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Chapter One: That's Me

Sonny's Point of View

I stared at my purple wristwatch, silently willing it to change to 10:00 already. I guess after I bugged Chad so much about what time it was that he finally broke down and just bought me a watch.

I tapped my foot so impatiently that when my eyes finally rose away from my watch, Tawni was glaring at me, obviously annoyed. I sighed and stopped tapping. I tried to be inconspicuous, but it was hard.

"Someone ate a cupful of sugar for breakfast again didn't they?" Tawni commented wryly.

"No, I just… I just wish they would hurry up with their sketch already so we can take a break," I said referring to Nico, Grady, and Zora doing some sketch about a grumpy school bus. I wasn't really paying attention. It wasn't that the sketch wasn't funny, but I was too hyped up to really settle down and just watch while they rehearsed.

I refrained from sighing with relief when they finished. Needing to take my mind off of things, I scanned the room, looking for something, anything to distract me. There were the heavy stage lights hanging from the ceiling, the snack table that Nico and Grady only leave for video games and pranks when they're on break, um… the-

My watch's beeping alarm startled me out of my distractions. Finally! 10:00!

I practically jumped out of my chair and walked as casually as I possibly could to the back door. Checking indifferently over my shoulder, I quietly pushed open the heavy door and walked through.

I looked over to the other back door located twelve feet away in time to see Chad also sneaking out. A smile lit up my face as I hopped down the three concrete steps to the pavement and walked -and tried not to run like in those cheesy romance movies- closer to him.

"Hey," I said to his back as he closed the door behind him.

Chad turned around and grinned. "Hey."

He stepped down one step and I stepped up one. I took his hands in mine lacing my fingers through his.

"How was your day… honey?" he asked jokingly, like we were an old married couple.

"I think that comedy we put in the script is rubbing off on you," I commented. "It's been… a long morning…"

"Even though it's still early?" He stepped down onto the step I was on, making us have to turn sideways.

"You know I'm impatient," I said smiling.

He leaned his forehead against mine."Maybe if we just told everyone…"

"Hey, wasn't I the one who suggested that yesterday? And who was the one who objected? Oh, right. You, Chad Dylan Cooper." We had been dating for a little over two weeks and we were both keeping it a secret from the press, the cast of So Random, and the cast of Mackenzie Falls. This would explain why we had to sneak out and meet each other once at 10:00 and again at 3:00 for twenty minutes on the days we had to work. Other than weekends, this was all we got as far as being together got unless we hung out after work.

"We trade off," he said quietly.

I leaned up a little further so I could press my lips against his. Even after getting way past my second kiss, my heart still flipped out every time.

Dropping my hands, Chad wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him.

Mmm… way better than "stage" kissing.

I draped my arms around his neck slowly. When we were finally forced to pull away for air, I leaned against his chest and caught my breath.

"You know, we really should get a couple of chairs or something out here. I feel like I spend all my time out here." I said, studying the pattern on his tie that was hanging next to my face.

"You seriously want a couch out here?" he asked, interested.

I always forgot how willingly he used his influence and money to get special treatment for himself and now… me. Sometimes I had to keep it in check though. No reason to overwork every person who worked in the studio. "Umm… yeah, I guess so."

"Okay. Consider it done." Chad used one hand to stroke my hair. After just standing like that for a few more minutes, I finally pulled away. "Something wrong?" he asked.

"Yes." I put my hands on his shoulders and gently pushed him down onto the pavement, but I remained on the bottom step. He looked up at me bewilderedly. I laughed and shook my head as I leaned down closer to him. "You always get to be the tall one."

He laughed as we closed the small space between us to kiss.

And of course, just when we were starting to get more and more comfortable with each other again, my stupid watch beeped. Dang… 10:20.

I kept my face close to his and stared pleadingly into his eyes. "Please…?"

"Sonny… we only stay out here for twenty minutes for a reason," he said kissing my cheek. There goes my heart again. "So people don't start to miss us and get suspicious." I casually grabbed onto his tie, prepared to keep him there by any means necessary. "Then they would start looking for us, and most likely find us," Chad reminded me.

I sighed. "Oh who cares anymore? Let them find us. It's just a stupid rivalry anyway."

"And our shows? You don't think they'll miss us at all?"

My face fell. "Oh, that's right… I have to work on a new check it out girls sketch with Tawni…" Great… I had to choose between spending time with someone I loved and fulfilling my obligation to someone who still gave me grief on occasion.

I traced small circles on the back of his hand. "But I want to stay with you…"

He rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Does this mean we can just stay here?" I asked hopefully.

He scoffed jokingly. "Of course not. It just means I'll have to take you out to dinner tonight."

"Only if I get to pick where we eat," I warned.

He hesitated. "Okay, just not-"

"No, you already agreed. I get to pick."

"Fine," he said grudgingly.

I walked backwards towards So Random's back door, watching him. He just waited with his hand on the doorknob, smiling at my feeble attempt to drag this out longer.

Now, I swear, I didn't do this on purpose. I literally forgot that there were the three, hard, concrete steps leading up to the door. So of course, still trying to think of any way I could stay with Chad, I wasn't paying attention when my foot hit the back of the first step and I kept trying to walk, ending up falling on the steps. Thankfully though, I didn't bang my head. I just got a really sore backside and badly scraped hands and arms.

My breath was knocked out of me, so I couldn't even say "ouch." Chad rushed over to me.

"Are you okay? What hurts?" he asked so fast that I'm only half sure this is what he was saying.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I said slowly, shifting my position a little on the first step. That was when the pain caught up with me. I raised one of my hands up to my face to examine the damage. It was all cut up and bloody. My palms and the insides of my arms were the victims in this. Ugh… I won't go into any details… It was really, really bad… let's just leave it at that.

Chad grimaced at the sight.

"You don't like blood?" I asked and tried to keep the stinging pain I was feeling off my face.

"What, you do?" he asked.

"Touché," I said. I moved my hand slightly and regretted it instantly when the pain worsened.

Chad looked helpless for a second while he tried to figure out what part of my body wasn't scraped that he could use to help me up. Finally he settled on my waist, and pulled me to a standing position.

"Ouch…" I cracked a smile. "I will never be able to sit down again," I said referring to my most likely bruised tailbone.

"So I guess the couch idea is out then."

"It is unless you can find one that is really, really, really soft," I said, merely joking.

"Okay, so what are we supposed to do with you? Because I have no idea how to clean cuts and stuff like that." Chad kept his arm loosely around my waist like I was suddenly made of highly breakable glass.

"Umm… I could call my mom…" I said mostly thinking out loud.

"Okay. Where's your phone?"

"In my dressing room." Of course, whenever you need it the most, it's not available to you.

He searched his pockets. "I don't know where mine is…"

We exchanged a glance. I raised my bloody hands slightly up in the air to protest. "No… no, I do not want to-"

"What other choice do we have? Besides, it's not like we'll be parading around the studio holding hands. This'll just be me, an unusually kind Chad walking a beaten up Sonny to her dressing room to call her mom." He smiled the smile he knew made my heart melt and made me do whatever he said.

The stinging pain that was coming from the creases in my palms started getting much, much worse. Not to mention the fact that the sight of all this blood that should have been inside of me was making me queasy. I leaned into his side so that he couldn't see my pained face. "Okay, fine."

"Are we being casual about our walk to your dressing room or…?" I guess he sensed that I wasn't planning on moving. He rubbed my shoulder.

Hmm… let me think… Walk two feet away from Chad while I fight off the intense stinging pain or walk right next to Chad with his arm around me? "I'll deal with their comments later," I mumbled into his jacket.

He wrapped his arm around me and led us up those stupid stairs and through the door to So Random's set.

My sudden change in mood was also because when I let my guard down so much when I was with Chad, it made my body think it was okay to start crying in front of him if I needed to. And that was the last thing I wanted to do. He had already seen me cry twice, and I wasn't ready to add another time to the list.

The set was totally cleared out when we walked through it. Great… That meant everyone was probably either in their dressing rooms or outside of their rooms. Just what I needed.

I wished my arms weren't in such a bad state so that I could have had my arms around his waist. Instead I got to feel like a ragdoll with my hands hanging down limply by my sides.

Chad rubbing my back brought me back down to earth. "You know… you can… uh… cry… if you want to…"

Oh why did he have to say that? And there was the stinging feeling behind my eyes.

"What do you mean?" I asked quietly. My voice cracked at the end.

"I don't… Tears don't really bother me, so you don't have to be all brave… You know I won't hold it against you." He leaned his head down closer to my ear. "You won't be any less intimidating when we fight, either," he whispered.

Why did he have to be so stinking nice about it when I didn't want to cry in front of my new boyfriend? My eyes started getting moist. No…

"I don't care! I don't want to cry!" I whispered fiercely.

He rubbed my back again soothingly. Dang it! Why did he choose then to be so frustratingly, freaking nice?

And, of course, tears started taking form and rolling off my cheeks and onto Chad's blazer. I was disgusted but ended up self-consciously sniffing- a true sign of crying.

I shook my head slightly, completely irritated with myself. "I'm sorry…"

"What for?" he asked.

I tried wiping off the wet spots on his jacket ignoring the intensified sting I got afterwards. "I'm ruining your… uniform…"

He scoffed at the idea. "Like I really care about that." He rested his head lightly on top of my own. "You're the only one I care about, remember?"

More tears. I choked back a sob.

"Shh… It's okay…"

I used the back of my hand to hit him on his chest, weakly. "We're getting closer to my dressing room. Stop acting like… like you're my boyfriend." Saying those words was still weird to me. I couldn't believe we were actually dating.

"Okay," Chad said.

When we finally walked around the corner- of course –the whole cast was congregating outside the dressing room doors. Okay… not so sure if I could do this anymore.

In a last-ditch effort to go unnoticed, I buried my face even more into Chad's chest, even though it made me feel like I was five.

I think we had reached the door when they started protesting and yelling at Chad. I guess they really couldn't tell it was me.

"Excuh-use me," Tawni said. "I know you think you can do whatever you want, but you cannot just waltz into my dressing room!"

I couldn't just let Chad take the heat for this. I raised my head and looked at all of their shocked faces. "Guys, it's fine. He can come in if he wants to."

Chad opened the door and flicked on the light. I could hear the curious footsteps behind us.

"What happened to Sonny?" Nico demanded.

"Yeah, what did you do to her?" Grady asked in an accusing tone.

"Nothing, I just fell and Chad was there to bring me over here so I could call my mom," I said, defending Chad.

Chad gently pulled away from me and turned his back towards my cast mates. "Where's your phone?" he asked quietly.

"I don't know…" I looked around the room, ignoring the inquiring looks I was still getting from my friends, until I finally spotted my cell phone. "Found it."

Before I could attempt to pick it up, Chad grabbed it and found my mom's number in my phone's memory. He hit send and held the phone up to my ear.

My mom finally answered her phone. "Hi, honey."

"Hi, mom. Uh, listen, please don't freak out, but I kind of fell and got a little bloody, and Cha- …umm, no one knows how to clean a cut or anything, so I was wondering if you wouldn't mind coming down here?"

My mother's tone was frantic. "Yes, of course, I'll be right down. Stay right where you are," she ordered. I think I heard a car door slamming shut and the engine coming to life.

"Okay, I'm in my dressing room. Do you know where that is?"

"I can find it, don't worry about me. I'll be right there." The line went dead.

I looked at Chad. "Thanks." He pulled my cell phone away from my ear and set it down on my vanity.

It was in that moment I wished that everyone else would leave. I wiped tears off my cheeks, and then yanked my hand back when the salt in my tears stung like crazy. "Ouch! Dang it!" You think I would've learned by then. Tears have salt in them! Salt hurts like crazy in open wounds!

Chad grabbed a tissue and hesitated. "You or me?" he asked in a barely audible voice.

Well, if he wiped my tears away, my stomach would get those butterflies that I liked, but would also draw more attention to Chad and I's sudden relationship. If I did it myself, my hands would hurt more, and that would make me cry harder, and then I would- Oh forget it!

"You," I whispered before sniffing loudly.

He gently wiped the tears off my cheeks and the fresh ones that were still spilling out of my eyes.

"Don't forget… no holding anything against me…" I whispered focusing only on Chad's gorgeous blue eyes and not on the four other pairs of eyes staring at us incredulously.

He chuckled to himself. "The only thing I could ever hold against you is if you weren't letting me help you."

"They're still staring aren't they?" I asked.

"Take a wild guess," Chad said. Suddenly he laughed.


"You know, we could just get this secrecy thing over with right now if we just kissed," he said playfully. He crumpled the tissue up in his hand.

I imagined what their reaction would be. Our lips would touch… my heart would soar… the endless questions… Was it worth it?

"Umm… later…" I said.

I focused my attention back on Tawni, Nico, Grady, and Zora.

Zora was the first to speak. "So since when are you and pretty boy all buddy-buddy?"

"Uh, we're not really… Chad's just… helping me," was my weak response.

"And since when does Chad help anyone without it being a trap?" Tawni asked.

Well, he is my boyfriend… I thought to myself. "I don't know, he just is now."

"I'm not going to hurt her or anything," Chad said. "I just wanted to help."

"Well, you've helped, so now we can take it from here," Nico said, obviously trying to protect me.

"No!" I said a little bit louder than I should have. Everyone stared at me. "He can stay." Deep breath… "I want him here." I could tell by their expressions they thought I was insane.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Chad grinning.

"Why?" asked a very confused Grady.

"Uh… just because… because I do. Now stop asking me so many questions. My arms and hands hurt."


My mom had already come, fixed me up, and left after I told her five times that I was fine, and whisper-promised I would fill her in on the details of Chad and I later.

Somehow, I managed to get away from the still-curious eyes of my cast mates and sneak off to the prop room with Chad.

"Do we really have to eat there?" Chad asked.

I had finally managed to ease myself into a sitting position on the couch. I had to sit pretty much perfectly still, though.

"Oh, come on. I think royalty eats there. And you promised." I pouted.

"I seriously doubt that royalty eats there," he said stubbornly.

"But you promised I could pick… And my arms still hurt…" I morphed my expression into what I hoped looked like I was in pain.

"Now, that's not fair."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Trying to make me feel guilty for not taking you where you want to go by using your injuries."

I smiled. "It's working then, isn't it?"

"Yes…" he admitted. He stood up. "Fine… Let's go to Subway."

"Yay," I said, standing up carefully.

"Master manipulator," he said, smiling at me.

"That's me."

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