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An unforgiving curse. A timeless love touched by tragedy. A relentless dark force. To be together Serena and Darien must uncover the truth behind a 350 year old curse that was born from murder and tragedy.

When Serena moved back to the small quiet town of Willowson, she never expected to find fate or true love waiting for her. She never believed in love at first sight until Darien Shields literally ran into her. In order to be together and have a future they must break the curse that was cast over the town nearly four hundred years ago by unearthing the dark secrets the town buried that night. What dark truths were buried the night Serenity was burnt at the stake, condemned of witchcraft, and Endymion took his own life unable to live without her? Time is running out for Serena and Darien. The freak accidents happening around Serena are more than just bad luck. Are Serena and Darien destined to end the curse or are they cursed to the same fate as Serenity and Endymion? Time is running out and only their love and the truth can save them. But will their love be enough to save them from the curse? Can they discover the truth in time or will the curse devour them too?

I know I said that my next fanfic posted was going to be Heart's Sight but when I started writing it, all I could think about was how I could relate my ideas to L&BR 1+2. I've been writing L&BR for so long that it's not so easy to just begin another serious fanfic, so here Cursed Hearts was born. I'm thinking of it as my rebound fanfic after the serious relationship I had with L&BR. So this is going to be a short fanfic (well, short for ME anyway). It's just to reset my mind basically, so don't expect Cursed Hearts to be up to the skyhigh level that I set with L&BR. It will not be long before I am finished this fanfic (that hopefully won't be longer than 100,000 words) and then I am going to start on Heart's Sight, Wolf's Cry and I really new I idea that L&BR should really enjoy, Assassin's Conquest - A ruthless assassin, a deadly virus, terrorists, the US Government and poor little Serena is going to be caught in the middle.

Anyway, here is my shirt fanfic (again, short for me). It is set in High School just like Heart's Sight - so that's probably where the idea began. I hope you enjoy it!

A special thanks to AngelONight, who is now my editor! Thankyou so much! She really has worked hard - I may be a good writer but my spelling and grammar sucks! So thankyou, AngelONight for your AMAZING patience!

Oh, one more thing. The Prologue is just a flash - meaning that it's just a glimpse. You know when you watch a movie that shows a key scene at the beginning that you don't understand until the end? That's how I picutred this. The full scene, as well as everything leading up to it comes later but it will come.


Little Willow - January 17th 1643

"Burn the witch!"

The furious cries and shouts filled the usually quiet and peaceful town of Little Willow. A town that had once been filled with kindness and generosity was, on this night, filled with hatred, fear and anger. Men, who had always had such gentle hands and tongues gifted with kind words, crowded around the town square, shouting with violent rage. A group of these men were throwing wood around the dead Weeping Willow tree that had once been a beautiful, living Weeping Willow that had filled the town square with the colours of nature's beauty. It had mysteriously died overnight a week ago and that was when the fear had ignited. Women silently and fearfully clutched their small children to them, standing silently and submissively behind their husbands, waiting for the accused woman to be brought out to be burnt at the stake for the crime of witchcraft. Although many of the women of the village envied Serenity for her beauty, most could not escape the warmth and kindness of her shinning heart, she was a witch. Only a witch could be so beautiful and for her crimes she must burn, for the sakes of their children and their village.

"Let me go!!! No!!! The accusations against me are false!! I am no sooner a witch than the night sky is without beauty!"

But the desperate cries of the long golden haired beauty fell upon deaf ears as two men dragged her through the mud and the angry crowd towards the tree. Their hold on her so tight that they were bruising her flawless milky skin that was as soft to the touch as a healthy rose petal. It was a chilling night and she wore nothing but her long white nightgown which she had been wearing when she had been snatched roughly and suddenly from her bed late into the night. Her golden long hair had fallen into disarray around her and her hands and feet had been shackled tightly in chains/irons.

The two men who had dragged her to the tree roughly lifted her up onto the three foot high stack of wood and logs and pulled her arms above her head, securing her bindings to the branch above her. She didn't struggle; she knew she would never get free.

Ignoring the chaos happening around her, she looked over the heads of the crowd to the small bared window of the town's only prison cell. There she found the frantic, fearful and horrified face of Endymion, her love. The man she had wanted so much to marry.

"Serenity de Whytt." The Pastor said loudly and clearly from her immediate left. At the sound of his voice, the crowd became silent and still. "You have been accused of the crime of witchcraft. For yours sins against this village you are hereby condemned to death by burning. May the Lord of Heaven have mercy on your soul." And he turned to descend from the wood stack that in moments would be set ablaze.

"Father." Serenity called after him softly, tears soaking her voice as well as her eyes.

The Pastor slowly turned to face her. "Yes, child?"

Serenity looked into his eyes with desperation and fear. "Endymion. I pray you to grant me your word that no harm will befall him for the crimes held against me."

The Pastor hesitated, clearly uncertain as to whether or not he should answer her. She was condemned to die for using black magic, for defying the will of god. Did she deserve words from him when she would not repent?

"Please." She begged him beseechingly. "Grant me this one comfort."

Not even a man as hard as him could deny her when she had such pleading in her radiant eyes. "Young Endymion has no crime held against him." His voice was unforgiving and hard but low enough so only she would hear. "He is locked away until your death can free him the bindings of your wicked spell."

She closed her eyes, relief flooding her face as her tears leaked free from her eyes. "Thank the Lord."

And the Pastor descended the wood pile. The sooner the witch was put the death, the sooner the village would be free of her evil.

Slowly, Serenity opened her eyes and returned them to the window of the jail cell. There her love hadn't moved as much as an inch. He was staring at her with fear and horror on his face and helplessness and heart-wrenching despair and self-loathing in his eyes.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone lower their fire torch to the pile of wood and ignited the oil soaked wood. As the heat and flames built around her and the seconds passed, the smell of burning wood and oil reached her nose as the flames began to burn her delicate flesh.

She turned her full attention to her love and gave him a sorrowful and gentle smile while her tear-filled eyes burned with love for him. "I love you, Endymion." She mouthed silently to him.

"SERENITY!!!! NNNNNOOOOO!!!" He howled as he violently pulled and yanked against the bars but it was futile. Even if he could get free of his cell, he would never be able to get to her through the crowd in time to save her.

She bravely held back her pain-filled screams as long as she could as the flames consumed her clothing and her flesh but soon her tortured screams filled the night.

And then she knew no more.

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