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:] Now thats done this is a collection of mixed MOP stories that I'm putting together this is the first of many that hopefully I'll finish. Hopefully. The break line represents a change in POV not time or place- thats usually denoted by a change in paragraphs. But don't worry about it you'll catch on- we Tformers fans are a clever bunch right? Well except me.

This ones called: Survivors. Enjoy.

Hard sharp edges reflected the moonlight at the oddest of angles Optimus mused as he wandered the strangely peaceful streets of Cybertron that night. The Decepticons had quietened down; they were on the verge of a civil war and appeared to be more intent on fighting themselves rather than their true enemies the Autobots. Prime smiled gently, what with this war hopes were high for another golden age and Prime looked forward to it eagerly, it had been along time since he had last known peace. It was rumoured that some of the Decepticons had created a 'super weapon' of immense power, an Armageddon machine. Of course when Megatron had found out he had banned it from ever being used, after all what was the point of destroying your enemies if you died in the process? His minions however had an argument of their own: the Armageddon machine had one weakness: a type of shield that when put up could block the user (and others) from harm. Megatron however had stood firm on his decision; they had called him weak, foolish, a coward afraid of his, and their, own destiny. He had still not wavered. It was also rumour that these soldiers plotted to rebel- but this of course was all speculation and Optimus did not believe a word of it.

So instead he calmly made his way up to his apartment, got him self a drink and wandered peacefully out onto the balcony to take in the sharp, dark Cybertronian cityscape. He sipped his drink slowly enjoying the texture and flavour of the smooth moderately high grade Energon. He sighed, and gazed out watching the pale waxing moon as it began its ascent into the sky, just like Optimus used to wish he could, soar through the air, and feel it whip his face as he sped through the night air, like a God, like Megatron.

Something caught his eye. Something on the horizon, tinting the moon a deep shade of violet. It was a cloud, but not like any cloud Prime had ever seen. Especially on Cybertron. It hung so low over the ground it, in fact, was more of a fog and was moving quickly too, it had already covered the whole of the horizon and most of the neighbouring city. Even the tallest of buildings was swallowed by the strange fog. Optimus pouted slowly and his brow knitted in thought; surely, after all, if the fog was dangerous the neighbouring city would have set off an alarm, or called for help, or sent out a warning. Wouldn't it? To put his mind to rest he commed down to the main security office

"This is Prime to security, Prime to security come in."

A static muffled voice fuzzed back ~Prime this is security~

"Have you looked out the window? Have you seen the fog?"

~ Of course~ fuzzed the voice ~All security measures are being taken, we're raising the shields now. No need to be nervous Prime, everything's under control, we're sure it's harmless. ~

Optimus hummed silently to himself, he wasn't so sure but took their word for it "Thank you security, goodnight."

~Goodnight Prime. ~ Optimus sighed gently there was nothing more he could do, If they were taking all measures there was no help he could give by storming down there and making a fuss. So reluctantly Optimus wandered, seemingly aimlessly, back into his flat, placing the cube on a desk on his way to his berth. He reached over pressing the button that released the glass covering and climbed in, he was too tired to bother bathing tonight, he needed to sleep, to rest. Tomorrow would be a big day for him he was sure. He had a feeling.

The rust eaten skeleton of the colossal apartment building stood broke and dead against the dark sunless sky like a dying titan. It swayed ominously in the gentle breeze, creaking and groaning. It was the combination of the swaying and the noise that woke Optimus from his sleep.

Prime rubbed his optics blearily and reached up to push the glass case off of him. The first thing he noticed was the eerie silence, like a graveyard, or a tomb, the second thing was that the metal of the walls was peeling away and that all electrical items in the room had lost power. His reaction to this was to run to the balcony and look outside. He took a few steps over towards the balcony and stopped when the building beneath him groaned and heaved as it attempted to settle itself again. He waited until it had and then took a few more cautious steps forward. The huge building swayed more violently this time threatening to collapse so Optimus hurried quickly back the way he had came. The elevators were down so instead he hurried down the perilous broken stairs and out of the doors, the building behind him groaned once more and he threw himself to the ground as it collapsed in on itself. He got one last look at the dying structure before it fell and dust and shards of tiny metal blew up blinding him until he had to turn away.

Optimus lay on the debris covered ground as the dust around him settled, praising Primus for sparing him and thanking the universe for making sure the building had not chose to collapse on him. Prime screwed his eyes shut and didn't move maybe, he thought, if he lay still for long enough all of this would go away and he would wake up in his lovely recharge berth in his comfy room and this would have all just been an awful dream. So he lay there, he wasn't sure how long for no moon rose and there was no sun, just endless black cloud covered horizon as far as the eye could see, now and then was penetrated by the hulking, rusted shape of a still standing giant struggling for supremacy of the sky.

Prime lifted himself to his feet after what seemed like an eternity, he was hungry and needed to act, to formulate a plan. He would go in search of other survivors and as he went he would search for food, his digestive system rumbled at this. It liked the plan. So he set off down the nearest street.

Cybertron was like one giant ghost town. Rusted bodies littered the ground, so worn down they appeared to have lain there for an eternity. Prime couldn't help but gag as he looked down at the bodies of friends and fellow Cybertronians; he had had to keep up face before but now... Optimus screwed his eyes shut he had to stop allowing these things to bother him, to get to him so instead he struggled on picking his way through the rusted debris of the city calling out for survivors along the way. Most of the buildings were destroyed and there was no chance that their sleeping occupants had survived but finding the still intact ones was the hardest. Every time he closed his eyes he could see that same image how he'd called and called in vain and eventually broke down the door and rushed in, he'd thought there was a chance there was hope, he'd seen a light where there was none but the hardest part had been opening the door and seeing the sleeping face of a sparkling and knowing with horror that that sparkling would never wake up. Its rusted skeleton haunted his every sleeping moment; it had looked so peaceful so sweet. He'd known then that there was no hope, that he was alone. But he hadn't given up looking, each lonely heartbreaking moment he found another dead hope only pushed him harder, after all what if there was still someone out there, someone like him, looking for help and who was he to take that hope from them by giving up his own?

Scavenging was never high on Primes list of things he would like to try and yet now when scrabbling through shards of metal and waste in a desperate search for food he found himself too starved to care. He gave up searching through scrap and so had reverted to kicking in doors and rummaging through storage containers till he'd found what he needed. He'd even managed to collect a pack to carry his Energon rations in between city journeys. He still hadn't found any survivors. Though naturally a gregarious person he could live and survive well on his own and adjusted quickly, though the loneliness still nagged at him and brought him down he had a twisted kind of purpose that kept him going. Survive. So that's what he did he survived. He ate, he walked, he ate, he slept, he woke up, everyday was the same, new city, same destruction, same rusted buildings, same empty streets everything was the same. Always the same.

It was this continuous monotony that almost cost Prime his life.

It must have been dusk but Optimus wasn't really paying attention, he'd just reached the outskirts of Kaon. The rugged red skeleton of the city looked even more decrepit than he'd imagined it would. Dark brown swirling clouds that filled the sky sent scattered patches of light across the ground. No light could penetrate the deep shadows.

"Don't move." The rusted tip of a blade and a firm hand to his side woke Prime from his reverie. He recognised that voice. But it couldn't be. Could it? "If you have food give it to me. Move slow or I slit your throat." He didn't recognise him, then again that was understandable Prime could barely recognise himself under the masses of dirt and rust that now covered his once gleaming red fame. "Be quick about it, I don't have too much patience these days." Optimus gulped, and looked slowly down towards the cold, still visibly black metal hand at his waist, holding him firmly still. If only he could tell Megatron who he was, maybe he'd remember, maybe they could unite, help each other.

"Megatron," he felt the Decepticon go stiff behind him "Megatron please, think about this." The Decepticons gruff voice grated out again, suspicion colouring his tone

"How do you know me?" he growled, his fingers clenching more tightly, painfully on the Autobots side

"I'm sure if you took the time to look you to would know me." There was a pregnant pause as the Decepticon calculated the risks and benefits of taking up the mysterious mechs offer. His hand clenched and unclenched against the brown mech's side as he thought. Prime waited patiently. There was a final hum of thought from the Decepticon mech before he took his hand and blade away from the Autobot and took a cautious step back, watching carefully as his prey turned.

Optimus turned slowly so not to startle the Decepticon into action; he was not surprised when he saw Megatron's shocked expression. Well it was better than aggression. Optimus held his hands above his head at an attempt at a peaceful first impression, he watched as Megatron's eyes raked over him taking in the Prime's rough dirty appearance. His expression changed so quickly, shock, confusion, disbelief- anger. The Decepticons faced scrunched up and he snarled Optimus had barely enough time to react before the he was on top of him pinning him to the ground

"Priiiime!" he snarled, Optimus felt the familiar hot rush of adrenaline coarse through him as his fight or flee programming came on line but he forced it back, he had to remain calm, he needed to make peace with the Decepticon not fight him. Megatron's blood red optics searched his face for a few tense moments before a sudden rueful smirk spread across his beaten face

"It has been a long time." Optimus allowed himself a quiet relieved chuckle which Megatron laughed at before stepping back off of him and rising to his feet. Optimus watched from the ground as Megatron turned to look out across the horizon of the dark sky his optics suddenly bitter and thoughtful. He was somewhere far, far away and Optimus decided to not to leave him there. He sat up, propping himself up on his arms and coughed quietly to get the Decepticon's attention, Megatron looked down at him

"Still at my feet Prime? You'll have to stay there if you're not careful." He smirked, Optimus rose hastily

"I was just wondering why did you not search for food yourself?" Megatron let out a harsh bark of laughter

"It appears you're not as observant as I thought you were Prime! After all if you had been paying attention you would have realised there is no way I can hunt with this." Optimus followed Megatron's gaze down to the Decepticon's leg and was shocked, he hadn't even noticed! The lower half of the Decepticon's leg was mangled, all of the armour had been shredded and the core bone metal was ragged at the bottom where the ankle had been broken off. What was left was orange with rust. Optimus couldn't help his face twisting up with horror and disgust, Megatron chuckled again

"You truly are pathetic Prime." He smirked, Optimus gulped

"How do you..." he trailed off, it seemed impolite to ask but it appeared Megatron didn't care

"I hop. But I can't move far and not for long, I need assistance." Megatron frowned for a minute and Optimus wondered if he'd crossed the line " It is..." Megatron mulled over the words in his head for a short moment "...degrading." He frowned again and his lips pulled taut into a thin line. It was strange to Optimus how after so long without company every tiny movement was so... captivating. From the way the Decepticon's face creased up when he was in deep thought, to how the light reflected of his ruby optics even the gentle rise and fall of his chest as he breathed was mesmerizing. The more Optimus attempted to drag himself away from the sight the more he felt he could not resist the euphoric high he got every time he looked at this other living, breathing organism that stood before him

"Prime," came Megatron's gruff voice "Your staring at me and to tell you the truth it's scaring me so stop it." Optimus gasped as the spell was broken, he looked embarrassed up at the Decepticons quizzical, almost amused expression " I mean I know I am very attractive but there's no need to be that open about It." he smirked at Optimus's suddenly flustered face

"No! I! Its just- I!-" Megatron laughed his huge shoulders shaking as he watched the embarrassed Autobot put his foot in his mouth and then attempt to see how much of it he could fit, Optimus pouted as he realised the Decepticon was merely teasing him. Great nice one Optimus make a complete fool of yourself in front of your arch enemy why don't you he sighed mentally.

After a while Megatron's chuckles slowly died down and he was prepared to be civil once more, Optimus thought over the offer he had set up in his mind and how he wondered Megatron would reply. It was only after a while that he noticed Megatron staring at him thoughtfully, he smiled to himself under his mask

"What's your excuse?" he smirked, Megatron shook his head gently

"What?" Optimus smirk widened

"I mean, I am attractive Megatron," he grinned drawing out the Decepticons name mockingly "But you don't have to be that open about it." Megatron barked in response

"You think you're funny don't you Prime, but actually I was just wondering what you were thinking." Optimus was stung by the casual rebuff to his friendly joke but hid it well

"I was wondering... I f-I mean you don't have to accept- But I was wondering-" Megatron snorted impatiently

"Get on with it Prime!" He snapped

"I was wondering if you care to travel with me. Y'know for the company." Megatron snorted then casually answered

"No." And turned and walked away. Optimus couldn't help but be shocked and rather hurt, it took him a few minutes but eventually he gathered up a quiet little

"Why?" Megatron who had limped over to some nearby scrap and had his back to him snorted

"I don't need you Prime, I'm doing fine on my own... that and I just don't like you." Optimus just gaped

"You arrogant, pompous, self serving, selfish, self centred ass!" He couldn't control himself any longer, this was the final straw. Megatron turned to him his jaw hanging slack. He couldn't quite believe what he'd just heard

"What did you just call-"

"You heard me! You'd rather just sit here all on your own and DIE than put aside your self importance and come with me! You're such a pig!" Megatron's face had gone from shocked to offended to fuming during Prime's little tirade and was now bordering on murderous

"How dare you!" he roared reaching forward and clasping Primes throat tight in his hands. He shook him roughly

"How dare you speak to the Mighty Megatron in such a way!" any sane mech would have been running for his life after one look at his expression but Prime was too angry and too desperate to be sane

"Mighty Megatron! You're Pathetic! Who Do you rule over Mighty lord Megatron! Dust? Scrap! Are you Lord of the dead? Because there's no one else but us-and you most certainly don't rule over me." Optimus couldn't help but let venom creep into his voice even though he'd realised that the moment he had spoken he had crossed the line. Megatron stopped his whole face fell. He was... shocked. He hadn't known. Optimus felt Megatron's grip slacken and then finally fall away as the once mighty leader turned and slumped back down onto the scrap. There was silence. A heavy silence that choked the mechs.

"Megatron..." Optimus ventured stepping forward and raising a hand to rest on the Decepticon's shoulder in an attempt to comfort him but he decided against it and quickly drew away. Megatron didn't even flinch he just sat there silently, miserable. Megatron croaked quietly

"Are you sure? Are you sure were the only ones left?" the desperation in his voice so made Optimus want to lie, to tell him he was only joking and that everything was ok

"I've been checking the cities as I go. No one. I'm...I'm sorry." His own words sounded weak even to himself, he heard Megatron choke quietly

"No more Decepticons... No more Cybertron..." Megatron let out a quiet chuckle "Well Prime do you want to commit suicide or should I?" he laughed, a false laugh born of desperation and fear. Optimus smiled

"I'll kill you if you like." He laughed and Megatron laughed tiredly with him

"Yes," he said "I'd appreciate that. Now help me up it looks like a storms coming."

It was almost nightfall, well what was considered night but was merely now the darkest time of the day, by the time Prime and his new companion reached a safe place to stay- a base of operations so to speak. Most of the buildings and once safe structures above ground had been worn down by the environment and time and now most were unstable and dangerous however some structures were still safe. Like those that were built mostly underground such as: mines, sewerage systems, underground landing strips, aerial bays and underground storage units for ships and goods. It was in one of these storage caverns that Prime and Megatron found safety. Whilst outside acid rain thundered from the sky and incredible heat scorched the bare metal plains raising the temperature to unbearable levels, underground the temperatures remained cool and unchanged and though there was a high amount of humidity it compared to outside was a minor annoyance.

Optimus's hand fumbled blindly across the wall until he found what he was looking for and flicking the small switch the huge lights clicked on row by row. Megatron gaped; it was not like he hadn't seen a storage block before - he had- but so long ago, so, so long ago. The blinding lights filled the entire room from the huge gaping arched ceiling that seemed to never end to the ever so distant opposite wall that was so far away that Megatron could barley see it. The whole room itself was clinical, sterile white. Completely pristine, a strange contrast to the dirtied rough appearance of the two mechs themselves and the chaotic world outside. Optimus watched Megatron's startled and slightly awed expression for a few moments and smiled gently to himself, before humming to get the silver Decepticons attention and helping him to hobble over to a smaller adjoining room that was used for security night guards to rest in between shifts. Inside were two berths set out like bunks, one on top the other the bottom. Megatron hmphed disapprovingly to himself

"How quaint." He grumbled but Optimus ignored him, after all paying attention to him would only make him worse. He helped the tired grouchy Decepticon, over to the bottom berth and went to help him up but Megatron slapped his hand roughly away

"I do not need a baby sitter Prime, I can help myself into bed!" he snarled, it seemed that Megatron's good mood had left when the acid rain had set in. Optimus sighed he couldn't help him if he didn't want it, he shrugged

"Fine then," he said "look after yourself." Megatron growled and Optimus shook his head. Arrogant idiot. He climbed up the small ladder to the top berth and laid down listening silently as Megatron heaved himself onto his own bunk below him. The two lay in silence, too awake to sleep their minds to full of the realisations of the day and disbelief. Optimus heard Megatron chuckle quietly below him and frowned

"What's so funny?" he asked suspiciously, Megatron chuckled again

"I just can't believe it, that's all. I've spent my entire existence trying to destroy you and when I find the perfect moment- the moment in which I could finally rid myself of you I find I actually need you. I need your help Prime! I can't kill you! Ha! After all this I just can't kill you!" Megatron began to laugh, a deep rich sound that filled up the room, Optimus frowned

"I don't see what's so funny." He frowned

"No," chuckled Megatron "I suppose you wouldn't."

Optimus lay in the dark staring blankly up at the ceiling as he listened in silence to the slow heavy breathing of the Decepticon leader. It was calming, soothing to have another Cybertronian so close, to not be alone any more and yet Optimus couldn't help but have such a terrible sinking feeling. It was obvious Megatron was weak; he would not have gone to sleep so easily if he had been healthy and well. He would not have let his guard down. Optimus gave a heavy sigh

"What are you thinking about Prime?" maybe Megatron was not in a deep a sleep as he had thought, he smiled

"Nothing, go back to sleep." Megatron grunted and very soon the room was filled with the sound of his quiet snoring. Optimus smiled and rolled over onto his side hugging his legs up to his body and resting his head on one hand as he listened to the Decepticon breathe; he was very sure that soon it would lull him too to sleep.

Megatron grunted as he woke his bleary optics on-lining slowly. He was getting out of practice, for a soldier it was dangerous to wake so slowing, every second counted. But he was not a soldier now. Megatron looked around slowly and tipped his head back; Prime was standing in the doorway leaning gently against the frame and looking out into the vast hall beyond. Megatron watched the Autobots every slow, measured movement from the gently shifting from foot to foot to the cocking of his head to one side as he leaned more against the wall. Megatron smirked to himself, he never thought he'd see the day when the two of them could stand in a room together and simply watch rather than kill.

"I could help fix up your leg if you'd like." the Autobots quite voice broke the Decepticon from his self imposed stupor. Megatron's smirk became wider, so Prime had known he'd been watching the whole time. "I don't have to fix it all if you don't want, just patch it up." Prime's back was still to him.

"Yes," smirked Megatron "I could live with that." Optimus chuckled quietly before turning and walking over to where the Decepticon lay. Megatron watched him approach slowly; cautiously after all these years of fighting each other he couldn't help but be suspicious of the Prime. Optimus stopped once he was standing over the injured leg his hands hovered uncertainly above it. Megatron smirked, was Prime nervous? The Autobots hands came to rest lightly on his un-armoured femur. Megatron felt himself uncontrollably tense up at the gentle touch

"Are you okay?" Optimus turned to him sounding, annoyingly, worried

"Yes," he ground out snappishly "just- get on with it!" Optimus seemed stung but his grip on the Decepticon's leg became firmer. Megatron tensed again but this time Prime didn't pause his hands continued their exploration down to his shredded ankle and then back up to the Decepticon's knee joint, stopping now and then to probe small cracks, dents and old scars. The Autobots hands moved and twisted the joint at the Decepticons knee

"Tell me if this hurts." He mumbled seemingly engrossed in his work. Megatron didn't, he was too proud. But then the Autobot's hands didn't stop there they travelled up further, up the inside of his thigh and then round the joint that connected his leg to his hip. Megatron's breath caught in his throat. This was... weird. It wasn't like he'd never had a medical examination before it was just that it was Prime... and that made it seem almost ... wrong. And weird. Optimus's hands gripped harder on his leg and began to twist and dilate the joint; okay this was definitely not comfortable now. There was personal space- a personal bubble that others didn't enter and Prime had just kicked in the door and stormed straight in. Optimus leant closer and began to scrutinise the dark joint at Megatron's hip. Megatron off-lined his optics- watching was only making it worse. After a few tedious minutes the Autobot pulled away

"Don't worry," he said "This will only hurt a bit." Megatron grit his teeth tighter as the Autobot injected a light liquid into some of the tubing of his arm, he didn't even have time to protest before the darkness swallowed him.

Something hurt. Not a painful hurt, a numb hurt. The sort of hurt that let the Decepticon know he was alive and that the drug was wearing off. Stupid Autobot, not even warning him before injecting him with unknown fluids. It could have been anything for all he new, he could have died. Megatron grumbled to himself quietly as feeling slowly spread through his body; he onlined his optics slowly, Prime was sitting in a chair across from him in the small room. The lights were dimmed and only the gentle glow of Prime's optics lit his face. Megatron lifted himself up on his elbows to inspect his leg; it was braced by two huge blueish grey metal strips that were nailed to his leg keeping them in place. Prime had also fashioned a make shift foot out of scrap and what looked like... no... he wouldn't, not even Prime would have been that stupid! Megatron turned to inspect the Autobot again- he had- the stupid, sympathetic Autobot had fixed the Decepticon's leg and foot with some of his own armour! And by the looks of it some of his own foot! No wonder the Prime's optics were so dim, he must have been in excruciating pain. Megatron nearly laughed. Idiot. The weak blue light of the Autobot's optics turned up to look at him

"Ah," he croaked "You're awake."

"No thanks to you! You insufferable Autobot scum!" Optimus gave a weak laugh

"No thanks needed. Glad you're in such a good mood." Insufferable Autobot and his good natured ness, bet he's feeling great about himself right now. All holy and special. Stupid red prat. Fixing me with bits of his leg- I ask you!

"You'd never make it as a Decepticon you know." He grumbled, Optimus chuckled weakling again

"I think that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me." Megatron scowled, pathetic, the Autobot couldn't even get being wound up right! He snorted. The Autobot's optics turned down again and then off-lined, his breathing became heavy as he fell into a gentle recharge. Megatron huffed to himself and then turned to look up at the ceiling. He thought for a minute before he too was consumed by sleep.

Optimus wheezed gently as he brought his head up again to look at the unconscious Decepticon; maybe he'd given him a stronger dose than he'd thought, he sure was taking his time waking up. He looked down at his own self mutilated foot once more. What was he doing? The Decepticon didn't deserve such mercy. Megatron didn't deserve such mercy. What had possessed him to do such a thing? Optimus sighed heavily and looked back up at the unconscious Decepticon. His face was so soft, so peaceful, it held none of the bitter anger that he'd seen so many times when they spoke or fought. What had Megatron been- who had Megatron been before the war? Was that person still under there? Trapped by the anger and hatred that appeared to consume the Decepticon. Optimus's eyes screwed up into small slits and he rubbed them tiredly. The pain was wearing him down. He should really rest. He looked up at the Decepticon; he would rest... as soon as Megatron woke up.

Optimus's optics onlined slowly, it was still dark and Megatron's gentle breathing meant that it was only early. Optimus lifted himself up painfully from his chair and gingerly put down some weight on his bad foot. Ah! Prime tilted his head back and grit his teeth as burning pain shot up his leg like spikes. He could barely contain his cry of agony and quickly lifted the weight off his leg only to fall back into the chair. He was glad Megatron was asleep and so hadn't seen him so weakened. Optimus could only imagine what it had been like for the Decepticon leader- all that time! And he could barely handle it now. He hung his head in shame

"Self pity won't help you walk Prime." Optimus looked up shocked Megatron looked back up him thoughtfully "I learned that a while ago." Optimus was silent and shame spread through him again at his weakness. Megatron seemed to think for a while "I would wait a while let your body heal up and replace the parts of your foot and leg. It will take time but it seems we have plenty of that." Optimus looked up at the Decepticon; Megatron had swung his legs of the side of the bed and was hopping from one foot to the other "You did a good job Prime- for an Autobot." Optimus smiled weakly

"You can walk?" Megatron smirked

"This pain is less than I have been dealing with lately, I can handle it. I'm not weak like you Prime." It seemed Megatron's moment had ended. Optimus sighed and the Decepticon's smirk grew wider at it.

"Now," he said "I'm going for a walk, don't go wandering off with out me!" Megatron laughed at his own cruel joke as he disappeared out of the door. Optimus stuck his tongue out immaturely after him; he was too tired to argue.

Optimus was sure it had been hours since Megatron's departure and he was about to go into another word for word rendition of an old Cybertronian song when Megatron sauntered victoriously back through the door

"Where have you been?" Optimus frowned, he was not a suspicious mech but with Megatron around it was a handy trait to have. Megatron scowled

"None of your business!" he snapped "And what-may I ask- have you been doing while I've been busy?" Optimus held up his head proudly

"Singing Primus's praises." Megatron burst out laughing; Optimus scowled "What?" He had always been a proud follower of Primus and now Megatron dared laugh at him for it?

"Awww!" Megatron said smirking as he put on a mock baby voice "Was little Oppy a Primus's choir boy!?" Optimus pouted and puffed up his chest out a little more

"Yes." He said defensively. This only made Megatron laugh harder

"You... you really think!" he could barely speak without laughing "You really think Primus cares about us? Ha!" his laughter belied the serious nature of his words "Primus-my Autobot friend-has abandoned us! He doesn't care about us! The only person you can rely on to save you now is yourself Prime. Not me, not your 'precious Primus' just yourself- get used to it." He turned his back to the Prime and placed some things down on his berth where Optimus could not see them "Because its not gonna change."

Optimus laid back as much as he could on the small chair, he sighed deeply. It was night and Megatron was deep in sleep once more so Optimus was alone. More alone than he'd ever been before. Megatron's words had struck a chord in Prime and his strength of belief when it came to his god was weakening. In a world as grim as Megatron's, with no hope or faith, Optimus wondered what kept him going; what force kept the Decepticon going when things looked hopeless? Was it his unquenchable thirst for life or power? Or his fanatical dreams? Or was it something more... something that in his many years knowing the Decepticon had so far managed to elude him? Maybe the Autobot did not know his Decepticon counterpart as well as he thought. Optimus hummed to himself as he turned to gaze at the sleeping Decepticon maybe... maybe this was his chance... maybe now he could peel away the layers.... maybe now he could finally see the Decepticon-the real Megatron for what he was. For what he had once been. For what he would be now.

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