This takes place during Sailor Moon Eternal, or Sailor Stars. There is a new idol in town, what could this mean for the Three Lights? How will they handle a rival in their quest to find their special lady? It's a good thing Hotaru likes her so much, she may need all the support she can get in a one idol town.

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The Universe's Forgotten Past

Golden Millennium


"Princess, please don't!" protested the young female to her companion.

"Uranus! Don't, don't make this any harder. I've made my decision and it's final." The princess of a shattered kingdom managed to say without her voice breaking, a very big accomplishment considering her entire world was falling apart. Her seven guardians surrounding her, chaos raging outside and emotional turmoil inside her, each had an influence on her decision in this matter, so why was Uranus objecting to it! It doesn't matter what anyone says now, my final word is to save the Moon, our last hope. We may have lost the battle, but we haven't lost the war, yet, the next target will be the Moon and possibly even the Earth. Both of them must be saved if this universe is to survive. I must do everything in my power to accomplish this. The princess reflected, steeling her resolve."Uranus I need you to lead the others."

But, the senshi wouldn't hear what she had to say. Uranus wouldn't give in that easily. "I just don't understand! We can take her down! I know we can! We can use…"

"Stop it, right now, Uranus! There isn't anything more we can do! We must obey her highness and do what she tells us." Uranus softened at the melodious, although scolding, voice and turned toward its owner, batting her short blonde hair from her eyes.

"Yes, but, Neptune, I know that we can defeat her."

"No. We've done all that we can, now, we must depend on the help of the Senshi protecting the Moon Kingdom." A soft wind blew up, wafting Neptune's teal hair across her face. Uranus looked as though she wanted to continue arguing, but was stopped as an annoying, arrogant voice cut across the conversation.

"Quit your love spat and just do as the princess orders! That is all you really can to do anyways!"

Uranus's burning gaze turned cold as it shot up from Neptune to the young man who spoke across from her. "You should know your duty and be backing me! We can't leave her here alone!"

Neptune latched onto her partner's arm to prevent her from foolishly threatening the silver haired guardian. "Uranus." Neptune whispered harshly. The voice of the Sea Scout brought Uranus back to reality. She turned her head away from the guard and scoffed, "Keh, it wouldn't matter, the boy is too cold hearted to care anyway."

"Why you…" The sliver haired youth started towards Uranus when the princess held out her arm, cutting him off, "Stop it right now you two. Uranus that was uncalled for. You will behave and do as I order, am I understood." The senshi just bowed her head and nodded

"Aarrrgggg now I'm sounding like your mother or something." The princess growled in frustration, then softened to say, "Let's end this. And when it is all over, we can rebuild our kingdom."

"Yes, let's go now," A quiet voice intervened before Uranus could protest once more. The voice belonged to another of the Princess's senshi, a young girl with chin length black hair. The young girl called Saturn looked up at the princess and said "But where would we flee and how do we get there?"

Princess put her hand on Saturn's purple shined black hair, "We are going to the Moon Kingdom. We'll need to travel there directly with no stops." She answered, "I'll need to create the crystal sphere to carry us there. But, we need a place of complete secrecy."

"How about your garden, Princess?" Asked the senshi with long black hair who carried a large key shaped staff. "The one I helped you create, the Star Garden?"

"That's a great idea, Pluto!" The Princess said. "Its in the very back of the grounds."

Suddenly there was an explosion as the section of the palace collapsed under the pressure from their assailants."Princess we must hurry!" Shouted the black haired guard, the brother of the silver haired guard. The black haired guardian was the middle child of the three brothers present. The oldest was the brunette standing behind him and the youngest was the silver haired guardian whose eyes were throwing daggers at Uranus. The group of Senshi and the princess started running down the white marble corridor. Racing through the palace, the group passed many rooms that they had once lived in, played in and spent many days and night together. And now they were running away from there, not knowing if they would ever return. Yet they had little to time to reflect on their memories here, they just had to keep running toward their new future filled with uncertainty

Another explosion sounded that rocked the foundations of the palace knocking a few of them off their feet. The Princess pulled herself to her knees, shouting, "That was closer than the previous blast. We must move faster!"

Helping the princess to her feet, Pluto said, "I believe that the enemy is inside the palace now. Keep the Princess close and follow me!" She shouted. They formed ranks and continued outside the palace. Pluto was at point with the three male guards behind her, the Princess behind them and Uranus, Neptune and Saturn bringing up the rear.

They rushed out of the palace, through the gold columns and down the white marble stars and through the vast garden.

"Where are we going exactly?" Uranus asked the Princess.

"The garden in located behind the Rose Garden." She shouted over her shoulder.

"But, there's no garden there, just a small forest that marks the end of the palace grounds." Said the oldest of the guardians.

"I've been in there and I saw no garden, just trees." Neptune panted, running a little short of breath.

The Princess, also panting from the pace they were keeping, replied, "That's because it isn't visible. Pluto knows of the garden because I needed her to set it up in a parallel dimension so that it couldn't be found. No one can see in or out."

"But why does it have to be so far from the palace?" The silver haired guard huffed.


The air was thick with the scent of blood while her ears were filled with the delicious sound of battle cries, as her eyes gazed at the sky filled with fire. It was the type of atmosphere that she enjoyed the most. She enjoyed it better when she had a hand in creating it. It was all so perfect, that she stood still for a moment, taking it all in, until she gets interrupted. Her blazing amber eyes slid to the side, as a young man dressed in a military uniform of grey-blue adored with a white cape approached her side.

"What do you want, Malachite?" Taken aback by the irritated tone in his commander's voice, the bleached haired general of Earth cleared his throat.

"Your majesty, we have infiltrated the Golden Hall and the front line is searching for the Princess and her crystal." Malachite responded, looking anywhere but the woman in front of him. 'If the Prince would have agreed on the terms for this attack, then I wouldn't be standing here taking orders from this witch.' Queen Beryl of the Negaverse was a very tall slender woman but was by no means beautiful; she had an evil presence around her that made her an unsavory person to be around.

Queen Beryl turned to face Malachite, switching her long silver to the other hand; a smirk appeared on her lips, "Well done, Malachite, your prince will be very pleased with you when you return to Earth." The smirk faded when an uneasy look flashed across the general's face. In order to divert the general away from questioning thoughts, Beryl asked where the other three Earth Generals were.

"They are at the front lines conducting the search, your majesty." Malachite gritted his teeth at having to refer to the red haired witch as his superior.

"And why are you not helping?"

"I am on my way there now. I was merely reporting our progress in the campaign"

"How considerate of you." Beryl said, cocking her head to the side. "I no longer need you here. Go assist the others. I want that Princess found now."

"Yes, your majesty." Beryl watched the retreating form of Malachite disappear. She would have to be very careful from here on out or the Earth General would discover her true intentions for attacking the Star Kingdom. The Queen's eyes narrowed as they swept the battlefield. 'I could care less about the Earth or its Prince, the only thing I really need from this attack is the energy of the soldiers.' Beryl raised her silver staff to the sky. Dark blue and green waves slowly began to be pulled into the red crystal ball held in place on the end of her staff by four silver claws. "Yes." She hissed, "Not much longer now."


"Jedite!" Shouted Malachite upon his arrival to the front steps of the palace. "Report on the progress of the search." A solider, dressed in a grey-blue uniform similar to that of Malachite's approached. He was very tall and slender but well built, his blonde hair cropped short above his ears with bangs hanging in his eyes.

"We haven't found anyone but fleeing servants throughout the palace. There have been no signs of any of this kingdom's Senshi or the Princess."

"Have you searched the gardens and woods in the back of the palace?"

"No, we have yet to go back there."

"Then take fifteen men and go search the area." Malachite's ice blue eyes flashed a warning not to argue, which was exactly what Jedite was going to do. Jedite was also a general of Earth, the same as Malachite but he couldn't understand just why they were doing this. He didn't quite understand why they were going with Beryl's plan but rather than incur the wrath of the general who, apparently had a bad meeting with Beryl, Jedite did as ordered.

Jedite assembled some of his men in front of him and counted out fifteen of them. He then spotted a solider that he remembered was new to battle and decided to put him in command. "Jacent!" The solider seemed to jump at the sound of his name and saluted to answer. 'Take it easy, kid; I won't make you fight the enemy again.' Jedite thought to himself as he took in the soldier's fatigued appearance.

"I want you to stay here with the others and guard these steps. Allow the servants and civilians to leave but not soldiers or palace officials that might have somehow hidden inside."

"Yes sir." The young soldier replied. Jedite could see the tension in the boy's eyes melt away at those orders. Jedite shrugged, 'Besides, the front is secure and these boys have earned a break from the bloodshed this evening' Not that there had been much fighting. The Kingdom had practically surrendered before they even landed. Jedite had a suspicion that there was something in the works that no one else knew about, something on both sides, but he wasn't going to say anything; he didn't even want to be here. Jedite turned around to ask his commanding officer what should happen if they found the Senshi.

Malachite looked over his shoulder at the soldiers that were to go around the back. He shut his eyes, 'It has to be done.' "Kill the seven but bring back the Princess unharmed." A collective gasp sounded from the group of warriors. Oh, sure, they were trained to kill the enemy but just up until a few months ago, these warriors fought side-by-side with the seven Senshi. It couldn't be helped, however. They were at war with the kingdom. Jedite had to take a few moments to recompose himself before giving the order to his men to . . . kill their friends, his friends, although they all had heard it loud and clear, he had to reinforce it. 'I wonder if this is all worth it in the end.' Preferring not to place such a burden on his soldiers' shoulders, Jedite gathered the mercenaries that Beryl had provided. He gave the order and told them to head out, knowing damned well he was sending them to their deaths.

As the soldiers marched, Jedite turned once again to look at Malachite. Despite the malice in his voice when ordering the kill, Jedite knew he wasn't as cold hearted about his friends. But still, Jedite was curious if he had truly become the same as his perceived persona. A wind blew up from an explosion, sparks flew and Jedite's blonde hair blew in his face. For a fleeting moment he thought that he saw sorrow in Malachite's eyes, and would have dismissed it as a spark in the wind had it not been for the quick movement Malachite made across his eye. No one else saw the look Malachite had made, for it disappeared quickly. Jedite knew better.


"Princess, how far into the forest should we go?" Saturn asked as they quickly reached abut of the garden and wood.

"About three quarters of a mile." Huffed the Princess, clearly not used to running long distances. The raven-haired guardian began worrying over her condition. He looked at her, "And how much of that can you run?"

"I'll be fine. I can run it." He looked at her once more, batting his black hair from his face, not believing a word she said. Her breathing was much more ragged than the others and the she had a very long and probably heavy dress on. He wondered how much longer she would be able to keep pace with the rest of them.

Just as they entered the forest, a shout was heard from behind. They stopped abruptly, and turned around only to see soldiers running at them with their swords drawn, ready for battle. "They're coming!" shouted the Princess.

Uranus gave the three guardians a fierce look. "You three take the Princess and go on. We'll hold these guys off and meet you in the garden, assuming that Pluto can lead us to the entrance once we're done. " Pluto nodded.

"Yes I know the way to the south and north entrances."

"As long as we can get in, there should be no problem." Uranus said.

"But how will you know where to find us? This garden is huge." The princess asked, trying to catch her breath.

Pluto answered, "At the fountain in the very middle."

"Alright." The Princess agreed, "But please be careful, and hurry back before they discover where we went and try searching for us." Looking in the four planetary Senshi's eyes for some clue that they would be all right, the Princess found confidence and strength. That was all she needed, with a nod she retreated into the wood. The other three guards stared at the planetary Senshi as their faces melted from calm smiles to the determined faces of warriors. Uranus nodded at them. "We'll get rid of these guys and meet you in there. Be sure to keep a sharp eye, there may already be enemies in the woods."

"Don't get killed." The silver haired guard chided.

"You guys are worried? These are mere pawns; they don't have any strength to boast of. We'll be there before you know it." Uranus stated. She looked at the black haired guard, "You better get going, don't lose her." He nodded and took off, with his two brothers in tow.

"Let's get started!" shouted Uranus, as she drew her sword from the air and charged the oncoming group.

"Right!" Saturn agreed, her silver glaive appearing in her hand. She grasped the middle and charged.

Pluto and Neptune smiled at each other. "Always rushing into battle, the little children." Neptune scolded the air.

"I wouldn't have it any other way, Neptune. Would you?" Pluto asked, twirling her staff.

"No, I suppose not." Neptune replied, laughing. "Let's go!"


Standing on the white marble steps, Jedite watched his men began their futile struggle against the senshi. 'Like they really have a chance. These men, I specifically picked out, are just men who fight for money, mercenaries. I really don't care if they die. Jedite stared at the fight before his eyes 'These poor fools, the others in the front knew that if they went up against the Senshi, they would perish. But these guys have no clue.' In addition to helping Beryl, the Four Generals of Earth were each given around fifty of the best mercenaries in Beryl's Negaverse. These were ruthless men, but no doubt the powerful Senshi would take care of them. "The real question is; should I fight them when the others are dead?" Jedite pondered to himself. Sitting down and leaning against the cool surface of the palace column, Jedite crossed his arms and contemplated the question at hand. He was so immersed in thought that he failed to notice the two figures that approached him from behind.

"Jedite, what are you doing?" The blonde general turned his head around to see Nephrite and Zoycite. Holding his long, brown ponytail's tip in his fingers, Zoycite repeated his question. "What are you doing?"

"I'm watching these men die a meaningless death, what does it look like?" Jedite stood and cocked his head to indicate to the slaughter behind him. "But since you're here now, I'd like you're opinion. What are we doing and why are we doing it?"

"That's an easy one," Zoycite twirled the tip of his light brown hair between two fingers. "Queen Beryl said the Star Kingdom was plotting an attack on the Earth and presented evidence proving her claim."

"Yes, that is true. But how can we trust a person from the Negaverse?" Nephrite brushed his wavy, dark hair behind him and crossed his arms to stare out at the battle's end.

"You can't." The three generals turned to see Malachite coming out from the palace. "We can only trust ourselves and those closest to us. Beryl," he spat, "is not one of them." He looked up from his comrades to the Senshi. "As for them . . ."


"AARRRGGG!" Screamed Uranus as she felled yet another enemy. 'These aren't worthy fighters. I'd almost feel sorry for them if they hadn't tried to kill me. This is almost too easy.' She sliced yet another.


"What?" Uranus called after killing off her last opponent. She looked over to her left to see Saturn downing her last foe as well. She straightened and pointed her glaive at the palace.

Neptune and Pluto finished their opponents as well and walked towards Saturn, as did Uranus. "It seems we have company." Neptune commented.

"Oh, no. Not them." Uranus glanced over Saturn's head at Pluto. "Should we wait for them to make the first move?"

"Just a moment, we don't know why they didn't come at us with the first attack." Neptune looked at Pluto, who nodded her agreement. The four guardians looked at the generals, as they talked, apparently not caring whether or not their enemies were staring at them.

"Well, should we wait for them or leave?" Uranus asked, getting irritated. "They're just talking. It's rather irritating." Neptune put a hand on Uranus' arm as if to calm her with a single touch.

"We don't know what they may be planning." Neptune said. They continued to stare at the generals as they came to agreement. One of the generals, Malachite, looked up then gave an off hand salute, turned and retreated into the palace. The other three followed suit. Soon they vanished from sight, going into what was left of a once-magnificent palace.

"What do you suppose that was about?" Neptune asked. "Why did the generals leave instead of attacking us? I've never known the great Generals of Earth to back down from a fight."

"Well, strange or not, our Princess still needs us. We should hurry to catch up." Uranus ran back to the forest, the other three at her heels.


"How much further is it to the south entrance?" Saturn asked, huffing as she sprinted head-to-head with Pluto, not an easy task for the young girl. Uranus and Neptune were both hot on their heels.

"We're almost there. We'll soon reach a large clearing with a huge tree in the middle. That's where the door is." Pluto said.

"How do we even know if we're on the right path?" Uranus asked.

"Simple." Pluto stated. "There are only two paths visible to our eyes while to everyone else's there are ten paths and all of them lead out of the forest in different directions. We can see them because we are transformed, if we weren't then we could only see the ten paths."

"But that doesn't mean that we're on the right path." Neptune said. Pluto glanced back at her.

"We are. With only two paths visible to us it is easy to tell. One goes north and south and the other goes east and west. We passed the one that goes east and west so we're almost there."

Saturn started to sprint faster and pulled ahead of the others till she was out of sight. "Saturn! Wait up!" Neptune called. They could then hear Saturn's voice a short distance ahead of them.

"I found the clearing!"

The other three caught up with Saturn a moment later. The clearing was vast with wild flowers and tall grass and a large dark wood tree in the middle. Pluto brought her staff out in front of her and pointed it at the tree. A bright light filled the clearing as a keyhole appeared and Pluto put her staff in it and turned it. An archway appeared in the middle of the tree. At first it was very dark but slowly lightened to show a garden on the other side. Pluto brought her staff down and then motioned the others to follow her inside. Uranus paused on the threshold of the doorway to give a look around. After making sure that no one had seen them, she followed the others inside. The archway closed the moment Uranus stepped through and the tree returned to looking normal.


The princess paced along the fountain in the middle of the garden, driving the three guards that were with her insane. The oldest of them, the brunette, went over to her, grabbed her shoulders and pushed her to sit down on the edge of the fountain. "You're going to wear yourself out pacing like that, Princess. Settle down. The Senshi will be here soon." He released her and went to stand by the silver haired guard who was watching the south path. The Princess tried to take her mind off the Senshi by looking into the water and just forgetting everything else around her.

The Princess gazed at the water until her eyes became unfocused. She could hardly forget about what she saw back there. She had seen the general known as Jedite standing on the steps of the palace as she fled into the forest. That was not good. The Generals of Earth were experienced soldiers that were famous for their numerous victories. That was what worried her. Oh, yeah sure, her four Senshi could handle one but not all four of the generals without needing to use more power. She was afraid that they were hurt or captured or worse. . . . dead. The princess felt herself go cold. If they were dead they would never know it until it was too late. Beryl could find them while they were sitting here waiting for the others who may not even return.

"Princess? Princess?" The silver guardian looked worriedly at her. "Princess, are you alright?" He lightly shook her shoulders, his green eyes probing her face, trying to gauge her thoughts. What he found was despair.

The Princess's eyes moved to look into his, refocusing. "Huh? Oh! I'm fine . . . . . . . just . . .worried about . . the girls, if they're all right or not."

"Well, there's no need to worry, we're here now." Uranus called, approaching the group.

"Uranus! . . . Neptune! . . . Pluto, Saturn! You're alright!" The Princess ran towards them and flung herself into Uranus, clutching the woman to her. Sobbing into Uranus' chest, the Senshi were just barely able to make her words. "I saw. . . the Earth General on-on the steps and I . . I was worried that some- something awful might've happened to-to you be-because you took so long!"

"Earth General?" The guardian queered, rubbing the back of his silver head.

Uranus patted the Princess's back, "For some reason the they let us go, I don't know why or what plan they had but we're here now and we weren't followed, I made sure." Uranus looked down at the girl, "Let's forget about it for the time being, ok?" She said comfortingly. The Princess looked up and smiled. With a slight nod she turned around to face her Senshi. Uranus joined them standing behind Neptune and put her hand on her shoulder. Next to her, Pluto had both of her hands on Saturn's shoulders in front of her. The raven haired guard stood beside Pluto and next to him was the silver haired guard, his brother and the oldest them, the brunette behind them. Each gave their Princess confidant smiles as she gazed at them.

Looking at her life-long friends and allies, the Princess fought to control her expression. 'I may never see them again after this moment. I'm so sorry my friends, but I have to do this, for the future of the universe, and for yours as well.' She sadly added. She drew her shoulders up and took a deep breath, closing her eyes, mustering the courage she needed. Re-opening her eyes, she gazed steadily at them.

"Alright, here goes."


Malachite and the other generals were headed through the palace to the front. Each one was lost in his thoughts trying desperately to figure out what decisions they had made that had led them to this very spot. And each one was astonished to discover that it had happened when they had first met Queen Beryl of the Negaverse.


"What is it?"

"I'm having second thoughts. What if the Star Kingdom really wasn't planning to attack the Earth? I mean the evidence was strong but now that I think about it, it all could have been a set up. The kingdom didn't appear to be going to war. What if . . .?"

"It's a little late to be questioning ourselves, isn't it? We'll just have to move forward, no matter what." Jedite growled. The three of them began to slow down, thinking hard about the situation that they were in. Malachite continued walking, his shoes clanking further and further away. When the others realized they were being left behind they hurried to catch up to their leader.

Malachite was also deep in thought; he didn't even notice that he had reached the entrance of the palace until a cold dread fell on him. Without lifting his eyes from the ground, he could feel that the atmosphere around him had changed. 'This doesn't feel right. It feels dead. There's no life here.' Malachite raised his eyes to look out at the front grounds of the palace. His eyes began to dart around, panic gripped his heart. Across the vast ground were bodies, hundreds of bodies. It looked like a battle had taken place but something was missing: something important. There were no enemies in the palace when he walked through only moments ago and none out here when he left. The grounds had been secured. Malachite stood frozen in his spot trying to figure out what had happened to the men. The other three generals came running up behind him and stopped dead.

"What happened?" Zoycite said slowly, almost breathlessly, scanning the grounds.

"There were no enemies here when we went to the back. There was no battle, we would have heard it!" Nephrite cried. "There were no enemies!" He said again, his alarm seeping into his voice.

Jedite then noticed something as he descended the stairs following Malachite. "These are only Earth soldiers, but I know that I had left Negaverse soldiers here as well and just as many. Where are they?!"

Malachite went to the first soldier he saw. He began to examine the body when he realized what it was about this scene that made it wrong. A weapon didn't kill the soldier; there was no blood any where on him. Malachite looked up sharply and rushed over to a few other bodies to find that the same held true for them as well! "No blood." he muttered.

Jedite looked down at the first soldier that Malachite had looked at and remembered the boy's face, the soldier he had left here, Lieutenant Jacent. Jedite had left him to guard the front steps, to save his life by not pitting him against the Senshi and now he was dead. He had died anyways. Anger festered inside Jedite as he gazed at Jacent's still corpse.

Malachite looked up from the soldier he was examining. "They weren't killed by weapons." Zoycite and Nephrite came down the steps and looked at a few of the bodies. "There was no battle here, it was a slaughter." Malachite's voice cracked.

Zoycite looked up, "What could have happened?" Jedite glanced at Malachite and nodded as if reading the questioning looked Malachite gave him. The nod confirmed Malachite's suspicion.

"Their energy has been drained from their bodies"

Nephrite looked stunned, "But . . . . b-but who?"

Malachite's eyes darkened. "Beryl" He growled

"Beryl had this planned from the start. There was no plan to attack Earth!" Malachite growled.

"But it doesn't' make sense!" Jedite shouted. "The Star Kingdom is taken. Even if Beryl had lied just to get support for this attack, why would she attack us now that the battle is over?" He slammed his fist into the ground. "Why now? The battle was won!"

Nephrite came to stand next to Malachite, "Because the Star Kingdom isn't the only thing she wants, right?" He said carefully, looking for Malachite's reaction. Malachite nodded.

"Okay, before we decide to retaliate against this powerful being from the Negaverse, you'll have to give me more evidence that it was Beryl who did this." Zoycite said hotly, looking very interested in keeping his head on his shoulders.

"Because Beryl made herself out to be more powerful than she really was. She needed to attack a kingdom that was far away from its allies and plan a sneak attack so that they couldn't defend themselves. By doing so, she would feed off of the energy of the dead and gain power." Jedite explained, rising from the ground. "When we went to the back she sucked the energy out of our soldiers to gain even more energy but she thought that we would come back with the crystal of the Royal Family and thus full fill our use here. We might have been next."

Zoycite looked confused, "But we don't have the crystal."

"Exactly." Jedite said viciously, grinding his teeth in anger. "We don't have it and neither shall Beryl!" Zoycite seeming satisfied with this explanation, and not wanting to provoke Jedite any further, ceased his protesting.

"Now what do we do?" Nephrite asked the most obvious question to them all but one they didn't know exactly how to answer.

"Now" hissed a voice from above the palace "You will finish what we set out to do."

The generals turned around to see Beryl float down from the roof of the palace to hover over the steps.

Malachite drew his sword, the others following suit. "You will pay for what you have done! We will finish this with your DEATH!"

"You are wrong, Malachite. I owe you no debt for this," she gestured at the field "But I will forgive you for this act and allow you to join me in my conquest of the universe. You apparently were able to kill the Senshi otherwise you wouldn't still be here. And we will correct your mistake of not getting the crystal." She hissed.

Malachite growled, "NEVER!"

Beryl's eyes flashed gold then red. She raised her staff and four beams of green energy shot out of the crystal sphere and pierced the bodies of the Earth Generals. The light filled their bodies, lifting them off the ground as their swords fell helplessly to the ground. Their tortured cries filled the still air as they tried fighting the evil rising in them. Their spirits were no match for the evil Beryl spread trough their bodies. Malachite heard Beryl cackle in the dim void he was in, "You'll have no choice." Before he blacked out, Malachite's last thought was with his Prince, and how he had failed him.


Crystal tears fell from her eyes and ran down her cheeks as the seven spheres carrying her guards, no, her friends floated away. 'I wonder if I will survive this?' The solemn Princess bowed her head. "Uranus. Neptune. Pluto. Saturn. Please understand why I did this. Please forgive me." Memories flooded the young Princess's mind; memories of the four Senshi. The Princess clutched her body that racked with sobs as she thought about each of them. Uranus, her protector, her friend. Though she was a girl she had always been a big brother to the Princess rather than a big sister. Instead, Pluto had been her big sister. Always giving advice and helping her with her problems. Always there, just like Neptune. Neptune and the Princess shared similar interest in music and both of them loved archery. Neptune gave advice to her just like Pluto and comforted her when she was distraught. She had a very warm personality. Saturn in turn was always one to never give advice unless requested. When she was on duty she was serious but off-duty she was just like any other kid. She always had fun when she was around Saturn.

The Princess collapsed into the ground, sobbing harder. More memories, this time of three guards, pushed themselves into her mind. "I'm so sorry. Please forgive me." She wept, helpless against the thoughts that overwhelmed her. After a few moments, her cries quieted and she stood, wiping her tears. She could cry later. Now was not the time for grief. 'Even if I die here, I will have at the very least given the Moon a warning of what is to come so that this doesn't happen to them as well.' She looked up at the sky. The barrier that had hidden the garden faded and the Star Garden was reveled to the rest of the world. 'No turning back now.' She resolved, getting to her feet. "Please, Serenity, take care of them." She prayed, giving the sky one last look and then lower her gaze to stare ahead. "Now!" She lifted her dress and ran. She rushed past the garden, pushing tree branches aside as she exited the forest around her beloved garden. She raced trough the rose garden and paused when she reached the bodies of the soldiers that had attacked them. It was in that moment that she had an eerie feeling wash over her body, freezing her to the spot. Looking away from the dead bodies on the ground around her feet, her gaze flee to the palace steps.

Standing shoulder to shoulder was the Earth Generals with their swords drawn and their shields up. Behind them were fifty or more monsters from the Negaverse. Above all of them was a teal-skinned woman with dark green hair floating around the top of her head. Her gold eyes rested on the Princess.

Queen Beryl cackled, "Where is your guard? Dead? The Generals' doing no doubt."

The Princess blinked. 'She doesn't know?' She looked from Beryl to Jedite's red eyes. Jedite's eyes weren't red before! Then it dawned on her. Beryl wasn't controlling them before but she was now!

"So, now you're all alone, little princess. No mommy and daddy to save you. No soldiers to protect you and no where to run!" Beryl's voice boomed.

The Princess stood tall with her hands at her sides and gave Beryl a smirk.

"Who said they died? And who said I was alone?"

Beryl's smile faded. She glanced at the generals and flashing her eyes she peered into their minds and discovered that the young girl was right. "Insolent fools!" She shouted with rage. She turned back to the Princess to find her looking into the sky. Beryl followed her gaze and saw seven spheres flying out of sight "NO!"

"See. You may have defeated this kingdom by brute strength but intellect wins wars. And we will win." Beryl turned back to her enemy.

"You forget, Princess," She growled. "You are still alone."

"No." She said calmly." I have one companion still with me." The Princess held up her right hand. Inside it sparkled something gold.

Beryl gasped in shock.

The Princess thrusted her hand high into the air . . . . .

"Star Eternal Power!"