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It was awkward, really, really awkward. Sitting there he didn't know what to do.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow." Sakura said as she walked out of his apartment. It was silent and he refused to let his eyes wander to where Sasuke was. His hands curled into fists every now and then and he had to concentrate on keeping them flat on the couch.

"Talk." Sasuke muttered. Naruto bit his tongue in order to keep all the accusations from spilling out. He couldn't keep the retort in though.

"I thought I was annoying when I spoke." It was quick and simple and yet the anger still came out.

"Yes but your more annoying when your silent." Sasuke answered. And then it became awkward again.

Another half hour passed in which Naruto refused to say anything and Sasuke refused to leave. It had been that way for the last two weeks, in which Naruto refused to talk to Sasuke and Sasuke stayed with him in the hopes that Naruto would waver.

Sasuke sighed and got up. Naruto's shoulders tensed when he didn't hear the door open.

And suddenly Sasuke grabbed his face with one hand and he used his free hand to push him down.

"Talk to me damn it!" Sasuke yelled in his face. It was the closest they had gotten since he arrived and it made Naruto flinch. "Tell me how much you hate me! Tell me how I betrayed you! How I deserve to die! Just talk to me!" Sasuke yelled. The desperation flowed threw his words and it was the first time Naruto heard him like that.

"Mlet gro ov me." Naruto said incoherently. Sasuke understood enough and let go but he refused to get off. Naruto took a few breaths and thought of something to say.

"Your back." he said, still avoiding eye contact. "And on top of me."


"So get off."

"Why?" Sasuke asked so innocently that it took a moment for it to settle in.

"Because I don't want you close to me."

"Why?" And he finally said it.

"Because I'm scared that if you get close to me, you'll just leave me again! There I said it, happy!?!?!!" Naruto yelled, fisting Sasuke's shirt in his hands.

"Yes." and then he kissed him.

Naruto flailed and tried getting Sasuke off of him but he couldn't resist. He kissed him back just as fiercely and wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck. Sasuke went and bit his neck, giving time for Naruto to breathe.

"I didn't know you were gay." He muttered as Sasuke kissed him again.

"Neither did I."

I didn't know I was gay either

Sasuke hurriedly took of Naruto's jacket and pulled up his shirt to bite his nipple. Naruto gasped and punched Sasuke on his side.

"Idiot." Sasuke said, glaring as he winced. Naruto turned them over so that he was on top and took off Sasuke's shirt to bite his nipple harder.

"And your an asshole." Naruto said, putting his thigh on Sasuke's crotch. Sasuke punch him in the gut and threw him on the floor and violently took off Naruto's pants and took of his own.

"Your not shoving that shit up my ass." Naruto yelled reaching for his pants. Sasuke sighed and grabbed Naruto's arm before he could get it. They stared at each, neither wavering. Sasuke saw the fear in his eyes and couldn't blame him.

"I promise."

Naruto blinked and knew what he was promising but he wanted to hear him say it.

"Promise what?" Naruto asked looking away.

"To not leave." Sasuke stated. He wasn't being specific enough.

"Leave where?" Sasuke sighed and rolled his eyes. He grabbed Naruto's face again and looked into his eyes.

"I won't leave you."

Naruto had to blush at that one and slapped Sasuke's hand away.

"I get to do it next time."

And there were going to be many more next times.

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