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Love Like Poison

Cassie shivered badly in the cave. This was not going as planned, not at all.

Cassie had long brown hair, brown eyes, a blue t-shirt and a short red skirt.
Definitely not enough clothing for the Seafoam islands, but she thought it'd just be in, catch Articuno, out…
She was sitting on the cold rock floor, holding her legs close to her body. There was a blizzard outside-and her flyer hated ice.

"Sev…" said her pokemon mournfully from beside her.
He was Apophis, a Seviper.
He was desperate to do something to help, anything!

You could almost see a lightbulb appear above his head.

Gently, he wrapped himself around Cassie, squeezing her slightly, his coils all but encasing her curled up body.

She smiled.
"Th…thank you…" she managed to say.

Apophis hissed in admonishment, clearly asking her to save her energy.
There was quiet in the small cave, apart from the noise made by her shivering.

Apophis have a worried hiss, and slipped off of her, leaving briefly.
She stared at him quizzically when he returned, clutching a pile of damp wood in his tail.

He laid it down next to her.
Opening his mouth, he spat a ball of fire at it, setting it alight.
She understood, at last, and smiled.
"Good use of a TM, right?" she murmured.
He hissed again, and curled around her once more.

She was starting to get better, but… not enough.
She was still shivering.

Apophis was still worried.

He'd made enough heat to stop her temperature from dropping. But to be safe he needed to give it a large boost so it stayed high instead of low.

There was only one thing left to do, something that made a huge amount of body heat.
He stared straight into her eyes, feeling guilty already, giving her a pleading look.

She didn't understand.

He stretched out his head to find her bag, searching within it for a pouch he knew contained a large crop of Pecha berries, and bringing it out to give to her.

He nudged her, until, looking at him quizzically, she ate them.
Then, he used Attract.

There was no resistance from the girl as he slipped the back half of his tail into her clothes, carefully keeping the blade from touching her, but allowing his cock to slide into her.
She moaned.

He closed his eyes.
"I hope she'll forgive me…"

He thrust viciously, breaking her hymen and going deep into her. She screamed with mixed emotion, and he gave a hiss of pleasure himself, forgetting for a moment why he was doing this, before it came back.

But he had to continue.

It wasn't just because it was necessary. He'd loved her, ever since the day she'd caught him, long ago. Her eyes sparkled, her hair shone, her face a wonder, her body a delight, curving like that of a snake.

He hadn't really tried to stop her catching him, that first pokeball 'getting lucky'.

He had been ecstatic to find she was a wonderful person, funny, friendly, optimistic, with a slight streak of perversion.

But he would never have moved first, if it hadn't been necessary.

She was screaming her pleasure aloud, forgetting everything around them, as Apophis moved faster and faster.

Unconsciously, he was scraping his tail blade along the ground next to them, blunting its edge.

The fabric of her panties broke from the end of his tail moving around, and he winced. She was going to be cold… and she didn't have any spares, either.

He came with another hiss, prolonged, and pulled out without thinking, sliding his tail along her body, bringing his tail blade-now utterly blunted-to her entrance.

He froze for a moment.
"I might as well enjoy myself." he though sadly. "She's already going to hate me."

He didn't think to just look at her face, where the expression of rapture caused by Attract had gone-and a new expression, all but the same, had reappeared.

He slid the blade in, its all but frozen width stretching at her, making her yelp and howl with pain, and pleasure.

Seviper made a low hiss, the nerves of the blade alight with fire from her warm skin, sliding deep into her.

The venom on the blade was getting to her.
Countered by the pecha berries, its danger was utterly negated. The burning pain of the poison was not present.

But the cool, tingling sensation that spread through her veins, making every nerve in her body dance with ecstasy, the opposite sensation, normally blocked by pain, yes, that was there.

She came, overwhelmed by the wonderful 'toxin', the cold edge of the blade, and the simple pleasure of Apophis' cock.

The Seviper sighed as he slipped his blade out, and wrapped himself tighter around her, encasing her body completely, save for her head, his eyes shining on her shoulder.

He sadly went to sleep, for what he was sure would be his last night with his love.

* * *


The Seviper opened his eyes.
Cassie was already awake, still sitting happily inside his coils. She was warm, and the blizzard had died out.
He'd done it, at least…

"You saved my life… and to do it you…" said Cassie slowly.
"I'm sorry…" said Apophis sadly, hissing. She couldn't understand his words, but she got it by the way his head lowered.
"Silly boy…" she murmured. "Why do you think I bought you with me, when I have a fire type? Why do I have you curl around me at night, rather than use a bed? When I do use one, why do I bring you to lie in the bed with me, so I can sleep soundly? I love you, silly snake…"

Apophis didn't register the words quickly enough.

By the time he managed to look up, Cassie's lips had already reached his mouth to kiss him.

"Say, Apophis…" she said slowly when they broke apart for air. "I'm a little cold…"
Apophis looked worried.
"Especially around my… you know…" she grinned.

Then he understood.
Seeing his expression, she laughed.
"And we've got the rest of the islands to explore later…"

* * *

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