Author's note - This may or may not contain spoilers. It does however contain spoilers for those that haven't seen season 5. I got this idea from another story that I read, it was just a random thought that popped in as I was reading. My point of this author's note is if it seems confusing bare with me it will circle aroudn to make sense. Thank you. Okay so basically the longer summary is House and Cuddy have been dating for a year, this shows from the beginning of there relationship to the outting of it.

Chapter One - Unethical

The smell of her coconut shampooed curls tingled the instead of his nose as her took in a breath of air before planting a light kiss on the patch of hair. House laid there cradling her petit frame in his arms. He placed another kiss, this time it was placed on a more sensitive part of skin.

"Morning," Lisa Cuddy stirred as she opened her eyes. She allowed for there lips to meet. They took a breath of air before returning for another kiss. His tongue traced her upper lip wanting access to taste her. "You really know how to wake a girl up." She smiled and allowed him in.

"I'm just getting started." It was hard for Cuddy to get use to the romantic, good humoured House. Sometimes when she was alone she would miss the arrogant, obnoxious bastard that (9 times out of 10) he was. She would never admit it to him though.

"What do you have planed?" She moved her lips to his neck. She started to trail down his toned upper body.

It took him a minute or two to remember what he was going to say. He took his index finger and brought her face back up. He immediately missed the contact of her lips on his stomach. "Well since last ni…," The ear bleeding beep of the alarm clock interrupted him. He paused before continuing. "I guess a shower together." She knew that he meant something different, something that might be a whole lot of fun.

They both got out of bed, revealing there naked body from the night before;

"Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked her before he allowed there lips to touch for the five hundredth time. He wasn't usually one to second guest sex, but this was Lisa Cuddy. She was the one that got away and the one that has the most on the line. If she ever lost her job she wouldn't talk to him again. If he lost his job he wouldn't get another. No one could stand him like she could, except Wilson.

"I already said yes." She removed the last of her clothing. She wanted this more then anything.

Cuddy grabbed her fluffy white robe. "I have to go check on Rachael."

Disappointment in her words, he shook his head and looked away. "That's why they invented baby monitors, so mommy and daddy could have sex and if there was a problem then they would know." House regretted the use of the word 'daddy' and the tone in which he used. He knew he could have gotten the point across using just mommy or just mention 'isn't that why there are baby monitors?'.

"Mommy and daddy? Who knew after one night that we were this huge thing." Cuddy mocked. "Did I get married last night?"

"That's not what I was implying." House didn't feel the need to continue this... "You don't need to check on her, she rolled over a little while ago." She understood what he meant and removed the robe, let it hit the floor. They entered the bathroom leaving the door open so they could hear any noise that wasn't them.


"We are brought to order due to the on going relationship of Dr. Lisa Cuddy and Dr. Gregory House. As all of you know it is against hospital policy for a submissive to have a romantic relationship with a subordinate." The older man took a moment to gather his breath and read the reactions of the rest of the panel. Cuddy sat in the center of the room, she was the target. Wilson sat next to man that was talking. "As you very well know Dr. Cuddy has been in a romantic relationship with Dr. House for the past year and so on. It was brought to attentions when several employees and patients complained of favouritism and clouded judgement."

"With all due respect and I mean with all due respect my favouring House has nothing to do with 'our' relationship." Cuddy placed her hands on her lap and tried to remain composed as much as possible.

"What do you suggest it has to do with?" He curled his noise and waited patiently for her response.

"Nothing." She took a moment to form the words. "If it wasn't for me then Dr. House wouldn't have a diagnostic medicine department. The hospital won't have the extra 5.5 million a year."

"The hospital has been in court several times regarding Dr. House's actions." The small pepper haired women spoke up. Lisa's eyes looked at Wilson, pleading for help.

"Without his department the...."

"This is just bullshit, what we do in our spare time is our own problem not yours." House barged into the conference room.

"Dr. House you can't be in here right now!" He swallowed. It's unethical, what you are doing is unethical."


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