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Chapter 33: Their Happily Ever After


I was sitting on the couch with a blanket over my legs and an extremely battered copy of Wuthering Heights on my lap, Edward was upstairs somewhere, getting his 'surprise.' It had been fifteen years since Edward and I had married, and now that I had become more comfortable with the concept of 'what's mine is yours,' I was less reluctant to accept gifts.

Edward took advantage of this, frequently.

My latest gift was being palmed off as a 'late Christmas present.' It was January 3rd, so I refused to fall for that one. Unfortunately, I had swapped all rights to refusing gifts under 15 dollars in exchange for a back massage one time when I was pregnant. It may have been nine years since then, but Edward still holds me to it.

They say speak of the devil and he will appear, Edward arrived in the room carrying the biggest 15 dollar present that I'd ever seen! It was wrapped up, complete with a bow on the top and all; Edward snatched my book, ignoring my feeble protests and placed the parcel on my lap.

With trembling fingers I undid the bow, whatever was in here meant the world to Edward, I could tell from the glint in his eye. He had always been very withdrawn with his emotions, more hesitant to reveal his feelings to me on occasion. This was one of those times; he was reluctant to say how much this meant to him incase I didn't like it.

And that, made me very nervous.

I pulled off the last of the gaudy Christmas wrapping to reveal what looked to be a scrap book; I opened it to the first page, where I found, written in Edward's cursive script, the words 'First Memories.'

I quickly turned the page to find the picture the nurse had taken, at our eldest, Anthony's birth. Edward had had the picture blown up to fill the entire A3 scrapbook, and I could see clearly the expression of love and devotion on mine and Edward's faces as we gazed down on our little bundle of love.

The next page was comprised of the same thing, but instead with our two twins: Anna-Marie and Marianne. Edward had Anna, and I had Mary, and we were lying side by side on the narrow hospital bed gazing into each other's eyes. The expression on Edward's face hadn't changed over the years; he still looked at our children with the same utter adoration that he had portrayed at their birth.

The next page was filled again with Edward's beautiful calligraphy. He had carefully marked out the words: 'Our (Very) Extended Family.'

On the next page was an angelic picture of the Hale family: Jasper was standing there, tall and leonine with his arm wrapped around Alice. Next to Alice was her son Richard, beaming at the camera with Jasper's blue eyes and running a hand through his sandy blonde hair.

Richard may have been a carbon copy of Jasper, but William, their other son was a complete other story; he looked like Edward, and that was an understatement. The day he was born had turned into a complete catastrophe thanks to his unusual looks; upon seeing the baby for the first time, Emmett jokingly accused Alice and Edward of incest.

Alice was been transferred from maternity through to the ward, Edward was carrying her newborn baby William, while Jasper stood off to one side awkwardly. I had a feeling he wanted to hold the baby, but didn't want to interrupt Edward's bonding time with him. I sidled over to him, and smiled gently, as we stopped where Alice's bed was now parked.

'You want to hold him don't you?'

'I've already held him, it's ok, let Edward have a minute.'

'Edward's had at least half an hour by now, and he already has three children, this is your time to shine Jazz. Go ask for your baby back, Edward'll understand, I promise.'

There was a nurse standing off to the side, she had been making eyes at Edward for far to long, I was tempted to say something, but she hadn't tried anything… yet. I would wait until I had grounds to act upon, Edward always found my aggressive side ridiculously funny, although according to him it was 'sexy as hell' too.

Jasper approached Edward, and murmured something quietly in his ear. I walked over, curious as to what Jazz was saying. Edward shook his head, and looked reluctantly at Jazz,

'I'm bonding with him, you'll have plenty of time later.'

And Jasper snapped.

'Edward,' he growled, 'give me William right now, or I will not be responsible for my actions.'

I was fast, but the nurse was faster.

'Sir, I'm afraid you're going to have to step away from the child, don't make me call security,' her voice was as nasally as Lauren's was in High School, which I found ridiculously hard to believe.

'But that's my child!'

'Sure, explain why it looks like him then?' She gestured at Edward, before reaching for the radio at her waist.

'Security to ward 6 please'

Jasper stood there, his mouth hanging wide open, and gawped at the idiotic woman while Edward burst into laughter, sighing, I confiscated the baby, before he did something else stupid. I then proceeded to close Jasper's mouth again and deposit William back in Alice's arms, fortunately the new mother was still knocked out by the drugs they had pumped her full of, and had missed the entire exchange.

I turned to Edward. 'Your mess, you fix it,' leaving him to deal with the extremely unpleasant nurse. I meanwhile, went to get a cup of coffee from the cafeteria.

I chuckled softly to myself, and Edward, leaning over my shoulder, quickly put two and two together,

'That nurse was fowl! She would not believe us for the life of me. She just kept saying 'his eyes are green, and his hair is like a penny,' in the end, Jasper had to show her the birth certificate and his driving license in order to prove he really was the father, and then as soon as she found out that the baby wasn't mine, she started flirting with me! It was pathetic really, in a way I felt sorry for her.'

Giggling softly, I turned the page and my laugh became full-blown hysterics. Emmett and Rose's family picture was proudly displayed, and it could not have been different from Alice and Jaspers'. The entire McCarty brood was gathered outside their huge house: all 8 of them! Their children were in complete disarray, Juliet was sheltering behind Rose's legs as Ophelia brandished a worm balanced on the end of a stick at her; unfortunately Rose hadn't noticed, because their youngest, Sapphire, was busy playing in a puddle and Rose's 8 month belly was stopping her from picking her up. Charlotte was busy entertaining herself by running around with her pretty pink dress pulled over her head, and all that could be seen of Amelia was a nappy, as she crawled out of view of the camera. In the midst of all this stood Emmett, grinning like a madman, and wearing his fanny pack. Edward and Jasper never let him forget the day that he bought that, no matter how many times he pointed out its convenience.

Rose was currently pregnant with their last child, she had phoned us up one day, asking us to come round desperately. We had both known it was the day Rose was going in for an ultrasound, so when we heard the urgency in her voice, we assumed there was a serious problem and hurried over.

Rose was sitting at the table staring vacantly; it was obvious that there was something very wrong just from looking at her. There were new crayon drawings on the wall, and a bumper packet of chocolate biscuits lying on the side, empty.

There was a noise of crashing from upstairs, and a roar that sounded suspiciously like Emmett, but Rose didn't even raise her head.

We both hurried over to her, and enveloped her tall frame in a tight hug.

'Rose, it's ok, tell us what's happened?'

A thought suddenly occurred to me;

Rosie, shall I go get Emmett, won't he help?

'N no, he's pleased.'

Alice and I shared a horrified look, surely Emmett wasn't pleased that there was something wrong with his child, or at least that's what we were assuming had happened, what else could it be?

Nothing could make Rose this sad unless something had happened to one of her daughters, and this baby was already considered part of the family.

'Baby, things go wrong in pregnancy's all the time.'

'Don't you think I know that? I had all her clothes picked out and everything. It was all ready, and now, and now…'

Rose broke into loud sobs, hiccupping occasionally.

'We'll have to' hic 'go through it all' hic 'again!'

Alice tentatively asked, 'why is Emmett happy it you have to do it all again?'

'He doesn't care, he wanted this!'

Then something clicked within me, 'Rose, what exactly is wrong with your baby?'


Alice looked at me, looked at Rose, and then we both burst into laughter.

That had been hilarious; we had completely got the wrong end of the stick that day. Rose had cried even louder until we explained what had been going through our heads. Thinking about her baby being disabled made her take a good look at what mattered in life, and she quickly accepted that she was having a baby boy. Still, she was a little disgruntled that she would have to 'do it all again,' they had to repaint the baby's room, and buy all-new clothes. I offered Rose Anthony's old grows and stuff, but Alice insisted that no baby she knew would ever wear hand-me-downs.

I looked back at Edward, my sight blurry with tears, the present was more perfect then I could have ever imagined.

'Thank you, so much.'

I turned the next page, and the next; he had filled half the book with pictures from our lives that he had found. Each picture was special to us in some way, and he had put so much time and effort into this. It was phenomenal.

I reached the end of the photos and found that Edward had written 'To The Future,' there was a blinding flash and I looked up. Edward had one of those instant develop cameras in his hand. After a few seconds a picture had printed, Edward slid the book off my lap and on to his; he pulled a pen out of his pocket, and some sellotape. He secured the picture in the book, and wrote next to it:

My Love, Jan 3rd 2010

3rd Person:

It would take too long to tell you who fell in love with who, and how many children they had. Indeed, at family gatherings, Alice was the only person who could name every person there. Emmett had enough trouble keeping track of his own offspring, grandchildren was taking it a step too far. Suffice it to say…

And they all lived happily ever after.

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