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Challenge the Idol!

Take.03: Surprise! Acting test!!

Today at Dark Moon location, there's a high tension in the air. Between Kyoko Mogami and a hot teenage idol, Miku Hayama! Miku challenge Kyoko to prove who are the real idol, and a junior that Tsuruga can be proud of.

Both of them still standing face to face in the corner. Kyoko too confused, she can't answer. While Miku still starring at her with serious face. She's waiting for Kyoko's reply. After 4 minutes waiting, finally Miku lost her patience.

She sighed, and glare at Kyoko, "would you just hurry up and decide!? We don't have much time! Time is money, y'know! If you call yourself an actress, you should understand that!". Kyoko snap out of it.

"Sorry, but I was…too confused…" said Kyoko. "Confused? Why?" ask Miku.

"Well, everything is too fast. That Miku-hime-chan and Tsuruga-san knows each other, even called each others first name, and now Miku-hime-chan challenges me?" Kyoko sighed. Miku stay silence. The image of 'Miku Hayama' in Kyoko's mind are a 'nice and cute little princess', after saw her challenge Kyoko with scary look and serious eyes, that image ruined. Miku sigh and shaking her head.

"I understand. I'm sorry. I make you confused, huh? Sorry?" Miku smiles at her. Kyoko look surprised, then shaking her head. "N-no, it's not your fault! Sometimes, is just me, who's too idiotic." Said Kyoko. Miku chuckles.

"I think they're about to start again. Let's go." Miku grabs Kyoko's hand and coming to Director Ogata. While Kyoko blushing and smiles.

But, come to think of it, why Miku's here, in Dark Moon location?

Suddenly, Kyoko hears Director Ogata clap his hands. He gets everyone's attention.

"Listen everybody, I'll introduce our new actor, now!" he said. Kyoko's heart thumping. Could it be…!? "Here's Miss Miku Hayama, our Yukari Hongo!" Kyoko's eyes getting rounder. She can't hold herself from surprise!

Yukari Hongo is Mizuki and Mio's cousin. She's in the same age as Mizuki. She is a real lady, a beautiful, intelligent and amazing woman. If Mio is a princess, then Yukari is a queen. Her attitude is always lady-like. But one thing…she hate Mizuki with all of her guts. Though she don't like Mio as well. She despises Mizuki and planed to make her suffer while she's visiting to their house. She also enters the same school as Mizuki for a couple of months, and she met Katsuki, then easily in love with him. Knowing how close Mizuki and Katsuki, Yukari get her hatred on Mizuki more and more.

"Waa! Its Miku-chan!" everybody hurries getting around Miku. Miku just smiles cheerfully as usual. "Everybody, we'll be working together from today onwards! Please guide me!" Miku bows to everyone and they're accept her greets with full smile. Kyoko, Ren and Yashiro just watch what happened.

"Yukari Hongo, huh…" Kyoko finally calm herself. Ren looks at her. "What's wrong?" he asked. Kyoko shake her head, then smiles at him. "It's nothing." She grinned. But both Ren and Yashiro can tell at once, that there IS something on her mind.

Suddenly, Miku comes to Director Ogata and said something to him. Director just nods and smiles at her, and sometimes looks a little confused. While Miku trying to convince him. And when finally Miku grinned happily, she walks direct to Kyoko and the others.


"Everything is ready, Kyoko-san."


"Everybody!" Director Ogata yelled again. "Before start today's shooting, there will be an acting test for Miku-san!" everybody shouted. Kyoko hurries turn to Miku. She smirked at Kyoko. Ren just keep silence, and look at Miku and Kyoko.

"Acting test? Why?" everybody is gather around Director. "Err…this is Miku-san's favor. She said,…" before finish talking, Miku interrupt Director's saying. "I said, it'll be rude, to act before everybody knows my acting skills. I think there are some actors that think my acting skills is not at the same level, and not enough to play Yukari. But I'll prove my skills!" said Miku. "I'm sorry to be so selfish. Please understand." Miku bows politely. Everyone can't say anything. They finally accept it.

After talking with the Director, Miku chose the act when Yukari is face to face with Mio. And of course, Miku chose it because she wants to compete with Kyoko. Kyoko can't reject it, and accept it with mixed feelings in her mind and heart. She just can't understand why Miku wants to compete with her so much. Nevertheless, whoever challenges Kyoko Mogami, she will accept the challenge with no hesitates!

"Kyoko-chan?" Yashiro stare at her.

"I'll NOT lose!!" suddenly she shouted. Ren didn't say anything, while Miku giggles when she hears that.

"Ok, everyone! Ready?" Director Ogata claps his hands.

"Wait, Director!" Miku interrupt.

"Yes, Miku-san?" ask Ogata.

"Sorry, but if I can…ehm, can I make some improvisation on this script?" say Miku. Everyone is surprise by her words. It's just like Ren's acting test back then!!

"Su-sure, but…" Ogata stare ad Kyoko. Kyoko grinned.

"Of course, I don't mind at all." She has already become Mio!! Miku chuckles a bit then smiles cheerfully.

"Ok then, let's start…" Director Ogata sighed. He can't do anything with those two selfishness. "…ACTION!!" he shouted. Everyone silence. Including Ren whose kept "no comment attitude" since the beginning.

It started when Yukari just arrive to Hongo house. She's sitting on the living room and drinking tea, with Mio beside her. Both of them kept silence, not a single word, but their expressions easily tell how much they share the same emotion; hatred towards Mizuki.

"I didn't expect you'd come." Said Mio. Yukari stare at her, then chuckles a bit.

"What was that? Do you mean, you don't want me to come?" Yukari asked.

"I didn't say that at all. But it's not like I want you to come." Mio sighed. Yukari giggles.

"I think you had a hard time with Mizuki." Yukari drink another cup of tea. Now this time, Mio chuckles.

"Don't be stupid. SHE's the one having a hard time with ME." Mio smirked scarily. Yukari just smiling when she hears that from Mio.

"Don't worry. As long as I here, she won't had a happy time either…" said Yukari. Mio didn't answer her. Everyone is silent. They are waiting in tense. The next dialog should be Yukari's. But Miku didn't move at all. Until…

"…." Yukari looks at piano in the room. Her beautiful face showing a sad faint smile. That was an out-script move!! Because it's not from the script, Kyoko can't just continue. She is, as Mio, doing what 'MIO' will do.

"…Yes." Said Mio suddenly. Everyone turns to Mio. Including Yukari with a surprise expression. "What do you mean?" ask Yukari.

"You want to know about it, right? Is Mizuki still playing piano? The answer is yes…" said Mio calmly. Yukari can't answer. Because what Mio just said was right. She's sighed and looks at her tea. With a gentle movement, Yukari's fingers starting to move. Its like her fingers is playing piano.

"…" Mio just stay quiet.

"Actually, I don't hate that girl. I just hate…the way she smiles…the way she lives. All of it…makes me jealous. The most thing that I envy her is…her piano skill. She's talented. So much. The first time I heard she's playing piano was the song of Johan Pachelbel, Canon in D Mayor. It was a simple but cheerful song. And she plays it nicely. Very beautiful and elegant. Yet so cheerful and lively. I envy her…so much..." said Yukari.

The crews frozen. Miku's expression and her words. All of them are incredible!! Beautiful, natural, but not away from professionalism. Different from the script, but more amazing from it!! Kyoko, as Mio, can't really say anything.

"…every time something bad happened to her, I'm so happy. It's like, there are more reasons for me, to hate her. To forget that I envy her. Even so, whatever happened. I still can't stop worrying if something happens to her fingers…" Yukari smile faintly, then she sighed softly. She turns to Mio with sad smile. "I'm pathetic, aren't I?" she said.

Everyone is seriously watching both actresses on stage. They wonder what line will out from Kyoko?!

Suddenly…something unexpected happened. Mio smiling…sweetly! She's not smirked, nor grinned, but smiled!

"No, you're not pathetic. We all know that girl's talent. Even I do. And of course, sometimes I envy her too. But it's a no way to say that. My hatred to that girl is more than my sympathy for her." Mio said. Yukari silent. Then she smiles softly.

"Yes, I know that…"

"Oh yes, I heard some name that related to her. Uhm…Katsuki?" Yukari back to script. Everyone is sighed. They're smiling cheerfully.

"Amazing. Both of them!" said them. Yashiro's reactions are the same as well. While Ren is… still stayed quiet.

"CUT!!" Director Ogata yelled. Everyone is turns to him. He's smiling like usual. "Great job, you two!" he claps his hands. The crews starting to claps their hands too. Kyoko and Miku's eyes meet each other. They are starting to laugh together.

Now, Director Ogata will announce the 'result' of the test!

What he will say?! And what exactly Ren going to say?!

To be continued…

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