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Chapter 1: Moving Out and Back In Again


I stood at the door to the house I'd called home for the past three years. It hadn't been very eventful; yes, I would have rather have been with my best friend, my mum back home. But I'm not complaining. The first few months were bad, but I had Angela and Jake. Jake- my best friend. He would be the hardest person to say goodbye to. The person I would miss the most. If I stayed, he would eventually move on though. And where would that leave me. You can't put your life on hold for the sake of your best friend. I would know. Everyone lets you down in the end.

My goodbye with Charlie was short, very short. One or two tears were shed, I'm not really sure who by, probably not me- I was just eager to get out the door. This was a new chapter in my life, I was starting afresh. Not completely afresh, I would still have some unwelcome reminders of my past. My High School had managed to get six people in to Dartmouth. Alice Cullen and her boyfriend Jasper Hale. Emmet Cullen and his girlfriend Rosalie Hale. Edward Cullen, THE Edward Cullen. Of all the population of Forks, her was the least likely person I would have said to go to Dartmouth. He was the biggest player in the school.

Jake was giving me a lift to Dartmouth. I wouldn't be seen dead there with a car like mine. And however much I loved my old Chevy truck, this was the new Bella. The one who wasn't afraid to stand up for herself. So I was leaving my truck behind.

"Bella, lets go already. You know my Rabbit hates being left idle"

Jake already had his Rabbit up and running. The gas-guzzler was what he affectionately liked to call her. Of course he hadn't found this out until AFTER he put it together out of old scrap parts. It looked pretty good though. I couldn't have asked for a better ride! I would arrive at my new home in style; well, sort of anyway.


Jake woke me by tapping gently on my shoulder. It was a nice, peaceful way to be woken up. Usually the incessant ringing of my alarm clock woke me up. Wait a minute, why was Jake in my room? I was sitting in the back seat of Jake's rabbit. His head loomed over me, his arm gently prodding mine.

"C'mon Bells. Time to go! Lets go meet your roommate."

I groaned. Her name was Alice, which was all I knew about her. Hopefully she would be nice, but I wasn't counting on it. Oh well, if I didn't like her, I could always swap at the end of the year. It's not like I had to put up with her forever. So, with slow steps, I walked up to my room… only to go flying! Jake, his reflexes as fast as lightning, grabbed me just before I hit the ground. My roommate chose this minute to make an appearance.

"You must be Bella"

I groaned internally. (A/N: No prizes for guessing who) It was Alice Cullen.

"Wait a minute, you're Bella Swan! Oh we're going to be such good friends. And this must be your erm… boyfriend. I don't think we've met.

Oh crap, she had assumed from the way Jake was holding me that we were together. But I don't feel that way about Jake, about anybody in fact. Yet. Hopefully college would change that though. I stood up, unwrapped Jake's arm from where he had left it; around my waist!

"You haven't. This is Jacob Black. And he's not my boyfriend."

I said this so venomously Alice actually took a step back. Her face slipped for a second, before broadening back into its usual smile. Maybe I could get to like Alice, no matter who she was related to.

Alice grabbed my hand and dragged me inside.

"Right, which bedroom do you want? I thought that you might have a lot of stuff so I was going to give you the big one but from the look of your bag. It would take about 10 shopping trips to fill this room and we just don't have time. Not with all the people you're going to meet. Oh and we'll have to give you a COMPLETE make over. I mean look at you; you haven't even got any make up on. I mean round here that's practically a crime! Well at least in my books it is. Oh you just have to meet Rosalie, she'll love you. Well she'll love your hair any way. She just loves to style hair…"

I just let Alice twitter on as she grabbed my bags, leaving a shell-shocked Jake framed in the doorway. She sat me down in the room that she had obviously chosen to be mine. I liked it, the colour scheme wasn't too in-your-face and the wardrobe was inconspicuous in the corner.

"Rosalie and I will just have to get you a bigger wardrobe, I mean that one's so small you can't even see it. But from the amount of clothes you've got, I suppose that that's about right. I'll leave you alone tonight but tomorrow… well that's another story. Have you got a boyfriend? Is that why you were so offended about me calling Jake your boyfriend? Because if you haven't there are some really nice boys that I could set you up with. There's this one boy, Mike Newton, who would be absolutely perfect for you. Or Taylor Crowley…"

The list went on and on. She didn't even seem like she was going to stop soon. So I wasn't expecting it when she turned towards me.

"Bella, why are you so quiet. I mean if I'm blabbering you just have to tell me and I'll stop. I have a habit of going on and on. Edward says that I just love the sound of my own voice."

I shivered a little at the mention of Edward's name. Alice noticed.

"Are you cold. Sorry, I've been doing it again. Blabbering that is. I told you, you've got to stop me before I get into full swing.

"Erm Alice"

"Yeah Bella"

"You're doing it again"

She laughed. It was a beautiful sound. She was just as pretty as the rest of her family. A pixie-like face framed by dark, spiky hair. Yeah, she was very pretty. Just like the rest of her family who, now I was living with Alice, I would undoubtedly have to meet. Great!


"But Alice, it's only 10 o'clock!"

"Yeah but we've got to be up at 6 o'clock to get you ready for your first day of college!"

I groaned inwardly but reached to pull a t-shirt out of my suitcase. Then I noticed that Alice had already unpacked for me.

"Umm Alice, where's my stuff," I asked miserably.

"I threw it out"

"What?! WHY?"

"Because then you HAVE to get new stuff"

"But what will I wear tomorrow?" Oh god, I was dreading the answer.

"I'm sure we'll find you something"

"We," I asked, or maybe pleaded is the right word.

"Just Rosalie and I, no one special"

Damn that stupid pixie.



"Can I borrow a nightie?"