Staying with Akaya's family for a few days by himself had been quite the experience for Hiyoshi. The moment he'd arrived, Akaya's mother must have been waiting for him since she was immediately out the door and escorting him inside, ready to support him in any way she could. It had been rather embarrassing that she had to help pay for the taxi.

She hadn't been overbearing, just sat there and listened, occasionally squeezing his hand and assuring him he wasn't weak or in the wrong. He had thought more than once during the encounter that this was what a parent should be like. Akaya was very lucky.

Being in that house, Hiyoshi had never felt so out of his element in his life, but he'd also never felt so welcome and cared for. They were so open and friendly, though perhaps a little too friendly at times - he still suspected Akaya's father accidentally groping him was no accident. Yuzuka-san, or Momma as she insisted on him calling her, never let him leave a room without a hug and declaring how happy she was that he was part of their family.

He even slept well during his stay. Akaya's room smelled like him, and he had no problems falling asleep amongst the mess. Of course, he spent the majority of the next day cleaning it. It had been another way of clearing his mind, and knew his boyfriend's living habits well enough by then to guess where he probably kept everything and not have to think too much.

By the end of the weekend, he felt renewed, and it was time to go back to the dorms. It was hard leaving the protective shell of Akaya's family's house, but there were still two more finals he had to study for and they had to start moving into their new apartment. After an uncomfortably heartfelt goodbye, Hiyoshi was finally on his way back, most of the tension that had been weighing on him significantly lessened.

Back at the college dorms, Akaya waited. It had been forever since his mushroom disappeared to his parent's house. He'd only known where he was because his mother had messaged him and told him that Hiyoshi was hers for a few days and to not come get him. That kinda pissed him off at first. Wakashi hadn't told him himself and he didn't seem to want him there. At that point though, he didn't know what else he could do for his boyfriend, and that was even more frustrating. It wasn't that big of a surprise he'd gone to his mother, but it was weird.

Even Wilson wasn't there to keep him company. Packing with a big fur ball around who liked to chew on everything didn't work, so his Fukubuchou was taking care of him. He didn't mind being on his own for a bit. It meant he got to catch up on the video games he'd neglected for a bit and it gave him a chance to pack without Hiyoshi nagging him that it wasn't organized enough. He was just going to be unpacking it again anyway, so what did it matter if it was just thrown into a box?

Hiyoshi opened the door to the ridiculous scene of his boyfriend's version of packing. It was nice, as if everything was back to normal… only better. His heart lightened at the sight and he wanted to tease him about how bad it was, but decided not to say anything. Instead, he just stepped over him and the mess toward the bed with a casual "I'm home" and smirk.

Akaya perked up at the voice and looked up at the other man in surprise. "You're back... Welcome home!" he chimed then hopped up to go over and tackle his lover onto the bed. Wakashi was home! That meant everything was going to be okay now, right?

Having kind of expected that, Hiyoshi was glad he'd decided to situate himself near the bed. He knew from personal experience that it was much better than being tackled onto the floor. Chuckling, he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and made himself comfortable. "You're heavy," he grinned up at him. "Having fun packing?"

"I am not..." The chibi demon pouted and nuzzled his boyfriend like a giant puppy. "Packing is boring..." he grumbled and flopped out like a human blanket on top of the other man.

Almost all of Hiyoshi's belongings were already packed up and ready to go, except for a few personal items. Gakuto, who could actually be somewhat helpful every once in a while, had come over the previous week to help with the majority of it. "Come on, get up. I'll help you."

Akaya eyed Hiyoshi suspiciously for a bit then nodded. "Alright, but if you help, we pack my way, okay?" There was no way they'd ever finish if they packed the 'proper' way.

"I promise I'll do my best to be a slob." Hiyoshi vowed amusedly then smacked his boyfriend's nicely toned ass. "Now get off me."

Akaya yelped, then reluctantly crawled off his boyfriend and went over to a half packed box. Akaya's style of packing was not terribly sophisticated and really had no structure whatsoever, but he got things done and he could almost always remember what was in every box for at least a whole day after packing it.

Watching Akaya pack reminded Hiyoshi of the first time he had come storming into his room and ended up helping him pack for his trip home. He remembered how he hadn't been able to find anything in his bag that night. He had been amused then, too. Standing, he went over to one of the other half packed boxes. There didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. He started to neatly place the things around it in the box, doing his best to make sure everything could fit properly without being damaged.

Akaya knew it. Hiyoshi said he would try to be a slob, but it really was impossible for his boyfriend. He had to have everything neat and the chibi demon couldn't help but find it amusing. Smiling to himself, he taped up another box and started on the next one.

"Anything interesting happen while I was gone?" Hiyoshi asked conversationally, though his expression was pinched as he concentrated on making everything fit. There was something on the bottom of the box that made everything too high on the left side. Maybe he should empty it and start it over.

"Not really," Akaya said honestly and shrugged, things were boring without his boyfriend around. He was sure Sanada was going to kill him because he kept bugging the older man. At least Hiyoshi was back now and could protect him from the big brick wall of fukubuchou.

"Ah." Hiyoshi dumped the box out to start it over. "Um... By the way, I was asked a few days ago to resign from the fraternity." The words came out a bit stilted, still miserable about the whole thing, but better than what it would have been a few days ago. He had been so angry and upset; he'd asked (basically forced) Sanada to beat the shit out of him. His stomach still hurt and there was a nice bruise on his chin from that, but Akaya's mom had to be some kind of make-up pro. She'd forced him to let her cover it up before he'd left the house.

Akaya was almost done with his next box when what Hiyoshi said sunk in. He turned to look at his boyfriend in surprise then got up to walk over and hug him. "Wakashi... I'm sorry..." He was going to kick all those dumb martial artist's asses! …Or make his Fukubuchou do it…

Hiyoshi tried not to flinch when Akaya bumped his chin, and wrapped his arms around his demon, glad he hadn't gotten upset. Forgetting about the bigger mess he was making, his forehead plopped down onto Akaya's shoulder. "The uh… freshman that caught us in the dojo… I had thought… I couldn't protest it… What we were doing… against fraternity policy…" His couldn't seem to finish a sentence but was sure Akaya got the picture. "Of course, many members have been caught with their girlfriends during off hours in the club room and nothing was said… I'm sure they are just using it as an excuse." He sighed and held him closer. "They were at least kind enough to let me formally resign and not kick me out."

"I'm sorry..." Akaya murmured again and held him close, feeling horrible that it was his fault. He really did need to learn to listen to Hiyoshi occasionally. When he didn't, bad things happened.

"I don't want to hear your apologies." Hiyoshi murmured back. It was just as much his own fault for letting it happen. If he was honest with himself, he'd known all along that this would happen eventually. He held Akaya for a moment longer then pushed him away to go back to packing. He gave him a teasing grin. "All I want to think about right now is that we're getting the hell out of here tomorrow, and nothing, not even your horrendous packing, is going to stop us."

Akaya's smile returned and he stuck his tongue out. "My packing is amazing and efficient!" he declared confidently, grinning down at his boyfriend.

Hiyoshi rolled his eyes. "And a pain to unpack again." He looked around at the mess he'd made of the box in front of him. Maybe it would have been better if he hadn't touched it after all. "Your mom said she'd come over to help unpack over the weekend if we wanted."

Akaya made a face at the idea. Just because Wakashi had decided to become best pals with his mom, didn't mean he wanted her coming over and bossing him around all weekend making him work. "Nah… She'd just be a pain and get in the way…" He looked at the mess his boyfriend had made of his amazing packing job and snickered. "Let me do it Wakashi. You're not done with your stuff either." He pointed to the corner where there were a few bags and a box left of his boyfriend's.

Ignoring him, Hiyoshi continued to put Akaya's box back together in an orderly fashion. Though he did look up to see what of his was left. Oh yeah… that. It hadn't been done since he didn't want Gakuto to open it and make fun of him.

Akaya frowned. He didn't like being ignored. Fine then! He'd go pack the rest of his boyfriend's stuff and see how he liked it.

Watching him out of the corner of his eye as Akaya moved away, Hiyoshi was suddenly on alert when he saw him going for the bags. "STOP!" he called out before he could remember that was possibly the worst thing he could have done.

Akaya paused and looked back at him. Slowly, a smirk spread across his face. He knew that tone. It meant he definitely needed to see what was in those bags. He picked one of them up and asked teasingly, "Why? What's in them?"

Hiyoshi gave a warning glare. "None of your business. Put the bag down now." He sounded like a police cop giving instruction to a criminal.

"It is too my business."

"No, it's not."

"Yeah-huh." Taking his chances, Akaya peered into the bag. All he could see were small boxes. What was interesting about that?

Hiyoshi threw a pillow at him.

Laughing, Akaya threw it back before looking through it nosily. This was the most reaction he'd gotten out of his mushroom in a long time and he wasn't about to pass it up.

Damn him! Hiyoshi hauled himself to his feet and ran over to where Akaya was, once again, invading his privacy. He tripped and fell over a couple boxes on his way over then grabbed the bag away from him, stuffing the contents back inside.

The curious demon only had enough time to get a small glimpse before it was covered again. He blinked up at his boyfriend in confusion. "Star Wars stuff…?"

"They're fragile!" Hiyoshi glared. Maybe he would pack his own box first after all.

Eying his boyfriend oddly, not understanding what was so important about a couple of Star Wars boxes, Akaya asked with wide curious eyes, "What are they?"

"Star Wars models…" The grumpy mushroom-headed boy grumbled out under his breath. It wasn't like he was keeping them a secret… he just didn't want Akaya to find them. Holding the items safely to his chest, he leaned down to start putting them carefully in the box. "They were something I always wanted since I was a kid." They were the one thing he'd bought for himself, besides the sex toys Akaya wanted, right before his father had cancelled his credit cards. "Say one word and I'll kick your ass."

"One word."

An eyebrow twitched. That was it. Hiyoshi stood back up and began his approach, the glare of imminent death in his eyes, ready to kick some ass. No one made fun of his droid and space ship models.

Akaya knew that look. He yelped and ran out the door, practically flying down the stairs and almost running into Sanada on his way out. He only turned to look back once, but it caused him to stumble and go tumbling to the ground, rolling a few times before he shot back up. Not chancing another look back, cursing and eyes terrified, he hauled ass through campus.

Sanada was used to dodging Akaya and raised an eyebrow when the brat went running past him. What he was not entirely prepared for was when he turned back around to see Hiyoshi running toward him as well. He barely stepped out of the way in time and grumbled sourly at his two kohai. However, when he turned back around to go into the dorms, there was a small barely noticeable grin on his face. Finally, things were going back to normal.

Hiyoshi cursed as he ran after his annoying brat then grumbled when Sanada was not helpful in the slightest. He ran past him and continued after Akaya, keeping him in sight and gaining. Akaya's klutz attack in the grassy area between the two dorms caused him to laugh and he charged for him.

There was a big white fountain situated between the two dorms. Akaya knew he'd be able to catch a break if he could just get to the other side of it and away from his crazy ninja boyfriend. He quickly raced around to the other side.

Kaidoh was walking back to the dorm when he saw the annoying demon boy running toward him. It was too good of a chance to pass up. Sticking his foot out subtly, he sent Akaya face first into the fountain. A satisfied smirk found its way to his lips and he let out a little hiss, revenge was sweet.

Coming around the fountain, Hiyoshi smirked at Kaidoh and nodded quick thanks. Standing at the edge of the fountain, he watched the sputtering brat come out of the water with his arms crossed and a large grin on his face.

Akaya didn't even have time to yelp before he was underwater. Popping out of the fountain, hair plastered to his head and for once perfectly straight and completely un-seaweed-like, he coughed and glared at Kaidoh. It didn't take him long to realize though that he was being watched by someone far scarier than the mamushi. Slowly he turned to look at Hiyoshi, eyes wide.

His job done, Kaidoh shoved his hands in his pockets, gave Hiyoshi a little nod and walked off into the sunset-well actually his dorm, but he pretended it was a sunset.

Feeling very smug at the moment, Hiyoshi smirked and held a hand out to his sopping wet boyfriend to help him out of the fountain. He made sure to plant his feet securely, knowing better than to trust Akaya not to pull him in there with him.

At least it didn't seem like he was going to kill him. Akaya untrustingly took his hand and tried to stand, but his feet slipped on the wet tile and he fell face first back into the water, his hand still clinging to Hiyoshi's.

Hiyoshi laughed loudly as Akaya face planted again into the water, though tried to use the hold he had on his hand to not let him drown himself. Getting closer to the edge of white cement, he kneeled down on his knees to help haul him out.

Akaya half flopped onto Hiyoshi, wrapping his arms around him, completely soaking him as well. He scrambled out of the cold water as quickly as possible, looking like a drowned rat.

"Hey! Let go of me!" Hiyoshi was still half laughing as Akaya completely drenched him with the dirty fountain water. "You're really not very good at this," he teased and wondered if his little swim in the fountain was enough of a punishment or if he should still kick his ass.

"That was wet… Stupid snake…" Akaya pouted, but couldn't help laughing a little.

"Yeah, you're getting me wet, brat!" He pushed him off him and tried to squeeze the water out of his shirt. It was definitely time to go back to the room and get cleaned up. He stood and started walking top speed back to the dorm, trying not to make eye contact with anyone who might have seen that.

Akaya grinned and trotted along beside him before getting an evil idea. Cackling, he took off his wet shit and rung it out before snapping it to hit across Hiyoshi's ass.

"ACK!" Hiyoshi felt the hit and stumbled a bit forward, then looked behind him with huge round eyes that slowly but surely turned murderous. Slowly, his body turned to face him. "You. Are. DEAD!" And the chase continued.

Oops. "Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap!" Akaya took off like a demon out of hell back up the grassy hill that led around the dorm, trying to dodge other students who were walking in the other direction and slowing him down.

Hiyoshi chased after him at top speed. Damn, Akaya was a fast runner, but thankfully some students got in his way, slowing him up some. Just enough to get him in range and he jump tackled him at the top of the hill.

There were resounding calls of "ACK!" and "Oomf" mixed with laughter and groans as the two went rolling down the other side of the grassy hill. Hiyoshi managed to find Akaya's head and tried to cover it to protect him as they went rolling while Akaya clung to Hiyoshi until they came to stop at the bottom. "Ow…"

A little disoriented, Hiyoshi quickly sat up and felt over Akaya's head, looking him over to make sure he was okay. "Idiot! You really are going to be the death of me one of these days..."

"You're the one who tackled me!" The still clinging demon retorted pouting, but when he looked up at his mushroom, all pouts and glares were forgotten. His lover was flushed with his hair in disarray, grass and dirt stuck to him. The glare only made him even more sexy and Akaya tightened his hold around him and nuzzled against his neck.

"You're the one who..." Ugh. Hiyoshi trailed off and forced himself to breath calmly. No amount of chastising ever worked with his brat. "Never mind. You're alright, right?" He pushed Akaya away for the second time and brushed himself off.

Akaya laughed quietly and watched him with a smile. "Yeah, I'm fine. Are you?"

"Of course." He was going to have new bruises the next day but it wasn't anything the martial artist couldn't handle. Wanting to avoid another incident, he used the most obvious tactic to get him to behave this time. "I was going to be nice after your cold meeting with the fountain and offer to help with your shower." He smirked, "Make sure you're thoroughly cleaned, but you can forget it now." He turned and started back for the dorms.

At those words, Akaya flailed and scrambled to his feet, not even bothering to brush himself off. "What? Hey! You should help me! Please?" He followed closely behind him, grabbing his shirt on their way.

Hiyoshi chuckled under his breath and kept walking. "No, too late now."

Akaya pouted. "How come?"

"Because." Hiyoshi flicked his forehead.

The chibi demon wrinkled his nose and rubbed his head, little flakes of shrubbery coming out. "Hey…"

The door to the dorms was in sight. Hiyoshi supposed the cute sight his brat made deserved a chance. "You might be able to convince me… if you can beat me back to the room." Without another word, he took off back to the room.

Akaya blinked, and then took off after him. "Hey! Cheater!"

Hiyoshi made it to the front door of the dorm first, swinging it open and running through. Akaya was not too far behind, taking the stairs three to five at a time. They tied somewhere on the stairs and tripped over each other to get down the hall. Akaya using those big long limbs of his to keep Hiyoshi just behind him while Hiyoshi internally debated the fairness of picking him up and tossing him to get his win.

In the end, the mushroom-headed boy cursed his idiot boyfriend for being too fast for his own good while Akaya slammed his hand against their front door first, declaring on a victorious note. "Yes! I win!"

"Oh, shut up." the loser glared and sagged against the door.

Akaya just grinned in that annoying way and responded in a sing-song voice as he opened the door, "I didn't say anything~"

"You didn't have to," Hiyoshi grumbled and rolled his eyes, not really all that upset, but never liking to lose in anything. He entered the room behind Akaya and grabbed his hips, pulling him back against him. He leaned down to place slow sensual kisses across the back of his neck. "No touching the models brat... understand?"

Akaya snickered while groaning quietly, shivering against him. "Yes, sir…" He relaxed against him comfortably. His dorky mushroom was a sexy dork.

Hiyoshi ran his hands down Akaya's chest and played the waist band of his pants. He held him closer as he said into is ear, "I believe I owe you a cleaning."

Akaya smiled and wriggled against him. "Mm… Yes, you do…"

Chuckling, Hiyoshi opened the door to the shared bathroom and pushed Akaya through it. He quickly peeled off his wet shirt and pants, letting them drop to the floor with a plat. He waited a moment for Akaya to strip down as well before taking hold of his hips again, along with his lips, and backed him up into the shower stall. Reaching to the side, he turned on the water, dowsing them both with cold water, causing him to jump a little and chuckle into the kiss.

Moaning as he was pushed back into the shower, Akaya yelped then snuggled closer as his back came in contact with cold tile and he was sprayed with cold water. That didn't stop him though from wrapping himself around his boyfriend and kissing him back hungrily.

Hiyoshi smiled through the kiss, and once the water started to warm up, he reached for the soap to, as promised, begin washing him quite thoroughly. He began at his neck, and worked his way down his back, around to his chest and stomach. "Sorry I ditched you over the weekend," he said softly.

Akaya blinked, confused for a moment, then teased quietly. "Were you cheating on me with Darth Vader?"

"Storm Troopers, actually."

Akaya laughed and kissed him again. It didn't matter if Wakashi told him where he'd been or not, as long as he always came back to him. He purred happily and just let his amazing boyfriend take care of him.

Hiyoshi kissed him back happily, washing his arms all the way down to his hands. Taking his wrists, he pinned them against the tile above him, half washing, half tickling his under arms. Akaya's wiggling and laughter caused a happy little flutter in his chest.

The soap soon lowered to much more sensitive areas, indeed washing him thoroughly, which had Akaya shivering at the attention. "Wakashi…" he groaned loudly, spreading his legs for his lover. Lifting one leg, he straddled him, wanting to be picked up.

Hiyoshi did indeed grab his leg and held it up, then tickled his foot.

"Hey!" Akaya flailed, laughing.

Hiyoshi quickly stepped forward and pinned him more securely before he could slip and fall. "Careful. We've already established you're not too graceful." He kissed a wet pouty nose. "Do I need to wash your hair as well?"

"Now you do."

Laughing, Hiyoshi let his brat cling to him as he reached for the shampoo. He squirted a small amount into his palm before combing it through his hair, using his fingertips to massage and kneed it into the impossible seaweed curls.

Akaya's eyes closed, relaxing blissfully. "Mm… That feels good…" he purred quietly and let his head fall against Hiyoshi's shoulder.

Hiyoshi smiled and continued to massage his scalp. He turned his head to the side for just a moment to kiss him then gently placed it back against his shoulder. Slowly, he then walked him back under the warm water to wash out the shampoo. Once they were both rinsed off, his hands brushed through clean hair, the only time he could actually run his hands completely through it. "You're all clean," he whispered. "What should I do with you now?"

Content and happy, Akaya rubbed the water out of his eyes then opened them with a grin. "Love me."

Hiyoshi snickered. "I can do that."


Their new apartment was no longer new and empty looking. Instead, it was now filled to the back with what looked like hundreds of boxes to Hiyoshi's tired eyes. He didn't even want to think about how long it would take to unpack it all. He'd had to work late the previous night at his new job, and then woke up early to start moving everything from the dorms. Thankfully, a lot of their friends had shown up to help. He'd never really thought much about it before this last year or two, but it was nice to have good friends, even if sometimes you wanted to throw shinai at them.

Looking to his side, he saw the only other person still left. The only other person who would be sharing this small space with him, well, and Wilson, but they would go pick him up from the Kirihara house later. "I'll go get the last box from the curb," he called out, walking out the front door and started down the cement stairs.

They were finally there, in their new home. Almost every box was in and they were alone. This was his chance.

While Hiyoshi was busy downstairs, Akaya ran over and set up the little boom box which he'd prepared beforehand. He put in a CD he borrowed from his Fukubuchou to waltz by and cleared a large circle in the middle of the boxes, piling them all up around the corner of the room quickly. Then, as he heard Hiyoshi coming up the stairs, he pulled the ring out of his pocket and took one knee, heart thudding loudly in his chest. This was it.

Of course the last box had to be one of the biggest and heaviest. Hiyoshi backed up into the apartment backwards, then turned around, hoping he wouldn't hit or trip over anything since he couldn't see. "Hey, brat, come help me with this, or just tell me where I can put it down." He noticed the music playing in the background and raised an eyebrow. Akaya hated this kind of music.

Akaya laughed a little. "There's a space to your right, just set it down there." At least now he wasn't as nervous. The quiet soothing music helped too and he stayed right where he was, waiting for Hiyoshi to turn around.

Doing as his boyfriend suggested, Hiyoshi moved a little to the right and placed the box down as carefully as possible. Brushing his hands off, he turned back to ask why the music was on when… he froze in place. Akaya was… he couldn't be. Eyes widened and everything stopped.

"Wakashi... I-I got a job... with my sign on bonus I was able to afford this... and... I know it's not much... but I figured you'd get mad at me if I spent too much money on it-" Akaya rambled a little grinning. "Anyway, what I want to say is... Wakashi, will you marry me?"

"Idiot…" It was his automatic response. There were no thoughts. Hiyoshi's brain had been wiped clean. All he could focus on was Akaya on bended knee offering him a ring. Slowly, his legs brought him forward, his lips beginning to twitch up into a magnificent smile. "Such an idiot…"

"I'll take that as a yes," Akaya grinned, loving that smile on his mushroom's lips.

Hiyoshi's smile somehow widened even further. "Shut up, brat. Don't I get to answer for myself?"

"I guess," He stuck his tongue out at him teasingly.



Author's Note: Is that really the end? How did you like it? Wow… Two years ago I started this, having no idea it would go on for so long, let alone people would actually read it. lol I'm sure I could even take it farther if I wanted, but… all things must come to an end. Thank you to everyone who read and reviewed my story! It's more appreciated than you know. I enjoyed writing it and hope you'll check out my other in progress work. Once again, THANK YOU!