Chapter Ten - The End!

"You're clever." House stared at Wilson whose mouth was hanging open a bit in slight confusion. "Using Taub as a rat, clever." House shook a finger at his friend.

"I don't know what you are talking about?" Wilson leaned back in his chair.

"Why? I thought you wanted me and Cuddy together?"

"I do." Wilson sighed realizing that he was totally caught now and had no where to go but to tell the truth. "I just wanted you two to be able to do what ever you wanted."

"Uh huh." House rolled his eyes.

"I'm sorry but that I wasn't being a good friend. You should know what that's like." Wilson leaned forward grabbing the pen on the desk. "If you don't mind I have to tell someone they are dying."

House got up and headed for the door. "I did it so you two could stop hiding. The hospital couldn't afford to lose either of you."

"I know why you did it." House said. "You just wanted to see if Cuddy and I could make it as a coupleā€¦."House exited the room.


"I could lay here all day." House held Cuddy in his arms firmly.

"Yeah." Cuddy captured his lips with hers and rested her head back on his chest.

"And to think we could have been together for the past 20 years if I didn't screw it up." House smiled. Just maybe that was all that needed to be said. It was their lives, it was their problems.


"Cuddy." House walked into her office.

"Yeah?" She looked up to see that he had already reached her desk.

"What do you think is the next step?" House asked.

"What do you mean?" Cuddy looked at him.

"20 years of foreplay, hot sex, a relationship, the board meeting, what's next?" Cuddy quirked an eyebrow when she realized what exactly he meant.

"I don't know." Cuddy smiled.

"What do you want to happen next?"

"What do you want to happen next?" Cuddy mimicked House previous question.

"Marry me." House stared at her.

"Are you serious?" She suppressed the laughter.

"I guess I am, it seems like the next logical step."

"A proposal?" Cuddy let out a small laughter.

"What's so funny?" House asked a little confused.

"Nothing, I just thought," Cuddy stopped. "I guess so." Cuddy didn't want to end their relationship.

"Is that a yes?" House asked a little confused.

"Yes it is a yes." House smiled and kissed her.

"Nice to be able to do that now. What about sex in the office?"

Cuddy mouthed 'no' and House headed for the doors again. "We don't have to get married, don't get me wrong I love you but I never thought you were wanted to get married." Cuddy said.

"People change." House said and closed the doors to leave her as she was before he interrupted her.

The End.

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