Title: Shattered Indignity
Author: Jedi-Bant
Summery: After an argument with Jack, Ianto is pushed off his apartment balcony, causing massive spinal damage, he is unlikely to ever walk again; but is Jack really capable of doing something like that?
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Ianto/OMC.
Warnings: Domestic Violence, Serious Injury, Language

Chapter 11

Jack sat to one side of the bed as he watch Ianto pull himself into a sitting position. He had a back brace on to help with staying upright without his leg muscle to help support him, but it was still a very obvious chore for the younger man, and everything in Jack was screaming at him to go help.

At the start of this he had been allowed to help, in fact it was encouraged, when the staff realised that Jack was going to be the one staying with Ianto when he went home, they wanted him to be able to help Ianto in all the correct ways, and had shown him all the correct methods to help him, correct carrying positions, that wouldn't hurt Jack's back or Ianto's, the best ways to pull Ianto upright, without straining his shoulders, as well as hundreds of other little things that Jack never would have thought of, or would have thought important, until he had to use them.

However, now that Ianto was getting closer to going home, the nurses, doctors, and therapists of all kinds, had all asked that Jack move back, and allow Ianto to do even the simplest task on his own. No matter how hard it was for Jack to do so.

Just like watch his lover now, having to life each leg towards him so that he could slip his foot into his trousers, then having to lift it again to pull them further up his leg. This slow process was just one of many that had left both men in tears at some point or other. Ianto, in frustration that he could no longer do what he once thought such a simple task. Jack, with sadness at watching his love struggle with it all, and not being able to fix it; not that he hadn't had Owen and the others going through every single record in the archives looking for any piece of alien technology or information that might be able to help them to fix Ianto, to make him whole again.

Ianto growled in frustration, bringing Jack out of his thoughts. He had gotten his foot stuck in the seam of his pants stopping their progress up his leg.

"It will get better you know." Jack said, restraining himself from going to help.

"How would you know?" Ianto snapped, glaring at him.

Jack held his breath waiting for yet another shouting match, another in a very long line.


"Right, enough of that," Gwen suddenly appeared in the doorway, then ducking quickly back out to avoid a plastic cup that when flying her way. "Ianto! Enough! Stop that right now!" But she was completely ignored.

"I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU AND YOUR HELP; I JUST WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE!" Ianto was screaming, letting fly another random object, following most everything else that had once been within his reach.

"Ianto, you just need to calm down, this isn't going to help anyone."


"I have coffee!" Tosh's sing song voice came through the door, though she didn't enter.

Ianto paused, "my coffee?" he asked, arm in mid throw still holding the magazine he was about to release at Jack's head.

"I went to the shop you told me and I've got your plunger from home, with hot water all ready and waiting, but I'm not bringing it in until I know that I'm not going to end up covered in it!" Tosh said, still not appearing in the doorway.

Ianto glanced at the door then back at Jack; at the magazine in his hand, then back to the door. Then he put down the magazine and folded his arms, half sulking but the temptation of coffee finally winning over.

"You can come in now Tosh," Jack said hesitantly from his corner.

"Ianto?" she queried, wanting his assurance rather then Jack's.

"Can I please have some coffee Tosh?"

Tosh finally appeared in the door, she was holding the promised plunger and bag of coffee, "Yes you may, now that you're being civilised."

"Ah Jack," Gwen interrupted, "could I have a word."

"Yep, sure," Jack agreed quickly, following her quickly, eager to get away from Ianto's still glaring eyes, happy that he was in good hands for now.


To this day, Jack still wasn't sure what had started the tantrum.

Ianto sighed; bring Jack back to reality, "I'm sorry, it's not your fault." He looked back to his stuck foot.

"It's alright," Jack assured him, reaching over to and placing a hand on the other man's neck.

Ianto leaned into the touch, "No it's not. That's all I seem to do these days, complain, and you are right things will get better."

"And we'll do it together." Jack assured him.

Ianto sighed again and smiled, "Yeah, together." Before he returned to his task.

Ianto panted as he reached the bottom of his latest pull up, dreading the next but relieved the last was over.

"Again!" Joshua said, unrelenting as always.

Ianto pulled upwards again but halfway up his arms gave way and he fell to the bottom position again. "Enough, I can't."

"Yes you can," Joshua said, "Just two more then we're done for the day."

"I'm done, I can't do it." He snapped back, but he didn't let go of the bar. During an exercise, Joshua would move the chair out of the way, and would then bring it back when the exercise was over. It meant that if he fell he would land on the soft mats rather then the harder chair, but it also meant that Joshua was in charge of when the exercise ended.

Ianto could just let go, but then Josh would make he get back into the chair himself, and as much as his arms were aching now, he didn't think he could do that right now.

"You only have to do two more, then we're done for the day and you can go back to your lover boy." Josh encouraged, a little teasing in his voice.

After the first session where Jack had protested Josh's treatment of Ianto, Jack had been banned from the physio sessions.

"I can't do it, now bring me my chair!"

"Not until you finish the exercise," Joshua persisted, calm as ever, not effected by the emerging tantrum.


"Now none of that, you know I can stand here all day while you yell, but there are ladies present, they don't need to hear language like that."

Ianto growled again, it was times like this he wished he had Jack there to step in for him like the first time.


"Mr Harkness…"

"Captain actually."


"You can call me Jack if you like."

"MR HARKNESS! I need you to BACK OFF!" Joshua said bluntly but calmly, but on the edge of his nerves.

Jack looked taken aback and glanced over to Ianto for support, but he was too exhausted to do anything but watch the exchange.

"I know that you are trying to help, but all you are doing is slowing Ianto's recovery."

"I'm just trying to…"

"I know what you are trying to do." Josh interrupted, "and in another situation it would probably be very honourable, but here and now, in this situation you are doing a lot more harm then good."

"Harm!? You're working him to within an inch of his life!" Jack snapped, pointing to where Ianto was still collapsed on the mat, watching the exchange tiredly, happy for the short break.

"That is what it looks like to you, but this is what needs to happen for him to be able to get better."

"Get better? If this keeps up he's going to loose the use of his arms and well as his legs."

"No, if I don't do this, Ianto will spend the rest on his life, in a bed, watching midday soap operas, bored out of his brain because he doesn't have the ability to move himself from A to B, since he lacks the upper body strength. If I stop helping him now, he will have to rely on others for the rest of his life to get him food, help him to the bathroom, and get dressed in the morning. He will never work again, and he will live a boring, lonely, depressing life in misery. Is that what you want for him?" All this Joshua said very calmly and matter of fact.

Jack stood speechless, unsure of what to say, so Joshua continued.

"I have an undergraduate degree in exercise physiology, a Masters in Physiotherapy, and a Doctorate specialising in spinal injuries. You need to trust me to know what is right for Ianto. I know what his limits are and I won't allow him to cross them."

Finally Jack nodded.

"Good. Now I never want to see you in one of these sessions again, unless you are specifically asked, understood?"


"No," Josh interrupted again, "just trust me on this. The nurses say you barely leave the hospital, use this time to go home, change, shower, whatever, I don't care, just get out of here for a while. Ianto will still be here when you get back."

Jack nodded again, "alright." He went over to Ianto, spoke to him for a second, kissed him gently then was gone.


"If you complete this, I will ok for you to go home at the end of the week." Josh tempted.

Ianto snarled at Josh again, but finally he completely the prerequisite pull ups.

"Alright," Doctor Johnston said, making one final note before turning to Ianto, "I've gone over both the physiotherapist's and the phycologist's notes, and both agree that you could successfully move back home with the help of Captain Harkness. Also the hospitals version of the DNA test has confirmed Dr Harper's result that it was Mr James' DNA, so the police are happy for you to leave as well."

Ianto snorted, "Yeah 'cause they couldn't just take my word for it."

Jack squeezed his shoulder reassuringly but remained silent.

"Yes well, they're just following procedure I'm sure," Johnston assured him uncomfortably before continuing. "Now you've got the hospital wheelchair until the end of the week to give you time to get one of your own. If it takes longer I'm afraid you will have to hire one from other agency, they are in a bit of short supply at the moment."

"Alright, so I can go?" Ianto asked, grasping the wheels of the chair, poised to send them off at high speed.

"Yes you may go, just sign the papers on your way out, and remember that it is very important for you to attend your physio sessions every other day, and therapy once a week, until you are told otherwise."

"Yes, yes, I'll make sure he does all of that, can we go," Jack asked, sounding like an impatient child.

Doctor Johnston smiled indulgently and rolled his eyes, "yes, go get out of my hospital and I don't want to see you back here any time soon." He the turned and left the room, clipboard in hand and shaking his head.

"Finally, I thought we'd never get out of here." Jack said hefting Ianto's back onto this shoulder and walking behind the chair as Ianto moved it forward.

"I'm the one that's been stuck here," Ianto countered, stopping at the nurse's station to sign the discharge papers.

"You're leaving?" Rebecca asked, though she already knew and passed him the forms to sign.

"You going to miss us," Jack asked, grinning hugely at her.

"No," she replied bluntly, "we'll finally have some peace and quiet around here."

Ianto finished signing the forms and passed them back.

She flicked through the papers to make sure everything was in order then nodded. "Great, go shoo, vamoose, but don't forget to say hi when you come in for your check up." She said to Ianto, then turned to Jack, giving him a very intense stare, "and you better make sure that son of a bitch doesn't get anywhere near him again."

Jack gave her a solemn nod, "you can count on that ma'am."

Ianto rolled his eyes, "stop you're worrying, Marcus is a bastard but he's not stupid, he'll be long gone from Cardiff by now."

"Still, you be careful, we don't want to have to put you back together again." Rebecca said. "Now go, I'm sure you've seen enough of us to last you a lifetime."

She waved as they went, along with the rest of the ward staff.

"You worried about Marcus?" Ianto asked as they got in the lift.

"I worry what he might do to you if he attacks again. I can't loose you Ianto." Jack replied truthfully. He hit the stop button on the elevator and crouched down so they were on equal level.

Ianto reached out and put a hand on Jack's cheek, "You won't lose me," he assured him. "Between you and the rest of the team, I doubt I could get lost in a supermarket without one of you tailing me."

The ex-time agent smiled, "you've got that right, we're stuck with you and you're stuck with us."

Ianto smiled back, "good to know; but I want you to promise me that you will let me do things for myself. You can't always be there and I need to be able to look after myself. I need to know that I can look after myself. It's important to me."

"And me," Jack agreed, "just don't feel that you can't ask for help occasionally, that's what I'm there for."

Ianto raised an eyebrow, "Is it now? I thought you were just here to look pretty and to provide hot steamy sex when required."

Jack's face burst into one of his trade mark grins, "oh yeah, that to, when required."

Authors Note

Hey guys, sorry it has taken me so long to post this last chapter. Honestly it has been sitting on my desktop since I posted the last one, just minus the last few paragraphs. I think I have an aversion to finishing fics, it's sad in a way, cause I have had so much fun writing this, and it has helped me get through a really difficult patch in life.

I realise I have left it quite open towards the end, there are a few unanswered questions, but I wanted to leave it open for a sequel in case the mood ever catches me, which is probably will if I ever get hold of the second season of Torchwood; also please let me know if anyone is interested in a sequel, I don't know if it would be a chapter fic or a few one shots, but I would like to know day, but only if people are interested, so do let me know.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it and thank you for all the lovely reviews I've received, this is probably the first fic that I haven't been attacked in reviews for, probably because the slash pairing is canon, so the flamers have been scared off anyway, I just hope I haven't jinxed it now. This is also the fastest fic I've ever written, usually it literally takes me years, and even then they aren't finished.

Anyway, I will stop babbling, thanks again, and I have another Torchwood fic in the making, though this one is a crossover with Stargate SG-1, which I hope to start posting soon, hope to see you then.