Title: Of bratty demons and mushroom heads

Author: YumeKoe

Disclaimer: "Prince of Tennis" does not belong to us. I'm merely using the characters because I like to have fun with them. ^^


Mukahi Gakuto was a fountain of information, was Kirihara Akaya's thought as he stomped angrily down the hall of the college dorm. Where was he going? To Hiyoshi Wakashi's room. Somehow, Akaya had managed to convince the redhead to tell him where the mushroom-headed bastard's room was.

Kirihara Akaya was a College Freshman living on campus. His reason for coming to college had been simple; to keep his parents happy and paying for stuff until he got accepted into the professional tennis circuit. No one had told him that stupid stick up your ass Hyotei would be there.

Throughout high school, the tennis ace demon had been notorious for being a playboy that would sleep with just about anyone he took interest in. He dated people until he got tired of them, then he'd dump them and move onto the next person. During that time, he'd met one of his favorite people and sex buddies, the flexible spunky red-head, Mukahi Gakuto. Unfortunately, knowing him also meant knowing the most uptight boring person ever.

Akaya was now on his way to said boring person's room to win a bet. He'd been given the challenge of trying to get the stick out of his ass, which sounded like fun. Not to mention, Kirihara Akaya never backed down from a challenge. He owed the bastard anyway, for calling him a brat again. He was sick of being called a brat, damn it! It was about time he gave the damn mushroom-head a piece of his mind in his own way.

He knocked on the door and waited not-so-patiently for the other man to open it.

College had only just started a few weeks ago and already Hiyoshi's parents were calling him home for family duty. After many long, tense discussions and debates, Hiyoshi had finally been able to convince his parents to let him leave home for college. After middle school, he had given up his love of tennis to concentrate solely on his responsibility to someday inherit his family's Kobujutsu dojo. It was the future he had chosen for himself, but being here would be a nice breather away from home before he was stuck there forever.

Hiyoshi was in the middle of packing when he heard the bothersome knocking at his door. It couldn't be anyone important since he knew his best friend, Ohtori Choutarou, was usually in class at this time and his other friend, Mukahi Gakuto, had a very specific annoying knock. Deciding to ignore it, he went back to packing while cursing under his breath for having to go home at all.

If there was one thing in the world Akaya hated more than anything, it was being ignored. Most people had learned that long ago, but apparently Hiyoshi had missed the memo, "Oi Mushrooms-for-brains, open up," so much for making this a somewhat nice and diplomatic visit.

What the hell? Why was Kirihara at his door? And why the fuck was he still comparing him to god-awful mushrooms? If there was one complaint Hiyoshi had about college, it was the thing at his door. "What the hell do you want, brat?" He called back in an irritated tone of voice with no inclination to hear the answer.

"Gakuto sent me over to bring you something," Okay, so maybe honesty wasn't one of Akaya's strong points, he was working on it, really, "Let me in," jerk face he continued in his head. He growled quietly at being called a brat yet again, but didn't do anything that would make Hiyoshi suspicious of him.

What would Gakuto want to send him that he couldn't bring over himself? Better yet, Gakuto was going to pay for letting Kirihara know where his room was. Giving up the idea of being able to finish packing in peace, he made his way slowly towards the door. Opening it just a few inches, he inquired, "What is it?"

"He sent me over to help you with a stick problem," Akaya grinned devilishly and stuck his foot in the door so Hiyoshi couldn't slam it in his face. He pushed on the wooden barrier lightly, silently telling the other boy to open it more, "and I'm not a brat."

It took a moment for Hiyoshi to get it. "What the fuck? I don't want to deal with this right now." He pushed against the door to close it and realized Kirihara had braced it with his foot. Smirking, he pushed harder.

"Too bad-Hey! Stop that!" Akaya winced as the door closed more on his foot. He'd had enough of this 'nice-guy' stuff and slammed his whole body into the door to push it open.

Seeing what Kirihara was about to do, Hiyoshi quickly stepped away from the door as temperamental boy barreled his way in. Hiyoshi had to hold himself back from laughing outright as Kirihara lost his balance and landed face down on the floor.

Akaya let out a yelp and 'oomf' on impact, "Bastard," he mumbled and pushed himself up off the ground. At least he'd made it inside.

Hiyoshi smirked down at the brat in a condescending manner. "So?" He questioned, "Is there something you wanted now that you have barged your way uninvited into my room?" Figuring he could go back to his packing now, he turned around and did just that.

"Yeah," Akaya said smoothly, despite his little slip up a few seconds ago. He moved up close behind Hiyoshi and wrapped his arms around the other man's waist, effectively pinning his arms to his sides. "You're really tense. Why don't I help you relax a little?" He whispered against his ear and darted his tongue out to lick the rim of it.

Hiyoshi's whole body immediately froze, more than a little shocked at Kirihara's actions. He couldn't remember anyone being this close to him in a long time, outside of sparring, and wasn't sure how to react. When he felt wetness against his ear, his body reacted automatically. He whirled around and forcefully pushed Kirihara to the ground in an Aikido hold. His body firmly pinned Kirihara down at the waist; one arm held his shoulder down, while the other held his arms in front of his face.

Before Akaya even realized it, he was back on the floor and very confused. What the hell had just happened? He stared at Hiyoshi for a moment before realization set in, oh yeah, a martial artist. Flexible. Perfect. "You prefer to be on top, huh? I'm fine with that." He purred smoothly despite the still rather odd position they were in.

How had this happened? Hiyoshi reasoned he'd been under a lot of stress for the last few days and his brain was not functioning properly. His brain couldn't string together why Kirihara would do something like that, or what he was saying. 'On top?' What the hell was he talking about?

"Oh, speechless I see." Akaya smirked and, using Hiyoshi's confusion to his advantage flipped them over so he was lying on top of the other boy. He hovered above him and used one hand to pin his arms above his head. "You know, on second look, you're pretty hot," he purred huskily and pressed his lips against the brunettes.

Finally coming back to his senses, Hiyoshi just had a moment to think this was not a position he wanted to be in before Kirihara surprised him again. He was on his back now, with no clear idea of how or why Kirihara was getting away with it. He was about to fight back when… he felt a hot breath ghosting over his face. Was Kirihara serious? Then a pair of warm lips came down on his. How many times was he going to go into shock today? He was going to retaliate, really, but for some reason… he didn't. Maybe he could blame it on all the pressure he'd felt lately from his family, or maybe on his unrequited five fucking year crush on Choutarou, but in any case, he tentatively moved his lips against the others with obvious uncertainty.

The mushroom under him clearly was not experienced at all and Akaya couldn't help but smile into the kiss. He slowed his kiss, using subtle lip movements to guide the other boy and teach him. He didn't mind first timers, the gods knew how many girls he'd taken the virginity from in high school, but now he'd taken a boy's first kiss. First kiss with a man, yes, but never first first kiss. Still not confident enough to let go of Hiyoshi's wrists, he kept them in place for fear of retaliation. He was strong, but martial artists were dangerous.

Not wanting to admit how much he was enjoying this, Hiyoshi effectively shut down the part of his brain that was screaming at him 'What the hell are you doing! He closed his eyes as he let himself relax into the hold, giving a slight shudder as Kirihara's lips moved over his confidently. He tried to move his arms from the uncomfortable position they were in above his head, but when he realized they were trapped in the other boy's firm grip, his conscience finally came back to life. He realized exactly what was happening, or better yet, what he was letting happen to him. His eyes opened wide and with a firm twist of his lower body and sweep of his legs, he unattached himself from Kirihara, at the same time knocking him off balance. Swiftly getting behind him, he bent over him, bracing Kirihara's arms behind his back with a strong grip.

For the second time today, Akaya was left wondering what the fuck had just happened. He tried to wriggle his arms free but it just ended up sending shooting pain down his arms. He couldn't deny that he liked it rough sometimes, but bottoming to an inexperienced guy who liked it rough did not sound like his idea of a good time. He gave up squirming and instead just rested his forehead on the floor, his knees aching from the hard floor. "Oi, lemme go, unless you plan on doing more while you're back there." To emphasize his point, he rolled his hips back against Hiyoshi's. He'd have to remember this position for later, it was kinky.

Feeling Kirihara move against regions he would… rather him not, Hiyoshi abruptly let go of him and backed away towards his futon. He was trying to come to terms with what just happened. He had just let the brat, his long time arch-nemesis, Kirihara Akaya, kiss him. Not only that, he had kissed him back and enjoyed it. What the fuck was he thinking? How could he let this happen! He closed his eyes and tried to take inner calming breaths… before he started to laugh at himself and the absurdity of it all. The stress from family and school, Choutarou confusing him again... It all must be going to his head; he must be certifiably insane by now. How else could he have liked Kirihara, of all people, touching him?

Akaya cursed quietly as his arms were suddenly released and he pushed himself up into a sitting position. He ran a hand through his mess of hair and looked over at Hiyoshi. Gakuto had told him the guy was weird, but he had left out that he was bat shit crazy, too. He watched with a raised eyebrow as the other boy freaked out and stood there conveniently near the futon. He stood slowly walked over to wrap his arms around the mushroom's neck and placed a light kiss on his lips. No wonder the guy was so high strung. He'd never been kissed or laid, he'd have a stick up his ass too if he'd gone this long without getting any. "Just relax."

Kirihara was kissing him again. With eyes open, he watched unresponsive, trying to figure out the best way to deal with the situation. He wanted to be angry, but honestly, he wasn't. So he settled for stepping back and asking stonily, "Is there a reason why you're doing this, or are you just that bored?"

"Trying to help you get rid of some of this tension," Akaya murmured and buried a hand in the hair he'd always made fun of, running it through a couple times. It was really soft. "You're not bad looking. Why've you never been with anyone?"

Hiyoshi didn't have the energy or will to throw him off, but hell would freeze over before he even thought about reciprocating. With his arms left dangling at his side, Hiyoshi sighed as he resigned himself to having a living attachment for the moment. The hand in his hair felt good. It reminded him of when Choutarou would do that when he was really stressed. He chuckled slightly at Kirihara's words, very amused. "Well obviously I can't be that bad looking if I have random people coming into my room and throwing themselves at me. Maybe I just choose not to."

"You're missing out." Akaya leaned forward to lick at Hiyoshi's lips teasingly and smirked. "I can show you just how wonderful it is." He was definitely an expert on the subject and was willing to break the Hyotei alumni in. Hell, maybe he'd wind up with a new fuck buddy if he played his cards right.

Warning bells suddenly went off in Hiyoshi's head and he quickly extracted himself from the other boy's hold. "Che, I think you've had your fun, brat. Now get the hell out of my room." He knew that hadn't come out as forcefully as he would have liked it to. Why was this not pissing him off? If anything, the idea of being alone again didn't sound so appealing anymore. He shook his head at himself and glared at Kirihara. "I have things to do that don't include babysitting."

"You want help?" Akaya asked curiously, not at all put off by being told to leave. He knew to be patient, especially with people who were new to this kinda thing, "I've got nothing better to do," He glanced over at the bag and raised an eyebrow. "Where you going?"

Surprised by the unexpected offer, Hiyoshi couldn't help but be amused. There really wasn't that much to do, but wasn't he just thinking it would be nice to have some company? Even if it was Kirihara…"Sure," he finally conceded. "You can grab my gi out of the bottom drawer on your right next to the desk. I'm going home for a few days." He wasn't sure how long Kirihara would actually stick around, but he might as well make himself useful while he was here. He went to the sink and started to gather up his toothbrush and other necessities.

"K," Akaya chimed happily, fetching the gi out of the drawer. "Homesick already? The semester just started." He carried the gi over to the bag and set it down next to it. He would have packed it away, but he hadn't forgotten his senpai's orders from junior high; someone had to be present to supervise him whenever he packed anything. He usually just shoved whatever was in reach into the bag and forgot important things or didn't have room for them.

"Trust me," Hiyoshi practically snarled, "if I had my way, I would cancel the trip in a heart beat." Wasn't this supposed to be awkward? He had just been kissed, by a BOY, the boy who was Kirihara Akaya, the boy was currently helping him pack. "Go ahead and start putting everything that's on the bed into the bag next to you."

"Okay!" Akaya grinned and started doing as he was told. "Why would you cancel the trip?" He asked curiously as he messily put the stuff in the bag. He liked packing, even if he wasn't all that good at it.

Hiyoshi grimaced. "That's none of your business." He finished putting everything he needed into a little case and walked back over to where Kirihara was literally making a mess of his belongings. He wasn't a neat freak or anything, but his family had instilled many habits into him, one of them being tidiness. "Heh, you really are a brat. You can't even pack right," he quipped with a slight smirk on his face. It didn't actually make any difference to him if it was messy or not so he murmured a quiet 'thank you' under his breath as he stuffed what was left into the bag and zipped it up.

"I pack just fine! Look it all fit." Akaya pouted until he heard the little 'thank you' and slowly his features twisted into a giant grin. "So now that you're done packing, how about we pass some time together? I'll get all that tension out of you before you have to go home."

The pout was amusing, the smile for some reason made him want to smile back. Hiyoshi stopped to consider for a moment how to handle this. Should he just throw him out? Should he thank him for keeping him company, maybe punch him for coming on to him and then throw him out? "Sorry, but as I already told you," he stepped close again, pausing for a moment, but then only brushed past him to pick up his bag, "I choose not to. Better find someone else to play with."

Akaya felt his heart leap, just like it always did when someone got that close, he loved that feeling. It was one of the reasons he got put into situations like this as much as he could. He loved the thrill. "You can't say you didn't like it." He smirked and placed a hand on Hiyoshi's chest. His muscles were firm and defined, just the way Akaya liked them, but despite his somewhat loose tendencies in bed, he wasn't a pig. "If you ever change your mind, I'll be glad to show you the ropes."

Stifling a laugh at Kirihara's very forward manner, Hiyoshi grabbed the hand currently on his chest and all but dragged him to the door; opened it, and pushed Kirihara through it. "Until then, good bye." With that, he shut the door in Kirihara's face. Wait. Did he just say "until then"? He really needed to get his brain examined. Undoubtedly, he would come to regret all of this later, but right now, he had a bus to catch and much bigger problems to worry about.

"'Until then,' huh?" Akaya glanced back at the closed door as he walked down the hall and laughed. "Guess I'll just have to wait until then." He shoved his hands in his pockets and grinned. He'd done what he'd come here too, he'd made the mushroom relax. Too bad he didn't get to do more... Well, maybe later.