Title: Pepsi ant a Lemonade stand

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Summery: Charlie's thoughts about Forks, Edward Cullen and his family.

My name is Charlie Swan. I am the chief of police in a small town in Washington called Forks.

I have a daughter named Isabella who has preferred to be called just Bella since she was a little kid.

I've lived in Forks my entire life and for the most part it's a pretty normal place but I suppose you can find some pretty strange people just about anywhere. Let me see if I can prove my point.

Mrs. Brown for instance, has a lemonade stand in the middle of the town and it would probably be a normal assumption to make that she would sell lemonade there, but oddly enough she only ever has Pepsi. Now people who live here are perfectly aware of this but on more than one occasion I've seen it confuse people who just pass through. I've even broken up some arguments over it.

Another good example would be Mr. Dunkin.

Mr. Dunkin loves to read; he even has a house full of books and you can trust me when I say that because I've been there several times. He has an intense fear of paper and he panics and calls me because he says it jumps out of the books to attack h im.

You see what I mean about strange people?

I've asked Mr. Dunkin why he keeps himself surrounded by books (and subsequently the paper inside them) if he's so afraid of it but he just insists that he loves to read.

It's not exactly normal, I don't think.

Something else that is not normal would have to be Edward Cullen and his family.

Don't get me wrong; they are nice enough people, just very, well… strange.

I can't say I ever really noticed it though until Bella started dating Edward but once I started paying attention the fact that they're so different from everyone else in Forks became kind of obvious to me.

For one thing, they're all extremely pale. They just moved here not that long ago. My theory is they moved from Canada or some place like that. I believe they have family up that way at any rate.

I guess it's only fair to say that Edward has done some things I haven't exactly liked in regards to my daughter.

I only just started letting him come into my house again and even now he's sitting across the room with Bella helping her with homework. I suppose I can't keep him away from her forever and he does seem to grow on you.

I suppose it's also only fair to say that Edward does seem to be very attached to Bella and that, I suppose, is a quality I can't fault.

He and his family are still strange though.

On the few times I've actually come into contact with Edward he's always freezing. I told him to put on a sweatshirt once and he got this smile on his face, like he was laughing at a private joke, but all he did was apologize and promise he would.

Sometimes, when I talk to Edward or any of the other Cullens I get the strangest feeling that I'm talking to someone from another era. They just have this manner of speaking that might have been common a hundred years ago but not so much now.

I mentioned it to Bella once and she just said they were very old fashioned.

Another thing I've noticed is on the rare occasions when the sun is out; which in our little town is not very often, they tend to disappear. Bella tells me Carlisle and Esme take the whole family camping.

All in all I'm glad Bella has such good friends in the Cullens, even if they are not very normal.

Sometimes I think they don't even seem human in their strangeness.

At least I know it's not like they're vampires though.

That's a bright side.


Across the room, where Edward and Bella were sitting and doing their homework, a small grin could be seen crossing Edward's face.

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