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Megatron bounced up and down in Prime's arms as he walked. Today was an exciting day. The day he was finally let out of the medbay. Megatron cooed to himself. It was nice to be outside but did all of the walls have to be orange? Really? He sighed. He'd have to fix that later. Somebody needed to. The two huge doors fizzed open and Optimus stepped into the biggest room Megatron had seen yet

"And this is the rec-room." Optimus smiled

"Wek-oom." Optimus smiled delighted about how quickly the little Sparkling picked things up

"You're very smart for your age, and you know that don't you." Megatron smiled innocently. Oh yes. He did know that. In fact, he glanced round the room; there were a few in the room whom he far surpassed in intelligence. Megatron smiled back up at his Ophy and Optimus smiled back unknowingly. Ah the innocence of youth, smiled Megatron. So naive. Optimus looked up and glanced around the room

"Prime!" called a voice, Optimus smiled and strolled over. Jazz, Bluestreak, Trailbreaker and Hound were at a table sitting on a padded crescent seat. Optimus shuffled in onto the end and sat Megatron down on his lap. Megatron looked up at all of the mechs around him in wonderment. There were so many! And they were so many colours! And sizes! A black and white one looked down at him and smiled. Megatron supposed he must have lost his eyes because he seemed to not have any. Just shiney blue. Megatron blew a bubble.

Jazz grinned down at the sparkling "He's quite cute for an evil little scrapper." He smiled and cooed. Megatron looked at him bemusedly and Optimus chuckled. Jazz grinned down at the sparkling and made some baby noises; Megatron gasped excitedly and began to chitter to him happily. He like the shiney face one. Jazz laughed and scratched Meg's head. Megatron purred. Trailbreaker and Hound leant across the table. Bluestreak peered round Jazz and his face lit up

"Ooh!" dread filled Megatron at the sound of this new ones voice. For some strange reason his ears were already hurting "He's sooo cuuute!When they told me I couldn't quite believe it!Megatron!A sparkling!A miracle surely it must be!Well a Wheeljack made one!Hahahaa!And I never expected you to be so small!Especially since how big you were before- I mean wow! You were so huge! And big and scary!Wow!Were you scary!" It was one long never ending sentence! Megatron made a pitiful whining noise. He looked up at Optimus who was grimacing. Optimus looked down at him and pulled a face. Megatron pointed down and made a pleading noise

"Dun." Bluestreak still hadn't stopped talking.

"Down?" asked Optimus, Megatron nodded furiously

"Uh huh." Optimus placed Megatron down on the ground and mumbled a miserable 'Lucky little git' under his voice as Megatron began to crawl away. Megatron looked over his shoulder and grinned before planting his aft down in the middle of the room. He then immediately shoved a finger up his nose. Luckily Optimus wasn't looking. He pulled his finger out and looked around, damn! Now what was he going to do with it. He caught sight of a little red mech sitting at a table. He crept sneakily across the short space and then planted his aft down on the floor at the mechs feet. He looked around and whistled inconspicuously as he craftily leant across and wiped his finger up and down the minibot's leg. He turned and looked around the room, Slag! Ophy was looking right at him! He'd been caught! For a second Meg's truly thought that Ophy would turn him in. He even raised his arms in a sign of surrender. That was until he realised Prime was laughing. He was trying to hide it, but wasn't succeeding. The others at the table were looking at each other in confusion. Meggy scrambled up onto his hands and knees gave a cry of

"Decon's retreee!" and began to scurry over towards Optimus as fast as he could. Cliffjumper looked down at the little running Decepticon and then down at his leg

"Hey!" he cried and surged out of his chair. Optimus did the same and scooped Megatron into his arms and then sat down again, placing him on his lap

"Is there a problem Cliffjumper?" smiled Optimus innocently, on his lap Megatron also smiled- just as innocently. Cliffjumper was fuming

"He!" he cried and pointed accusingly at the sparkling, Megatron mouthed a shocked 'Me!' "He! He wiped! Uggh! He wiped a bogey on me!" Optimus looked down at Megatron in mock horror

"You didn't, did you!?" he cried. Megatron shook his head "Well," said Optimus decisively "It appears he didn't."

"What!" cried Cliffjumper disbelievingly "but the evidence is right on my leg!"

"Well he says he didn't do it so..."

"You...You would believe Megatron over me!" Optimus laced his fingers

"What with the amount of times you have accused people of being traitors and what not- and have been incorrect I fear I must take his side." Said Optimus gravely, a murmur of agreement was heard from the other side of the room- suspiciously in Mirages direction

"But you saw him! He was right there! He was running away!" Cried Cliffjumper desperately

"What I saw was insubstantial evidence Cliffjumper- now don't make me warn you again." He said sternly. Cliffjumper sighed in defeat and then walked out. Grumbling to himself the whole way. The moment the door closed behind him the whole room burst into a fit of laughter. Even Optimus gave a booming laugh. Megatron gazed up at Optimus with a whole new level of respect in his eyes. The way that he had manipulated Cliffjumper was amazing! Twisting things around so that Cliffjumper looked as though he was in the wrong! And blackmailing him with past events and threats! Megatron was especially impressed with the way that Optimus had used his position of power to control Cliffjumper and the argument! Megatron gave a cry of delight and wrapped his arms around Optimus as far as they could go and squeezed him in a tight hug. There was a quiet awe from around the room except from Sunstreaker and Sideswipe who were still sore from before and Prowl who just plain disapproved of the whole thing and refused to be moved by such a sweet sight. Optimus chuckled and hugged the sparkling back. There was another quiet 'awe' from their audience, a huff from Prowl and a growl from Sunstreaker. Megatron fell backwards into Optimus lap, yawned and stretched

"I think that's enough excitement for you today little fella." Smiled Optimus as he scooped him up and rose form his seat "Time for bed I think." Megatron groaned and whined. He didn't want to go to bed! He wanted to stay and party! Optimus just chuckled at the weak grumbles of the Decepticon "Don't grumble," he smiled "You need your beauty sleep." Megatron groaned. He didn't need beauty sleep, he was already beautiful- Ophy on the other hand. Megatron whined. Oh fine! He thought- I'll go, but just because you need your beauty sleep. And you won't be able to sleep with out me there to defend you. Sighed Megatron. Children. More trouble than they were worth.

Optimus lay the Tiny Tyrant down on the berth and then crawled in beside him. Megatron rolled onto his side, facing away from Optimus and curled up offlining his optics. Behind him Optimus rolled over, back and forth fitfully. Megatron made a groaning noise and rolled over. He placed a little black hand on Optimus's uncovered face. His optics still offline.

"Shhhh." He cooed and dragged his hand soothingly down the Prime's face, Optimus's face creased up "Shhhh." Cooed Megatron and stroked the Prime's face 'gently' in an attempt to sooth his fitful sleeping. "It's okay," he cooed "I'm here." Optimus moaned in his sleep and went silent. He stopped moving and went still.

Slap. Slap slap. Optimus groaned and onlined his optics. Megatron slapped his palms down on Optimus's cheeks and made a whining noise

"Uhh! Uhh!" Optimus groaned again

"Not the most gentle awakening I've ever had." He sighed. Megatron frowned I'm not here to be gentle! Though it does appear that due to your terrible service I am to be hungry! Optimus groaned and rolled over. Megatron rolled his optics Must I do everything around here? He sighed Incompetents. All of them! The Tiny Tyrant crawled from Optimus's shoulder and onto the bedside table before lowering himself of the edge gingerly. His tiny pedes wiggling in the air momentarily before he dropped to the ground. A deathly silence filled the room but Optimus didn't stir. Megatron sighed in relief and made his way towards the door at top speed. The door fzzed open at his approach and he quickly scurried out. Fools did they think they could hold the mighty Megatron! He laughed maniacally (well as manically as a sparkling can) and hurried off.

Megatron approached the door to the rec-room with a caution. So far he had encountered no one but then he did not wish to press his luck. The door opened and the sparkling hurried inside, hiding under a table so that he was obscured from view. Now smirked Megatron To claim my prize...The sparkling stood up on his wobbly legs and tottered across the room as fast as his jelly legs could carry him before dropping back onto his bum and crawling the rest of the way. A cursed balance systems! He grumbled. Megatron had reached the pace of food consumption and gathering AKA the bar. He reached up his tiny hands grasping towards the heavens- and the high grade stock above

"Ugh! Ugh!" He bounced a little on the balls of his feet but was still to short Damn stubby limbs-

"Uh uh uh," chided a voice and a pair of hands scooped up the Tiny Tyrant. Megatron reached desperately for the High grade but his captor was walking away

"Noooooooooo!" wailed Meg's Damn you retched Autoscum! Megatron folded his arms across his chest and was silent the whole way back.

The white and red shouty mech placed Megatron down on a berth. The sparkling instantly went to rise but the mech quickly sat him down again

"No," he said "While you're in my Med-bay you do as I say. You understand? So sit there and don't move- and don't touch anything!" Megatron pouted and fixed the shouty one with his darkest scowl "Don't even think of getting into a scowling match with me little fella, I've had more than 9 million years worth of practice than you have so you'd better not even try it." Megatron did. Megatron scowled. The shouty man scowled. Megatron scowled. It was a scowling duel to the death. Who ever gave up now was to be cast out as an exile from the world of scowling. They were to be- Megatron gave up. The shouty man had been right. He was much scarier. Megatron sighed, he was ashamed. His scowl had been no match. The man was a master. The shouty man smiled

"Don't worry ugly," he smiled and patted Megatron on the head "I'm sure when you're my age you'll be just as angry looking- maybe even more!" This cheered Megatron up greatly, he was right. Shouty man did have the advantage of years. Megatron decided that shouty man needed a new, shorter, name as shouty man was a bit of a mouthful. He tapped is chin in thought. Rarrh, he would call him Rarrh, it was shorter and was also the noise shouty man often made- perfect! Megatron cackled he truly was a genius. Rarrh gave him a look over his shoulder but then turned away again.

Just then Megatron noticed something shiney across the berth. Making sure that Rarrh was suitably distracted he hurried towards it. Megatron plonked his aft down next to it and lifted it, holding it against his chest. Wow was it shiney- and heavy too!

"Hey!" cried Rarrh charging over "That's mine!" The big mech pulled at it "Let go!"

"Nah ah!" said Megatron and held on tighter

"Let go! That's my wrench!"

"NAH AH!" cried Megatron louder. It was a simple rule: If it was in his hands it belonged to him- and to the Pit with it if Rarrh thought he could break that rule!

"Give it!" growled Rarrh menacingly

"Nah ah!"

"Give it!"

"Nah ah!"

"Give it to me!!!" Optimus frowned

"Ratchet," he said slowly "Why are you fighting a Sparkling?" Ratchet looked at him, a hopeless look on his face

"He stole my wrench....." He said pitifully


"Eh solh mah shini!" Optimus frowned and nodded

"Right..." he said "I think I'll leave you to it." And then he hurried out

"Give it!"

"Nah ah!"

"Hey Optimus!" cried Bumblebee as he bounded into the Ark. He instantly held his arms out to be lifted and hugged, Optimus turned and Bumblebee froze on the spot. Optimus was already cuddling someone else

"Hello Bumblebee," beamed Optimus "I take it your road trip was good?" Bumblebee's eyes widened as it clicked who the little grey sparkling in Optimus's arms was

"Is... is that Megatron!?" Megatron gave Bumblebee a disapproving look, he was deeply unimpressed.

"Ahhh." Said Optimus "I forgot that you didn't know. Well I suppose it is kind of Megatron."

"That's Megatron!" cried Bumblebee, just then Spike came charging in

"Hey! Wait up Bumblebee!" He stopped just next to the startled yellow Beetle and caught his breath. "Hey Bee," he panted "What'cha lookin' at... Wow! Is that a real Transformer baby?!" The human beamed, Optimus smiled patiently

"Yes Spike- A sparkling." He held Megatron out slightly "Would you like to see him?"

"Would I!"

"No!" cried Bumblebee suddenly, Spike looked up at him curiously

"What's the matter Bee?"

"That's no sparkling! That's Megatron!"

"What?" cried Spike, Bumblebee's brow furrowed and his expression darkened

"I bet he's just pretending to be a Sparkling so that he can trap and kill us! You should get rid of him now Optimus!" he cried and held out his arms "I can drop him off at the Con base if yah want Optimus!" Spike looked between the two mechs curiously. Megatron just sneered

"No." Said Optimus "Megatron is not a Sparkling by choice. I f you give me some time Bumblebee, Spike," he nodded at the human "I can explain exactly what happened. However I must tell you that whilst Megatron is staying with us he will be under my express protection so if anything were to happen to him or if anyone was to hurt him they would have to answer to me. Understand?" Bumblebee nodded sullenly . Optimus crouched down next to Spike and held the sparkling out to him. Megatron frowned at him

"He's really tiny!" smiled Spike "Well," he said "For a Transformer that is." Optimus chuckled; Megatron frowned again and then casually- sneezed on him.

"Uggh!" cried Spike as Megatron's nose exploded onto him. He fell back and landed on his butt. Spike wiped a hand across his face "Eww..."

"Megatron!" cried Optimus, Megatron smirked victoriously as Optimus rose to his full height once more "I'm so sorry Spike. He must be catching a cold." Bumblebee growled at Megatron as the sparkling was lifted up into the air. Megatron snarled back and stuck out his tongue in the little yellow bots direction.

"That was gross..." mumbled Spike still wiping at his face. Bumblebee's scowl grew darker

"Don't worry Spike," he said "He won't be here for long."

Dundun duhh! Whats Bee got planned for poor Meggy!?

Oh no! Ratchet's going to tutor Meg's in being grumpy! Poor Twins!-Two Ratchets! AHHH!!