Alternative meeting

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Summary: Spuffy Somewhat AU...What if when Buffy and Spike met, she wasn't the slayer…yet; but he was a vamp... she does have other abilities on her side though; abilities that catch Spike's attention at their meeting. Please R & R. Rated T for safety and for future chapters.


Images are all that scattered through my mind; infiltrated occasionally by a creaking board, a scurrying rat, a whispered, reverent word… but I wasn't terrified.

No but I was scared. So scared that I could barely focus on anything but the harsh, wretched gasps that tore out of my body as I continued moving forward as my body begged me to stop; to give in. What attention wasn't focused on moving one grimy foot in front of the other was focused on what was driving me forward.

I could hear him slowing though; could feel him loose his temporary thrill of the chase; of the domination. At this point, my body stopped listening to my mind; I slowed to a walk; a fast walk; it was then that I realized my mistake.

My sole concentration on the person behind me had left me oblivious to everything else. It wasn't until then I sensed another presence.


As soon as I smelt her I knew I wanted her. Wanted all of her. Her fresh blood tantalised me as it wafted through the air. I could almost see the fumes it was making. I moved quickly towards the source, unwilling to lose her scent and definitely unwilling to share.

As I got closer, I could hear her heartbeat; harshly thumping to its own personal beat.

As soon as I turned the corner, the girl's eyes whipped to meet mine, seemingly predicting my presence.

I took that very brief moment to assess her. She wasn't tall; barely 5 foot 4, though very slim. She has blonde mid-length hair, darkened now by sweat and bright hazel eyes that shone through with unhidden fear. In short, she was beautiful. Combined with the freely flowing blood from her forehead, it was the most intoxicating sight I had seen in a long time. Just one drink and he knew…

Before I could even get out a word, make one off-balancing quip, her voice rang out. Her gasp and then a sharp 'No!' of protest cut through the stony silence of the alley, making the following silence seem even more tense, as thick as the walls surrounding us.

I tried to make my face as friendly as possible as I took a step towards her, into the light where she could see me clearly. 'What is it pet?'


I was rooted to the spot, barely hearing his words. I knew exactly what he wanted from me and exactly how capable he was at getting it. I stumbled back at step to match the one he took forward.

I was scared before, but now I found out how far away from terrified I really was as I felt the panic pulse through my body. Knowing it sounded cliché and was useless anyway but unable to think of anything else at the time, I yelled, 'stay back.' He took a step forward anyway, a smirk evident on his face. 'Just thought you needed some help pet.'

'Just thought you needed some help pet,' I said endeavouring to sound innocent. I didn't usually like to play, but in this case, the girl was just appetizing enough to make it worth the effort.

I could think of many things I would love to do to that body, only one of which was drinking from her. I allowed my mind to momentarily wonder as I cast my gaze over her body yet again. After a second quick appraisal, I smirked back up at her. 'But luv, I heard you running. You seemed frightened. Figured you'd appreciate a helping hand. And how can I help if I go away?' As I spoke, I took a small, hopefully unnoticed step forward. It was really more fun when they didn't realize how close I was until it didn't matter any more.

I heard a small, almost contained whimper escape her lips, either at my words or the small step closer I was to her now. 'You're worse than the one that was following me.'

Backing up a step so she was closer to the wall than me, she seemed to almost be murmuring to herself now, lost in a haze of panic that I couldn't quite understand. Sure, she'd just run away from some guy who wanted to mug her, but she couldn't know what my personal agenda was.

'You want to kill me.' She really was the pessimist. Clearly no confidence in people if that was the conclusion she jumped to. Not that she was wrong, but I was trying to act nice before I got bored and just fed.

'You want to feed on me.' She continued murmuring, backing up another step, her small frame seeming even smaller against the black wall that she was inches from banging into.

Hang on. Unless she had a very strange view on how people killed other people, she knew more about my world than I could tell from first glance at the small slip of a girl.

She seemed to shrink even further into the blackness that was at her back. Her eyes locked on mine now and I was a little unnerved by the near-acceptance buried underneath her fear. I hadn't even made a move towards her.

'I don't want to die,' she whispered, barely audible in the silent alley. Definitely human; though I was somewhat intrigued by her knowledge of my world. Believing in vampires was, in my experience, not commonplace among humans.

But my intrigue was deeply outweighed by my desire to sink my fangs into the beautiful girl's pale neck. As my blood lust drew my playing to a quick close, all that I now thought of was which side to drink from.

'God and even now all he wants is to decide is which side of my neck to brutally rip out.' She seemed to be shakily talking to just herself now but her words caught my attention. They seemed to be reflecting exactly what had been on my mind.

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