Harry Potter and the Power of Oa

By: Bluminous

A/N: I don't own Harry Potter or DC comics.

Chapter 27: Second Voices

Wayne Tower, Gotham City

Bruce Wayne strode past the polished granite floor of the lobby of Wayne Tower and the various employees stopped what they were doing as they stared at their boss. Bruce Wayne usually visits once a month to meet with his board of directors but it seemed the second richest man in the world decided to bring his son and heir along.

The Wayne heir was seldom seen, but thanks to his breakthrough into the culinary world, his face was now plastered into every magazine, and his show constantly broadcasted every week. In one year alone young Harry had amassed a small fortune by himself, though small compared to his father's it was still enough to live by comfortably for ten years.

An old black man with gray hair smiled as his old friend strode past the logo of Wayne Corporation that was etched into the granite floor. It was not long ago when another Wayne walked these halls but beside him was a much younger Bruce.... he was just a clerk back then. How quickly time flies by.

"Ethan"" Bruce said as he greeted the chairman of the Board of Governors.

"Bruce, Harry." Ethan Fox was among the few employees on first name basis with the Wayne family.

"Good to see you Mr. Fox" Harry said as he shook the hand of the man he knew was among the most competent and loyal employees of Wayne corporation.

"Good to see you too Harry" Ethan Fox said. "So... Bruce has decided to teach you the Family business "

"Dad decided it is time for me to learn the ropes Mr. Fox." Harry smiled.

"Well this would certainly liven up the boring meetings." Mr. Fox said as he led the Waynes toward the executive elevator.

The day was full of reports by the chief operating officers of the various companies under Wayne Corporation. Harry carefully observed the meeting as he remained seated slightly behind his father's tall chair. He was amazed at the complexity of the business and at how his father handled the long meeting, The Board of directors greeted the younger heir enthusiastically since they knew they were greeting their future boss.

"So what do you think?" Bruce asked as his son as Alfred drove them back towards Gotham Manor.

"I realize how much I still don't know about business... and I thought I knew a lot." Harry admitted.

"That's how it usually is..." Bruce said.

"And I think running Wayne Corporation is more complex and difficult than 'our' other work." Harry said Before the young Wayne heir asked his next question he created a privacy ward around the car. One can never be too careful and Bruce nodded in approval. "Where does the league gets its funding?"

"Initially it was my investment... the first few years I had a hard time trying to hide the paper trail of my money towards the Justice League." Bruce said. "And then when we expanded from the original seven, Oliver Queen came along and helped out."

Harry remembered the other Billionaire that was in the league. No one would have guessed that the fierce Green Arrow was actually the womanizing playboy billionaire Oliver Queen.

"So what... the league expenses were coming out from both your pockets?" Harry asked curiously.

"At first... then a few benefactors started chipping in, grateful for the work we did. Right now we make money by renting out a few support satellites to the world governments... and that's not cheap." Bruce said. "Why don't we just sell some weapons to the governments? I'm sure they're eager to acquire a few Javelins."

"We thought of that first... but then what would the League become? We would become merchants of war... and that goes against the principles of the League. Do you understand?" Bruce Wayne asked.

Harry nodded as he looked out the window. "I think so... by selling weapons we would actually encourage conflict and this would start an arms race between countries... and that would lead to wars... something we're working hard to prevent."

Bruce nodded in approval as he looked proudly at his son. He spotted Alfred's eyes in the rear view mirror and he grinned when his trusted butler winked. "So Harry... I heard an incident in the bathroom... with Kara... Clark said to tell you..."

"Bye!" Harry said as he apparated out of the car, his cheeks red with embarrassment. Gossip certainly travelled fast... he was sure an angry Kryptonian cousin would be around the corner hunting him down.

Bruce laughed along with Alfred as his son escaped the grilling. "Where to sir?" The butler asked.

"The usual Alfred." Bruce said and the Wayne butler drove the car towards an old coffee shop where the two usually relaxed and enjoyed a good cup of coffee and of course tea for Alfred.


'Suck their souls... hear their cries.... death and darkness....'

Lord Voldemort fumed as he headed towards his throne. The voice in his head was acting up again and he was not able to rest much. Ever since absorbing the black heart and its power a voice started speaking in his mind. The voice continued to torment him, offering unsolicited advice and opinions. Such was the price of power and immortality.

Rodulphus, and his brother Rabastan stared at him like he was a psychotic patient since he would constantly argue with the voice. It looked to them that he was speaking to himself or having an alternate personality. What was worse, the voice seemed to be crushing on Bellatrix and kept saying inappropriate comments whenever she was around.

Voldemort wondered if he could use Trigon when he summoned him to this plane to remove the irritating immortal demonic entity sharing his body.

'Fool... you cannot control the Demon Lord... no mortal can. Even the Gods of the other planes fear his power.

"I am no mortal!" Voldemort snapped back. He noticed Rodulphus and Rabastan stopped talking and stared at him oddly and this only increased his frustration. He narrowed his eyes at the two brothers and the ex convicts immediately lowered their eyes and huddled in fear.

"Do you wish to say something Rodulphus?" Voldemort asked as he tapped the armchair of his throne with his fingers.

"No... nothing my lord..." Rodulphus said as prostrated himself in front of the reborn Dark Lord.

"And you Rabastan? Do you have something to say?" Voldemort gazed at the younger brother who in his opinion was the dim witted one.

Rabastan thought for a moment to say something to please the Dark Lord. "Who is your imaginary friend my lord?"

"Imaginary?" Voldemort's fingertips glowed with power.

"Of course not! Your friend is just invisible...." Rabastan said quickly.

"Get Out!" Voldemort screamed as he sent the Cruciatus curse at the two brothers. After a few seconds he cancelled the spell and let the two brothers crawl out of the chamber.

"No I will not suck out their souls!" Voldemort shouted to the voice in his head... he tilted his head and observed the two brothers who were staring at him from outside the chamber as the doors slowly closed. "Maybe later"


A rush of Dementors streamed towards the chamber and Voldemort sighed in resignation. Bellatrix. One Dementor was shaking as it was comforted by its companion who patted it on the back.

An insane laughter filled the chamber and the Dementors nervously looked around to identify the source of the laughter. The Doors opened and it revealed Bellatrix Lestrange grinning from ear to ear as her eyes sparkled with manic delight.

The Dementor who looked troubled earlier started to shriek as it spotted its molester. The insane Witch gave it a wink, making it fly out the window with a few of its companions. Bellatrix seemed disappointed at this and stared at the remaining Dementors looking for her next victim.

"Bellatrix... this cannot continue...." Voldemort warned his loyal follower. "You must stop molesting my minions!"

'I'll do the insane bitch... then eat her... literally... let me have control of your body for a few minutes'

Voldemort scowled and muttered. "No one is getting consumed tonight."

"Master... are you hungry?" Bellatrix asked as she bowed before her lord, the tight corset she was wearing pushing her cleavage up for her Lord's eyes.

"I am not hungry Bellatrix" The Dark Lord replied then his expression changed as he stared maliciously at his loyal servant. "But I am hungry for you... bitch."

"Oh Master." Bellatrix moaned. She loved dirty talk.

The Dark Lord regained control once more and shook his head.

"Horny Demon..." Voldemort muttered. "Ignore that last statement my faithful servant... I have a task for you..."

Bellatrix nodded obediently as she hid a smile on her face. Her beloved Dark Lord was getting jealous of her relationships with a few Dementors. If she could flirt and have her way with more of them she was sure her master would finally speak out his true feelings for her.


Teen Titans, San Francisco, California

Robin just finished cleaning up the ready room and he stood back and admired his work. The room was spotless and he knew that even Alfred would be proud. The Boy Wonder headed to the kitchen on the lower floor to get a drink when he suddenly heard the deep rumble from below.

The leader of the Titans quickly headed towards the source of the disturbance to investigate. as he got closer to the ground level the noise got louder and he could actually feel the beat of the base on his chest.

It must be a Sonic Attack! Robin immediately rushed towards the room and kicked it open. He was suddenly overwhelmed as a strange sound assaulted his ears.








"What in blazes?" Robin asked as he stared at the reception area of the Titans building. Two teen aged girls were singing... well screaming at a mike as Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy listened eagerly.

"Would someone tone down that racket!" Robin shouted over the noise. Nobody heard him and he decided to cut the power by unplugging the socket from the wall.

"Awww.... friend Robin I was beginning to enjoy their music!" Starfire exclaimed.

"What is this?" Robin asked as he folded his arms. The two Japanese teen aged girls who looked to have Asian features smiled at him and he found himself smiling back.

"We decided to make a theme song for the public... you know the Justice league has one with that full orchestra and we think it would be cool to have too." Beast Boy replied. "And after this we'll start shooting for a video to go along with the music."

Robin nodded, he remembered the video for the Justice League and it took Superman four tries to punch the wall just right ... and Batman always threw his batarang near the cameraman's neck to show his displeasure about what he considered was an idiotic idea.

"And who are they?" Robin asked.

"That's Ami... and that's Yumi" Cyborg said and the two Japanese girls carrying electric guitars waved at the Titans leader.

"So do you like the song Robin?" Starfire asked.

Robin was about to say 'hell no' but he forced himself to smile when he saw Starfire's hopeful face. "It's alright" Robin said with a weak grin... he hoped Batman wouldn't get wind of this.

Ami and Yumi started another round and Robin cringed as their high pitched screams battered his poor eardrums. Starfire, Cyborg and Beast boy though appeared to enjoy the music and Robin prayed that it would end soon. He was about to leave the reception area when a black aura swallowed the whole area and the two girls stopped their screams on the mike. Robin sighed in relief... helped had arrived in the form an irritated Raven.

"I need to meditate... and this noise is interrupting my concentration. Who is responsible for this racket?" The Half Demon witch said as her eyes glowed with power.

Beast Boy immediately pointed to Cyborg while he pointed to Starfire. Their Naïve team mate just smiled as she thought they were playing a game and pointed to her two new friends, Ami and Yumi. The two Japanese singers clutched in other with fear when the irritated Half Demon witch turned her attention on them but they had the presence of mind to point back to Cyborg, the one that hired them in first place.

Cyborg smiled nervously as he backed slowly out of the room and he immediately ran as the half demon witch pursued him. He thought that Raven once the psychic tether to her father was broken would become more pleasant, but she didn't change at all. She was still grumpy when she was disturbed during her meditations and was prone to sending out harmless but embarrassing spells to her teammates.

As Cyborg ducked a pink coloring spell he noticed that she only smiled and relaxed when Apollo visited.


May 7, 2009, Watchtower 1, Earth Orbit

"Hello Hermione... Welcome to the Watch Tower." Jonn Jones smiled at young woman that visited the facility occasionally, though in those times she was always with Harry.

"Uhmm Hello Jonn" Hermione said shyly. Usually she was not like this but that was because Apollo was with her... with her by herself in a satellite full of superheroes was overwhelming.

"Hey Hermione!" Flash appeared beside her. "The Bat's waiting for you at conference room two."

"Uhh yes thanks." Hermione said as she followed Flash through the corridor Some Meta Humans looked at her curiously and she kept her head down, suddenly shy. It was one thing to ask for their autographs but to become like them was intimidating. She wondered if she should have taken Harry's invitation... she was no superhero... she was just a regular witch. What did Harry and his Father see in her?

Jonn Jones smiled as he observed the young witch disappear with Flash into the main corridor. She would make a fine addition to the Justice League.


"That's it... I swear she's as strong as mom." Harry said, wincing when his baby sister pulled his hear. The Wayne was on his way to shoot a new episode of Chef Harry and his sister insisted... well cried that she be allowed to accompany her big brother.

Diana allowed her daughter to accompany her brother, and since Harry and Kara were going with her. She felt that Astraea was in safe hands and gave her fellow Amazonian Sisters that were assigned by Hippolyta to protect her granddaughter some time off. Astraea had the world's most powerful babysitters watching out for her after all, and one was an over protective powerhouse of a big brother while the other was Supergirl.

"Possibly... but we can't test her for powers yet since she's too young... Astraea might have inherited your mom's Amazonian Strength." Kara said as she tickled her adorable boyfriend's sister on the cheek.

"We're here..." Harry stopped by the studio where the shooting was booked. "Can you carry this bundle of energy for me?" Harry asked.

Kara nodded and took into her arms her future sister in law. While Harry headed to the kitchen studio to make sure everything was ready, the Wayne heiress spotted something that made her fuss and squeal with excitement. She was staring at the set of her favorite kid show, Barney. Sadly the episode had just finished and the giant purple Dinosaur had just finished saying farewell to it's live audience of young kids.

"You want to meet him huh?" Kara smiled as she noticed where Astraea was looking at. The cute baby lunged her arms towards the purple dinosaur who was waving goodbye to his fans.

"Let's meet him then" Kara smiled and headed towards the nearby set with an excited young fan in her arms.

"Sorry Kid... I don't take autographs anymore.... You should have gone in line with them little trolls earlier." A gruff voice said from the mouth of the purple Dinosaur.

"She just wants to meet her favorite character on TV" Kara said as Astraea squealed and waved her hands as she saw the purple Dinosaur just feet away from her.

"BAH NIY!" The Young Heiress said as she raised her hands towards the purple dinosaur.

"Cute... But Barney time is over." The man under the costume said then he eyed the young woman through the mouth of his costume. "But perhaps I could give you a special tour of the set..."

Astraea's hopeful face fell... why was Barney's voice so different? And he wasn't friendly at all.

Kara's eyes narrowed... and she used her ex ray vision to see the man behind the costume. It was a middle aged man that had a malicious look on his face. The Kryptonian shivered as the man licked his lips hungrily eyeing her body.

"No thanks... well we better get back..." Kara said as she slowly backed away.

"Aw C'mon honey!" Barney stepped closer to the two and Astraea tightened her grip on her big sister's neck as she eyed the purple dinosaur warily. Kara didn't want to cause a scene as she was backed into a wall and she thought of a plan to discourage this pervert who was coming on to her.

"If you agree with me I'll even give some freebies to the little girl" Barney said as he stepped closer to the two, enough that his hands could cop a feel on the young woman's shapely hips.

Astraea was frightened as Barney came closer and the Wayne heiress was scared as he r vision was blocked by the large figure. Kara was about to use her powers on the man but Astraea got to him first.

"WAAA!" Astraea cried out as she used her hands to push away the scary Dinosaur who wasn't friendly at all. Although not powerful enough to send the Dinosaur flying through the air, for a baby of two years it was an amazing feat to send an adult human to the ground with only a push. The man fell on his back and he struggled to get up while Kara and Astraea hastily exited the set.

"Well I guess your brother was right after all." Kara grinned at Astraea as she kissed the baby's cheek. Astraea just smiled and she regained her happy mood when she spotted her big brother walking back towards them.

"HAWI! BAH-NEE BAD!" Astraea shouted as she raised her arms to her brother, urging him to pick her up.

"It looks like there's a story here." Harry said as Kara handed Astraea back to her big brother.

Kara smiled. "Well there was some trouble but Astraea handled it well... I think she inherited more from her mother."

Harry's face grew concerned. "What happened?"


"And that's a Wrap!" Jason Stone, the alternate identity of Cyborg said as he finished recording.

The small audience that consisted of reporters, journalists and a few fans erupted into cheers and applause. Harry smiled and thanked them and told the audience that the food he cooked would be served to them, buffet style. After shaking the hands of the young Chef, they eagerly lined up to the buffet table eager to taste the mouth watering dishes that Chef Harry cooked.

"I should be in a diet... I should be in a diet... I should be in a diet..." A reporter muttered but when she eyed the gleaming dish of Roasted chicken rolled in Asparagus, her discipline vanished.

"Oh hell" The reporter said as she threw the pack of peanuts she had to the bin and grabbed an empty plate to join the queue.

"You both did wonderful!" Kara exclaimed as she kissed her boyfriend and Astraea. The young heiress was able to charm the audience with her bright beautiful smile and cute face as she accompanied her big brother throughout the shoot.

"I'm still not used to this live audience." Harry said as he signed an autograph from one fan.

"You better get used to it Harry... the way I see it your seats will be selling like pancakes." Lois Lane said.

"You made it!" Harry said as he hurried towards her aunt and kissed her on the cheek to the envy of the other reporters.

"Of course... I'd never miss your show... and the free food." Lois grinned. She gazed at the long line at the food table and smiled. "Well that's weird."

"What's weird?" Jason Stone asked as he joined the group after he finished packing the equipment with Raven.

"If you're familiar with the press.... then you will notice that those people are not just your average lifestyle and culinary reporters." Lois indicated the line where people were eagerly piling up the Chef's Harry's dishes on their plates.

Harry, Kara and Jason stared at the line of people and noticed a few of the reporters were too old to be assigned to a low level assignment. Kara noticed that the ladies carried with them designer bags and wore expensive shoes while the men had on impeccably fit and custom tailored business suits.

"They're not regular journalists are they?" Harry asked as Astraea chewed on the collar of his shirt. The Wayne heiress was teething and she was prone to picking up objects and putting it on her mouth.

Lois smiled as she observed her boss among those on the buffet line. "They're the owners, editors in chief and executives of some of the local papers and food magazines. When word got around that for you were allowing a live audience to watch your show and taste the food, well the big bosses bullied the journalist that should have been here to give up their spots."

Kara grinned as she observed the happy faces in the audience as they ate the food, relishing every bite. Her Harry's cooking did all that and she was very proud of him.

Harry spotted a man in a dark suit walk towards him and his eyes widened in recognition.

The man stopped a few feet away from him and with a slight bow of the head gave him a black sealed envelope. Harry immediately looked at the back and found the logo of two blades crossed with one another with his name written elegantly over it in silver.

"What's that?" Lois asked curiously. She swore she saw the man with that handed Harry an envelope before but she couldn't place it, but his face was familiar.

"This... is an invitation" Harry said as he smiled holding the letter with one hand as Astraea stared curiously at her brother's face. The Wayne heir watched the show when he was a kid and had always wanted to watch it live ever since. It was by far the best cooking show in his opinion, and he owed most of his knowledge in cooking from just watching every episode and taking down notes.

Kara got tired of waiting for Harry to open the envelope and snatched it from her boyfriend's hands. The Kryptonian opened it quickly, eager to see what got Harry to smile like that while Lois stood beside her also curious about the man's identity.

"OH WOW!" Kara breathed out.

Harry nodded and grinned at Kara. He already knew the contents of that letter even if he didn't open it. He was going to Kitchen Stadium... and battle with one of the legendary Iron Chef's of America.


Gotham Harbor

"There's nothing to report here... all's clear... wait... I'm detecting a large object approaching Gotham." Nightwing said as he spotted a speck in the horizon travelling towards the docks.

"What is it?" Jonn Jones asked.

"It's... It's a large ship!" Nightwing said. "It's bigger than anything I've seen before... like a flying aircraft carrier."

"Gondarian?" Jonn asked. The raging battle with the Thanagarians and the Gondarians were escalating, and he was expecting that Earth would be soon drawn to the intergalactic battle.

"No... It looks to be made here... the design on the ship looks to be Greek." Nightwing said as he noticed the spires and columns on the immense ship, they looked similar to the Parthenon. Suddenly large lasers emerged from the hull of the floating ship and started firing randomly at the buildings. Dozens of streaks of light were launched from the deck and started descending on the docks. Nightwing focused his binoculars and noticed that they were men on some Jet pack wearing golden masks and the armor of a traditional Spartan warrior.

"They're beginning to attack Gotham! I need backup here!" Nightwing said as he leapt into action. A nearby invader flew near the building he was perched and Nightwing used the opportunity and kicked the man, sending him crashing into the wall.

The other invaders noticed this and focused on him and fired burst of energy from the spears they wielded.

"Back up is arriving in 30 seconds.... hang on." Jonn Jones said.

Nightwing used his knowledge of Gotham to evade his pursuers. He swung into a dark alley and let out a sigh of relief as his pursuers flew past him. He looked towards the city and noticed the invaders were focusing on the banks and museums, stealing loot after loot while disabled guards watched in horror.

A guard attempted to shoot a warrior but his bullet bounced of the gold armor the invader wore. The invader twirled his staff that sparked energy from one end and hit the security guard, breaking his jaw.

"CITIZENS OF GOTHAM!" A voice boomed throughout the city and at the same time television sets flickered as a signal interrupted the regular broadcasts.

"I AM MAXIE ZEUS! Descendant of the ZEUS himself!" A man in an ornate golden armor appeared on the television screens all throughout Gotham. Like the Greek kings of old, his helm sported a gold plume to indicate his rank and importance. "I have to come to claim the city that is my birthright! Bow down before me, descendant of the Gods!"

"Seems like that guy is full of himself." Huntress said as she watched with Nightwing on the huge television screen attached on the side of the Gotham Financial building. "Do you know him?

"We fought with him before..." Nightwing said. "Back then he was just a raving lunatic."

"Now he's a raving lunatic with an army." John Stewart said. He stared at the rest of the team hastily assembled to confront this latest danger. "Booster, take the east end, and protect the Mayor's building... I'm sure he would target that. Shayera, help Nightwing in containing them downtown. Huntress... make sure the civilians are safe, and coordinate with local law enforcement. I'll try and disable that ship."

The Justice League members nodded and immediately headed to their designated spots as John Stewart streaked into the large carrier hovering above Gotham Harbor.

"We need more help down here! There's too many of them!" Nightwing said to his earpiece as he ran across the rooftops as he was pursued by four warriors in jet packs.

A black blur flew past him and his four pursuers immediately dropped from the sky. The batwing turned around and hovered beside him.

"Status?" Batman asked as the cockpit slid open and he jumped out of the batwing. The craft immediately ascended into the upper atmosphere, waiting for it to be called again.

"They have robbed most of the banks on east Gotham, and they're starting now on the west. They're starting fires in people's homes with that giant laser, and that diverts our attention to saving the civilians instead of containing them." Nightwing said. "Then there's their fighters... they launched a few minutes ago from the carrier giving support to their flying troops... we better send a few Javelins down here"

"No... Those small ships are too maneuverable. The Javelins are too bulky and big for this kind of operation, they'll just cause more damage." Batman said. "Where's John Stewart?"

"He said he'll deal with the mothership, but he's getting pushed back." Nightwing said. A pair of F-22 Raptors flew past them as they were chased by a sing sleek golden ship. The two jets tried to climb up to avoid the fire but were soon blasted out of the sky.

"The Air Force is getting creamed out there... the raptors simply don't have enough room to maneuver in the city." Nightwing said.

"Call the Skull Squadron." Batman said as he as he used his grappling hook and swung towards a formation of flying warriors.


"GAHHH!!" John Stewart cried out as powerful particle blast shattered his shield. He flew down and landed hard on the deck of the mothership.

"So... you think you can challenge the might of the Gods?" Maxie Zeus said as he stood on the ship, his crimson cape fluttering against the wind.

"You're no god... just a deluded old fool." John Stewart said as he slowly stood up.

Maxie Zeus' eyes narrowed and he charged his power gauntlets, designed to absorb the static energy in the air and convert it into a blast. He raised his hands and sparks of lightning streaked towards the Green Lantern and John Stewart shouted in agony.

"Do not mock Divinity! I am high born! I have the blood of the Gods flowing within my veins." Maxie Zeus said as he walked closer to his enemy. He charged his gauntlets once more and threw a punch, but it was blocked as Katma Tui arrived on the scene and surrounded her partner with a green shield.

"Another heretic?" Maxie Zeus frowned as he stared at his new opponent.

"No, just a pissed off girlfriend." Katma said as she sent a powerful blast towards the leader. Maxie Zeus charged his armor with power and the beam deflected the blast. His guards reacted and started firing energy bolts to the new threat and Katma was forced to fly higher with John unconscious beside her.

Fighters continued to pursue her but suddenly three of the small gold plated ships were destroyed as a a flight of the Veritech three fighters arrived on the scene. Katma noted that the vertical stabilizers had the jolly roger painted on them and she smiled.

"Go on, We'll cover you."

Katma heard a voice in her earpiece and she nodded. She couldn't fly fast before as she was too focused on maintaining the shield around her and John as the enemy concentrated their fire on her. They were now distracted, and Katma used the opportunity to take her fellow green lantern away from the battle.

"What happened?" John said as he regained consciousness.

"You got knocked out." Katma said. "Are you alright now?"

John Stewart's body glowed with power and he nodded. "Let's get back to work."

Two streaks of green light headed back to the lower atmosphere and engaged the enemy once more.


"Remain on standby. We're pushing them back now... and Superman and Batman are arriving on the scene as we speak." Jonn said.

Apollo nodded as he stood on the crest of the hill near Wayne Manor, overlooking Gotham City. He remembered the file on Maxie Zeus, and knew he was a deluded man, believing himself to be the descendant of Zeus himself. He wondered what the Olympians Gods thought of this pretender.

"Look out!" John Stewart warned his partner as a damaged enemy fighter headed towards her, the pilot intent on taking the enemy with him.


The enemy fighter blew apart, meters from Katma. As the wreckage dropped to the water, the smoke and fire faded and revealed Supergirl.

"Glad you're here." Katma said. "Now sink that ship."

Supergirl nodded and followed her two companions wreaking havoc on the fighters and kept them busy while Superman and Batman confronted the leader himself.

"The Dark Knight! Agent of Hades! Zeus give me the power to smite thee!" Maxie Zeus said as the two superheroes landed on the deck on the ship.

Superman raised an eyebrow at this proclamation. He turned to his companion. "Is he always like this?"

Batman nodded, refusing to take his eyes of his enemy. While superman was invulnerable to most attacks, he was not. "Ever since I first encountered him... but do not underestimate hi, he is unpredictable."

Maxie Zeus signaled his guards to attack as he charged his own gauntlets to release a torrent of stored energy.

"I'll handle the Guards." Batman said as he leapt into the masked warriors, and moans of pain and terror were heard as Batman wreaked havoc on the deck.

Superman used the opportunity and flew towards Maxie Zeus. The Self styled descendant of the gods screamed in defiance and let loose the stored energy. "Feel the Wrath of Zeus!

Superman hardly slowed down as electricity did not have that much of an effect on his invulnerable skin and once he reached the deluded leader he destroyed the gauntlets by crushing them with his hands. Maxie Zeus cried out in pain as he felt a few fingers break and he managed to escape when a few of his guards jumped on to the man of steel.

"Shoot the main cannon!" Maxie Zeus screamed as he ran into the bridge.

"We still have not locked on to the dam My lord." The weapons officer said.

"I don't care... shoot it as long as its pointed to the city!" Maxie Zeus shouted. He activated the defensive features in case there was a breach and the bridge sealed itself with layers of thick alloy. "Do it now!"

The weapons officer nodded and charged the powerful cannon. "Ten seconds sir!"

John Stewart noticed the build up of energy in front of the huge flying ship and shouted to his companions. "Let's target the engines! We must prevent them from firing the cannon!"

Katma and Kara nodded and all three focused on the engines sending out beams of lantern energy from their rings.

An explosion rocked the entire ship and it slowly descended as it lost power. The cannon, now off target shot a powerful blast of energy that narrowly missed Gotham Manor, the lone structure on the cliffs.

Maxie Zeus' face fell in dismay as the blast did not hit anything. This was supposed to be his master stroke and make the population bow down before his might. A green twinkle caught his eye and before he could focus on it Superman smashed through the reinforced steel alloy doors.

"Sir! Something's approaching the ship at an incredible speed." The weapons officer said and he magnified the image of the object heading for them. The image of an angry Apollo was on screen, burning an aura of green raw power, his eyes blazing with righteous anger.

"Fire the cannon at him!" Maxie Zeus ordered.

A loud crash was heard outside the deck and Maxie Zeus saw Superman smash through his fortified doors.

Superman was about to act when he spotted the image of Apollo getting closer to the ship. "You have two choices Maxie Zeus... call of your men and surrender... or face him."

"Who.... Who is he?" Maxie Zeus said absently as he stared into those burning Green eyes. It was like staring into his oblivion.

"His name's Apollo... and you've made him angry." Superman said as he folded his arms as Batman stood beside him, finished from taking out the guards on the deck.

The Floating ship rocked again and the energy that was gathering inside the cannon was accidentally discharged. The blast of energy erupted from the cannon and headed towards Apollo.

The approaching Justice League member, pissed off because the earlier shot had almost hit the Manor where his sister and mother were in, casually batted the energy blast with a swipe of his hand making sure he deflected it to the sea.

Apollo continued on and the skies suddenly darkened around him, with forks of lightning lighting up the sky and even Superman have to admit that it was a very imposing image of the League's youngest member. The Kryptonian wondered if it was merely coincidence that the skies just happened to darken at the exact moment or some higher power was influencing the events.

"By Gods... What is he?" Maxie Zeus whispered.

"Our most powerful member." Batman said.

"You have two choices... Surrender now and abandon ship... or face him." Superman said. Maxie Zeus stared intently at the image as Apollo continued his progress, destroying the occasional enemy fighter that attempted to engage him.

The bridge crew looked at one another and stared back at the terrifying image. They did not bother asking for permission from their leader and immediately rushed toward the escape chutes that lead to the evacuation pods.

"I Surrender." Maxie Zeus said as he stared at the image that was getting closer to his ship.

"Smart choice" Batman nodded to Superman and headed to the deck where the batwing was waiting for him.

Superman grabbed the deranged leader by the cloak and flew away from the damaged ship.

"You are clear Apollo" Batman said as he circled the ship and met up with John Stewart, Katma Tui and Supergirl who had provided back up for the two leaders of the league.

Maxie Zeus stared in amazement as Apollo increased his speed and his aura glowed brighter until even his silhouette was not even seen. The green light increased its intensity and speed and pierced through the whole length of the ship.

The green light burst out of the end a few moments later and after a few second the gigantic ship exploded over the harbor.

"My ship... My Olympus." Maxie Zeus said as his ship fell down into the water and vanished beneath the waves.

"So... you still claim to be descended from divinity then?" Superman asked as he and Maxie Zeus stared at Apollo who approached them while Kara flew alongside him.

Maxie Zeus did not reply as he was too scared as the powerful godlike being approached headed towards him. He wondered if Zeus was displeased with him and sent the Olympian God Apollo himself to teach him a lesson.



"Are you sure about this Albus?" Molly Weasley asked as they walked towards the most populated area in central London. "Minerva told us that the League will contact us, and that we should wait."

"That is something I am unwilling to do. Time is running out, and the longer we wait the more power Voldemort gathers." Dumbledore said.

"But are you sure about this?" Molly Weasley asked. "Wouldn't it be... indecent?"

"I have researched on the Justice League..." Dumbledore said as he removed a fan made comic book from his robes. "They will come if a damsel is in distress." The Headmaster showed the free pinup poster showing Superman carrying familiar female reporter in his arms.

"Oh!" Molly Weasley's eyes widened as she saw the muscular handsome man in the picture that had intense blue eyes and a lovely hairstyle. It was every middle aged woman's wet dream. "I'll get to meet him?"

"Yes... He is the leader and his name is Superman." Albus said. "Now let's get to our position. You know your role?"

Molly Weasley nodded as she blushed, eager to meet the very handsome member of the Justice League.

Molly looked around to make sure many people were near and screamed to the top of her lungs, gaining the attention of several muggles near her. Albus knew this was his cue and tried to steal his accomplice's handbag.


Albus nodded with approval with Molly's acting as he looked around expecting Superman or any member of the Justice League to come down.

The muggles cringed at the onslaught of sound waves to their ears and mostly stopped and muttered among themselves.

"Is this for real?"

"Maybe it's a show."

"Might be a prank from a TV show... man the acting's really horrible."

Dumbledore heard this and whispered to his accomplice. "Try to act more natural... I'm trying to steal your bag remember?"

Molly nodded and immediately pulled back her bag from Albus' grip to make the crime taking place more authentic. This caught the Headmaster by surprise and he flew towards Molly Weasley and fell on top of her.

Albus felt something in his hip was broken and he moaned in pain.

"OHHHH" the headmaster said as he moved his hips trying to alleviate the pain he was feeling.

Molly's eyes widened in shock as she felt Dumbledore humping her and this time screamed for real.

"HELP! RAPE! GET OFF ME YOU PERVERT! RAPE!" Molly Weasley screamed as she tried to push Albus off from her.

"That's more like it Lady." A Muggle said in approval.

"Sick isn't it." Another Muggle said.

"I think she's telling the truth." A woman said. "Those screams are real."

The crowd watching the weird show realized what was happening and surged towards the old perverted rapist who was moaning in ecstasy.

"You think this is funny do you?" A mean looking man said as he pulled off the old man from the shrieking woman.

"OHHHH Molly." Albus moaned as he rotated his hips trying to ease the pain he still felt.

"You sick pervert." A man said and the crowd agreed with him, eager to teach the old man a lesson.


A/N: I don't know what I was drinking when I wrote that last scene. Honestly.