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Random Pokemon Lemons
Why Cosplaying is Dangerous

"Hello?" the girl asked, walking into the Solaceon daycare, calling out.

The lady at the counter looked up at her, and did a double take.

She was wearing a long white dress, her hair green, falling a little across her face, red spikes jutting from her back and in-between her breasts. Her skin was green. In short, she was a practically perfect replica of a Gardevoir. But looking closer you could see that she wasn't. She was a little taller than a normal Gardevoir, by maybe half a foot, and not stick-thin like the psychic pokemon were. She was also wearing a pouch at her side.

"That's a simply amazing costume, miss Natalie." said the receptionist, looking closely, breaking into a smile.

It was just about obvious that the gardevoir was in fact a fifteen year old girl, wearing hair dye, skin paint and a very good costume.

"Thank you!" she said. "It's for a fancy dress party. Me and a friend are both doing the same thing, we're going as pokemon and our pokemon are going as humans! Of course, I need my Rhydon back first."

"Of course! He's been here, almost a day now. 600, that'll cost."

Natalie nodded, reaching into the pouch and bringing out a wad of notes, passing them over.

"Would you like me to go and get him?" the receptionist asked.

Natalie shook her head.
"No, I'll get him. Thank you!"

She walked through a door next to the desk, walking into a deep, dry forest.

Rhydon was her only pokemon, a gift from her cousin, meant to be a safer pokemon, a Skitty. But the egg had hatched, Natalie had insisted on keeping him and becoming a trainer. She had managed it only with Rhydon, who had turned out to be undersized, a blessing in disguise when he was found to be lighter and faster than most, yet just as strong. His size was very much smaller than most Rhydon, only five feet tall, the same as an average Gardevoir, half a foot shorter than Natalie. She had left him at the daycare while she prepared for the party she was going to.

She was having some trouble finding him again, in fact. In this forest it was hard to see, and easy to trip over. Fortunately there was nothing dangerous here.

She heard a noise behind her. She just had time to turn around and see Rhydon as he pushed her onto the forest floor. She gasped in surprise, his paws holding her hands onto the floor as he lowered her head towards her legs, his still horn tearing through her dress as he pushed it through the material, all the way up to her breasts, revealing an incredible level of detail on the paint, and a black string holding the red horn between her breasts. She was wearing nothing under the dress.

She didn't say anything, not really believing what was happening until she felt Rhydon's rock hard cock push into her cunt. Then she screamed as it entered her, unyielding, its amazing hardness so painful she could barely see. Then the screams changed as it transcended pain and he pushed deeper, as deep as he could go, before pulling out and thrusting in again. The rough, stony surface of his dick pushed her further, almost pushing her over the edge, as she started to moan loudly.

One of his paws came over to caress her breasts, his hard paw touching her nipples, circling it gently as he pushed into her hard and fast. It was too much.

She came.

He carried on, faster and faster and eventually cumming as well, a loud roar.

He pulled away.

Rhydon started to gather himself together, and he noticed that something was wrong. This Gardevoirs hair was falling out of its normal style, into what looked a lot like his trainer Natalie's style. Also, she was a bit tall, and not really thin enough. And that horn looked like fabric.

He realised, giving a keening cry of apology and nudging her gently with his head.

She got up, onto her knees, and looked him in the eyes as he recoiled, apologetic.

She put her mouth over his cock, loving the feel of the hard stony skin in her mouth, running her tongue over every single part of it as Rhydon flinched from surprise and pleasure.

She stopped, sitting backwards and lying down again, her legs spread open.

Rhydon didn't move.

She sat up, looking meaningfully at his cock, and then at her wet cunt, before lying down again.

Rhydon broke into a smile.

* * *

"Hey Natalie." said a boy, dressed as a Rhydon, a Gardevoir dressed as a human, a long hairstyle and a skirt included, accompanying him. "Great costume!"
"Thanks, yours too." said Natalie. "You have no idea what this costume has been through. I had to sew it up an hour ago…

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