Well, hello. It's been a long time. I'm a girl now, if people missed that. I haven't written much recently, and I haven't written porn in three, four years. God willing, this will start both those things off again. This is largely based on a picture. I'll give a way to find the picture at the end.

Random Pokemon Lemons


The small village of Cumalea, deep in the western mountains, had been prosperous for many years. Protected from bandits, dangerous wild pokemon, small difficulties smoothed away, and lives made just a little bit easier. 'Such a wonderful period of good fortune can't be natural', many had argue, and the inhabitants of the town would cheerfully agree with them.

Their blessings stem from the Goddess on the mountain, they will explain. Their protector, their patron, their most beloved saint.

Most outsiders believed she was probably a pokemon, an old psychic type. The villagers insisted she was nothing less than a deity.

But one morning, a young girl, precocious, and old enough to ignore everything she was told, started to climb the mountain, to seek out their patron. The girl in question was named Katie, and she was tall, with long brown hair, a lithe figure, slightly above-average breasts, and green eyes that tended to say nothing more than 'Oh yeah?'

Today, Katie wore a short black skirt, compromising between the realities of climbing and her dislike for pants, and a plain, serviceable top. After all, she wasn't going on a date here.

She climbed halfway up the mountain when it stopped being diagonal, beginning to level out a little.

Relieved, Katie took a break, looking around.

The view was amazing. Green and blue, stretching out into the horizon, bordered with peaks that towered far higher than her own. Barely a few miles below stood her home town, a few dozen buildings that glittered in the afternoon light.

She reached into the bag on her side, and took a drink of water. Quietly, she contemplated dipping into her emergency chocolate supplies. After all, they were all she had after she'd finished lunch, so she really ought not to…

Five minutes later, Katie was walking along the rough path, chewing thoughtfully on the remains of a bar of chocolate. To tell the truth, she wasn't really expecting to find anything up here, apart from endless amounts of grey stone and hardy shrubs. The occasional mountain pokemon, some birds, and a little snatch of red brick hidden around a corner.

No, she was in this for the journey, really. It was probably only luck that had given the town such tremendous fortune recently, and…

Katie stopped walking.

Brick? Red brick? There was a quarry in the mountains, but it was lower than this. What was brick doing up here?

She took several steps backwards.

There it was, just around a couple of corners. She could make it, with a little care…

She started to run, but came to a quick stop when the floor threatened to run out. She saw a series of ledges in front of her, and she was pretty sure she'd be fine jumping one to the next. Of course, if she made a wrong step, she'd fall several hundred feet to the jagged rocks below. But where was the fun without a little risk?

Katie grinned, and the chocolate wrapper went back to her bag. Several steps back, a short run forwards, and jump!

Across. With her hands a little sore from slamming into the rock face, but otherwise the no worse for wear. Wringing her hands a little, she looked back. It looked smaller from the safe side, although a five-mile drop can have that effect.

The next couple of gaps were dealt with just as easily, although she would swear she felt a pebble dislodge and fall on the last one. Regardless, she'd made it, and the ledge became a path again, leading quite directly to… a cottage.

She was pretty sure there was no cottage here. No-one lived in the mountain. No-one came here, even. That was part of the reason she had, just to stick it to the sleepy little village she lived in.

But it was clearly there. Red brick, a single story, a pair of large windows, complete with curtains. A pretty door in sapphire blue, and a chimney sitting on one side of a blue shale roof. A chimney spewing an idyllic column of smoke high into the sky.

A trainer? Katie mused, approaching the door warily. Powerful pokemon could certainly explain the minor advantages of the town. Maybe a legendary had taken residence? Maybe it was one of the heroes, the couple that had saved the entire region from Plasma some years ago?

Maybe it was both and she'd walk in on them doing it.

Okay, it wasn't likely, she admitted it. But it was possible, and with that mildly scandalous thought, she knocked on the door, opening her mouth to speak.
"Hell..o?" she called, as the door swung open under her touch. Inside were a couple of rooms. To the left was the fireplace, in which burned a cheerful flame, and a group of comfortable chairs and sofas, around a small table, upon which sat a small glass sphere. To the right was a desk and a chair, and several well-stocked bookcases. A clear walkway led to a second pair of rooms, a clean kitchen on the right, and then a small bedroom on the left. The latter was the only part of the house not open plan, and the door was half open. Katie saw a small bed, well made, soft and white, and a bedside table. A lamp sat on it, and beside that two halves of a pokeball.

Katie had a sudden dash of guilt. The house was open, but something about that room felt private. She reached over, and shut the door.

Looking away, she saw another door, this one wide open. It led outside, and Katie found herself in an elaborate garden. Flowers, berries, vegetables… that was a water purifier, connected to the roof drainage, if she wasn't mistaken. And those looked like solar panels…

Whoever lived here, they really liked their gardening. As far as Katie could tell, she had pretty much everything she needed here.

But this wasn't all. She was on a small, gravel path that moved through the garden and beyond.

Somehow, Katie had the feeling she ought to follow it.

It took her through the garden and out the other side, through a small area of rocks, and it began to slowly go upwards. After a bare few minutes, Katie realised she wasn't walking on gravel, but on a path of stone. Something had built this, and she really doubted it was a lone hermit. There were always rumours about ancient civilisations in the mountains, and this looked like proof…

Her breath caught in her chest. Maybe the goddess belonged to it?
She broke into a run, and the path soon ended. The stones rose a little, a brief staircase, and then a wide circle of stones, interlaced in a beautiful, erratic pattern of grey and white stone. In the very centre was an obelisk, piercing the sky. And on the other side was… something. Someone. Something.

Katie took a tentative step closer, staring at the still figure. She heard her shoe click against the stone, and then nothing but the sound of two people breathing quietly.

The figure was… green. Maybe three feet? It looked… wet. Like liquid. A little… a little like a Reuniclus, but a little large.

"I saw you were coming."

The words are murmured, but Katie hears them clearly. The figure stands and turns, and Katie takes a step backwards in shock.

The figure is human, female, and naked. She's thin, very short, with smallish breasts. Her bare feet are together, toes pointed down half a metre from the ground. Her hair is just below her shoulders, a gentle blue, with a slight wave at the ends. She has brown eyes, the colour of hot chocolate. Her expression is hard to read, but she seems to be holding back her fear. Her arms are raised ever so slightly from her sides, palms flat. And Katie's first impression wasn't wrong; for the girl looks like a Reuniclus. A bubble of odd green gel surrounds the girl, a smaller bubble at the bottom encompassing her downturned feet. The gel is largely see-through, although it clouds over just a little to cover the tiniest amount of the girl's flesh. Like the pokemon, two long protrusions of gel extend, roughly the same pose as her true arms, and several spherical stones inside, four large fingers of it at the ends.

The girl is a pokemorph.

Katie, of course, knows exactly what this meant. Pokemorphs are not welcome in Unova. In contrast to the five regions, who legislated to protect them whenever they could, Unovan policy said that any pokeblood was to be treated no better than a pokemon.

Sadly, the reality is worse still. The incidents with Team Plasma gave Unova a healthy respect for pokemon treatment, and the region treats them very well, but pokemorphs are almost universally reviled as abominations.

And here she finds one on her mountain. Katie has no doubt that she is the so-called Goddess.
"You…" she begind, not sure what she plans on saying.
"I am a morph." she says quietly. Her voice is soft, gentle, and a touch of fear runs through it. "I'm not going to hurt you. I've been helping the town since I came here, and all I want is to be left alone."

Katie expects the last bit to be forceful, but it's not. All she hears is fear, and she suddenly isn't scared anymore. She'd never really agreed with the region's dislike, but nobody listens to a seventeen year old's political opinion. And it wasn't like she'd protested. Like everyone else who it didn't affect, she'd just let it happen.

Well, she won't do it here. For a moment, she feels really good about herself, before realising that this amounts to nothing more than 'I won't turn someone in for no good reason when protecting them is no risk at all.'
Worded like that, it isn't so impressive, and there is a little shame in her voice as she speaks.
"I won't hurt you either. I… um. Thank you for everything you've done for us, I just wanted to find out what you were. Um. I. I won't tell anyone about you."

The other girl lets go a long breath, and her expression finally stops being neutral. It gives way to relief, etched onto a face that is far too used to fear.
"Thank you. So much, thank you." she murmurs, and she means it. Katie feels terrible; accepting thanks for promising to do nothing seems wrong, and she has so little with her to offer.
"I. Um. Would you like…" desperate and stretching, she reaches into her bag, pulling out one of her last chocolates. "…some chocolate? I have enough to share, and um… I imagine you can't make that on your own, so…" she trails off, starting to think she sounds entirely dumb.

The other girl blinks, and then manages a very uneasy smile.
"That… I… that would be lovely…" she says. With an awkward smile, Katie holds it out, and the girl's hand rises. Both her real hand and the gel hand rise up, in sync. It's the latter that takes the chocolate. Katie barely touches the odd substance, but she gets a slight sense of coolness from the green gel.

As she watches, the girl's eyes glow a tiny bit, and the wrapper disintegrates, before she moves her hand to her mouth. The gel hand moves too, and they meet together. She takes a bite with obvious delight, and Katie can't help but smile. As she watches the girl eat, she finds herself wondering what the gel feels like. It looks wet, maybe slimy. It can't be too cold, since the girl is naked…

All too soon, the chocolate is gone. The girl looks much more comfortable now, and there's a little redness in her cheeks. Katie searches for something else to say, and finally settles on the obvious.

"So, um… what's your name?"
"Name?" blink. "I. Mi… Mariah. My name is Mariah."

Katie decides not to follow up the pause. "That's a lovely name. Mine is Katie. It's… really nice to meet you? You seem nice..?"
"So do you… I mean, nicer than any other…" she trails off, wincing. Katie winces too.
"Um. Do you want to go back to… I'm sorry, I looked in your house, the door was open and-"
"I knew you were going to. It's fine… Yes. It's getting a little cold."
"Right. Well. I guess I'll lead..?" Katie murmurs, trailing off. Mariah nods, and the athletic girl turns, beginning to walk.
They don't talk as they walk. They can barely talk when they're looking each other. Instead, they take surreptitious glances at each other.
While Mariah just seems to be taking in her first sight of a person for who knows how long, Katie is fascinated by the pokemorph's form. She floats along just above the ground, as if suspended in that odd liquid that Katie is so interested in. The path is several minutes, and they finally reach the garden. Katie tries once more to begin a conversation.

"So… did you do all this?
"What do you mean..?"
"The garden. The house. The road, even."
"The road and the obelisk were here when I got here… and the cottage, too, but I've done the modernising. Most of the garden and such are me too." she answers, quietly.
"Oh, well. It's all really nice. You must be happy here." says Katie. Even as the words slip out, she realises how stupid they are, but it's already too late. Silence takes over again, before Mariah finally works out a reply.
"It's better than before. Thank you for the compliment."

Of course, this only raises more questions, dozens of them bubbling to the front of Katie's mind as she opens the back door and walks in. She asks none of them, and as Mariah puts a kettle onto the stove and offers her a mug of tea, she wonders what on earth she's doing.

When you climb a mountain to find a goddess, and you find her, what do you do?
How about when it needs to stay secret, else she gets imprisoned, tortured, abused, or who knows what else?

"Here's your tea. It's blackcurrant, I hope that's okay. It's my favourite."
"Oh, I'm sure it's fine." she says, sipping the hot drink, and nodding. "It's delicious. Honest."
"That's sweet." the girl nods.

The silence that follows is deafening.

Mariah sighs as they start to see the bottom of their mugs.
"I know what questions you want to ask. I don't need to be psychic to work them out… just ask them. Please." she murmurs, sounding resigned. Katie winces.
"…sorry. I didn't realise I was so obvious… um. I guess what I want to know is just… how you got here. Why you're here."
"I…" sigh. "I think the easiest way is just the life story. My mother lived here thirty, forty years ago. She fell in love with her pokemon. Obviously, he was a Reuniclus. There's no law against that, but… there is against me. When I was born, we were split apart. I was raised to be an obedient pokemon. I eventually ended up in the team of a certain trainer named Eric Bloom."
"I've heard of him! He was the champion a couple of decades back…"
"Yes. I helped him get there." says Mariah simply.
Katie just stares in amazement, until the girl continues.
"He was never cruel. He didn't treat me any worse than the others, but he certainly didn't treat me better. But eventually, he started getting uncomfortable. I think it was starting to hit him that I was as intelligent as he was. Eventually he let me go, and told me to run away from humanity. I came here because I remembered being born here, and I found the cottage in the mountains by chance. I've had a little help from pokemon gathering seeds, and they help me with the weather sometimes. But by and large, I've done everything myself. I started to help the town… I'm not sure why. I wanted something to do. I hoped that one day I could go down to them and tell them… but I know I can't."

The last phrase has a note of finality in it.
"…how… how long have you been here alone?" Katie says, slowly.
"At least fifteen years."

Katie isn't quite sure how, but she finds herself hugging the girl. As she does, she realises she went straight into the gel. It's soft, cool, and just a tiny bit damp. It's not at all slimy, but it moves around her and over her perfectly. It's just the tiniest bit squishy, and it's a little hard to move in it. Mariah jumps at the contact, but slowly, ever so slowly, she hugs back.

It's a long hug. Katie has no idea what she's doing, and the morph doesn't seem to want to stop. Katie is beginning to wonder if she should pull away, when she hears a whimper, a quiet sob, and she hugs tighter, starting to spout the endless nothings that everyone automatically knows how to say.
"I promise, everything will be okay. You're safe, no-one comes up here, and I only barely saw the house anyway. Trust me?"

It doesn't seem to help.

Mariah sobs a little louder, and Katie is utterly lost. Holding her as tightly as she can, her head nestled in the other girl's neck, and a stupid question slips out.
"What's wrong then?"

And between sobs, she got an answer.
"You're the first human I've spoken to in over fifteen years. I'd forgotten what it was like to not be alone."
"I.. oh. Um."

Lost for words, Katie holds her tighter.

"P…please don't go."
"No. I won't go." she promises.

In truth, it's getting a little late to be climbing anyway, so she can claim it's just good sense that keeps her there. In honesty, she can't bear to leave the girl alone after all that had happened to her. And beyond that… the girl is very, very pretty. A small part of her wondered if she wants /that/ kind of company as well, and the rest quashes the thought in embarrassment. Moments later, her entire mind wonders what it would be like.

Fortunately, the crying girl doesn't notice her blush, and the contact and gentle soothing soon enough get her to a better state of mind. At long last, a relieved Katie draws away from the other girl. Mariah wipes her eyes with her hands, and Katie wonders silently where the tears had gone. Those that aren't in her hair, that is…

But she is distracted from her wondering by a slight dampness. The gel isn't sticky, slimy, or anything like that, but everything she wears, as well as her hair, is… damp.
"Oh. That's… really unhelpful…" she murmurs. Mariah looks up, questioning, and Katie explains.
"Oh!" she exclaims. "I'm sorry, I didn't think of it… I… um. I'm not sure what to do about it."
"Well… the fire's on, so I could just change into something else…" Katie starts, before realising she hasn't brought any other clothes. "Oh. Um. Do you have anything I could..?"

Before she even finishes the sentence, Mariah starts shaking her head.

"N…no, I don't use clothes… but. Um. I could put on some more fire, and you could just st…strip."

She says it with a slight blush.
"I… but… I can't." Katie stammers, blushing right back in return. "I mean… that wouldn't be… right?"
"Oh, I'm not sure… I mean, it'd just be fair…" Mariah teases gently, still blushing.

Katie gulps. "I… I don't have an answer to that…"

Mariah giggles. "Well…?"

Katie squeezes her eyes very tightly shut. "Okay, you go and get some more wood. I'll change while you're gone."

Mariah smiles. "Okay."

Katie waits for her to be out of sight before turning from the door and taking off her top, dropping it onto the couch. She frowns, looking down at the slight wetness of the bra, but there's no way she's taking it off. She sighs, and her skirt falls to the ground, before she picks it up, and places it on top of her top. She shivers a little, more from potential embarrassment than cold, and she turns, sits down, and almost jumps right back up again when she sees Mariah in the doorway, holding a pile of sticks in one green, false hand, her other hand pressed to her mouth to hold back her giggles.

Katie, going as red as it's possible to go, says nothing.
"You look really nice." Mariah says, smiling gently. "Really really nice, and I'm sure you'd look nicer without them on." she adds thoughtlessly. Katie's scarlet cheeks make it pretty obvious she said something a little off, and moments later Mariah is blushing too.
But, then, at last, something seems to click. Katie connects several dots together, and asks a very obvious question.
"Are… are you flirting with me?"
"I. Um. No? I only met you today, that would be… really weird." Mariah nods, distinctly unconvincingly.

As is to be expected, Katie remains sceptical. Not to mention blushy. Mariah crumbles.
"…yes. I've never flirted before, so I suppose I'm not very good at it..."

Katie's heart melts.
"As soon as I was old enough, I had a trainer. I didn't get a chance to interact with people, and his other pokemon weren't the flirty types…"

Katie throws away her doubts, leans into the gel, and kisses Mariah with eyes closed. The other girl starts in shock, just sitting there for several moments, before she relaxes, eyelids droop, and she kisses back.

When the kiss finally breaks, the two are staring into each other's half-open eyes, lips just barely apart.
"I…" Mariah breathes. "…what now? Do we mate? That's what pokemon would do… well, before now…"
"Mate?!" Katie goes redder still. "I. Well. We can. I mean, I was never one for waiting… I… wait, have you… with pokemon? Your trainer… oh, wow…" and she's filled with sympathy.
"Oh, it wasn't too bad. It was kind of fun, only… I would have liked to try the human way too…" blushing.
"Well… we can wait if you like. Save this for later…" Katie murmurs, looking down, and noticing to her growing arousal and embarrassment that Mariah's gel isn't cloudy anymore, anywhere, and there's a hint of wetness around her slit that would be almost unnoticeable, if it wasn't coupled with a pair of rather hard nipples.
"I… I think that part I like the other way." Mariah barely breathes the words, her cheeks flush with red. Katie only manages to nod.

Mariah stands up, and Katie's pulled up with her. Her hand is taken by the soft, gentle, pale hand of the morph, and a subtle tug pulls her towards the bedroom.

Katie takes a brief pause from Mariah's rear end to examine the room. It's not large, about half the size of the living room. A small bed lies on one side, messy, with a slightly damp cover and a single pillow. Next to it is the bedside table, with a series of small drawers, and a broken pokeball. A series of wardrobes make up the wall, but the only one which is open is empty.

It looks like a room that hasn't been lived in. Katie resolves right then to help fix that.

She takes another step in, and sees one of the drawers open where it wasn't before. Inside lie a small group of what look like sex toys; a couple of dildoes, and a strapon sitting at the bottom.

Katie giggles softly, and Mariah blushes.
"So… um… what now?" she asks, sitting on the edge of her bed.
"I… well." Katie wonders. She sits down, kneeling in front of Mariah. "It starts… like this, maybe."

Reaching forward, shivering as her hand touches the cool, wet gel, and gently touching the girl's breast. Mariah shivers too, and Katie gives a reassuring smile as she begins to gently rub at it.
The other girl gives a soft squeak of pleasured surprise, and Katie smiles. Her gentle rubbing gets a little more forceful, and she begins to knead the girl's flesh. Mariah yelps in shock and delight, squirming at Katie's touch. Katie is just grinning, moving closer as Mariah moves backwards, and her other hand moves forward to join the first, playing with both her partner's breasts now, rubbing and kneading, gently squeezing the nipple to yelps of pleasure. She rubs and tugs and twists, bringing forth all sorts of delighted sounds from the other girl, before she finally stops.

Katie wears a Cheshire grin, looking up from her kneeling position at the aroused, panting girl, the wet morph. But the grin is wiped off her face.
"S…so, you strip now, right? I… I want to get to see you."

Katie blushes, oddly enough, but there's no reason to deny it now. Slowly, she pulls away her bra, letting her breasts fall naturally, hard nipples exposed to the chilly air. As Mariah stares, Katie stands up, and pulls her panties down, dropping them to the floor beside her bra.

"You look beautiful." Mariah murmurs, blushing, staring without a mote of shame. Katie blushes, and all but dives back down to her knees, this time, she pushes her entire head into the gel, and the top of her body with it. Her tongue comes out, and it licks tentatively into Mariah's slit.

Mariah yelps in surprise, opening her legs instinctively, allowing Katie a moment to push her tongue inside. She savours the taste as her lover groans in delight, licking again, a little deeper, and again. With each movement, she gets a little closer, a little deeper, until her face is pressed against her newfound partner's crotch, her tongue licking and pushing and pressing at everything it can find. But as soon as Mariah's shaking starts to get erratic, as Katie can work out she's almost there, she draws back. Mariah gives a wordless noise of desire, and Katie giggles. She reaches into the drawer beside her.

She draws out the strapon at the bottom. Long and rigid, with a small bulb on the reverse end, she shivers in delight as she puts it on, fastening it, standing up.
"I don't want you to be all worn out on the starter." she explains, grinning.
"Th…that was the starter?" Mariah gasps with wide eyes. Katie only giggles, and steps closer.
"Cmon, lie down on your back."

Mariah does so, and Katie steps up, shivering as she sits inside the gel, which lies flat against the bed, a tiny, soft film between them and it kneels, legs either side of Mariah's, the strapon pointed down at her.
"Are you ready..?"

Without another word, Katie leans downwards, her entire body engulfed in the slime, kissing Mariah deeply as she thrusts the toy deep into her. she catches a yelp of delight in her mouth, marvelling at it, her tongue toying playfully with the other girl's, her arms wrapping about her as she pulls her hips up, ready to thrust in again. And while it feels to Mariah that it takes an eternity, she does so barely a moment later, and again, again, again and again. Katie groans in delight as the girl beneath her, the girl all around her screams in ecstasy, as her pleasure bounces into her mind and reverberates in the places that sound can't reach. And at last, after an infinity in several minutes, she orgasms, and Katie finally stops, lying on top of her.

"Ohh…" Mariah breathes, and there's not a drop of fear in it. "Mm… you were right…"
"I… right?" Katie murmurs, curious, and a little tired.

Mariah rolls them onto their side, wrapping her arms around Katie, the gel buoying them up, soft and squishy and just the right warmth.

"I think everything is going to be okay."

The ending is as corny as a farm. To find the picture that made me fall in love with Reuniclus, go to the website e621. (it's a dot net, if that comes up.) Search for the two tags rankurusu and ranphafranboise. I believe it's the only hit. I hope you had fun.