Hey guys. This story was originally just something I wrote down for fun and hadn't planned on posting it but I thought, what the heck I'm postin' it. Deal with the short ch. guys. For those of you who hate short chapters, it doesn't matter if they are short. Maximum Ride by JP has 2-3 pg. ch. and it's was a New York times bestseller for 6 weeks!

Harry smiled as Ginny walked down the steps to the girls domintory. She looked beautiful as always.

"Hey handsome." she said as she reached him. She kissed him quickly and softly. Leaving him wanted more.

Harry narrowed his eyes at . "You tease."

She giggled as Harry pulled her in for a deep kiss that made her mind whirl. After several minutes Ginny pulled away and Harry gave a fake pout. She laughed at his expression. "Sorry Harry but we've got to go meet Ron and Hermione at breakfast."

Harry let out a sigh, "Fine."

Her brown eyes lit up playfully "I promise I'll make it up to you later."

"I'll hold you to that." He said as he grabbed her hand and led her out of the portriat hole.


"Ronald you are completely wrong!"

"I nam rot! why cut yow jus excupt gore bong?" Ron said. His mouth full of food.

(A/N he said "I am not! why can't you just except your wrong?")

Harry and Ginny exchanged a smirk. Those two were nuts about eachother. Harry was just praying they would admit their feeling to eachother soon. He was getting a huge headache from listening to their arguing all day.

Harry picked up his empty goblet and saw the pumpkin juice a few people away right next to Romilda Vane. "Oi Romilda can you pass the pumpkin juice."

She smiled at him innocently. "Oh here I'll just get it for you Harry." she said as she leaned over her friend grabbed his goblet and filled it for him.

"Thanks." Harry said as he took his glass back.

"My pleasure." She said batting her eyelashes at him.

Harry quickly turned away from her. She was always flirting with him and it made him extremely uncomforatable. One time she had conered him in the hallways claiming to need him too tudor her with her Transfiguration homework. She had her hand on his chest and was a little too close for comfort.

'But it does have one benefit' he thought, remembering how Ginny had walked around the corner. Apon seeing Romilda and Harry she was so jealous she pushed Romilda out of the way and started viciously snogging Harry. She now did that whenever she saw girls trying to flirt with him. and he wasn't about to start complaining.

Harry took a long sip of pimpkin juice and turned to his girlfriend. "Hey want to go down to the Quidditch Pitch and get away from these two?" He said motioning to Ron and Hermione who were still bickering.

"Yes please." She said with extreme relief and brushed bits of srambbled egg off her that Ron had pelted them with. Harry grabbed her hand and led her out of the Great Hall

Author's Note:

Okay guys I know it's kind of crappy but it's my first chapter and this is only my second story so cut me some slack.

May the Force Be With You!