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Ichigo woke up against Renji's chest, still laying on the couch of Kaname's condo. He pulled himself from Renji's arms and went into Kaname's bed room.

The room reminded him so much of Kaname that it hurt, it was simple, clean and calm. Ichigo wrapped his arms around himself and went over to the bed, it was clean, and made nicely, most like Unohana's doing.... Ichigo bit his bottom lip and looked around the room, until his eyes fell on a picture frame on the dresser across from the bed. Ichigo went over to it, and lifted it carefully, looking at it.... It was him.... A picture of him, where Kaname had gotten it Ichigo wasn't sure, but it wasn't to long ago, but at the same time the picture looked like it was from forever ago, Ichigo had a big stupid grin on his face, giving the camera a piece sign, he was dressed in his military uniform.

'Where did he get this?' Ichigo thought.

Arms snaked around Ichigo's waist and Renji took the picture from his hands and put it face down on the dresser.

"Forget about him," Renji said kissing down Ichigo's neck.

"You'll have to make me.... Renji," Ichigo closed his head and leaned his head away as Renji sucked on his neck hard, making his skin turn red.

"I'll fuck you right here on his bed," Renji said sliding his hand up Ichigo's shirt. "And you're scream my name, not his," Renji growled huskily and Ichigo shivered.

"Renji," Ichigo muttered then moaned his eyes closing as Renji's hand slid into his pants and gripped him tightly.

"He didn't really love you Ichigo," Renji said. "Only I do, and I'm all that matters," Renji yanked Ichigo's pants off and Ichigo squirmed.

"N-no," Ichigo said and Renji growled and tossed Ichigo onto the bed, and straddled his lap.

"Yes, Ichigo," Renji growled pulling Ichigo's shirt off and wrapping it around Ichigo's wrists.

"R-Renji," Ichigo moaned as Renji circled his tongue around Ichigo's nipple, tugging at the barbell stud in it.

"Say that you never loved him," Renji growled pulling off his own shirt.

"I-I can't," Ichigo said.

"Yes you can, because it's true," Renji growled grinding his hips against Ichigo's. Ichigo pressed his head back into the pillows and arched his hips up against Renji's. "Say it Ichigo," Renji demanded.

"I can't," Ichigo said. Renji growled and flipped Ichigo over, pulling his boxers off and tossed them onto the floor. "N-no Renji," Ichigo bit down on the pillow as Renji pushed two fingers into Ichigo, thrusting them in and out hard and fast. Ichigo cried out into the pillow as Renji hit his prostate.

"You can say it Ichigo," Renji leaned over Ichigo, lifting his face from the pillow. Tears were sliding down Ichigo's cheeks and Renji licked them away, before forcing his lips against Ichigo's, thrusting three fingers back into Ichigo who cried out against Renji's lips. Ichigo threw his head back panting, and Renji flipped him roughly onto his side, then pulled his clothes off quickly. Renji pulled one of Ichigo's legs up and over his shoulder, and lined himself up with Ichigo's hole and thrust in hard and Ichigo screamed throwing his head back.

"RENJI!" Ichigo reached up and gripped the headboard panting hard as Renji easily filled his tight damp warmth.

"Scream for me again, Ichigo," Renji growled thrusting hard into Ichigo who threw his head back moaning loudly. Renji gripped Ichigo's leg, bitting at the back of his knee and as he thrust hard into Ichigo who panted hard, head thrown back. Renji shifted and drove himself deeper into Ichigo, hitting Ichigo's prostate and Ichigo screamed again, saliva running down his chin, and tears sliding down his cheeks. Renji leaned forward thrusting faster into Ichigo, gripping the headboard above Ichigo's hands. "Say my name Ichigo," Renji said.

Ichigo moaned. "Renji....!" Ichigo cried out and Renji crashed his lips down against Ichigo's, forcing his tongue into Ichigo's mouth and groaned as Ichigo quivered around his cock. "H-harder Ren-ji," Ichigo cried and Renji moved harder ignoring the pale red that coated his cock as he dry fucked Ichigo. Ichigo arched his back and came splattering the pale blue sheets of Kaname's bed.

Renji pulled out and flipped Ichigo onto his stomach, and thrust back into him. Ichigo cried out against the pillows, and gripped the sheets tightly, his blunt nails tearing them slightly. Renji moaned, sucking on Ichigo's shoulder blade, gripping Ichigo's hips hard, thrusting hard and fast. Ichigo writhed beneath Renji leaning his head back against Renji's shoulder.

"M-more... Renji!" Ichigo pleaded reaching back and gripped Renji's hair tightly.

Renji bit down on Ichigo's neck, marking him and drawing blood and forced Ichigo to raise his hip before pounding into him. Ichigo cried out.

"R-Renji!" Ichigo screamed.

"Ichigo," Renji moaned reaching around Ichigo's hip and grabbed Ichigo's cock, pumping it almost painfully hard. "Come for me again Ichigo," Renji said huskily in Ichigo's ear. "Come, Ichigo," Renji demanded.

"Renji!" Ichigo cried, and came again, coating Renji's hand in hot release. Ichigo slumped down on the bed trembling, but Renji didn't stop. He flipped Ichigo onto his back, and Ichigo looked up at him with tear coated, lust glazed eyes.

"We're not done," Renji said lifting Ichigo's legs up, so his knees pressed against Renji's chest. Ichigo moaned as Renji filled him again. "Not until you forget his name," Renji thrust hard and Ichigo screamed, reaching forward and pressed his hands against Renji's broad chest, his nails leaving scratches that trickled with blood. Renji moaned panting hard and leaned down, bending Ichigo nearly in half and pressed his lips against Ichigo, who kissed him back, the kiss was more teeth and tongue then lips, it was rough and painful, but both needed it to be, blood ran down both of their chins mixed with saliva and sweat coated their bodies.

The room grew hot and it was hard to breath, Ichigo pleaded for more, and Renji gave it to him, fucking Ichigo until he reached oblivion as Renji came in him, filling him, and the white hot creamy liquid leaked from between Ichigo's legs as Renji pulled out. Renji stayed, leaning over Ichigo, letting Ichigo's legs down from his chest, and watched as Ichigo's eyes fluttered closed, his mouth hanging open.

Renji watched as Ichigo's chest rose and fell rapidly, Renji's body relaxed finally and he moved so he wasn't over Ichigo any longer. Renji got off of Kaname's bed and pulled his boxers and pants back on but didn't bother to button his pants, of fix his belt. He ran his fingers through his hair that stuck to his face, Ichigo had bulled out the hair tie and it was still held tightly in Ichigo's hand. Renji didn't bother to try and pry it from Ichigo's fingers, and loosely braided his hair before walking into the other room and turned the heat down.

Renji looked around Kaname's condo, walking slowly. Until he came back into the living room and his eyes fell on the envelope Unohana had set there. He picked it up and sat on the couch flipping it in his hands, it was thick, and Renji tore the end off and pulled the papers from it, and unfolded them. He knew it'd be several hours still before Ichigo would wake up, and they'd fuck all over again, until Ichigo again, found oblivion.


When Ichigo woke up, he couldn't move well, he managed to roll onto his side, and whimpered breathing out heavily and ran his right leg up under his left, sliding it against the sheets. His hands gripped the pillow next to his head.

His mind was foggy, but at the same time very clear, Ichigo closed his eyes again. 'Renji,' He thought, and a hand ran up his side as the bed sank behind him, Renji knelt on the bed and leaned over him.

"Are you alright?" Renji asked and Ichigo looked up at him.

"Yes," Ichigo answered truthfully and Renji pressed his lips against Ichigo's and moved carefully over Ichigo, touching him softly, yet still heatedly. Ichigo's body was still sensitive, and he grew hard as Renji rubbed his inner thighs. "I need you Renji," Ichigo whispered in Renji's ear. Renji closed his eyes and sucked lightly on Ichigo's jaw, pulling his pants off and Ichigo's legs wrapped slowly and tightly around his waist.

Renji slipped himself slowly into Ichigo who arched his back and moaned, wrapping his arms around Renji's shoulders. "Are you alright?" Renji asked putting his hand on the small of Ichigo's back, supporting his pained lover.

"I need this," Ichigo whispered. "Move," He said and Renji did, thrusting slowly and hard into Ichigo who moaned sliding his hands up Renji's shoulder blades and into Renji's hair.

Their breathing became pants as their bodies moved together, making the sound of skin on skin echo through the empty condo, sweat coated their skin again and saliva ran from their mouths, coating each other's chest as they licked and sucked on each other. Renji lifted Ichigo's hips thrusting into him and Ichigo's breath hitched loudly and he moaned, nearly screaming as he came, it smeared between Renji's chest and his own as their bodies slid against each others.

"R-Renji," Ichigo said breathlessly. "I love you," Ichigo rocked his hips with Renji who growled in pleasure and licked down Ichigo's neck.

"I love you too," Renji said thrusting harder, and Ichigo cried out arching up against Renji's chest.

"Renji....!" Ichigo cried out and his walls clamped down around Renji's cock and Renji moaned releasing in Ichigo who moaned as Renji's release coated him, filling him.

Renji let Ichigo lay back on the bed carefully, holding Ichigo's head laying it against the pillows. Ichigo again slept, this time, Renji laid next to him, pulling Ichigo against his hot body, wrapping his arms around Ichigo, and slept as well.


Renji woke when the sun light came through the curtains, he opened his eyes, and looked down at Ichigo who was still sleeping against him. Renji slid off the bed and searched around until he found his pants and pulled them on. He went into the kitchen and got a glass of water and drank it down quickly, leaning back against the counter, then sighed heavily. His body was stiff now, he rolled his shoulders and filled the glass with cold water, and searched around until he found some aspirin, he took a few himself, then went into the bedroom as he heard Ichigo stir in the bedroom.

Ichigo managed to sit up, leaning heavily against Renji who'd come in quickly enough to keep him from falling off the bed.

"Here, take these," Renji said sitting on the bed next to Ichigo's legs.

Ichigo took the glass and the white pills from Renji with shaking hands, and put the pills in his mouth, and washed them down with the water.

"Are you gonna be able to get up?" Renji asked and Ichigo shook his head. "Alright," Renji carefully slipped his hands under Ichigo's knees and the other behind Ichigo's neck and lifted Ichigo from the bed and took him into the bathroom. Renji turned the bath on warm and set Ichigo in the tub as it filled with water.

Ichigo leaned back against the tub and groaned softly closing his eyes. Renji ran his hand over Ichigo's chest slowly, rubbing water over it. Renji examined the bruises and other marks he'd left on Ichigo from the past two days, his heart felt some what guilty because of it, but at the same time, happy.... that Ichigo wanted him to mark him as Renji's.

Ichigo grabbed Renji's hand and Renji looked at him. "I love you," Ichigo whispered.

"I love you too," Renji said, leaning over the tub and pressed his lips against Ichigo's. Ichigo wrapped his arms around Renji's bare tattooed shoulders. pulling Renji into the tub, and water rushed over the side and splashed onto the tiled floor, but they didn't care. They kissed passionately running their hands over each other with new found energy and need. Renji struggled out of his pants as Ichigo ran his hands over Renji's hips. Renji groaned as Ichigo's slender fingers wrapped around his cock, stroking it softly, Renji shifted, bracing himself on the sides of the tub hanging his head as Ichigo stroked him.

Ichigo leaned up and pressed his lips against Renji's cheek, moving slowly to his mouth, and Renji's mouth covered his. Ichigo moaned as Renji reached under the water and rubbed Ichigo's cock into hardness. Ichigo thrust up into Renji's hand, more water splashed from the tub and onto the floor.

"Renji," Ichigo moaned into Renji's ear and Renji nipped on Ichigo's jaw and groaned like a hungry animal. Renji pulled Ichigo's hands from his cock, and lifted Ichigo's hips and thrust into him. Ichigo's mouth fell open in a silent cry and he wrapped his arms around Renji's shoulders.

Renji shifted, pulling Ichigo out of the water and pushed him against the tile wall, and thrust into him. Ichigo moaned tangling his fingers in Renji's wet hair, and pressed their lips together, Renji's tongue slid into Ichigo's mouth, touching every part he could, and gripped Ichigo's thigh with one hand, bracing himself against the tile wall with the other

"H-harder..... ahhHaannn.... h-harder.... ahh! Yes! Renji!" Ichigo arched his back and threw his head back as Renji assaulted his prostate again and again with each hard deep thrust. "I-I'm g-gonna cu-AhhhannnNaa!" Ichigo came splashing up on to Renji's wet chest and he rocked his hips against Renji's and Renji moaned loudly, his deep voice echoed off the walls with Ichigo's cries, filling the bathroom with the sounds of their pleasure.

They slumped back into the tub, splashing more water onto the floor, their limbs tangled together, bodies fitted together in the tub.

"I love you," Renji said running his lips over Ichigo's ear.

"I love you too Renji," Ichigo whispered.


"Tomorrow is Christmas," Renji said wrapping his arms around Ichigo's waist as Ichigo was standing at the kitchen counter cutting food to cook.

"Yea," Ichigo said rocking his hips back against Renji who growled in pleasure, and pushed himself against the small of Ichigo's back.

"You really wanna go again?" Renji asked running his hands slowly up Ichigo's chest. "I just got done cleaning the bathroom up, don't you think we should wait a little more then two hours?"

"Do you really want to?" Ichigo asked looking over his shoulder and Renji pressed his lips against Ichigo's grinding his groin against Ichigo's ass.

"Not really," Renji said huskily. "But can you handle it?" Renji said turning Ichigo around and lifted him onto the counter.

"We'll see," Ichigo said seductively, wrapping his legs around Renji's waist, pulling him tighter between Ichigo's legs. Renji slipped his hands into Ichigo's pants and pulled them down around his knees and Ichigo unzipped Renji's pants, and let them fall down, letting Renji's erection free. Renji smiled and kissed Ichigo passionately, and pulled Ichigo's ass off the counter and slowly thrust into him, Ichigo's back arched and he reached back, gripping the cabinet above his head.

".... F-fuck," Renji growled gripping Ichigo's hip tightly. "....Ichigo,"

Ichigo reached one hand forward and gripped Renji's shoulder. " Don't go slow," Ichigo said and Renji looked up at him. "Fill me," Ichigo said.

Renji thrust and Ichigo cried out throwing his head back, Renji didn't wait for Ichigo to recover, and thrust into him again hard and fast, pushing himself as deeply into Ichigo as he could, pulled out and slammed back in. Renji reached up, slamming his fist against the cabinet to support himself and thrust harder and harder, faster and faster until Ichigo was screaming his name, writhing against him. Renji gritted his teeth and pressed his lips against Ichigo's kissing him roughly until Ichigo tore away panting hard.

"Renji!" Ichigo cried. "I love you!" Ichigo came, and Renji followed right after. They slumped against each other, bracing the counter to keep from falling.

"If we keep this up we'll both be burnt out before the week's out," Renji panted and Ichigo smiled.

"I doubt it," Ichigo wrapped his arms around Renji. "I've never known you to be one to run out of sex drive,"

Renji grinned and looked into Ichigo's eyes intensely. "It's your fault," He panted running his lips against Ichigo's neck.

" I think we should order dinner," Ichigo said glancing at the food that had some how been thrown to the floor when Renji pushed him up on the counter.

Renji laughed against Ichigo's shoulder. "Good idea," He said and slid from Ichigo who shivered. "You should go take another shower,"

"Give me a second, I can't feel my legs," Ichigo said and Renji grinned again. Renji waited a few minutes, then helped Ichigo fix his pants and get off the counter. "How can you manage that?" He asked looking at Renji.

"What?" Renji asked.

"Making my legs stop working," Ichigo said.

"Practice," Renji said and Ichigo raised an eyebrow. "Go shower before I fuck you against the wall," He growled.

Ichigo blushed. "I need a break," he said rubbing his lower back as he walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

Renji shook his head and fixed his own pants, covering his already partially hardened cock and picked up the phone to order dinner.


Ichigo was nervous, it was the first time he'd be seeing his family in a while. Renji was in the driver's seat of Ichigo's car, and kept glancing at Ichigo who was fidgeting with the black tips of his hair, which was now long enough to have about two inches of orange that faded to black at the tips. They both had reframed from having sex this morning so that they didn't smell like sex when they got to Ichigo's family's place, and they'd both stopped at Ichigo's old apartment for clean nice clothes.

"You're gonna be fine," Renji said as Ichigo tugged on the collar of his shirt. "And you look fine, healthy. You're sisters will be happy to see you,"

"I know," Ichigo said looking at Renji. "You're with me," He said and Renji smiled and leaned over pressing his lips quickly to Ichigo's then turned the engine off and put the keys into his pocket. Both got out and went to the trunk, and opened it, pulling out a few presents for the girls. Renji nervously thumbed the small box in his coat pocket for a moment then followed Ichigo to the front door and they walked inside.

Like always Yuzu had decorated the entire house with Christmas lights and other decorations, the house smelled wonderful, and was warm.

"Hello?!" Ichigo called. "Any one home!?" He asked over the music that was playing.

The rush of footsteps filled the hall and Karin slid into the hall and froze staring at Ichigo. She shifted, her eyes turning to slits. "ICHIGO!" Karin rushed at him, tackling him to the floor.

Ichigo grimaced and looked up at Renji who was laughing at him. "Hi Karin," Ichigo said trying to ignore the pain that still hovered in his lower back.

"You big idiot! I was worried about you, you moron!" Karin said pulling in Ichigo's cheeks and hair. "You stupid idiot,"

"Merry Christmas to you too Karin,"

"Karin! You're gonna hurt him!" Yuzu said running into the hall and pulled her twin off Ichigo who sighed and sat up rubbing his side. "Ichigo!" She flung herself against him, knocking him back onto the floor with a heavy thud. "I missed you so much! You're so thin! You need food!" Yuzu said maternally looking her older brother over critically. "What did you do to your hair!? Have you not been eating?!" Yuzu continued and Ichigo grinned.

"I'm fine Yuzu really, I'd just really like to get off the floor, my back hurts," Ichigo said and Karin clamped her hands over her mouth as she burst into laughter and Yuzu blushed and stood quickly.

"Renji you pervert!" Yuzu cried. "Turning my brother into a pervert, shame on you!" She slapped Renji's arm and crossed her arms over her chest.

Ichigo stood slowly. "It's not his fault Yuzu," Ichigo said putting his hands on her shoulders and she looked up at him.

"Yes it is! You were so innocent until he stole you away!" Yuzu said and Ichigo chuckled.

"Come on, let's go into the living room," Ichigo said and Yuzu wrapped her arms around his right one and lead him from the hall, glaring back over her shoulder at Renji before turning her nose up and returned to talking to Ichigo.

"Where's dad?" Ichigo asked looking around the living room, the tree stood decorated in the left corner next to the windows, more decorations filled the walls.

"He had a phone call from the hospital, he's in his office, but will be down in a few minutes," Karin said flopping onto her favorite spot on the couch and turned the t.v. back on.

Ichigo sat down Yuzu sat next to him quickly so Renji couldn't. "Come on Yuzu, you like Renji,"

"Not anymore," Yuzu said resting her head on Ichigo's shoulder and he smiled and looked at Renji who sighed and sat on Yuzu's other side, ignoring when she kicked him in the hip.

"What's all the noise?" Isshin came into the living room, a Santa hat lopsided on his head.

"Ichigo's home," Karin said and Isshin looked down at his son, who looked up.

"Well, well, well, my son is definitely home," Isshin said. "Stand up, let me get a good look at you," He crossed his arms and Ichigo stood slowly, letting Isshin eye him. "Yes, you're my son, no doubt about that," Isshin said and Ichigo made a confused face. "Good!" Isshin said and swung his leg at Ichigo sending Ichigo sliding across the floor and held his stomach. "You've become weak! I will have to retrain you!" Isshin laughed and Ichigo lunged, punching his father in the chin.

"Crazy bastard," Ichigo said rubbing his stomach. "That hurt," he grunted looking at Isshin who pulled himself up against the back of the couch that he'd fallen over.

"Nice come back," Isshin grinned. Ichigo shook his head as his father jumped over the couch.

"You wanna go old man!?" Ichigo said through gritted teeth. But Isshin didn't hit him, but pulled him tightly into a hug.

"Welcome home son," Isshin said quietly. Ichigo closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Isshin.

"Thanks old man," Ichigo said.


"Are the girls asleep?" Renji asked Ichigo as he walked down the stairs.

"Yea," Ichigo said.

Renji pulled Ichigo against him, and pressed his lips firmly against Ichigo's. Ichigo closed his eyes and kissed Renji back. "You know I love you more then anything right?" Renji asked running his fingers through Ichigo's hair.

"I do, and I love you too Renji," Ichigo said. "What is it?" He asked after Renji didn't say anything.

"Nothing, I'm just looking at you," Renji said lifting Ichigo's chin slightly. "You're really beautiful Ichi, and I'm glad that I have you," He said.

Ichigo smiled softly and pressed his lips against Renji's slightly. "I'm glad I've you too Renji," He said brushing his lips across Renji's strong jaw.

Renji ran his hands down Ichigo's back, and gripped his waist firmly. Ichigo looked into his eyes. "I've been wanting this for the longest time Ichi," Renji said quietly. "And I'm gonna do everything in my power to make sure I never loose you, and you never get hurt again," Renji said.

"What's with you Renji?" Ichigo asked. "Everything is fine now," Ichigo said running his hands carefully over Renji's face.

"I just want to make sure, that you know how much I really love you, how much you mean to me," Renji said.

"I know," Ichigo said. "I know how much I mean to you, and want you to know, you mean just as much, if not more to me," Ichigo said.

"Then promise you'll never leave me," Renji said reaching into his pocket. "That no matters what happens, you won't pull away from me," He opened the small black velvet box, revealing two silver rings. "And I'll promise the same thing, I'll promise you my life, my love, my happiness, my everything,"

"Oh god, Renji," Ichigo said and put his hand to his mouth. "Renji," Ichigo looked at the rings then at Renji. "Of course," he said and pressed his lips against Renji's.

Renji kissed him back then, took the smaller of the two rings and slid it onto Ichigo's ring finger, then kissed Ichigo's hand softly. "I love you so much Ichigo," Renji whispered.

"I love you too," Ichigo said taking the other ring from the case and slipped it onto Renji's ring finger and then kissed Renji softly. Renji wrapped his arms tightly around Ichigo, pulling him closer, tangling his fingers in Ichigo's soft hair, breathing Ichigo in, taking in the feeling of having Ichigo against his body, a feeling that was totally his, only his for the rest of his life.

Ichigo gripped Renji's jacket tightly, not wanting to pull away, but forcing himself to take in a shaking deep breath. "I love you," Renji said and Ichigo looked up at Renji. "And I'll say it until the day I die, I love you," Renji said.

"I love you too," Ichigo said resting his head against Renji's chest. "So much, Renji,"

The sound of giggling caused Renji and Ichigo to look up at the top of the stairs where Yuzu and Karin knelt, their hands over each others mouths, Isshin had a video camera in his hands, the recording light blinking. Ichigo blushed but a smile formed on his lips.

"Give him another big kiss Renji," Isshin said.

Renji grinned and pulled Ichigo into another deep kiss. Ichigo was surprised at first but kissed Renji back happily.

"Now we've got two brothers!" Yuzu cried clapping her hands together.

"Two apple headed stubborn jack asses is more like it," Karin said crossing her arms. "But they'll do," She said. Karin stood slowly, grabbing Yuzu and Isshin's shirts. "Come on, we've bugged them enough," She said pulling them away.

Ichigo started laughing putting his head against Renji's chest. " I have a feeling we'll be seeing that video in a few years," He said

"Yea," Renji said laughing and wrapping his arms around Ichigo's waist. " I don't mind though," Renji said.

"Wanna go for a walk?" Ichigo asked and Renji looked down at him. "It's nice out," he said and Renji chuckled.

"Sure," Renji said and the two walked from the house, holding hands tightly, walking closely, looking at the Christmas lights, and the snow that started to fall, giving a new coat of soft white. Renji wrapped his arm around Ichigo, spinning him around and pressed his lips to Ichigo, who kissed him back, placing a hand on Renji's chest over his heart. Renji put his hand over Ichigo's that was on his chest, their rings shining softly in the moon light.


*Six Months Later*

"I fucking hate this thing," Ichigo muttered trying to fix the collar of his military uniform. Renji looked over his shoulder at Ichigo.

"Let me do it then," Renji said walking over and Ichigo turned to him, and began fixing Ichigo's collar. "Are you nervous?" Renji asked.

"Not really," Ichigo said looking down at Renji.

"Your medals' are lopsided," Renji chuckled.

"Alright, maybe I'm a little nervous," Ichigo said watching Renji's hands as he fixed the medals that covered Ichigo's chest. "I mean, generals usually aren't my age, and they want to put me in charge of a whole base, how can I not be nervous an-" Renji pressed his lips against Ichigo, and the tension in Ichigo's body relaxed and he sighed as Renji pulled away. "I'll calm down," He said quietly.

"Good," Renji smiled pulling Ichigo's sleeves to get the wrinkles out of them. "You look good," Renji said.

"It's just the uniform," Ichigo said and Renji grinned.

"The uniform is just a bonus," Renji said and turned the collar or his white shirt down. "Ready General Kurosaki?" He asked.

Ichigo smiled. "As ready as I'll ever be," Ichigo said.

"Lead on," Renji said.

Ichigo pressed his lips to Renji's quickly, before leading him from the hotel room, to the first floor ball room, applause filled the room as Ichigo walked up onto the stage, and shook hands with Urahara who was also dressed in military uniform. Renji moved over to where Isshin, Yuzu and Karin were standing and crossed his arms proudly, watching as Urahara pinned stars to the shoulders of Ichigo's jacket.

Ichigo's eyes gazed around the room, until they fell on Renji's, and they stared at each other for a long while, and then Ichigo smiled widely.

A strong man. A happy lover. A proud soldier.


End of Soldier

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