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Stubborn Lovers

Chapter One: It Begins

Hatake Kakashi had a problem. A big problem. He was Sensei to the most drop dead gorgeous man he had ever in his life seen. And if that wasn't bad enough there was a further complication in the fact that the drop dead sexy man wasn't really a man at all. He was only a teenager. A particular innocent teenager at that. How it had happened, no one could really say but it was undeniable that Uzumaki Naruto was the most incredibly sexy and innocent young person in the village. Even girls raised to protect their virtue were more worldly, as well as less desired, than Naruto was. Maybe it was because all he ever seemed to think about or do was eat ramen and practice his ninja skills. Maybe it was just because he projected his innocence so very completely that no one had the heart to disrupt it with the satisfaction losing that innocence could give a person. Kakashi didn't know what had caused it but he did know that so long as it existed he would never be allowed to act on what he felt for the blond god.

And so he made due with cold showers, hand jobs and the occasional bar hopping mate but always, no matter the method he chose, his mind was full of his student. His blond, fifteen year old student. His innocent student who didn't even have a clue how many people were into the drop dead gorgeousness that he was.

Kakashi knew full well the reason he was on the night shift Naruto Watch was because Tsunade, the village Hokage, trusted him to make sure no one got in to ravish her adopted otouto and ruin his innocence. She seemed convinced that if he ever lost that, the village would lose something irreplaceable. For himself, Kakashi just wished it would disappear so he could finally fulfill his own desires. He knew what he wanted from the blond and he had no trouble believing the only thing that kept him from acting on his desires was the fact that he liked his head on his shoulders, thank you very much. He knew whoever did take away Naruto's innocence would find themselves facing a very angry Hokage with the power and authority to make them wish they had never even been born let alone seen the blond fox boy.

He shared the night watch chore with three other equally trusted Anbu. Each of them, though, were already involved in a relationship or had proven they had no interest in the boy in that way. Gai would never take anything he considered to be Kakashi's due to their rivalry and of his other three fellow watchers, he was the only one Kakashi knew for sure knew how into the boy Kakashi actually was. Asuma was happily dating Kurenai and so didn't look at Naruto in that light and Gekko was dating a fellow Anbu named Yugao. Those two had been together for so long people never spoke of one without mentioning the other. So he had no worries regarding his fellow watchers. Kakashi was the only one of them who was still single and unattached in any way shape or form. But still, Kakashi had a hard time believing they would turn the kid down should an opportunity present itself to them. He was too into the boy himself to believe anyone else could ever turn down what was driving him crazy.

Watching the scene through her crystal ball in her office, Tsunade sighed. "What do you think, Shizune? Will he give in soon?" asked Tsunade speaking to her assistant, who was like a little sister to her.

"He's been denying this for years, Nade-sama. I know he's aware of how deeply he's fallen but he's also convinced you'll kill him if he acts on it. So probably not."

"Damn. I just wanted to make sure he made sure it was what otouto wanted also. Shit. Well then, we'll have to push him more. Otouto wants him and what my otouto wants, he gets."

Shizune grinned, not having the heart to chastize her mentor for her language this time, and said, "What do you have in mind?"

"I'm thinking of two man missions quite often out of the village to places where sex and games are on open display. I know he thinks Otouto is an innocent but we both know Raiya wouldn't have left him that innocent."

"Agreed. That pervert would have seen Naruto's innocence as a challenge he had to corrupt. So where first and what's the mission?"

The two women plotted and were still arguing the merits of different locations when they were joined by Tsunade's second apprentice, Haruno Sakura. Shizune became guarded and took less interest in Tsunade's plotting but Sakura more then made up for her lack of input. Shizune was keeping a careful eye and ear on everything that was happening however.

Sakura was informed, by Tsunade, of what they were doing and why and, with a perverted evil grin, she joined in. Everyone in the village knew how deeply Hatake Kakashi had fallen for the Fox Boy. And almost as many people knew how Naruto felt about the Copy-nin. It was the greatest source of gossip in the village and the single largest draw for betting anywhere in the Fire Nation. Even people in the capitol were betting on the pairing. Bets ranged from whether or not the pair actually did like each other to which would finally get fed up with the game and confront the other first. Of course, it went without saying that the largest betting draw was when the two would actually hook-up and whether it would be a hook-up for satisfaction or if it would lead to co-habitation.

But running a close second was whether or not Naruto would prank the Hokage for her involvement in the situation. That one was a funny bet as nearly everyone felt he would. It also led to a smaller, but more wide spread, betting pool of just what kind of a prank he would pull on her and whether or not Kakashi or anyone else would be involved in the prank, either as a mutual target or as an aide to the pulling of said prank.

A few men and girls had tried for Naruto's attention when Jiraiya had brought him back to the village but the Fox Boy hadn't even realized what was going on until Tsunade had told him. Then he had looked at her, confused, and bluntly asked why. Shock had robbed her of speech as her mouth hung open. Jiraiya was laughing his ass off in the corner and Shizune was trying to hide her own smiles. Sakura had sighed and fished out her hand sized mirror before shoving it under his nose. He had batted it aside and frowned up at her saying, "I know what I look like Sakura-chan. It's just a face like any other. What's the big deal?"

All anyone could do was sigh and shake their heads and that was how Tsunade and her apprentices learned Jiraiya had not succeeded in corrupting Naruto's innocence. It had taken months of observation and sneakiness before anyone had found out there was someone the blond did see in that light.

Hinata was their source for that information. She still trailed Naruto everywhere he went when they were both in the village and she was the one who noticed he had a fascination with his former Sensei. She noticed Naruto would seek the older man out and only after assuring himself the man was alright and not going anywhere would he leave whatever area he found him in. Of course, because of this, she also noticed the interest was returned by the silver haired ninja.

Once the trio of tower women found out Hinata knew more than they did about Naruto, they badgered her unmercifully to tell them what she knew. She finally broke after six weeks of constant harassment and having her team denied missions because she wouldn't spill. That had led to her team being upset with her also. So she had finally given in and told them what she knew. Then she had begged for a mission for her team and disappeared for two weeks to recover her shattered nerves.

At first, Tsunade had been angry but then, when she realized neither of them were doing anything about it, she got antsy. Shizune and Sakura had reported the truth of Hinata's observations. They looked and let each other know they were looking but neither did anything. She was the one who planted the rumors in the village about the attraction and then, to keep the vultures away, about Naruto's innocence. She had been hoping Kakashi would realize he would need to make the first move since her clueless little brother obviously wouldn't but so far the one eyed pervert had held himself in check.

She'd upped the ante with the betting pools that were widely advertised and had even seen Kakashi grimacing at the posters and chalkboards whenever he saw one. So she knew he knew he was being watched but still he did nothing. Then she had planted more rumors of others watching the boy hoping jealousy would prod him into action. It did but not in the way she had hoped it would. A couple of days after those rumors made it into his ears one of her aides reported that he'd beat the tar out of a young ninja for saying Naruto was sexy. But still he made no move on the blond himself.