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Sasodei: 1

Sasodei: Eventual Yaoi

Deidara fiddled absentmindedly with the leaflets in the hotel reception. A voice drifted across the room to him and his ears twitched slightly as he picked up the individual syllables.

"I'm really very sorry sir, but you don't seem to have a reservation with us,"

More mumbled conversation. Deidara picked up a leaflet and scanned the back of it, still listening for the young womans' voice.

"... Busy time of year... Very sorry for the inconvenience..."

He sighed, stuffing the leaflet back into the rack, and then walking over to the counter to stand next to his partner.

"... I hope you and your companion find the right hotel," the receptionist was saying.

Deidaras' partner started to leave and reluctantly, Deidara followed.

His ears were picking up the sound of another woman entering, followed by suppressed giggles.

"... cute couple..." Deidaras' head flipped around, giving the receptionist, and the woman who had just joined her, an evil glare. Both women seemed to cower slightly under his gaze.

Deidara boiled. He felt like blowing the whole damn town up. Firstly because Leader-sama didn't seem to have reserved for them even the shabbiest of hotel rooms, and secondly because people here kept on saying things like that.

Deidara followed his partner, not paying any attention to where they where going, lagging slightly behind with his face distorted into a horrible grimace.

"Brat," Deidara snapped out of his trance, standing up straight as though to attention as his partner spoke.

"Give me the map,"

Deidara scowled as he extracted the requested map from one of various pockets conceiled on the inside of his long, wide black cape.

His partner viewed the map.

After a moment there was a low growl.

"No wonder,"

Deidara cocked his head to one side, his anger switching quickly for confusion.

"Sasori-danna, un?"

"You read the map the wrong way round, brat"

Ten minuets later Deidara made a correction on his earlier notes. Leader-sama had not failed to reserve them the shabbiest of room in possibly the shabbiest hotel; he had done exactly that.

The receptionist at this particular hotel seemed to have no interest in either Deidara or Sasori, but seemed rather more keen to get back to reception so that he could finish his nap. Deidara was momentarily relieved by this fact.

Down the corridor, Deidara had to adjust his notes again, Leader-sama had been generous, he had reserved them separate rooms. Deidara grinned when he found this out, surviving travelling with Sasori was bad enough, sleeping in the same room as him might kill Deidara.

'Actually', Deidara thought as he sat down on his bed, after having been instructed by his partner not to leave the hotel, or better even the room, on the assumption that if he did, he would somehow manage to create a situation not suitable for carrying out their mission, 'it's more a cupboard than a room (un)'

It only took a few seconds for boredom to seep into Deidara.

Deidara reached down to a pouch attached to his leg, extracted from it a small, brownish mass. Softening the clay with his fingers Deidara tried to decide on a form to give his artwork.

Nothing entered his mind, and Deidara sighed in frustration. This wasn't supposed to happen! He was Deidara, he was an artist, he couldn't just suddenly lose all inspiration, it was just impossible. Actually, Deidara did rather more that sigh, his eyebrows rose and scrunched up, while he let out that sigh, simultaneously slammed the clay onto the counter top next to him, catapulted himself onto his feet and started pacing.

It was all because of those stupid comments.

Fidgeting, he sat down again, resting his face in his hands. He was extremely confused, he didn't understand why those little comments where setting him off.

Deidara felt himself heat up.

That was a lie, of course, he did know, and he also knew that he knew. It was all a hugely complicated mess in Deidaras head.

It was Sasori. Deidara clutched his head harder, trying to get his partner out of it. It wasn't fair; Deidara was feeling like he had a spilt personality. On the one hand he wanted to watch his partner burn, watch his eyes fall out and shatter. Then on the other hand, there was something more gentle. Deidara couldn't explain. It wasn't very strong, nor very prominent and yet, it seemed important.

Clay from his hands mingled with his long blond hair as he hit himself with frustration, of course he knew what it was, he wasn't stupid.

There was a knock on the door. It wasn't the faint knock of someone who doesn't know you or feels that you don't need to be disturbed, it was the kind of arrogant knock of someone who not only knows you, but also feels that you are either inferior or not due the respect of being pulled from thoughts gently.

Deidara groaned.

Sasori entered slowly. Deidara's head started pounding like that of a captured animal.

"What do you think, brat?" Sasori asked as he advanced through the room.

"W-what, un?" Deidara hadn't meant to stutter, but he was feeling traped.

"I asked what you think, brat,"

"Think of wha-" Deidara glanced around quickly

"-t, un?"

"You know what,"

"Un?" It came out as a panicked squeal.

Sasori towered above Deidara, who was still sitting on the bed, normally, it would have been Deidara towering above his partner.

Deidaras' eyes locked onto his partners red hair, avoiding his eyes.

"Do you agree with them, brat?" Sasori snarled.

"With who, danna, un?" the 'un' came out very quietly.

"The people here,"

Deidara stayed silent. For some reason, right now, he was terrified of his partner.

"What do you think?"

"I-I I don't know, un!"

"You do, brat." The other man growled at him.

"That we would make a good couple? You've been getting annoyed about it all day," somehow Deidara was now more scared than before, the sentence had been phrased as a question. A particularly cut throat, threatening, you-will-die-if-you-don't-answer question.

Deidara stalled for a few seconds. Apparently that was too long.

His head crashed into the wall behind him, his partner hovering a few inches away from Deidara, the look of a predator in his eyes.

"What do you think?" he snarled again, his grip tightened on Deidaras' neck and shoulder, where his partners hands pushed him against the cold wall behind him.

Deidara whimpered like a rabbit trapped in headlights as Sasori lowered his lips slowly to Deidaras' neck.

"How do you feel, brat,"