My Brother Back

Missing scenes from pilot and in between pilot and Wendigo. What I think could have made Dean come back for Sam and what I think could have happened after Sam and Dean leave Sam's burning apartment at the end of the episode.

I do not own Supernatural or the boys and that makes me sad.

Dean's POV

Damn it why can't he just come with me and find Dad Dean thought as he drove away leaving Sam behind at his apartment. Why is being 'normal' so important. Who'd want to be a lawyer when they could be a hunter. My geek ass brother that's who. Hunting is so much more important, actually saving people. That's whats important, that and family. Sticking together as as family. Why doesn't he need me like he used to. Why do I need him and Dad more than they need me. This sucks. I don't want to do this on my own. I want my brother back. I need him back. Dean was in two minds about turning the car around and going back to Sam. He glanced down at his watch, it had stopped about five minutes ago, about the same time he'd left Sam. Dean had an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach Somthings not right he thought and with that Dean turned the wheel hard cutting off trafic and headed back towards Sam. As he got closer his radio started playing up. He pulled up in front of his brothers apartment and ran inside the building. Dean ran up the stairs, when he got to his brothers door he banged on it with his fist. "Sammy!" He yelled. He wasn't sure but he thought he heard Sam screaming something but he couldn't make out what. "Screw this." Dean kicked down the door "Sam!" He heard Sam scream "Jess!" Dean bolted towards the sound of Sam's voice. When Dean got to the bedroom doorway he couldn't believe his eyes. The room was on fire and Jessica, Jessica was pinned to the ceiling just like his mother so many years ago. Sam was on the bed in the middle of the burning room. "Sam, Sam!" Dean yelled as he ran into the blaze "We gota get out of here." Dean said as he tried to drag and push Sam out the door. Sam fought him "Jess, Jess, no!" Sam screamed as he struggled against Dean's strength. Dean was stronger than Sam and he managed to wrestle his baby brother from the inferno.

Dean stood amongst a crowd of people who had gathered around to watch. Smoke was still pouring from the windows but the blaze was out. Dean moved away from the crowd and stood at the back of the Impala where Sam was fiddling with one of the guns. Dean didn't know what to say. What do you say to your brother when he'd just watched the love of his life burn. A single tear slid from Sam's cheek. Sam then threw the gun into the back of the car "We've got work to do." and with that Sam slammed the lid closed and got into the passenger seat. Dean felt sick. He slid behind the wheel. He knew how much pain Sam was in and it killed him.

The two drove in silence for a few hours heading towards Blackwater Ridge, Colorado. The radio was playing softly, that and the rumble of the Impala's engine was all you could hear. Dean turned to Sam a few times struggling to find the words to express how sorry he was, trying to find words to ease Sam's pain, but emotions had never been Deans strong point and the words died on his lips as soon as his gaze settled on his broken baby brother huddled against the door, eyes glassy with unused tears, jaw set tight like he was desperately trying to hold himself together. A motel came into view, Dean decided that they'd stop and try to get some rest. Sam didn't say anything when Dean pulled up in front of the office. He didn't say anything when Dean got back and moved the Impala to their car park. "Come on Sammy." Dean said opening his door and grabbing their stuff. Sam opened his door slowly and followed Dean into the small room. Dean flicked on the light the room consisted of two beds a little kitchen area and a door, which Dean assumed led to the bathroom. The carpet was dirt brown and the white paint looked old and stained. Dean dumped there things on the floor and said "We've stayed in worse." Sam simply grunted in response. "You-you want to talk about it." Dean asked cringing inside at the emotions that he knew would follow, but also knowing that Sam unlike him needed that, even if he'd never admit it. Sam looked at Dean and quickly looked away "I-I cant." Sam said voice breaking with emotion "Not right now." Dean nodded that he understood. Sam was trying desperately not to fall apart. Dean wished he knew how to tell Sam that he'd understand if he broke down, under the circumstances a sappy moment would be OK. Instead all Dean could do was watch as Sam raked through his bag. Dean had conned a fireman into grabbing some stuff that wasn't in the bedroom area out of the apartment for Sam. Sam pulled out some clothes and mumbled "Gonna take a shower." As he tuned towards the bathroom without looking back at Dean.

Dean sunk down on his bed closest to the door he heard the shower start running and he hung his head in his hands. Over thirty minutes later Sam emerged his eyes red and puffy. Dean's heart twinged knowing Sam had probably been in there crying for the last thirty minutes. Without saying a word or making eye contact Sam pulled the covers back on his bed and slid in rolling away from Dean. Dean stood and rummaged though his own bag to find some clean clothes. He hesitated near the bathroom door. "I'm sorry Sammy." Sam tuned his head and looked at him "I know."

Dean stood in the shower letting the hot water run over him. He felt helpless. Twenty minutes later Dean emerged from the bathroom. Sam had the blankets wrapped tightly around him, his eyes closed. Dean didn't know weather he was asleep or was just wishing he was. Dean sighed. He flicked the light switch off and slipped into his own bed. It would be morning in a few hours Dean thought as he lay there unabe to sleep. He'd been laying in bed about an hour but he knew sleep wasn't coming tonight. He kept seeing Jessica on the ceiling engulfed in flames every time he closed his eyes. He'd see Sam on the bed screaming. Dean squeezed his eyes tight trying to get rid of the image. A few minutes later Dean thought he could hear something, oh crap he could hear soft sobbing noises coming from Sam's bed. Damn it there was no way he could leave Sam over there crying on his own. Dean climbed out of his bed and into Sam's. He put his hand on Sam's shoulder. "Sammy."
"Why Dean." The sadness in Sam's voice cut through Dean like a knife. "Why'd it have to take her, hurt her, she was so beautiful inside and out, she was, she was." Sam's started sobbing so hard his whole body was shaking. "Sam, calm down please, we'll find what ever did this and we'll make it pay." Dean knew it wasn't really going to make Sam feel better right now but it was all he could think of. Dean rubbed Sam's arm trying to comfort him but Sam continued to sob. Suddenly Sam spun around in the bed and threw himself into Deans arms. Dean was stunned. He hadn't held his brother like this for a very long time. Dean got over his initial shock and even though this would be classed as a chick flick moment he wrapped his arms around Sam tightly. Finally a good fifteen minutes later at least Sam calmed down and fell asleep from what Dean guessed to be pure emotional exhaustion. Dean didn't move though. He stayed on his back propped up on the head board with Sam asleep on his chest, his arms holding Sam close. I got my brother back Dean thought to himself feeling guilty as hell for wishing it earlier. He'd give anything to go back and stop all this for happening. This is all my fault he thought if i hadn't dragged him away in the first place... Sam would be at home in bed with Jessica, not sobbing in a hotel room. These were Deans last thoughts as he finally drifted of into a restless sleep still holdng Sam.