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Chapter Eleven: Can't Believe It

Sonny's Point of View

"This letter I found in one of your books. It's addressed to So Random, it's written in what looks like your handwriting, and… it's signed with my name…" The accusation in my tone was hard to disguise.

Chad finally turned around. "What?"

"Chad, what is this doing in your dressing room?"

"I don't know because I've never even seen that letter before."

"Well take a look at it and please say that you didn't write this because right now I'm feeling very upset with you," I said, bluntly. I walked the letter over to the couch and held it out in front of his face.

He took it and read it, his eyes widening with every sentence.

Cast of So Random,

Hey guys. Well, I guess you know that Chad and I are dating now, huh? I really was going to eventually tell you all, but it just never came up. Oh well. You guys can kick me off the show if you want to for dating "the enemy." It doesn't matter to me. It'll just make everything easier for me, to be perfectly honest. Alright, I actually didn't just take the part at So Random because I loved the show and comedy. I took it because I had sort of auditioned to be on Mackenzie Falls but I got passed over in the end when it was all said and done, so when you all wanted me to come be on So Random, well… it was the perfect opportunity that I just had to take. Yeah, okay, so I never really wanted to be on the show. Sorry. But now I have everything I ever wanted. I got close enough to Chad to where we're now dating, and so now all I need is to get a job offer out of him, and everything will be perfect. Sorry if you guys feel similar to a used tissue right now, but it's really not my fault if I'm a better actress than you guys gave me credit for. Oh well. So, sorry if you're mad about the whole being used, Chad and I are dating, Seven Minutes in Heaven thing. Can we still be friends?

Sonny Munroe

I took a deep breath and clasped my hands together. "Alright, I am going to be very calm and completely non-accusatory when I ask you this. Did you or did you not write this horrible letter to So Random?" I asked, serenely.

"No, I didn't," Chad stated with conviction. "I've never seen this before. And besides, you've seen my handwriting. It's not that neat."

"Okay… This isn't accusatory either, it's simply a question which we will find the answer to, since I think it's pretty obvious that So Random saw this."

"We can't know for sure…"

"They came to the unanimous decision to kick me off faster than I could say 'I'm sorry.'" I took the letter back from Chad. "Who could've written it? And is this a copy of the letter they gave So Random? And why would the copy be in your room unless they wanted to frame you?"

"All important questions," Chad noted. "First though, perhaps we should see if So Random actually got that and believed it." Chad smirked, probably thinking something like "what kind of an idiot would believe Sonny would actually write that?"

I let his unspoken rhetorical question slide. "Time to pay the Randoms a visit, I guess."

A few minutes later…

"Now just let me do all the talking and don't say anything unless it's absolutely necessary. Got it?" My fingers were nervously tapping against the wall as I spoke.

"I am capable of being silent when the situation calls for it," he reminded me impishly.

"Yeah, okay… Let's do this…" I walked ahead of Chad down the last bit of hallway and into the prop room.

"Traitor!" Zora yelled when she saw me.

"No, Zora, I- ah!" I ducked when a piece of lunch meat flew at me.

"Dang!" Zora snapped her fingers disappointedly. "I wanted to hit the traitor, not the drama-snob."

I bit my lip and turned around to look at Chad apologetically. "I did warn you."

Chad wrinkled his nose at the lunch meat and flicked it off his shoulder. "It's okay…"

"You guys, you've got to listen to me," I pleaded with my ex-friends sitting before me. "Did you guys get a letter like this?" I held up the letter I'd found just a few minutes ago for them to look at.

Grady glanced at it for three seconds before turning away.

Tawni rolled her eyes. "You made copies?"

My eyes lit up. "So you did get a letter like this?" My voice was so excited/expectant that they all exchanged a look.

"Well, duh. What's wrong? Don't trust your mail carrier?" Tawni asked sarcastically. "Now would you and pretty boy kindly get out of our prop room?"

"You guys, I didn't write that letter! That's not even my handwriting!" I held the letter out to them. "You have to know that I would never use you all," I said desperately.

"Told you!" Grady said accusingly to Nico.

"You did not!" Nico argued back.

Tawni ignored the both of them. "Why should we believe that?"

"Uh, because it's the truth and because I've never lied to you guys before. Besides… I used to consider us all as a family…"

"Oh yeah, remember when Sonny bought each of us a dorky Christmas sweater?" Grady reminded them, smiling.

"And the time she threw Zora a surprise birthday party?" Nico seemed to be warming up to my side of the story.

"And the time she stood up to Sharona just to make Tawni feel better?" I heard Chad say. When I turned to look at him he was looking pointedly at Tawni.

Tawni shifted in her seat uncomfortably. "Alright… so maybe it is un-Sonny-ish to use us after she's done a lot of nice things for us… But we read that letter and then when we gave you a chance to prove the letter wrong after everything that happened at the party you chose Chad over us and then joined Mackenzie Falls. Just like the letter said you were planning on doing."

"I only joined Mackenzie Falls because you guys kicked me off. And as for choosing Chad over you, if you had been my real friends, you wouldn't have made me choose." I gestured to all of them as I spoke.

"Well, we would've acted like your real friends if we hadn't suspected you weren't being a real friend to us," Grady threw in.

"Well you guys could've just asked me about the letter," I retorted.

"And you should've."

Everyone turned to glare at Chad at the sound of his voice, with the exception of myself. Chad returned it with an I'm-not-staying-out-of-the-conversation-whether-you-want-me-to-or-not smirk.

"Okay, so, the point is, you believe me now, don't you? And that I was never using you and I was only hiding the fact that Chad and I are dating because I was afraid of your reactions?" I checked hopefully.

"…Yes," Zora said, shoving her catapult to the side.

"You bet," Grady and Nico both agreed.

Tawni looked at her nails. "Yes, we believe you." Her tone was casual.

"Aww." I smiled widely. "I think this calls for a group hug."

Nico, Grady, and Zora easily obliged (although I did hear Zora grumbling to herself), however Tawni gave me an anxious smile.

"There's no need for that, is there?" Tawni asked, twirling a strand of blond hair around her index finger.

What was with her and no contact? I grinned and waved her over with my free hand. "Come on, Tawni, you're part of our little family too. Get over here and share the love."

Tawni cringed but walked over and put her arms around all of us for about five seconds. Then she pulled away and returned to the couch. The rest of us followed suit and went back to our original positions.

"Aww, I'm so happy we made up." I smiled at all of them.

"Uh, question for one of you Randoms, though," Chad put in, taking his place next to me. "Who gave you the letter?"

Nico shrugged. "We don't know."

"Whoever it was gave it to Tawni," Grady added.

All eyes turned to Tawni. She looked up from her pink nails and sighed. "I don't know either. It was some blond girl."

"Did she have really strong perfume on?" Chad questioned.

I looked at him quizzically. What was he getting at?

He turned his head to look at me. "Angela was wearing super strong perfume that night she kissed me in the restaurant." Chad pretended to shudder.

Tawni nodded. "She had the most awful perfume on. Ugh. It smelled terrible." Tawni looked repulsed by the memory of it. "But her hair was nice."

I looked to Chad and held up my hands in front of me. "Okay, so it seems suspicious, but there's no reason to jump to conclusions. We don't know for sure that it was Angela and Portlyn," I said. There was no reason to jump the accusatory gun and blame those two. That wasn't in my nature. Unfortunately, that was in Chad's nature.

"Uh, yes we do. Who else do we know that's blond, wears weird perfume, knows who we are personally, and has tried to break us up before?"

I pursed my lips and scanned my memory for any other girl like that. There was none… "Okay, well, it probably was her then… But that doesn't mean we have to do anything about it until we have total proof."

"Or we could just ask Portlyn about it," Chad said bluntly, shrugging.

"Not today though. I don't want any conflict today." I smiled widely and looked at my no-longer-ex-friends. "Today is perfect. Let's not spoil it."

"Fine. But only because it's what you want."

There was a crackling sound before Marshall's voice came on over the loudspeaker. "Ahem. All So Random cast members to the stage for rehearsal in three minutes."

"Well, that's us," Nico said, standing up.

"Yeah, we'll see you later, Sonny." Grady waved at me before following Tawni out the door.

"See you Sonny," Tawni called over her shoulder. "…And Chad…"

"Bye," was the only word out of Zora's mouth before she ran to catch up to everyone.

Chad grinned at me after they left. "Well I guess you got your happy ending you've been wanting."

I smiled back. "Yep. I've gotten everything I've ever wanted now. I've got my old friends, my new friends, my Wisconsin friends, and you. Of course."

"Of course," Chad repeated.

I closed the small gap between us and pressed my lips to his. Don't you love happy endings? I know I do. That's why I love watching Disney movies so much. It's really pretty unusual actually. Things don't usually turn out this perfectly for me. It's actually a bit odd…

Later in Mackenzie Falls' lounge…

"Ha! I win again!" Tanner yelled triumphantly.

Chad frowned and pointed the end of his Ping-Pong paddle at Tanner. "Best two out of three," he challenged.

"Fine, sore loser… You're on." Tanner got into position again and served the ball.

Right then, my cell phone mooed loudly and Chad jumped, letting the ball fly right by him.

"Oh, yeah! Point for the Tanmeister! Thanks, Sonny," Tanner said gratefully. He proceeded to do a victory dance. Joanna rolled her eyes at him.

Chad gave me and my mooing phone a thanks-a-lot look before retrieving the ball.

I laughed. "Not my fault if the sound of a cow mooing scares you." Before he could respond, I answered the call. "Hello?"

"Hey, Sonny, it's all of us from So Random. You're on speaker," I heard Grady say.

"Oh, cool. Hey, everybody," I greeted enthusiastically.

"Hey." I could hear their various diverse voices say at different times.

"So what's up, guys?" I stood up to pace the room while I talked.

"Well we actually have something to tell you…"

The next sentence that Zora uttered would forever change/complicate my life forever…

After we said our goodbyes and I tried to make my voice sound natural for their sake, I hung up the phone. "I can't believe it," I said, in complete and thorough shock.

"What is it?" Chad asked, walking over to me and ditching his Ping-Pong game.

"That was my friends over at So Random…" I said slowly. I set my phone down on the end table next to me. "They want me to come back to the show…" I still couldn't believe it. I mean, I suppose I should've seen it coming, but I didn't really think about which show I would choose… Either way, it would seem like I was choosing one set of friends over the other… again.

"But what about Mackenzie Falls?" Joanna jumped up from the couch and put her hands on her hips. Not in a threatening way though, it was just a natural position for Joanna.

"Yeah, you said so yourself, you love it here," Tanner added to the already difficult conversation for me.

"I know…" I said, desperately. I felt like I should know my choice already, and that the decision should be easy, but it wasn't. I didn't know which show to choose.

"What are you doing to do?" Chad asked, kindly.

I furrowed my eyebrows and bit down on my bottom lip, looking around at all of my new friends. What was I going to do?

The End?

Oh my goodness! Is that a question mark at the end of "The End"? Sure is. Why? 'Cause it's not really the end. But I actually did not lie to you. This is the end to this story. There is a definite, for sure sequal in the works. I've already got my outline all finished up and a title. It'll be called When In Doubt, Run Home. Yay! And if you're really, really curious, I made a banner for it, and in the description underneath is the full summary to the story. The link is in my profile, so check it out.

Okay, I'll admit, I am on such a Channy high. Did anyone else see the Sonny/Chad commercial on Disney earlier on Thursday night that was basically about their relationship? They showed some new stuff in there from what I think is from the episode with Selena Gomez in it. In one of the clips, it showed Chad telling Sonny cockily that she would fall in love with him by the end of the week. Eep! And another clip I missed half of because I was too busy turning up the volume and squealing, but from what I could tell, they were complimenting each other indirectly (of course). I missed Chad's compliment to Sonny but I know that Sonny said something about his shiny, blue eyes. The rest of the commercial was pretty much just all of their past encounters. That's all I remember from it and unfortunately, I haven't seen it since and it's not on YouTube. Darn! I am so mad they aren't showing the new episode with Selena until June 7th, three weeks after the episode this Sunday which most of us have already seen. Sigh. It's hard being a patient fan...

Also along those lines, have any of you been to Sonny With a Chance's actual website on Disney Channel dot com recently? If you haven't, go like, right now and go to the Tween Weekly page and then click under "The Scoop." It has an "article" from Tween Weekly about Chad, and how he's possibly falling for Sonny? What? Could it be that Disney is actually going to give the fans what they want for the couples in the first season? It seems like it. Here, I'll post what it said. It's not that long. (Although I still suggest going to the website and seeing it yourself since it has the cutest picture of Chad/Sterling Knight that I hadn't seen before along with it. Just saying...) Okay, here it is:

"I, Santiago Heraldo, have exclusive footage of a strange new look in the eye of Chad: FONDNESS FOR SOMETHING... OR SOMEONE. Various photos snapped in the commissary, hallways, Prop House and around the studio, show the soap star radiating a never before seen SPARKLING GLEAM.
"No mirrors were found in any of the photos, so that self-satisfied smirk isn't the Chad looking at himself. After exactly five minutes of careful research, we discovered every picture had the ROSY CHEEKED SONNY. Could it be the bad boy of the Falls is falling for the good girl of 'So Random?'
"Chad seems to take the long way to the Falls rehearsal now, past the set of 'So Random.' He seems to always be 'bumping into' Sonny in odd locations. Just this week, on Monday, he actually told Sonny she spilled yogurt on her blouse instead of just laughing at her. He PICKED UP A PEN SHE DROPPED instead of just stepping on it. He even opened the door for her instead of slamming it in her face.
"Let's keep our eyes peeled on what Chad's peepers reveal."

That is all real, I didn't make it up. Check for yourself. Anyway, this is the longest author's note I've ever written. I really didn't plan it this way, but I just had to let you guys know about all that Channy news. Alright, so keep your eyes peeled for the sequal to the sequal, the commercial (I know I will), and check out the banner and story summary. And thank you to those brave enough to read the whole author's note. I actually didn't really ramble this time. Okay, so please review and thanks for reading. Bye! :)