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What happens when Naomi, Katie and Emily are reunited?

Emily sat down where she'd slept some of the nights since losing her belongings, her wrist felt weak and she noted it was swelled slightly. She wondered if it was possible for someone to break someone else's bone. A small cut on her neck was bleeding after the mans fingernails dug into her skin. She remembered the last time she'd eaten and pictured the breakfast sandwich she'd ended up throwing in the bin. It dawned on her that she was in theory homeless; living rough, all because she was too afraid to tell her family the truth. Naomi might not be able to be open up about her feelings, but that didn't stop Emily from admitting that she liked girls.

The chocolate bars in her pocket were beginning to melt from her body heat, so she pulled them out and opened the first one. She was the kind of person who could usually take or leave chocolate, but as she took her first bite, her mouth watered and she felt an overwhelming feeling of happiness. It was easy to take food for granted, but the moment you got it back after time away, it always tasted a million times better. She finished all three bars within a minute, not caring that one of them had burst open and was half covered with sand. Then she looked around, waiting in anticipation for the moment she would get to go home.


It was like watching a pot of gold fall at the end of a rainbow when she caught sight of her two most favourite people in the world. Her wrist hurt when she used it to stand up, but before she could notice she was already running across the sand, heading for her sister and friend. She didn't need to hold her arms out because they both enveloped her in a hug, holding her as tight as they could. They clung to each other for what felt like an eternity, in silence. Emily's face became stained with tears that didn't stop falling and she noticed the other two had faces just as red and just as stained. Katie took a step back as Naomi pulled away. Emily frowned at her sister.

"You can kiss if you want too." Katie offered Naomi, smiling a little.

Emily looked at her twin, their eyes locked and Emily's confusion was overshadowed by Katie's look of approval. She looked at Naomi, looking for some sort of answer to the questions forming in her mind. She didn't know how Katie knew, but after a second she realised she didn't even care. There wasn't enough time before Naomi leant forwards and pulled their lips together in a kiss that made her body ache for more. Emily remembered the phrase 'you don't know what you've got 'til its gone' and noted that sometimes you don't realise you miss something until you get it back. She wanted to say something, anything, she wanted to thank them both for being there, for coming to get her, but her mouth was dry and her wrist hurt again.


Naomi was staring at her, her beautiful smile shining under drop of tears.

"I love you Em" she whispered, her mouth inches from her ear.

It didn't take long to process and respond, "I love you too."

Katie shifted her position, looking a little uncomfortable, or at least lonely watching Emily and Naomi share a loving moment. Emily reached out her uninjured hand and Katie grasped it, joining the two girls again.

"I love you as well," Katie added, slightly more cautious.

"I love you more" Emily grinned.

As they walked away from the beach, back towards Naomi's mum's car, Emily stood between her sister and her girlfriend. It had been just over three long weeks since she left home, three long weeks in which she'd experienced a life she knew she didn't want. She'd wanted to be alone because she felt alone. But now she knew that being alone was very different to feeling alone and as the sun began to set on the day, it also set on the mistakes she'd made and tomorrow she would rise again, mostly the same, but slightly different than the girl that left home weeks before.

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