He wasn't moving, just staring intently at the struggling man. She watched the clock tick down, 3…2…he still wouldn't move. Her voice was hoarse, and she was no longer thinking. She had to save him. At the last second, she ran in front of Jane, knocking him as far out of the way as she could. They both ran as fast as they could until…BOOM. They went flying. The last thing she saw was the pavement rushing up to meet her, and then the world went black.

She woke to someone persistently shaking her. Has to be Jane, she thought to herself. Can't he see I'm sleeping? Hold on a sec, why was she sleeping? "Lisbon," he was saying, "Lisbon, wake up. Please, Lisbon." There was unmasked fear in his voice. She shifted, noticing that she was cradled in his arms, making her blush. She opened her eyes. Nothing. She closed and opened them again. Nothing. Jane felt her tense. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"Jane?" she said, making his name sound like a question. "Jane, I can't see!"