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Chapter 14


Yaten fiercely ripped his sunglasses from his face. "No doubt!" He cried, eyeing the red ornate burner. "That's our Princess' incense burner!"

Makoto and Rei were heading back to the classroom laden with a serving tray carrying the cake they had made especially for Seiya.

"Looks nice and yellow." Rei commented, admiring their work.

Makoto smiled. "Do you think Seiya will like it?"

"Of course!"

Makoto turned to Rei, about to comment when she saw something move outside the windows next to them. It was Taiki and Yaten in the courtyard. "They're here too?" Makoto wondered. Rei looked behind her.

"They're both in their uniforms; did they come here for the festival like Seiya?" Rei pondered. She spotted something red in front of the two. It moved frantically when Taiki stretched out a hand towards it. "Chibi Chibi!" Rei cried, recognizing the red headed child. She appeared to be frightened. What were those two doing?

"How terrible!" Makoto gasped. "Rei, call everyone!" Makoto put the serving tray down, hurrying out to the courtyard. Rei raced off in the other direction, heading back to the classroom.

Yaten could hardly believe what he saw in the little girl's hand! How on earth did she get a hold of that? Does she even understand what it is?

Taiki held out his hand to Chibi Chibi. "Now, please hand it over." He said forcefully.

Chibi Chibi grasped the incense burner fearfully. "No! No!" She shouted.

Taiki and Yaten took a step forward. It was their Princess', there was no reason for that child to have it. They did not want to use force on her, but thought that intimidation might work.

Chibi Chibi was frightened. Very frightened. She darted away, trying to escape the two men who wanted her treasure. She had thought that they were friends of her sister but now they were bullying her! Yaten cut off her escape, appearing in front of her. He glared down, holding out his hand this time, "Now, hand it to me." He demanded.

Chibi Chibi cried again, "No!" and ran in the opposite direction. Her head down, her eyes, closed, she hoped to escape. She only got a few steps into her stride when her toe tripped over a rock. "Chibi Chibi!" She howled, bracing to meet the ground. When she landed on something much softer than the dirt, she pried open her eyes, "Chibi Chibi?" She said, curiously, looking up to a kind face and soft words.

"Are you ok, Chibi Chibi?" Makoto asked, hugging the little girl.

"Chibi!" She replied happily. Makoto internally breathed a sigh of relief.

"Don't worry." She assured her. She then glared up at the two men before her. "What do you want?" She growled.

Taiki hesitated a moment. They had been trying to get their Princess' possession back but Makoto did not know that. Nor did she need to know. They had managed to come this far without letting anyone know their mission, there was little reason to allow it now. They could still succeed. Taiki knew that this looked bad, badgering and cornering a small child but for now, they would play the villains if it meant getting what they wanted. He leaned a hand against a tree meaning to respond vaguely and rudely to Makoto's question but Yaten answered before Taiki could form the words.

"Don't interfere!" He warned harshly. Standing, Makoto put Chibi Chibi behind her.

"We don't have to tell you." Taiki added.

Makoto scoffed. "I don't want to listen to those who bully little girls!" Chibi Chibi, now with a protector, glared at Taiki and Yaten as though daring them to try to get her treasure now.

So be it. Yaten glowered at Makoto. "I think it's wrong to segregate girls from kids." He provoked.


"Or are you saying," Yaten suddenly appeared, slightly crouched, in front of Makoto, his jade eyes goading her to do something. "'Don't be too serious because I'm a girl'?"

Makoto had enough of his condescending attitude. "Why you!" She swung her clenched fist to slug him across his arrogant face but he stepped coolly out of the way, effortlessly catching her punch. When she tried to pull it back he held onto it tightly, keeping her in place.

"I'll say it again," He gripped her fist tighter, causing her to wince at the pressure he put on her knuckles. "We're not going to let you interfere!" He said, harshly.


Yaten's head shot up and in the direction of the voice.

Seiya stood at the front of the group of newcomers, his shout gaining everyone's attention. The girls all stood behind him: Usagi, Rei, Ami and Minako. Shit. Yaten knew that he and Taiki could not continue, not without Seiya knowing why. One of the girls was easier to deal with than all five plus Seiya. They needed to explain to him, away from the others. Yaten, maintaining his brusque attitude, pushed Makoto away. She landed hard on her butt, unable to correct her stance quickly.

"Makoto!" Usagi called out.

"What are you doing?" Seiya shouted, not believing the cruelty he saw.

Yaten changed topics. "What are you doing here, Seiya?"

"I hope you didn't come here to see her?" Taiki asked.

"Is it wrong?" Seiya said softly, defiantly.

"What happened?" Taiki asked. Seiya had been so focused lately, why now was he distracted?

"It's because of her!" Yaten accused, glaring at Usagi.

Seiya tried to draw Yaten irritation away from Usagi, "She's irrelevant!"

"Stop manipulating Seiya!" Yaten shouted.

"What?!" Rei cried in disbelief!

"Why are we talking like this?" Usagi asked quietly. Seiya looked back her. The cheerful smile Usagi had been wearing all afternoon had vanished. "I believe we can work together. We can understand each other if we talk openly."

Taiki did not want to hear it; there was no need. They would get what they needed regardless of her pretty speeches. He corrected his sunglasses. "We had better leave. Seiya, I have something to tell you." He said, turning around, indicating that Seiya should follow them.

"Wait, you two!" Usagi pleaded. Taiki paused his stride for a moment.

"This is our problem. It is none of your business." He said without looking back before he continued walking away.

Seiya waited until his brothers' had retreated to a safe distance before he bid Usagi goodbye, apologizing, willing her to understand that he needed to follow. He had questions about this harsh and forceful behavior that they had better be ready to answer. Though, he could not believe that there would be any valid excuse for tormenting Usagi's little sister!

Once Seiya was gone, Usagi rushed to Makoto and Chibi Chibi, who were still on the ground under a large tree. "Are you two alright?" She asked picking Chibi Chibi up to examine her. The young girl smiled cheerfully.


"I'm fine, Usagi." Makoto said, picking herself off the ground. Usagi leaned back against the tree, holding Chibi Chibi in her lap. Rei took a seat beside Usagi, watching her very closely. Her earlier tone had Rei worried.

"What were they trying to do?" Ami asked aloud. It was very unlike those two to behave that way. While they were not allies, they also had not given them any reason to bully Chibi Chibi. "I can't believe they tried to attack Chibi Chibi."

Makoto leaned against the tree, folding her arms in anger. "Damn! What were they thinking?" She huffed. It was enough that they had acted that way, but on top of that, she could not do anything about it! Her hand still felt sore from where Yaten had held it in his vice like grip.

"Stop everyone." Usagi beseeched.

Rei had been waiting for that. "Usagi?"

"Seiya, Taiki and Yaten, they're not bad people because they sing such beautiful songs." She explained softly, leaning to look at Rei. "They can't be bad people."

"I finally found you!"

The girls, startled, looked up to find an older woman standing by the school building. She wore a business outfit of tan slacks, a white shirt under a black vest and topped with a black hat to cover her long dark red hair. Her dark sunglasses prevented them from seeing her eyes.

"Who are you?" Minako asked.

The woman did not answer, she merely held up a small note book. "This book my rival left me gave me wonderful information!" She casually commented. "I didn't know that this mediocre young girl has a real Star Seed!" Usagi lowered her head, glaring at the woman. The girls flinched, gathering closer to Usagi. "No wonder I didn't notice, Usagi Tsukino – rather – Sailor Moon!"

The woman flung her clothes from her body revealing a provocative, red, leather outfit! It was Sailor Red Crow! "I'll get your Star Seed!" She proclaimed.

Makoto pulled her green power wand out. "You know everything, don't you?"

"Then," Ami pulled out her blue wand.

Rei held her red power wand tightly in her hand, putting Usagi behind her. "We're going to be very serious."

Minako gripped her orange power wand. "Everyone, Lets transform!"

Usagi nodded resolutely, clenching her locket.

Taiki and Yaten were walking briskly through the school festival, trying not to be seen but also not taking as much care about it like when they had first arrived. Seiya was several feet behind them, his hands tucked causally in his pockets, smiling at everyone he passed while ignoring Yaten who was continually looking back at him as though to ensure he was still following them.

Seiya was still angry. Those two had no excuse for their actions. Seiya would listen to their explanation, admonish them, and then force them to apologize to Usagi and her sister. Seiya smiled charmingly at a classmate at a food stall as he passed, maintaining his casual gait despite how hurried the other two were. He heard Yaten huff loudly in front of him. He laughed inwardly at his brother's irritation. He was not in a kind mood willing to indulge either of them or their petty problems with the girls. This was his form of rebellion from their prejudice of the others. If they were half as open as he and Odango were, they would not be in such a situation. But they were more concerned with secrecy and general high headedness that they were unable to look beyond it. For now, Seiya hoped.

The three arrived at the parking lot. Taiki led the way to their car at the very back of the lot. Yaten hopped onto the trunk, glaring at Seiya. "Why are you here?" He asked him. Seiya shrugged.

"Why were you bullying a child?" He countered. Yaten opened his mouth to retort when Taiki took a step between the two.

"Stop!" He commanded. "Seiya, I'll overlook why you are here but listen to us first before you say anymore." Seiya gave Taiki a hard stare.

Taiki took it as a means to go ahead and relayed his story. Seiya's expression slowly melded from one of anger and doubt to one of incredulity. "Princess?" He wondered aloud.

"Didn't you sense it? The scent of our Princess?" Taiki asked him.

Yaten nodded, chiming in. "I noticed it around that little girl. The scent of our Princess."

That caught Seiya's attention. What Yaten had just described felt familiar, something that had happened to him recently.

'A flicker of red from the corner of his eye caught his attention. A butterfly? The little red insect floated up and up, disappearing into Usagi's room.'

Then, what I felt yesterday at Odango's house was- Seiya connected the incident. It was as he had been leaving Usagi's house, he had smelled it, his Princess' distinctive scent of lavender when he saw that butterfly float by. Could it be?

Taiki interrupted Seiya's musing. "That little girl has our Princess' incense burner." He informed him. Seiya's head shoot up, his concentration broken.

"What?!" So, that was why these two had been with Usagi's sister. But if what they were saying was true, how did the little girl get it? Did Usagi know?

"If we get the burner, we'll know why the Princess hadn't appeared." Taiki continued.

Seiya growled. "You may be right but you should have talked to them first!" His original irritation at them returning. No matter the circumstance, they were still being too aggressive toward a small child!

"I can't wait!" Yaten shouted! Seiya looked at him, his brother's eyes gleaming, sadly.

"Our Princess is near! I just can't – " He trailed off, looking down.

Seiya felt some of his anger at them abate. They had been impatient, that much was now clear. The two of them may not have meant to confront the child today but after seeing the evidence, they probably charged forward without thinking. Seiya might have done the same. To get the answers they were seeking, he might have charged forward, too.

Suddenly the scent of lavender filled the air. Their Princess' scent. A red butterfly passed under Yaten's nose, fluttering away and towards the school. Diffidently, the three followed it with their eyes. "This scent is –"Seiya started to say, not believing what he was seeing.

"Princess!" Taiki gasped. Yaten slide off the car, taking a step forward, his sharp gaze not losing sight of the floating insect.

"Is it an invitation?" He wondered.

Seiya stood rooted to the ground, unable to believe that now, after all this time, they may have found an answer! But why was it going back to the school? What could be there? A sudden burst of charged energy washed over Seiya! He shuddered. What was that? Battle aura? Who? A cold dread filled him, crawling up his spine. "No way!" He cried, taking off after the butterfly.

Taiki and Yaten called after him, hot on his heels. Seiya could feel it, a battle was starting, and the girls, Usagi, were right in the middle of it!

Sailor Venus stood at the very front of their formation. They knew by Sailor Red Crow's proclamation that she was targeting Sailor Moon. Thus, their objective was her protection. Sailor Mercury stood beside her, Sailors Mars and Jupiter were behind them.

"It's impossible for you to stop me now!" Red Crow boasted, producing her black leather whip. Venus tried to block the tirade out to form a battle strategy but was not prepared for Red Crow to come at them as quickly as she did! The woman threw her energy into her weapon, taking out both Mercury and Venus in one swing! Unprepared for the blow, the two flew into the school building, cracks forming at their impact sight. Venus cried out as she crumpled to the ground, trying to immediately stand back up but the power of the attack had her reeling. She heard Jupiter shout, "Why you!" from her position, she saw Red Crow swing her whip around, striking the other two! Though Mars had managed a block, she was still sent flying with her friend into the glass walls of the nearby greenhouse, shattering it, cutting into their backs and arms.

"Everyone!" Sailor Moon called, hoping they were all ok! Venus could feel her world fading out. She tried to keep her mind clear, doing her best to block out the pain in her abdomen and back that she could feel shooting through her with every ragged breath she took. Why had Red Crow attacked so suddenly? The enemy had never done that and the girls had clearly not been ready for it. It reeked of desperation to Sailor Venus. Red Crow was giving it her all, as if she would die if she failed. But she had no time to dwell on that! She needed to get off the ground; she needed to get to her Princess! She could hear Mercury groaning, struggling to rise up as well. Venus lightly shook her head, trying to clear away the darkness that threatened to close in.

"If I get a real Star Seed, Madam Galaxia will be real happy." Venus could hear Sailor Red Crow saying. Damn! She's going to attack Sailor Moon! No one can dodge that attack! "Ready?" Sailor Red Crow asked Sailor Moon.

"Stay away for her!" A fierce female voice shouts.

"What?" Red Crow searches for the owner. Venus peered up in the direction she swore it had come from; the Sailor Starlights were atop the greenhouse! They had not left yet! Venus breathed a sigh of relief as best she could through the pain. They had shown up, they would help them! Despite what had happened earlier, she knew they would not be so cruel as to leave them here at Red Crow's mercy.

Arriving at the courtyard, the three Starlights were shocked to see the state the Sailor Senshi were in! Four of them battered and bruised, hunched on the ground. Could their Princess have led them here for a reason? To help them? "Was this an invitation from our Princess?" Sailor Star Maker wondered aloud what was on each of their minds.

From the ground, crumpled in the shattered glass, Mars forced her head up to see if it were true, had she heard the Starlights? "Starlights?" she painfully gasped out, her ribs refusing to expand anymore, preventing her from drawing in more air to speak any louder. Sailor Star Healer heard Sailor Mars, barely. This was bad. The other four were completely useless now. They needed help.

"Anyway," Star Healer stated, "we'll finish anything that interrupts us!" She glared balefully down her nose at the enemy.

Red Crow as not amused. "I know of you, too. You're those Idols, right?"

"How do you know that?" Sailor Star Fighter asked. There was no way! They had been so careful not to reveal who they were to anyone! The only ones who knew were the other Senshi! They had found out after that incident on the plane – THE PLANE! Star Fighter remembered! The woman, the enemy that had attacked them then knew! But they had been on high alert immediately following the attack and nothing had happened! Why now? She took a step forward, intending to attack Sailor Red Crow and find out exactly how she knew their identities!

"Don't move!" Red Crow shouted, holding up her right wrist.

Star Fighter braked to a halt. A glow came from the gold bracelet; a long, dark red crystal emerged from the jewel. Inside the crystal was a pulsing, crackling energy, black, and strong. "That's-"Star Fighter recognized it immediately and judging from the gasps she heard from her companions, they also remembered what it was.

Their situation had become indescribably desperate.

Red Crow smirked at their shocked faces. "If you've been wandering the galaxy, you must know what this is. This is a black hole. If you fall into it, you won't come back. A dimensional rift." She explained, tightly holding the crystal after it fully emerged from her jewel. She turned to each of the Senshi present. "If I let it loose, it'll easily swallow up this school. Since there's a festival going on, I wonder how many people are here." She asked conversationally. Sailor Moon's face grimaced. How would she get the crystal away from Sailor Red Crow? How could she do it without breaking it and killing everyone there? She gritted her teeth; she could only think of one way.

"If you do that, you'll die as well!" Star Fighter shouted an edge of panic creeping into her tone. She needed Red Crow to back down long enough to get to the crystal.

"In any case, I won't live unless I return with a real Star Seed." Sailor Red Crow snapped. Her dark red eyes bore into Star Fighter and the Senshi could see the determination, the single minded purpose: Red Crow would release the black hole, even if it meant her death. While the three Starlights stand a good chance at a getaway from this distance, the other five did not. Four were injured, and Sailor Moon was too close to Red Crow. They would not make it out if she unleashed it.

Sailor Moon knew what she had to do. She felt a small hand on her leg. She knew who it was without looking down. "Chibi Chibi, go to a safe place." She calmly told her sister. She felt the hand leave her leg and knew the child had obeyed; at least she would be safe. Sailor Moon took what little comfort the thought offered her and braced herself for the backlash she would likely receive for what she was about to do, hardening her heart and her resolve.

Sailor Red Crow turned to Sailor Moon, her voice resolute and demanding. "Now surrender your Star Seed!" When the girl only stared back, she pressed on. "Now!" She yelled!

Sailor Moon closed her eyes in resignation. It was the only way. "Okay." She acquiesced. She could hear the immediate protest of her friends, shouting at her name, telling her not to, begging her not to give in. She would not be moved.

"Stop!" Star Fighter had moved to jump between Sailor Moon and Sailor Red Crow. There was no way she would watch another person sacrifice herself to Galaxia! Not again. Star Healer and Star Maker called for her to stop, and held onto her, preventing her from moving. Meaning to throw them off, she stopped when she heard Sailor Moon order, "Don't come closer!" Star Fighter gazed down at the Senshi, "I can't involve innocent people." Sailor Moon said quietly.

Hurt and fear shining from her dark blue eyes, Star Fighter's heart squeezed tightly. "Sailor Moon." Star Fighter felt the hands that were holding her back spasm. Star Healer had taken in a quick breath. Star Maker was close to shaking. They knew what would follow. They knew that Red Crow would take Sailor Moon's Star Seed. They knew she would die. How could they help if Sailor Moon was ready to sacrifice herself, if Red Crow held that black hole crystal over her head like a the blade of a guillotine.

Sailor Moon took a deep breath. She opened her eyes facing her demise and spread her arms wide. "Here."

Red Crow smiled in triumphant. "All right, good girl!" She lined up her bracelets, the crystal still clutched in her hand. She shot two yellow spheres of energy at Sailor Moon. They gathered speed, circling around, taking wide angles before shooting directly into Sailor Moon's back and chest in the same instant.

Sailor Moon's body lifted from the ground, her screams piercing the air, growing louder as a bright yellow light consumed her body. She was utterly still, unable to move an inch except to scream. The Senshi gasped, trying to pull themselves up. Red Crow's attention was focused solely on Sailor Moon! Now was their chance to steal the crystal if only their bodies would obey! They could still save her! Near the school building, Chibi Chibi looked on in terror as her sister screamed in torment.

Star Fighter could not take anymore; she struggled to get free from Star Maker who still held onto her. "Stop!" She cried out, willing the light to subside, for Sailor Moon to be ok. Star Healer stood by, having released Star Fighter the moment Sailor Moon began shouting in pain, her own frightened eyes glued to Sailor Moon. Star Maker remained latched onto Star Fighter, not just to stop her sister from charging forward but to stop herself as well. They had seen this scenario countless times and it would never get easier. But they could not jump in. The only thing that stopped her was the thought that her mission was not complete. She focused hard on that thought, trying to block the screams, the despite cries of the others. She was failing.

A pink light gleamed from the top of Sailor Moon's head, glowing brightly. Red Crow was in awe of the warm shine pouring from the girl. "This is great." She breathed. With this, she would avenge her comrade. With this, she would put that ridiculous Tin Nyanko in her place. With this, all would be right with the world again.

Sailor Moon's screams had faded as she lost consciousness. A large shining silver crystal appeared suspended over her forehead; the Imperium Silver Crystal The source of Sailor Moon's life force. Her sailor form faded back to that of Usagi dressed in her maid outfit, still hovering only just slightly off the ground. Stark quiet reigned in the courtyard for only that moment. Red Crow, enraptured by the glow, started forward to take it. "I've never seen such a beautiful Star Seed. Siren, you were right." She whispered. "I have it."

A flash of yellow descended on the scene, striking Red Crow, throwing her off her feet and head first onto the ground. Caught off guard, she lost her grip the red crystal as it flew from her hand and shattered on the ground beside her. "Damn!" she cursed, quickly rising to her feet but could not move fast enough. The black hole was released, and she was already within its gravitational pull. She would not escape. The black hole spread across the ground quickly forming a large circle where its crystal had broken: its black energy already griping Red Crow's body and was growing larger by the minute. An annoying giggle filled the air.

Sailor Tin Nyanko appeared from behind Usagi, leaning nonchalantly against the tree, her arms crossed in front of her. "I see! This is what you meant!" She sniggered.

"Damn you!" Red Crow glared hatefully over the growing red and black mass, crackling with dark energy reaching out from it.

"I thought I could be your friend, but too bad." Tin Nyanko continued happily. Red Crow's arms were being sucked into the mass of energy even as she tried to futilely free herself. "I'll take the real Star Seed to Madame Galaxia so please don't worry." Tin Nyanko taunted.

Red Crow was not listening; she was too consumed with trying to extract herself. Am I going to die like this? Me? She thought fatally, frantically pulling on her arms only to be rewarded with a stronger pull forward and deeper into her doom.

Sailor Tin Nyanko watched on as the reality sunk in on her once comrade's face, her desperation turning to acceptance. "Goodbye." She viciously bid her for the last time.

Red Crow, eyes filled with tears, had only one final thought, one final regret. "Sorry Siren." She whispered before she disappeared within her own black hole.

Tin Nyanko stood for a moment longer, savoring her victory till the black hole inched closer to her. Suddenly aware of the encroaching danger, "It looks like the end if I don't take the Star Seed now!"

The other Senshi were galvanized into action. Nothing would stop them now. The black hole was unleashed; they could grab Usagi and run! There was no reason for her sacrifice now! Star Fighter, freed from Star Maker' s hold, gathered her energy and attacked Tin Nyanko intending to push her away from Usagi. "Star Serious Laser!" Her attack streamed straight at the enemy but was diverted and sucked into the black hole. "What?" She cried in disbelief!

"No good! As long as that black hold exists - !" Star Maker trailed off. Their attacks would not make it.

Terror gripped the Senshi. Sailor Jupiter struggled to her knees. "I won't let that happen." She ground out.

Sailor Mercury was regaining her strength. "That's right! I'm going to protect her!"

Tin Nyanko looked at the battered Senshi with cynicism; they were no threat. She ignored them and turned to take her prize only to find a small red headed child in her path.

"No!" The child proclaimed her feet set wide apart, her arm out to the side, blocking the way, an incense burner cradled in the other arm.

Oh great! A kid is trying to stop me! Tin Nyanko nearly laughed at the absurdity. This would be as easy as taking candy from a baby. "Go away." She commanded, readying to swat the child if she did not move at once. The child stood her ground.

"No!" Chibi Chibi shouted. Tin Nyanko was about to kick her when the two of them noticed the black energy had encircled Usagi.

"Chibi Chibi!" Chibi Chibi reached out for her sister, wanting to remove the black energy from her but was then caught in it herself. Tin Nyanko jumped away from the child quickly.

Chibi Chibi had only a moment to gasp before both she and the unconscious Usagi were swallowed by the black hole.

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