little Harry shivered and pulled down the shirt to cover his knees. He had just learned writing from school, and the teacher made them bring a whole pad paper each to practice. He was so excited that he forgot that the Dursley's were going out of town. They locked him when they left, 3 nights ago, and they did not even bother leaving him even a cup of water or a piece of bread.

He wrote to Santa, he heard from his classmates that Santa gives you what you asked, and so he asked for food. Writing many letters, he slept for an hour and woke up eagerly looking around if Santa answered his letter, imagining a piece of freshly baked bread or a nice cup of water. Finding none, he would write a note again and force himself to sleep despite the cold and aches on his stomach, dreaming of food and water. Little Harry Potter kept this up for 3 days, repeating the cycle of writing and forcing himself to sleep for an hour hoping the latest letter would finally be answered.

Sometimes his letter varied, wishing for a blanket, as it steadily grew colder, or a cup of fresh hot water. But he was never answered, but he kept his spirits up. Sometimes to pass the time he arranged his letters neatly on his small cupboard floor so that Santa could read them easier when he finally arrived. He never gave up hope and continued writing as his green crayon kept getting smaller and the once thick pad of brown paper thinned by half.

His pure innocence and hope, was noticed when the last dying guardian of Oa heard little Harry's thoughts. For Oa valued above all the young and innocent, and it could not bear anymore the suffering of the little one. Oa caused his last guardian to hear the little one's thoughts from hundreds of light years away and directed its will. It sensed the child possesed a power unique among the universe. Oa realized its meaning, and sensing its departure from this universe, used its wisdom to pull all its near infinite cosmic power into a green glowing sphere, and willed it to merge with the little one's power. The little one's unique power was that he could contain the almighty power of Oa within his human body, without damage or negative effects.

It was like destiny, Oa mused for itself and the child to cross paths. Oa realized destiny's plan and deemed it a good one. For even now as Oa was fading out of this universe, a guardian would remain. Maintaining the peace and ideals of the now extinct Green Lantern Corps.

The last guardian of Oa, surrounded by a green aura of its remaining power reached Harry Potter. The child was cold and hungry, he sensed. He needed someone to take care of this child and with a burst of energy, he sent a message to John Stewart, former Green Lantern corps. The guardian sensed Oa's infinite power approaching from the heavens, a blinding green sphere parting the clouds. It dropped in front of Harry Potter, and slowly merged with his body. Harry Potter arched his back as the power entered his chest, his scar disappeared and he felt injuries repairing. He then fell into a deeper sleep, more exhausted than before.

The guardian was dying, for Oa had just left his consciousness. He knew the child would be hunted if he disappeared without a trace, and decided he would help this child of Oa. Borrowing some of the strength from the child's now near infinite power, he sent the child soaring through the sky and into space, wrapped in a protective green bubble. The child soon reached the watchtower, and once he felt the child was safe, he cut of the beam. That last bit used his last reserves, but he had another trick, inherent to his race, and not of Oa's power. His face and body changed slowly and shrunk, until he was an exact replica of the child. His purpose fulfilled, he fell to the mattress, dead.

The watchtower's doors opened as John Stewart requested as a green sphere entered, and it then closed. As the airlock was sealed,the green sphere vanished and the child fell and almost hit the ground if it were not for Wonder Woman. She looked at the young one and gasped outoud. "By the Gods! John, this little one is dying!" Immediately all the inactive league members looked at the child, they wanted to somehow help. They did not want a child to die on them, and so volunteered to do something.

"Let me carry him" Flash said as he appeared, and after tucking the child in his arms and after a strict warning from Diana, he vanished, reappearing in the medic bay.

The medical staff instatntly went to work, while Batman and Wonder Woman looked on, with John Stewart beside them. Batman's eyes were as keen as ever and spotted a crumpled letter in the child's left hand, a used green crayon on his right. He gently pried both of the little tike's hands and spread it out to read. He frowned and tossed it to Diana before stalking towards the command center.

"What got his pants up tight?" Wally asked, as he appeared beside Diana and John.

"This" Diana said, holding the small paper. She, Wally, and John read what made Batman so mad. The letter was written in green crayon, with a child's handwriting.

Dear Santa,

I am writing for three days now in my cupboard, and you do not answer my letters. I know I am a bad freak and you have to visit the good boys first, but maybe you can give me some bread? I am very hungry now and aunt petunia locked my cupboard I cannot cook in the kitchen. I am very hungry and cold, plis send me a blanket, it does not need to be like dudleys thick red one. I am getting really sleepy and tired now, and my nails keep turning blue. I will wait for your reply. My stomach hurts more often now. Maybe hot water too? To help warm me... hungry cold... merry kristmas Santa

Harry Poter

Tears dropped on the letter from Diana's face and she hugged John Stewart as she sobbed; she could not believe one so pure and innocent would even be harmed in Man's world. The letter was passed from one league to another, and it dampened the festive mood of the holidays.

Superman was holding a metal rail as he leaned there, looking at the Earth. As he read the letter he noticed the metal handrail was crushed in his grip, and he was surprised, he never felt rage before.

"Come in" The executive league members minus Shayera walked inside to the conference room where John Stewart waited. "I have requested this meeting to tell you about the boy and how he came here." John said, as the 5 original league members sat themselves.

"A few hours ago I received a mental pulse used by the guardians of Oa, stating that he would send someone to us that needed immediate help. Imagine my surprise when the boy passed through enveloped with lantern energy. I then realized that the last guardian used up all his power to send this boy to me. That is all I know." The others contemplated this while Diana spoke. "Such a courageous guardian, to sacrifice himself to save the little one, still what is special about the child that a guardian himself went to him?"

"It is something we have yet to determine, although I sense some power in the child."Jonn Jones said. "But where will he go?" asked John, he would adopt the kid if he had too.

"I will adopt him" Batman suddenly said from the corner. Diana smiled and sent Bruce a beaming gaze, causing him to look away. "Agreed" Superman said, and then added. "Although I must insist on something Bruce, I demand visitation rights on Wayne manor every now and then." Bruce smiled at this, surprising everyone. The meeting was adjourned with rounds of Merry Christmas passed around in greeting.

Harry woke up feeling rested and warm, and he sighed. Santa must have heard his letters and had come through for him. He looked around, and noticed everything he saw was much clearer now. He jumped of the bed and looked around the weird white room, careful not to touch the beeping equipment. He saw pretty buttons on the wall, and started playing with them until a walled slid to the side revealing a long corridor. He walked along the corridor, barefoot wearing white pajamas he assumed that Santa must have given him. They fit for once and he shouted with glee.

"I'm in Santa's house!!!" Little Harry yelled with glee until a green man phased through the wall. "AAAAAAAHHH..." Harry freaked out but stopped when the green man spoke to him.

"I knew you were awake" the green man said with a smile.

"Are you ahhhh..." Harry asked, then began to think. He got it. He saw on the telly once about aliens. "A martian! Are you a martian?"

"Yes" Jonn Jones said, amused.

"Oh" Harry replied, then he said "You were the one that helped me right?" He asked as they walked.

"Yes, I am one of the people who rescued you. Now I'm sure you're hungry, let's go back to the medical wing so the doctors can feed you." Jonn replied.

Harry scrunched up his nose thinking seriously before he glanced up at the Green Martian and said in a solemn small voice "Thank you." Jonn nodded and continued to walk with him.

They were interrupted by a panicking princess who upon spotting Harry breathed a sigh of relief. "Harry! Never do that again! You made us worry!" Diana said, she did not know her voice was a bit loud and instantly regretted it when she saw how Harry reacted. He was crunched into a little ball in the corner and his arms were up shielding his torso and face, expecting to be hit. "Please mam I'm sorry don't hurt me!" Little Harry cried out, and Diana also cried with him.

Five years later:

He was running away flat out, and thirteen year old Kara was about to catch him when he jumped and was suddenly gone. Kara looked around, floating in the docking bay of the watchtower in panic as she lost her playmate. She heard a giggle and relaxed knowing he was safe, but how in Smallville's name did he manage it?

She traced the source of the sound and saw Harry standing near the exit. She raised an eyebrow, knowing that playing outside docking bay 4 was not allowed. Harry raised his eyebrows mocking her and then the young boy narrowed his eyes, imitating Batman's super glare. With a cheeky smile he ran outside to the cafeteria as he usually did when he visited the Watchtower to chat with other league members.

Suddenly the Watchtower superstructure shook and red alert beacons started to light up. Harry knew what to do, having been drilled by Batman many times and sought the nearest access chute that lead straight to a life pod. As he slid into the small pod, its doors closed immediately and it was launched into space, towards earth.

Harry immediately stared back at the Watchtower and he could see from the small view port strange alien ships attacking the large structure. His fists clenched tightly... he wanted to help somehow... Bruce... Diana and Kara was ther with his many friends and uncles. The Watchtower's massive dock bay three blast shield exploded as strange ships entered, stroming through the headquarter's defenses.

"No!" he cried out, and his chest pulsed. He had many friends inside the Watchtower that helped him, befriended him and cared for him. His family was there. The young boy's breath was seen through the glass as he pressed his hand hard into the porthole as if he longed to reach the Watchtower that by the distance was about the size of his hand. He grew angry and soon he heard an ancient wispy voice in his head.

'do you wish to save your friends, Harry Potter?' he heard in his head

"I do" Harry said aloud as he observed the battle before his eyes.

'then learn the knowledge of Oa, Harry Potter, for you posses all my power'

Harry's eyes went to the back of his head at the sudden information flow then snapped his eyes open.

'speak the ancient words the mighty green lantern corps once spoke' the voice said.

His eyes turned glowing green as he spoke with conviction and determination.

"In Brightest day, in blackest night,

No evil, shall escape my sight,

Let those who worship evil's might,

Beware my power, Green Lantern's Light!"

Green aura enveloped him, and his green eyes flashed with power . His clothes changed, and suddenly he wore black overalls with green stripes on the side, and a lantern symbol on his chest. He wore a black coat that was open on the front and reached his ankles with the lantern symbol on the back. He did not have a mask, for he did not feel the need to hide his identity. His escape pod burst open in a burst of green light, and Harry, surrounded with green energy and determination on his face, joined the battle.

Diana shielded herself against the bolts and ducked again. The Thanagarian invaders had launched their whole armada against the watchtower, completely taking them by surprise. They quietly disassembled one long range beacon after another, as not to alert the watchtower's security systems. Things were getting hopeless, as most league members could not fight in outer space. She saw Green Arrow run, being pursued by four Thanagarian warriors. Diana threw a storage cabinet at them, and Green Arrow shot the groups with sleeping gas.

They were slowly pushed back into the command center, where the other justice league members held for a last stand. She saw hundreds of Thanagarian space superiority fighters overwhelming the clumsy space vehicles the Earth has sent to aid the outmatched and outgunned Javelin Fleet. If the watchtower should fall the earth was doomed. She saw Batman's space fighter getting pursued by four fighters, their more advance engines made them close in on Batman. Diana prayed that someone would rescue them. Suddenly familiar green beams destroyed the pursuing fighters, and a green figure sped through towards the mothership, destroying anything on its path.

'The Green Lantern corps!' Diana thought excitedly, they were the police force of the galaxy, and they could stop this invasion! She eagerly looked for more green beings, but she only saw the one that helped Bruce. She gasped as the Mothership fired it's cannon at the watchtower, intent on finishing the League quickly for the Thanagarian commander noticed their forces getting demolished . They thought the retired Green Lantern Corps had returned. It was not the whole corps, but that one green lantern sure fought like a whole battalion, destroying multiple targets at a time. He might be an elite corps, Diana thought. The particle shot made by the ship headed exactly to Diana's position, but she saw the Green lantern stand between the tower and the particle shot.

Her eyes widened along with Green Arrow when they saw who the elite Green Lantern was. "HARRY!!! Get out! You cannot deflect that!"Diana cried banging her fists against the duraglass. But then Harry glowed even brighter and with calm resolve focused his will on forming a mighty shield. The voice said his power was only as strong as his will, and his will to protect his friends and family rivaled none. A huge wedge shaped shield formed, and when the particle shot hit the shield, the shield deflected the shot towards a group of invading Thanagarian ships on reserve. They all blew up, and nothing of the reserve force was left. Mouth hanging open, Diana just watched in shock at what Harry did next.

Harry's mighty wedge shaped shield was still formed, and he focused now on the mother ship, that was now slowly retreating, hundreds of space fighters landing on its many docking bays. They would not escape justice he thought and gave a mighty push, and the shield travelled an amazing speed towards the mothership, slicing it into two. The mighty Thanagarian Warbird class, flagship of the Thanagarian invasion fleet drifted apart in two pieces, and the two halves slowly moving before they exploded in a ball of gas and heat. The explosion expanded consumed the whole ship and the surrounding area. Diana heard the other League members gave a mighty cheer, as the Thanagarians on board surrendered dropping their weapons to their feet.

"Diana, I'll go with Harry, you take command of the watchtower." Diana heard Bruce speak on the communications device in her ear. She replied to him and stalked away. Ooh that boy was in for a talking to! Kara appeared and she looked like she was panicking. "Harry! His life pod blew up!" The 13 year old was crying, and Diana hugged her and said "Harry's alive don't worry Kara, I saw him earlier.

"You did? He must be with Bruce on the batwing then!"Kara said relieved written on her face. She flew off to help with repairs.

Meanwhile, the Batwing flew beside Harry as they searched for survivors. Since they could not talk, because Harry wasn't wearing a communications device on his ear, Barman pointed to a few drifting spacesuits and Harry nodded. Firing several green beams, he encompassed them and searched for more with Bruce guiding him.

They found Superman in his Space Suit, rescuing other defenders. Clark's eyes widened when he saw Harry." You're part of the Green Lantern Corps Harry?"

"No I'm not, I just learned I had this power" Harry replied. His eyes glowed green for a slight moment.

"Cmon Harry, I'll show you where you can help, I'll watch over him Bruce."

As the watch tower was heavily destroyed, it now lacked the necessary life support modules like air support and power. Superman flew down and picked up a module at a time, while Harry was stationed in space to help lift the load by shielding Clark and the equipment from the heat as he flew past the atmosphere and back to space. It was a long day, as newly discovered Harry's powers were valuable in every operation. He finally went back inside past the newly repaired hull where he helped weld the new armor plating and into the cargo bay.

Diana and Kara were waiting for him with arms crossed and frowns on their faces. Harry grinned and gave his most charming boyish smile for a ten year old. It melted their temper right away, and enveloped him in bone crushing hugs, luckily his new found power saved his ribs.

Harry was jogging around in the grounds of Wayne manor with John Stewart and Katma Tui, both of them ex green lantern corps. Since learning that he had Green Lantern powers, John and Katma trained him in physical and mental conditioning to suit his new power. He was getting better, and this surprised both ex lanterns, and he kept on requesting to join the missions.

Bruce and Diana, who have almost become surrogate parents for Harry refused to allow him to join in the dangerous missions. Clark who had become his favorite uncle that spoils him allowed him to hang out at the tower provided he does not disturb the day to day operations.

His name now was Harry Apollo Wayne, after Bruce adopted him. He got the name Apollo from Diana, who said it suited him perfectly, for even though he was young, all of them noticed his strong sense of Justice and righteousness. He was not perfect and like all boys loved to play pranks and get into mischief with Flash, who he now considered his cool yet irritating big brother. Diana once said, that Apollo noticed Harry, and would watch over him, and he smiled and accepted the name in honor of the Greek god of Justice and Light. That conversation stuck in his mind, and once confided to Clark that when he was allowed to join the league, he would asked to be called Apollo, as to make him remember what he was fighting for.

Superman although a boy scout, still had a sense of humor and entered Apollo as Harry's call sign in the computer database of the watchtower. He rarely went to the watchtower wearing a costume, whenever he wore one all the heroes automatically called him Apollo.

Since learning of his Birthday, Harry always insisted on having a small birthday party. But the little boy's friends from the Justice League wanted to visit that his parties grew into a yearly anticipated event. Harry was happy it was not extravagant but functional and fun; there was plenty of food, overall a nice and simple party.

Simple was an understatement, for the Justice league and their affiliates were all invited. And as they wanted to avoid attention, they went to a small island Bruce owned and had the party there ever since he was 6. Harry's parties were usually known as the most relaxing events for the year, catching up on news and gossip between heroes. Naturally the unlucky league members who had duty could not come had to stay at the Watchtower, just watched the party from monitors waiting for alarms to sound.

He was most excited to meet Kara, Clark's cousin, also called Supergirl. She had just turned 14 and had officially joined the league, leaving Harry as the only junior league member. He was always left at the base or Wayne manor, getting tutored in education by Alfred or Jonn. The league though, acknowledged Harry's growing power, and as John Stewart told them, the fire power of a battalion of the Green Lantern's Corps.

His power was very flexible, able to change from offensive to defensive, each was impressive, and could then continue search and rescue, not counting repairs. That was when they realized how they missed the Green Lantern John Stewart, and the Lantern corps in general; you could always count on the Green Lanterns for help.

The league felt that making Harry stay back despite of his power was a wise decision, for his mere presence significantly boosts the defenses of the watch tower. Combined with Kara and Jonn always stationed there, their combined power was not to be messed with, as was learned by Sinestro, when he tried to attack the watchtower when the big three were all on missions. One powerful barrage from Harry as he intercepted him before he reached the watchtower stunned him, and a follow up by Kara, covered in a green shield to protect her from space knocked out Sinestro. He was currently imprisoned, and Harry destroyed his ring to make escape impossible.

The big three, the acknowledged leaders of the League were Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, were powerhouses on their own right, and even though Batman was not a metahuman, super powered villains run at the sight of him.

Superman was the strongest member of the league physically, and provided the face of the league. Wonder Woman was the strongest woman in the league, and was rumored to be as strong as superman when truly pissed off. She was the symbol of the league's ideals, for fairness, equality and justice. Batman was the brains of the operation, calling the shot from behind the scenes. Most league members claimed that Batman had a metapower and it was his Frightening Intelligence.

Harry was brought out from his meditative jog when an owl approached him and landed on his shoulder, followed by three more that landed on a nearby bench. He looked at John and Katma in confusion, but their silence confirmed that they did not know either. He opened one envelope and started reading it, his eyes widening in surprise.

Salem Institute of Magic

Dear Mr. Wayne....

Zatanna kept pacing back and forth as Dr. Fate looked on, and Harry thought he was smiling behind that mask. "You guessed right, Harry" Fate said, his voice had a humorous tone.

"It's that mind thing again right? Legillimency?" Harry asked and Dr. Fate nodded and responded. "The opposite of that is Occlumency, which you must learn immediately."

As soon as he received the letters, he showed it to Bruce, who then requested the league's two most powerful magic users to come and confirm this. However Zatanna did not know that Harry Wayne was Harry Potter, as she had just joined last month, and Harry was called Apollo then. Dr. Fate as usual said nothing, only answering when directly spoken to.

"There's even a Harry Potter memorial day! Your birthday!" said Zatanna, she had been a student at Salem, then received extra powers from a magical artifact, increasing her skill and wisdom. She had heard the tale of Harry Potter since she was 13.

"So, Salem, Beauxbatons, or Hogwarts?" Harry asked. He did not consider Durmstrang, for the location of the school was too cold, but he did not count out Beauxbatons since he knew French. At first Diana vehemently opposed the idea of her son studying at a Magic school, but she finally relented after Harry, Bruce and Zatanna pleaded with her . She wanted to see Harry develop his full powers, to help him get stronger when it was time to join the league.

"It is your decision, Harry, and yours alone to make." Dr. Fate replied to his question.

"For some weird reason, I feel that at Hogwarts calls to me, crying out for help and justice. I feel that my help will be needed there." Harry said, he knew he sounded corny, but he was surprised that no one laughed.

"You are attuned to the cosmic forces, Harry Potter, it shall help you well" Dr. Fate said, admiring his decision, and even expecting it?

"Right so what about lessons in this magic?" Harry asked, he was also excited at this new power, maybe he could finally join the league and hang out with the others.

Harry was a prodigy of magic, Zatanna declared. She was making sure Harry did not use his lantern powers, and he didn't. She decided to test his wandless skills, not expecting any results, but he took to it like water. Harry said it was very similar to his lantern magic, only needing willpower, intent and focus to accomplish the task. He was very similar to Bruce when it comes to studying, devouring the magical books Zatanna and Dr. Fate brought him. At breakfast, both Bruce and Harry would read different papers but with the same focus and frown in the forehead, forever amusing Alfred and Diana.

Even though Harry did not call Bruce dad in public, he was his primary father figure, next to Clark. He picked up his habits as he observed him when he was young, on parties and other events. When they walked together, their postures were so alike, that one would have mistaken them as father and son. And whenever Diana visited, they looked like a complete family.

July 31, Bruce Wayne's private island, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean

The sound of the waves made Harry sleepy as he looked out at the sea. He always loved the beach and its tranquility, and if allowed he would spend hours playing in the sand and surf. Around him were various heroes hanging out, out of their costumes and into their shorts and bikinis. As usual Bruce and Diana were flirting again but kept dancing around each other afraid to admit their feelings. It had been going on for 6 hours!

Harry closed his eyes and grumbled at hearing Diana laugh at Bruce's joke. It was not even funny, Batman always made bad jokes. "Honestly", he grumbled "They should just get married and make babies already and I'll ask Circe and Apollo to kick Hippolyta's ass if she said no"

It was suddenly quiet and he opened his eyes to find every pair of eyes looking at him. "Did I say that out loud? Soo.... Ooops?" He said, and the league snickered at first and then most fell on to the sand, laughing hard. They wanted to say those words for so long, but lacked the nerve. Clark was likely drunk again, as he was laughing over the top, rolling at the sand. Whoever said Kryptonite was Superman's weakness was an idiot. Just invite superman to drink half a bottle of light or Kolsch beer and he'll be drunk for the next 30 minutes, laughing at everything you say and then throw up.

Bruce and Diana were blushing red while Bruce gave his best Batglare at Harry, 'your ass is mine' clearly conveyed in them. Deciding that a tactical retreat is in order, Harry ran towards the bigger bulkier league members like Aquaman, hiding from the Batglare and the Amazonian pout of doom.

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