Valkyrie-It sequel

AN: this one's a fluke, people. It began to form after I finished reading It. lets see how it turns out. Valkyrie-Nona-Ma'at and Nat Deepneau's friends are, so far the only characters that come from me. My aunty still has Insomnia, but I still have It on hand for reference


1: Natalie Deepneau

"nat'leeee? Can I pleeeessseee go out to play?" sean carpenter's little sister sophie was one of the worst to babysit. That isn't to say she was a bad kid, she was good when she was content, but it was times like this she could give the Sirens of Greece a run for their money. Natalie Deepneau closed her cellphone, got up from the couch, crouched next to the six-year-old and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"can't you hear the rain, soph? it's too cold to go outside," she answered in her softest voice. "You can watch a dvd – I rented Ice Age for you. Or you can play Hello Kitty. Do you want me to set up the PlayStation so you can play Hello Kitty?"

"Kiddy!" sophie squealed excitedly. "can I really?"

"sure, soph, hang on, I'll just turn it on for you okay?"


Natalie rose, plucked the videogame from the bookshelf and placed it in the console. She turned on the tv, switched it over to the av channel and started the game for sophie before handing her the controller and sitting back down on the couch. She watched the girl struggle for a bit with the controls until she had the hang of it and then plucked Angel Fire East by Terry Brooks from her purse and began to read.

It wasn't long before the sickly-happy music of the videogame was joined by the creepy music-box sound of natalie's Candyman ringtone. She glanced at the lcd on her cellphone, saw that it was sean, glanced at sophie happily absorbed in beating up evil blockmen with kitty's magic wand and went into the bathroom to take her boyfriend's call.

The call wasn't as important as she'd hoped, he only wanted to know if soph was getting frightened by the storm and if she was being a good girl. Natalie answerd the brief questions (no and yes respectively) but it was't until she hung up the phone that she noticed the eerie silence coming from the lounge. That happy music was still going… but there were no sound effects. No high-pitched jumping noise, no chime when you picked up an item… where was sophie?

As soon as she stepped into the hallway, Natalie stopped dead in her tracks: the front door was wide open.

2: the Little Bald Doctors

[… and so then we – what's wrong?] Valkyrie stopped mid sentence as her companion's face froze. [come on, tell me!]

Lachesis placed a hand on his throat and fell forward. [how could It…?] he choked finally. [I don't understand… they killed It!]

The little bald woman bent to his level and gently forced him to look up at her. His eyes themselves seemed to flicker with horror. [what are you talking about? What's wrong?] she repeated. [whose 'they'? what's 'It'?]

[pennywise,] Lachesis hissed the nonsense-word in disbelief. [no…] he corrected himself, [It's Spawn. It has to be… something survived… and now that its grown it's…

(Mordred's a-hongry)

… It needs to be fed]

[I still don't understand…]

[there's no time to explain fully. Picture the worst monster you could possibly imagine… right, now picture it on a really bad LSD trip. That's what we're up against. It takes kids, only they can see It: adults lack the imagination required – they're oblivious to It and It's dealings with our short-time friends. In the fifties we helped a bunch of kids to pacify It, then in the eighties we helped them to kill it and it's eggs. but it seems one of it's offspring survived the onslaught. We need to contact the Third: It's a Random like him, he can tell us where it is.]

[the Carpenter place,] Valkyrie and Lachesis turned to their visitor, [it's almost got her.]

[then you're on our side for this?] Lachesis asked hesitantly.

[shitno,] Atropos replied. [I'm on my side. It just so happens that the opposite of my side is that motherfucker and the opposite of that motherfucker is you.]

[a truce, then,] Valkyrie offered her hand.

[a truce,] the Random took it and the two looked to Lachesis, each holding a hand to him.

[a truce,] he nodded at last, accepting. [it's good to have you with us for a change.]

3: Pennywise II

"just a little closer, sweetheart," it muttered to itself as the little girl cautiously peered out of the door. "it's only rain, dear, don't be frightened, it won't hurt you." The clown stood on the edge of the footpath oblivious to the chill, knowing only that starvation festered inside of it and the twenty-five year fast was about to end. It took a diagonal step to the left and was suddenly enveloped within an electric glow.

The child's face brightened instantly: a clown! Like the one at Poppy's birthday party! Maybe he can make me a balloon animal! She waved in excitement and he waved a blood-red gloved hand in reply. Come over! He gestured.

The little girl glanced a cautious look inside and ran down the steps, careul not to slip on the wet concrete and stood infront of the clown in awe, rolling on the balls of her feet.

"why hello, sophie! Fancy meeting you out here."

Sophie stood still, "you know my name?"

"but of course! All the good clowns know the names of all the good children. Are you a good child, Sophie?"

"I must be," she answered smartly. "you know my name."

"very good reasoning!" the clown chuckled gaily and stopped suddenly. "but you disobeyed your sitter," he tutted. "and children who do bad things need to be punished." Like a panther he lunged for her, his kind face twisting hideously. Sophie tried to dodge and was knoched to the pavement. She sat up in a daze and the clown loomed over her

[enough!] a trio of voices shattered the night air and the clown turned to face his challangers. The three little doctors stood in a v-formation with the Random in the front. [you can stay hungry,] the foremost sneered when they had It's attention.

It's eyes flared white as he hissed defiantly at them. [what would you know? You're nothing but pawns. I am - ]

[eternal blah blab blahweknow.] Atropos interjected. [that's exactly the same speech your mummy used and look where she is now. In the Deadlights: back where she belongs. Right where you're headed if you try and fuck with us.]

[you think you could silence me? I could crush you three midgets in one go if I tried.]

[well…?] Lachesis shrugged suggestively.

[you don't dare, do you?] Valkyrie added after It hesitated. [Derry's ours. You may be higher up in the food chain but the authority is ours, not yours. And you know it. go bug Lewiston or something.]

The clown pulled himself up to his full height. Valkyrie responded by blowing into her palm, Lachesis clicked his fingers and Atropos twisted his fists. The three began to flare violet, gold and blue violently.

[don't fuck with us,] Atropos repeated menacingly.

The clown turned away, knowing It was momentarily defeated. [one by one.] It threatened as It retreated. [you cannot stop me. i. am. Eternal.]

4: Reunion

Lachesis and Valkyrie rushed to the little girls side as soon as It was gone and attempted in vain to rouse her: it seemed she had slipped into unconciousness while her would-be killer was distracted. Valkyrie picked her up instead.


The three turned back to the house to see a teemage girl run from the door towards them.

[hello, Natalie,] Atropos spoke her name calmly and the girl stopped and stared in disbelief. [Long time, no see.]