Charlie In Real Life

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Chapter 1

I want to die. One couldn't think of why a fifteen year old heiress to a billion dollar fortune would dislike her life so much.

The best education, the most expensive clothes, she shouldn't have a care in the world, but that was the problem. She hated her world.

It was always 'Charlie wear this, Charlie go to that, Charlotte your grades, how do you expect to run Bass Industries, if you can't even pass math? Charlotte! You're a Bass and with that comes specific obligations. Charlotte! Charlotte! Charlie!'

"God" she groaned into her pillow. She wished it would all just stop. "I wish I wasn't a Bass."

She heard a knock on her door and burrowed under the covers.

"Miss Charlie time for school. You get up now, I make your favorite breakfast."

"I don't want breakfast Dorota. I want to be left alone."

"You got big chemistry test. You need breakfast. Get up, or I call Mr. Chuck and Mrs. Blair."

Charlie sighed and pulled the covers off her self. "Fine, I'm up. I wouldn't want to waste 'Mr. and Mrs. High Society's' time."

"Miss Charlie!" exclaimed Dorota. "Your Mo-"

"Yes, I know the drill Dorota. Mom and Dad love me, they just want me to do my best. Never mind that they're always too busy to ask what I want, or to pay attention to what I'm into."

"Miss Charlie" said Dorota softening her tone.

"I don't want to hear it. It's fine, I'm up. You can leave. No need to send in the brigade."

She heard Dorota sigh and watched her walk out her room, she faintly heard her mumble "Just like mother" as she closed the door behind her.

Charlie rolled her eyes. She was nothing like her mother. Her mother always had a plan, 'always be prepared Blair'. Charlie gave a sarcastic laugh, the only unplanned thing her mother had ever done was give birth to her.

She reluctantly pulled herself up from her bed and went into her walk-in closet. "Hmmm" she said aloud. "What would Daddy hate the most today?", she smirked. She had to wear the customary Constance Billard uniform, but she managed to give her father migraines with the little 'tweaks' she gave it.

She grinned as she pulled out her skirt that she had cut three inches too short, at least according to her father. She paired it with white thigh-high tights with lace trim. It would go perfect with her Jimmy Choo stilettos. She grabbed her white Constance shirt and just to spite her mother, picked up a headband.

After getting dressed she looked at the time. "Damn and here I was looking forward to being late." She took a breath as she opened her door. "Let's see what dear old Dad has to say today."


Blair was helping her five year old son with his plate as her husband walked in. He smiled and bent to kiss her on the lips. The kiss was too brief and she took hold of his tie to prolong it.

"Ewww" exclaimed their son.

Chuck drew back and smirked at him. "Matthew you will soon learn the error of your ways."

Matthew looked curiously at him, "What does that mean?"

Blair laughed and Chuck said, "It means that you will like it when girls kiss you."

He put this disgusted look on his face. "I don't think so."

Chuck smiled at him. "Trust me or you could just ask your brother" he said as he watched his eldest son walk into the room.

"Good Morning" he said with a sigh.

"Good Morning Luke" said Blair frowning at him. "What's wrong?"

"I have a math test today."

"Are you worried? You're great at math" said Blair.

"I'm not worried, it's just a drag."

"Well, ace it and I'll get you that dirt bike you wanted."

"Chuck" admonished Blair. "You shouldn't-"

"Sweet!" exclaimed Luke interrupting.

Blair gave Chuck an annoyed look but continued eating her breakfast. She stopped mid-bite and put her fork down, as something came to mind. Chuck looked at her and she answered his unspoken question. "It's Charlie. Who is going to see Headmistress Queller this time?"

He grimaced, "What did she do now?" asked Chuck.

She exhaled deeply, "Who knows? I just don't know what to do anymore" said Blair looking dejectedly.

Chuck caressed her face. "It's going to be alright. She is just rebelling. I went through it and so did you."

Blair looked down. "Maybe you're right."

"I'm always right" he said with a grin, but it faded when he took in his daughter's appearance as she walked into the dining room.

"Uh oh" said Luke smirking as his sister sat down and crossed her legs.

"Charlotte what are you wearing?" asked Chuck through gritted teeth.

"My uniform" she answered sweetly.

"That is not a uniform, that is-"

"Chuck!" said Blair looking at the boys. He let out a breath then said, "Luke take your brother and help him get ready for school."

Luke's eyes narrowed, "I'm ten. I'm not stupid. You want me to leave so that you can yell at Charlie for looking like a slut."

Blair's eyes widened.

"You little!-" shouted Charlie as she rose from her chair.

"Charlotte!" yelled Chuck. She stopped mid-step, rolled her eyes, and sat back down.

"Lucas you do not talk that way about your sister, apologize now, and you can forget about that bike" said Blair in a hard tone.

Luke scowled and said sorry as he took Matt's hand and led him out the room. As they were departing they heard little Matthew ask, "Luke, what's a slut?"

Blair groaned rubbing her temples. "Shhh" said Luke. "I'll tell you later", then they disappeared from view.

"Charlotte, I'm not going to ask again, you're trying my patience. Why are you dressed like that?" said Chuck darkly.

Charlie put an equally dark look on her face and crossed her arms over her chest. Her resolve was slowly crumbling seeing her father that way. He could be very intimidating when he was angry, but she didn't care.

"What? I'm not dressed any particular way. If I remember correctly, Mom wore something similar to this in a picture I saw. Are you insinuating that Mom dressed like a slut too?" asked Charlie with an innocent tone.

"Charlotte!" shouted Blair. "That's enough."

"You know what? It really is" she said as she grabbed an apple from the table. "I wouldn't want to be late for my chemistry test" she said mockingly as she rose and walked out the dining room.

Charlie looked back in time to see her father get up from the table but her mother pulled him back.

She quickened her steps to the foyer and grabbed her bag. "Just another day in the life of the Basses, upper east side's golden family" she muttered as she opened the door and rushed to the waiting limo.


Blair was trying to reason with Chuck as he stared intently through the archway that Charlie had just exited.

"Chuck, please calm down."

"I will not calm down. Your daughter needs a reality check."

Blair gave a half smile then said, "What happened to 'everything will be alright, she's just rebelling'?"

"Well that was good cop. Bass cop has surfaced and our daughter needs to learn a lesson. Maybe it was my fault for indulging her all these years. She is our first born and the only girl, but all that is irrelevant now."

"Chuck, what are you talking about?"

"I think it's time Charlie had a real punishment and I promise you she will know who Chuck Bass is by the end of it" he said rising from the table.

Blair grimaced just thinking about the blow up. "I take it that means you will be going to see Headmistress Queller?"

"Yes, I will and don't even ask because you can't come with me. Jake is expecting you, the vice president needs to be at that meeting."

Blair groaned, damn that new stadium proposal she thought as she rose from the table as well. "Fine, call me after speaking with the headmistress" she said as she gave him a peck on the lips and left him to his thoughts.


Charlie was on the steps next to her best friend Eve discussing her Mother and Father.

"My parents really don't get it Evie, they don't have a clue" said Charlie exasperated as she lifted her phone and texted her 'minions'.

"Shut up C, I wish my parents were like yours. You have it easy."

"I have it easy. My whole life is planned out for me without my say, and it's easy."

"Yes it is. At least your parents give a damn about you" said Eve defensively.

Charlie sighed, Eve's parents were worse than hers she had to concede. "Okay, fine, can we change the subject?" asked Charlie looking at the redhead.

"Speaking about subjects, we have to get inside. Our chemistry test starts in ten minutes."

Charlie smirked, "Do remember to tell me how it went."

"You're not taking it?"

"No, I don't feel up to it today."

"Sometimes I don't get you Charlie. You're smart. I know you are. I hear you muttering correct answers whenever the professors ask questions yet if they ask you out right, you play dumb. What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing, that's my problem" said Charlie angrily.

"Well, you will be figuring out your problem on your own. I'm going to take the test" said Eve as she picked up her bag and walked up the stairs.

Charlie groaned as she rubbed her temples but she immediately stopped when she noticed it was something her mother did unconsciously when she was stressed.

"Why so glum sea bass?" came a voice from behind her.

"My day is getting worse and worse by the minute" she grumbled.

"I wouldn't say that. My day has just gotten brighter, now that I've seen you that is" said the teenage boy with a grin.

"Well mine just got bleaker. Leave me alone. I don't want to be bothered" she said glaring at him.

"Ouch" he said exaggerating the word and clutching his chest. "Have a heart, that hurt."

Charlie huffed losing her patience. "'Have a heart', you have no heart. Your heart is as black as your name" said Charlie rising from the steps.

He got close to her and whispered, "The night is not always as dark as it seems. You would know that if you accepted the many invitations I've extended to you in the past."

Charlie's breath caught in her throat at his nearness then she mentally chided herself over her own stupidity. She pushed him away from her and said "Why would I accept? So I can be another notch on your bed post? No thank you. I would like to stay disease free."

"Now I'm really offended. I have a letter that states I'm perfectly healthy" he said going into his wallet.

Charlie's eyes widened, "You carry a letter like that around with you?"

He smirked looking at her, "You never know when it might come in handy. Would you like to read it, I promise it isn't forged" he said holding the paper out to her.

Her eyes narrowed. "I don't care if it's forged or not. I don't want to see your letter. Gabriel Knight, get away from me!" yelled Charlie.

"Hmm, I love it when you say my name that way" he said as he caressed her cheek.

Her lips pursed and she smacked his hand away. "I'm late for a chemistry test. I hope you steer clear of me for the next two years" she said as she pushed past him. She heard him shout "Parting is such sweet sorrow" as she made her way up the stairs and into the building.


"Mr. Bass I've made considerations for your daughter in the past as a favor to you and your wife but if Charlotte does not clean up her act, I'm going to have to take action."

"What has she done this time?" asked Chuck.

"She is missing classes, doing poorly in them, and what's worse she doesn't seem to care. I don't see a drive in her, not like I did in her mother. I'm really concerned."

"Charlotte takes after me. She is just being rebellious. She will straighten out in time."

"In time is not good enough" said the headmistress sternly.

"Samantha, please. I'm sure we can come into some kind of agreement. When I was attending St. Jude's I did much worse and wasn-"

"Times have changed Mr. Bass. If you haven't learned that money doesn't solve all your problems by now, then this meeting is useless."

"I know it doesn't solve everything" he said tersely.

"Well, I hope you can instill that in your daughter. She needs to get her grades up by the end of the month or I will be forced to expel her. Constance is a competitive school, we have waiting lists for students that want to attend. If Charlotte is not one of them, we will replace her with one who does."

"She will have her grades up before the end of the month" he said darkly as he rose.

"Good day Mr. Bass and I will be keeping track" she said as she shook his hand formally.


"I'm so glad you came and took the test. How do you think you did?" asked Eve.

"I think I got a solid C-. I could have gotten an A but what's the fun in that?" said Charlie grinning.

"Charlie, this isn't a game. Why do you keep doing this?" asked Eve shaking her head.

Charlie looked annoying at her, "Because if I don't pass, I wont get into Yale and if don't get into Yale, I can't take control of Bass Industries" said Charlie as if her reasoning was totally logical.

"C, you're crazy and I can safely say that Yale is out but I wouldn't put it past your father not to buy you in."

Charlie rolled her eyes, "Please stop, you're dampening my hopes."

"I don't understand. You should be happy that your Dad wants to leave you Bass Industries."

"That's the whole point E, I don't want it. I never have and they don't get it. So, I will continue as I am until it sinks into their brains."

"I know something that I would love to sink into" came Gabe's voice to interrupt.

Charlie looked at him disgustedly, "In your dreams".

He smiled at her, "every night".

"Oh so not what I wanted to hear" said Eve grimacing. "I'm leaving. I will see you later" she said as she walked away and left them alone.

Charlie turned to Gabe. "I thought I told you to stay away from me?"

"You did, but I just couldn't stay away. You pull me in. You're like a magnet. I can't resist getting close when you're anywhere near" he said as he took a strand of her hair and wrapped it around his finger.

She momentarily forgot what she was about to say as she looked into his eyes but reality hit her and she smacked his hand away for the second time that day.

"I don't want you touching me. How many times do I have to tell you? I don't want you anywhere near me. I don't want you as an acquaintance, classmate, and especially not as a boyfriend. I bet you don't even know the concept of the word. You couldn't stay faithful if your life depended on it" said Charlie haughtily.

"Is that a Challenge?" asked Gabe as his gaze narrowed on hers.

"No! It's not. Ugh you're so infuriating" she said as she turned to leave.

"Not so fast" he said as he wrapped his arms around her from behind.

"Let go Gabe or I swear I will have you arrested for sexual harassment."

"It's not sexual harassment if we both agree" he said in a low tone against her ear.

Charlie's heart started beating faster and she gave an irritated groan. "I swear I'm going to scream."

"That's how I want you, screaming my name" he said as he placed a kiss underneath her ear.

Her eyes involuntarily closed. "You are disgusting and I hate you."

"Then why are you holding on to me?" he asked smiling.

She pushed his hand away as she turned to face him. "You and I will never be anything."

"Are you sure about that?" he asked smoothly.

"I'm positive" she retorted.

"Is that why you get so nervous when I'm around, because we'll never have anything. Is that why you tremble if I get this close to you" he said as stepped close to her.

Charlie, never one to back down, raised her chin. "I don't get nervous. I don't care either way when you're around."

"Is that so?" he asked.

"Yes that's so" she said with some finality.

"Then you wouldn't mind if I test your firm resolve?"

"What?" asked Charlie but before she could say another word Gabe took her into his arms and his lips descended on hers.


Chuck was in a foul mood after exiting Headmistress Queller's office. She really needed to retire. He was thinking of ways to precipitate this when his phone vibrated.

It was a Gossip Girl hit. He smiled as nostalgia hit him. He had re-subscribed so he could know what went on at Constance and St. Jude's. He had to keep an eye on his daughter. As he opened his phone his eyes narrowed and he took in the picture of Charlie with some guy. Chuck took a breath trying to curb his anger. He stared intently at the boy's face. "First I will deal with you, and then Charlie won't know what hit her" he vowed as he snapped his phone shut.

Spotted, Billard's Queen B locking lips with St. Jude's number one bad boy. I guess you should have brushed up on your history C, everyone knows which Bass not to cross and it's not you. In the war of the Basses, Daddy always wins. Oh and Gabriel? Let's hope you live up to your name, you will need a miracle to save you when Chuck Bass is about.

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