SasoDei: Holding Timebombs: 18: End

Deidara stood, slightly hunched over, in a clearing he had reached. His breaths were heavy and rough, he gasped heavily with each one. If the sky had been alive, it would have shrunk away from the glare Deidara gave it, his face distorting. Manically.

He slid to his knees, lacking the energy to stop the weight of the rest of his body dragging him down. He must have been miles from the Akastuki base. But he had no idea of where or how far he had gone. It didn't matter now, and never would do. Deidara clenched his teeth, eyes still set on the sky.

He couldn't believe it.

"Bastard," he muttered, his voice full of spite.

"You fucking bastard," he growls again, only louder this time, but still addressing the sky. Slowly, his hands moved upwards, shaking, and clutched at the collar or his shirt, crumpling the material. He could still hear Sasori's voice in his head, and it was spinning around, making him feel dizzy and sick.

i"I don't want you"/i

Deidara clutched at his head, still on his knees.

"You don't want me, un?" he hissed, threateningly at the sky.

"You think you can just fucking say that, un?" his voice became louder still, and his tone rougher and less hurt, the last syllable sounding like a challenge.

"You want me to stay away, un?" and with that, he grinned, lent down and pressed his forehead against the ground. As the sweet smell of fresh earth registered, his brain started to clear.

"Okay, un," he whispered quietly, as though speaking to the ground, "Okay, I'll stay away from you, un," Deidara smiled.

"I'll stay away, but I'll show you, un," pushing himself away from the ground, he sat up, looking around, and smiling gently. This place was good.

"Stay away from me,"

Deidara shook his head. Sasori was going to regret that. He couldn't get distracted now. Not by the way he had heard Sasori's voice shake, and not by the way he had sounded regretful. It had hurt like a knife being pushed straight through him, and for a moment, while thinking about it, Deidara pressed his fingers against the material of his top over his heart. He had just bolted. As soon as Sasori had said those words he had been running out of the Akatsuki base. He hadn't paid attention to where he had been going. Thinking back no, Deidara guessed that was probably a good thing. If he had paid attention, he would have gone somewhere he knew, and they would have found him easily. But this way, Deidara had space to play.

For the first time since arriving, Deidara took a look at his surroundings. It truly was perfect; he stood in an oval shaped clearing that crowned a hilltop, from which he could see the surrounding area. Deidara smiled happily.

His fingers lingered on the ground for a moment, before he moved them up to his hips, touching the pouches that were attached to his trousers there. It was lucky that he always had them with him. He slipped his fingers inside, running them over the surface of the clay; hard enough not to shift at his touch, and soft enough to be moulded.

Deidara grinned,

"I'll show you, Sasori, un," he whispered as he slipped his fingers under his shirt, and started to pull it upwards. Another tug and it was over his head, his hair falling back into place after it. The shirt fell onto the floor beside him, and Deidara walked away from it. When he was about three metres away he stopped and sat down, taking out some clay, and moulding it into a small sculpture. He made another four, and placed each one about three metres away from where his shirt lay, in different directions.

Deidara sat down next to his shirt again, and reached into a different pouch, bringing out a sharp edged kunai. Holding it in front of himself, he watched as the blade caught the sunlight, and every few seconds, created a miniature and unique rainbow. He smiled.

"This is going to be awesome, un," and with that, he aimed the blade at his chest. Dozens of little stitches sprang open, and Deidara flinched slightly at the force with which his fourth mouth opened, nearly knocking him over. He had forgotten just how powerful it was. Deidara glanced at the sky quickly, and frowned. There were coarse, grey clouds at horizon. He wasn't sure he liked that. If the sun were shining to brightly, it wouldn't be so good, but if it rained...

There was another lurch from his fourth mouth, as it searched desperately for something to bite onto, and Deidara was shaken out of his thoughts. Again, he smiled to himself in a contented way, before opening up the pouches again and lifting up as much of the damp clay as he could. His fourth tongue seemed to sense this, and exerted itself more, as though it were going to rip itself out of his chest. Slightly in pain, Deidara shut his eyes.

He was going to show Sasori what art was, ionce and for all/i.

His hands trembled as Deidara held the clay closer to his chest, and his tongue stretched out to greet it, wrapping around it, and leaving trails of saliva running down Deidaras stomach and arms.

Almost immediately, he felt the change, his body incorporating the clay into it's own structure. It was a wonderful sensation, as though his insides were being coated in firm, cool, damp clay, relaxing his muscles and cooling his nerves. Everything seemed to slow down. Deidara put his head in his hands and giggled.


He froze. There was no way...

"Dei-," Deidara turned around.

"-dara," Sasori called, his breath still heavy from having followed Deidara.

"No, un" Deidara said, and shook his head.

"No, you're not messing this up, un. You said I should stay away and I will, un. So just get the hell out of here," Sasori stared at him. This wasn't the reaction he had expected. In fact, he hadn't expected any of it, least of all to actually find Deidara on his own, laughing to himself as though there had never been anything wrong in the world.

"Deidara," Sasori looked around slowly, "Deidara, what the hell are you doing?"

Deidara clenched his teeth, then smiled.

"Something really, really cool, un," he grinned, and Sasori frowned. But the grin ebbed away as he felt another pleasantly cool sensation run through his body. It was the sensation indicating that the clay was becoming evident on the outside of his body, too. His fourth tongue lolled happily.

"Don't do this," Deidara laughed.

"I want to, un. It's all I've got left, and you're not messing it up, un," He grinned again. Sasori's eyes fixed on the ground in front of him. 'Serves him right, anyway,' Deidara thought as he watched his partner, 'Did he really think he could just throw me away like that, and still expect me to stick around?' He was only halfway aware that he was watching Sasori walk towards him, until Deidara felt his partners arms around him.

"Danna, un?" No reply. After a few moments, Deidara tried again.

"Danna, let go, un,"

"No," Deidara stared.

"Let go, Danna! You're messing it up, un!"

"Don't go, Deidara," Sasori said quietly, turning so that he was looking straight at Deidara, who stared at him in disbelief. The delicate structure of Sasori's face had changed, showing, for once, amazingly, some combination of emotions that Deidara had never seen even one of on his partners face.

"Don't go. Please, just don't. I... I'm sorry. I... Deidara. Just don't leave me," his arms tightened around Deidara. Gasping, Deidara tried to loosen it a little, so that he could breathe again.

"Danna, calm down, un!" Sasori stared at Deidara sadly.

"It's irreversible, I know," Deidara nodded, and Sasori looked down again, resting his head on Deidara's shoulder.

"This is confusing," Sasori said, and Deidara watched, not quite sure what his partner meant, as Sasori slipped one of his arms away from Deidara's body and placed his hand where Deidara knew his heart was. He looked at Deidara again.

"I don't understand this. I don't, I'm sorry. It just hurts... Damn it, Deidara? You know what art is?"

"Fleeting, un,"

"Wrong, it's eternal," Deidara was about to protest when Sasori continued.

"Art is the ideal that our minds create. And for me, that makes it eternal, because everything that is fleeting is painful for me. Art can be heartbreaking, Deidara, but not painful. I love you, Deidara. But it hurts. Because I know that you're not like me, because you believe that things are only art when they're fleeting, and because eternity hurts you," each one of Sasoris words came out slowly and quietly, as though they themselves refused to be said. Deidaras body slipped to the ground again, taking Sasori with him.

"I was so scared, Deidara," Sasori whispered eventually, pulling Deidara closer before he continued.

"I know... I knew that I was hurting you, Deidara," his grip on Deidara tightened again as he spoke. "But I didn't know what to do. I don't understand this, and you're so fucking unpredictable. I never knew if you were going to stick around or just blow yourself up, and I needed you. I was so scared you'd leave," Deidara let his arms fall away from Sasori's body, and stared at the sky.

This couldn't be happening.

"But... I'm not made to be able to deal with this kind of thing. I don't know what to do anymore," he fell silent, burying his face into Deidara's shoulder.

"Danna, let go, un,"


"Just get out of here, un!" Deidara started to panic, almost shouting.

"I'm staying,"

"You're basically holding onto a load of timebombs, Danna, now get out of here, un,"

"No. I'm staying here," Sasori smiled, lacing Deidara's and his fingers together.

"Danna, please..." Sasori stared at Deidara angrily.

"No, I don't care, I'm staying with you,"

"Fleetingly, un?" Deidara asked, frowning.

"Eternally, brat," Sasori said and smiled at Deidara.

"You're not getting rid of me, wherever you go, now," frowning, Deidara let one of his fingers trail down the curve of his partners neck,

"But what about art, Danna?" Sasori shook his head,

"Eternity isn't the only thing that makes something art. Life won't be art if you're not here," for a moment Deidara just stared, until Sasori lent in and kissed him.

Deidara smiled into the kiss as the world lit up.