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Chapter Twenty-Five: Confrontation Leaf Style

Together the five took the evidence of the interrogation to Tsunade. They met Homura and Koharu outside interrogations and the two elderly councillors went with them. Hiashi presented their solution and Shikato told her, "Look, we are all aware of your plan to force Naruto and Kakashi into creating children for the village. They have talked to us and told us their reasoning for not wishing to oblige you at this point in time. I have to say I find their reasons valid and, in light of this evidence, to support their reasoning, I will not sanction any attempt at this time to force them to do as you wish."

"And exactly why should I care whether or not the council sanction my plan?" asked Tsunade, raising one delicately trimmed brow.

"Because we control how much of that you have to wade through," said Koharu, indicating the pile of requests on Tsunade's desk.

Homura added, "We can get the villager's requests so lost in a back log you won't see it until doomsday blows the village off the map. And then you'd only see it as a piece of paper floating in the backlash."

Tsunade blinked. "So what do I have to promise to get you not to swamp me in this crap?"

"We want a HANDS mission to get rid of Danzo," said Hiashi.

"So you want me to authorize a mission to eradicate Danzo as a threat to village security and I am to believe he is a threat based on the interrogation of one rogue ninja," she said. When no one said anything, she said, "I know none of you are fond of Danzo but he is a member of the council. Do you have anything beyond gut feeling and this transcript to prove he will not simply be replaced with a bigger more serious threat? And if I were to approve this mission, what do I, the people, or the ninja get out of it?"

The group went on to explain to the wide-eyed Hokage why they felt the cripple had outlived his usefulness and was now an active enemy of the village he professed to love and hold in the highest esteem. They made sure she understood he was the major threat to her plan to force Naruto into childbearing for her next generation of ninja.

"You will, at the appropriate time, get our backing in your efforts to force young Naruto into becoming a parent to Hatake's child," said Hiashi.

"As for the possibility of a larger threat taking Danzo's place, that is already a possibility. He is elderly and could die any day now so I am very sure he has chosen his heir to the council already," added Inoichi.

"However, that heir would find he or she does not hold the power and sway Danzo held. The council is very clear about making new members earn their power," said Hiashi.

"You're are assuming that I will need your backing to get the Gaki to do as I wish. And you are assuming that I do not know exactly what Danzo is doing and that an unknown thorn is somehow better than a known adversary. I know Danzo is plotting against us. If I were to approve this mission, and it were successful, than I would have to wait and see what kind of games his successor would wish to play and move new counters in place to check him or her."

She eyed each of them shrewdly for a few minutes trying to determine which of them she could persuade to her point of view. She saw anger and guilt but no softness. She continued anyway. "I know Naruto thinks Danzo has the power to ruin his life. He thinks the full backing of this office, the Anbu and the power of most the council is not enough to protect him but it has been years since anyone dared to even try to hurt him. You let him bamboozle you into thinking he would be at risk if he provides the village with his heir. I do not believe it. For one thing, Danzo knows I would skin him alive for even attempting it. And no one in their right mind would even think of attempting to hurt Kakashi over the issue."

"With all due respect, Hokage-sama," sneered Shikato. "You don't know what you're talking about. It was not you who stopped this plot by Danzo. It was not you on the streets seeing and hearing how effective this creep was being in Danzo's manipulation game. It was we, the council, who were on the streets in the bars and restaurants, meeting and talking with the common ordinary citizen, who stumbled onto this plot and stopped it. And Naruto is not worried about the danger he himself would face from your little game. He is more concerned with the welfare of everyone else who associates with him or is in some way connected to him."

Inoichi spoke up again. "But perhaps you do think Naruto is nothing more than a Ken doll from America for you to play with until you run out of ideas for how you can make his life hell. Maybe you do think he is the Demon, Danzo should be able to manipulate and brainwash until he has no will of his own. Maybe you also think the same thing of Hatake but we do not. I will not stand by and watch as Danzo works the people up against not only Naruto but everyone who wears the headband. And that is coming. The people sneer now when they see Anbu in their masks. They melt out of the way so as not to be seen by them and hide their children lest the child somehow catch the ninja's eye." It was very clear he had seen that more than once as his face took on the saddest expression she'd seen recently.

Hiashi picked up the tale, letting Inoichi compose himself. "I will not stand by and watch as the people we serve and protect grow more and more afraid of us because Danzo is stealing children off the streets or wives away from their husbands or vice versa. I will not stand by and watch as the Yondaime's son is turned into a weapon and Hatake destroys this village because of it. Nor will I stand by and watch as you turn the both of them into nothing more than, deadly but common, whores for your own amusement. Naruto is the youngest of his generation of ninja and you are willing to force him into bearing a child against his will already. How long would it be before you decide my daughter is an old maid and do the same thing to her? How long before you decide young Ino is too free with her favors to responsibly choose her own mate? How long before you turn all the rookies into breeding machines for the future? I will grant you none of the rookies are quite as well-known or popular as Naruto-kun and his famous Sensei but none-the-less each has his or her own appeal and reputation. If you treat them the same way you have treated the Yondaime's son and the son of the White Fang, you will make the entirety of the Fire Nation nothing more than a laughing stock to all the Elemental Lands."

Ibiki, who had joined them to present his evidence from the interrogation, got into the chewing out. "You may not care but I do. I am proud to be a Leaf ninja and only as a proud member of this village could I continue doing the job I do. The only thing that makes it possible for me to do my job is the knowledge that I am acting in the best interest of the village I serve to protect the people who can not protect themselves. But I am not proud of turning two of our best ninja into porno stars for the amusement of the world."

Tsunade was fuming. Never had she been spoken to in that way since she had come back to serve this village as Hokage.

"Don't get us wrong, Tsunade-sama. You are a wonderful medic and a good leader for the village but when it comes to Naruto you have a tendency not to see the whole picture," said Shikato. "You say it has been years since any villager dared to raise a finger against him but that is not true. He was attacked only last night because of the images this operative of Danzo's was showing around the village for three days before we caught him. And it was only two weeks before this that a bunch of drunks caught him in an alley. For all the protection you claim keeps them off him, none of it was present in either incident. It was his own friends who came to his rescue both times though I know last night Anbu were on the rooftops. We merely followed our children to find out where they were going so late at night." He shook his head sadly. "The fact is simply put, so long as Danzo is alive he is too great a threat for Naruto to ever bring a child into this village. Naruto is well aware of how easily Danzo plays the feelings of the common people. And he is equally aware of the fact that Danzo would use that child to force both him and his partner into joining Danzo's personal army. Therefore, if you really want Naruto's child, you will approve this mission and let us get rid of the single most serious threat to that dream in a way that does not make the Fire Country a laughing stock to the rest of the world. Then you will help us figure out how to convince the people that Naruto is not the Kyuubi and that he did not use a kitsune trick to coerce Hatake into his bed. You will own up to the fact that you are the one who was doing the coercing because it is you who wanted the two of them together." Shikato held the golden eyes of his village leader as he waited for her to see what was so clear to everyone else.

Anko summed it all up. "You want everyone to believe you are not a pervert like your teammate but yet you are the one authorizing spy cameras in Naruto's bathroom. You are the one authorizing them on his bed and in his closet. And you are the one getting pictures of him in various acts that are his private business. That makes you a bigger pervert than Jiraiya-sama ever thought about being. And if just one of those pictures should wind up in the Akatsuki's hands what do you think they would do with it? Put it on their wall as next month's pin-up? Of course, they wouldn't. They would grab Kakashi as a tool to make Naruto come to them of his own free will. And never dout for a minute that Naruto would go. The Leaf would lose both her strongest two ninja just like that because you had to play games with them and couldn't keep it private. And what about the Iwa nins? Do you think they will not see Naruto's resemblance to the Yondaime? Do you think they would not love to get those pictures to use them to ruin the reputation of three great ninja? And yes I said three. Iwa would love to trash the Yondaime's image and what better way than showing dirty pictures claiming they are him engaged in what is termed as unnatural acts? A little airbrushing would remove any hint of whiskers from Naruto's face as well as change the color of Kakashi's hair or other distinguishing marks allowing them to claim Naruto is the Yondaime. You threaten not just the two of them but all three of them."

"Actually," said Hiashi. "Kakashi looks enough like his father as well that an airbrush to change his sharingan eye and scar would make it look like the Yondaime was in bed with the White Fang. Sakumo also had a scar in the same place Kakashi does. His was not as long as Kakashi's but other than that there is so small a difference between Otousan and Son as to make no difference. One image airbrushed to look like Sakumo is seme to Yondaime; a second showing the opposite and their reputations are toast. Add to it pictures of Naruto and Kakashi together or an image of Kakashi and the Yondaime and it is trashing the reputations of four great the Leaf might as well dissolve."

"Whoa," said Tsunade holding up her hands in disbelief and denial. "I do not have any pictures of what the two of them do in private."

"What privacy!?" shouted Inoichi, fed up with the whole situation. "You have spy devices all over his apartment and if he is not in the apartment, you have people trailing him everywhere he goes, so, if he goes to Kakashi's place, you will know it and don't try that bull about the pictures again. Sakura gave a couple of them to Ino as proof that her Sensei is screwing her teammate."

Tsunade paled. Sakura had given some of them to Ino? She'd kill the girl. Those pictures were never to have left this office. Kakashi did not deserve that. Even she knew he would never be able to do his job if those pictures got out. She'd had Jobah send her every single bit of recorded evidence he had from the pair and she knew he had not kept any for himself. That was why his little room was still in business after all. He knew the ninja and important people would destroy it if he ever proved untrustworthy by the people who hired him.

"Ok so I do have pictures but they were never to leave this office. I know exactly how damaging they could be to Kakashi's reputation if they were to fall into the wrong hands and you are incorrect if you think it is the reputation of either Naruto or the Yondaime that is most at risk. I'll admit I did not see how they could be used to destroy what is left of the White Fang's reputation either but it is still immaterial to the fact that I have every single one of those pictures and other than using them to force the compliance of Kakashi they will be destroyed as soon as the child is born."

"No." said Tsume, who had entered the chambers with Naruto and Kakashi in time to hear her statement. She also noticed Tsunade for all her professed love and care for Naruto did not consider how those images might be damaging to him as well. "You will give them to Kakashi right now. Then you will punish Sakura, for thinking those pictures were for public consumption and you will make sure that Kakashi and Naruto never have to work with such a disrespectful ninja as she again. And you will apologize to both Kakashi and Naruto for what you have done. I stood by while it seemed you were really acting to get them together so they could be happy. I worried in private over how far you would go but when I was told exactly why they were resisting their own desires I could not deny they had good reason. I will stand aside no longer. You will comply. This is not negotiable. One of your station should hold the trust of all the village in the palm of your hand as a given. Neither of them are able to give you that right now. Nor are any of their friends or even we, of the council, who have discovered how perverted you seem to be. If we can not trust you, how long do you think it will be before the commoners pick up on it and also begin to distrust you?"

"A Hokage must have the trust of the people, Baa-chan. Because you would not listen, you let yourself get caught up in this mess. Now let me help you get out of it," Naruto smiled at her. His true smile, the one that made every bad situation look like the silver lining of the dark cloud.

"Baa-chan, you got so used to our game of one upmanship you forgot this time it wasn't just me you would hurt if things went south. You know I am tough enough to take anything you throw at me. I always have. But this time you went too far. You involved Kakashi as well. It was fine when it stayed in the village. We could both handle that but then it got out. And you didn't stop it as you should have. It spread like wildfire and right now it's nothing more than baseless whispers in betting parlors but you know it won't stay that way. It never does. That inn keeper may keep his mouth shut and maybe he gave you everything he had but you took a big risk and you're smart enough to know it. But what I really don't understand, Baa-chan, is whatever gave you the idea that the henge would hold when I sleep? For that matter, what makes you think I can maintain the same henge day in and day out for almost a year? And for Kami's Sake, whatever in the world possessed you to think that as a fifteen year old I was in any way shape or form ready to be a parent?" He waited for her to think about his questions.

A guilty flush told him what her answer was. "I see. So you planned for me to bring the child into existence and then step away from it so someone else could raise it. Who Baa-chan? Who were you planning on having raise my child?" He couldn't hide the hurt in his voice as he announced the full cruelty of her plans to everyone else.

Beside him, Kakashi stiffened and growled out, "Like hell that would ever happen."

Naruto just shook his head. "It would have, Kashi. She had no intention of allowing either of us to raise it because, as Sandaime decided with me, we are too well-known and famous for the child to be safe from our enemies and of course his attempts to keep me safe were oh-so-successful. But even if we fought it, she had no intention of allowing either one or both of us to retire when the child came so that we could raise it. The child would be at the mercy of the village, which she assumes would love it as they did not love me, and the world."

He sighed with such a bleak look in his eyes, Tsunade wanted to shiver, "But the one thing I will never forgive you for is letting Sakura-chan see those pictures. She did not need to see them. You let her see them because you needed to gloat and it has ruined his image with her. That is a bridge there is no way in hell he can ever repair because she doesn't think I actually needed his help at that time. She thinks he acted on his own whim instead of doing for me what he would have done for her had she been the one who had ingested a triple dose of your friends drug."

"Like hell I would have," growled Kakashi from his position holding up the wall. "Little Bitch would have had to suffer or please herself before I would have even thought of touching her."

"Be nice, Kakashi. We both know you would have at least told her how to help herself." He turned back to Tsunade and continued his previous statement/lecture. "I can handle the fact that she thinks I did not need the help. She does have reason for that assumption, erroneous as it is. But that she would think Kakashi could sit there and watch me suffer without doing something about it, makes it seem she thinks he is some kind of monster as well. I know she is not the only one who made an assumption. I did as well. I assumed because Kyuubi knows I love ramen she would purge the drug but she did not. It was not life threatening. Nor did she see it as disabling in a manner that would lead to serious injury or death for me."

"So you are telling me that was not what it looked like? That you really did not mean to make sure you got Kakashi to reveal himself?"

"I would never be that disrespectful, Baa-chan. As one mask wearer to another, I would never knowingly put him in a position where he would be forced to show the world his true face if he did not desire to. But you would. Sakura-chan would. And both of you would think it was a master stroke of genius until the sky began to fall and we were not there to rebuild it for you. And that is likely if even a single one of those images get out."

"I'm sorry. I will get the pictures Sakura took. And I will make sure she hasn't made copies."

"We already got them. Maybe not any back-ups she had made but we did get the ones she tried to show Ino. Now we want the rest and we want you to be absolutely positive they are all there before you say they are. I am of course making the assumption that you know each photo or recording you have," said Kakashi giving her a very cold look, his body still stiff with disapproval. He knew just from the tone Naruto had used how she had been planning for their child to grow up. She had been planning to force the infant to grow up as Naruto had grown up. Alone and abused because of parents who wouldn't claim it. In this moment in time he actively hated the Hokage because he knew how much that would have hurt Naruto. He knew she would have forced him to nurse the child and then probably insisted he take it to the orphange himself as soon as it could be weaned. Nothing would have been crueller. But what she didn't seem to realize is the fact that as the child would also have been Kakashi's child he would have killed her for even suggesting it.

She nodded and went into the attached bed chamber. A few minutes later she was back with a fat envelope. They are all here except for three. I am assuming you have those three?"

Kakashi shook his head with his eye closed. Naruto dropped his face and sighed. "Thanks Baa-chan. There's a picture out there and we have no idea who has it, what it is or what whoever has it plans to do with it."

Kakashi held out his hand for the envelope and Tsunade guiltily handed it over. He and Naruto walked away from the group so they could see if they could figure out which picture it might be. They already knew Sakura had taken the head and shoulder shot of Kakashi, maskless, riding Naruto and the one of him giving Naruto head but now they had to see if the one shot they both feared was in the packet.

In both their minds, no picture was as damning as that one because that one was the one shot guaranteed to make sure no one ever looked at Hatake Kakashi with anything but derision again. Carefully, they went through the packet. They found a second face shot of Kakashi on his back with Naruto riding him, another of Kakashi with his legs over Naruto's shoulders as Naruto pumped into him, and a third of Naruto on top of Kakashi sharing a kiss while still firmly engaged between Kakashi's legs. But the full sixty-nine picture both knew she had to have was not there. And both groaned. They knew damn good and well Tsunade would have had that image as that was the one that labeled Kakashi as the instigator, seeing as how he was the one on the top and, even if he hadn't been, his fingers inside Naruto would have been damning as there was no way he would have been able to deny he had been following his own inclinations. Drug or not, doing that was not required to diffuse the situation and everyone who saw the picture would know it. Not that putting himself in a position where Naruto could give him pleasure was any more necessary to the situation or even being in a semi state of undress was. But still nothing spelled out the situation like that one picture would.

Tsunade also knew which of the trio of pictures they were worried about. It was her trump card. She knew Sakura didn't have it but so long as they thought it was out there she had them over a barrel and she knew it. Never again would either be able to tell her no. She almost smirked but held it inside since the council was waiting for word from the pair. She could not spell out her plan with the council standing there waiting for what came next.

Naruto turned to look at them and in a sad voice said, "It wasn't there. Satisfied now, Baa-chan? You've ruined everything Kakashi has spent his life building for himself just because you wanted to play a game with me. I'm used to people manipulating me. Everyone thinks I am too stupid to act in my own best interest but I would rather be me, than be as cruel and manipulative as you. I would rather be a clueless idiot who wears sandals because no one ever showed him how to tie a bow than a cold hearted bitch who thinks other people are toys she can play with until they break. In a year or so this village will fall if that picture does not safely make it into either my hands or Kakashi's before it gets seen and/or copied by others. That is a guarantee. Not a threat. Whatever made you think you could force me to have a child for you of his line and then willy nilly take it away from his care without consequence, Baa-chan? That you would do it to me, is really no surprise and only confirms you think me incapable of caring for a normal person as you do. I wonder what would happen should someone do to you what you propose doing to me? And by the way what did pictures of me taking a crap tell you that those pictures did not?"

"Nani?" Why the hell would I want a picture of you taking a crap?" she shouted forgetting how small his earlier words had made her seem with the asking of that last question.

"You tell me. You're the one that approved a camera in the toilet bowl."

"I did no such thing," she screamed at him adding chakra to her vocal cords in the process of opening her mouth to respond to the accusation.

Naruto was yell proof though and his comeback was immediate. "I suppose you are going to claim you had nothing to do with the infrared ones on my bed, the one in my closet, aimed at groin level by the way, or the one in my shower either." Tsunade collapsed into her chair her mouth gaping like a fish as she took in what he'd said. "The ones in my closet and on my mirror set to capture me changing my clothes. Yeah, those would have really told you something you didn't already know, seeing as how you are my personal doctor when I need one. I'm sure, angled as they were to take pictures of me naked, and bending as I dressed, they were really going to show you an intruder in my home, intent on forcing me against my will, weren't they?"

Tsume said, "Now you know how we felt when our children confronted us about those very same cameras and recording devices. Each one of us had to tell our children we had no idea they were there. How do you think it made us feel and look when they showed us exactly how little privacy your little game has left Naruto-kun?"

"I'll grant you those were invasive but he did still have some privacy. Places he could go without being under observation." Hiashi snorted. "How many were there?" Tsunade asked, not really sure she wanted to know.

"Over one hundred," answered Shikato. "He was literally under observation from every possible angle everywhere in his apartment which is why he is no longer living there. And my son is still furious with me over the situation."

"Hinata is with me as well although I think it has more to do with the blackmail possibilities than it does with not knowing the cameras were there."

"Ino isn't speaking to me at all. She gave me a note that told me to fix the situation or else. What she means by the 'or else' I don't know but I am not sure I want to either. Her Mother was very good with those type of proclamations and Ino does take after her."

"Shino just looks at me everyday when I come home in silent question and then walks away. He no longer eats at the same table I am at or works beside me with the hives and the colony is upset as well because he is upset."

"Kiba is a lot more vocal. He demands every single time I see him that I make this right. Even the dogs and Hana are on his side. I get no peace."

"I am not having nearly as much problem with Chouji but his distrust of me and all of us is pretty clear. He is also waiting for us to make this situation right but I think he truly believes it has gone too far to be fixed now and we have lost face because we did not do our job correctly."

"Neji, however, acts like this is nothing more than he expected from a main branch but it rankles because it's clear he also expects me to fix things. His girl friend shares the same point of view. They both act like they believe I can fix anything. And that other boy who is on their team just acts like it is nothing Naruto did not expect. He is the only one who seems to not understand why the rest are upset. Which is actually the most shaming attitude of all. His attitude says that all of them should have expected nothing less because it was done to Naruto." Hiashi hung his head, as his words washed over everyone else in the room.

"And is he so wrong? Each of you, when told people were spying on me, acted like you had every right to do so. That you were doing it for my benefit but when you were told how invasive those cameras were, none of you apologized until you were left no other option. It was only when your own children held your feet to the fire that any of you apologized for filming the size of my shit or the duration of my stream. And then you only apologized for the sheer number of the cameras and the placement of a few of them. You did not apologize for the total invasion of my privacy or the fact that I was granted absolutely none. So therefore, can any of you blame them for continuing to think you actually did approve of it? Even Baa-chan has yet to apologize but I guarantee if someone were to place all those bugs in her home she would tear the village apart to find the guilty party. But because it is me, it's ok. Isn't it, Baa-chan? Because it's only the clueless idiot, who cares if he is next months centerfold in some naughty magazine? Who cares so long as everyone in the world knows whether or not the blond hair is natural? After all, a demon container is public property isn't it? But if it was you they were taping and measuring it'd be a different story wouldn't it?Not only that but you all heard her, well saw her confirm she had no intention of letting either Kakashi or I raise our child once she forced us to have it. Yet none of you have expressed the slightest bit of disapproval over that either. So how could you expect Lee, who takes almost as much crap from the village now-a-days as I do, to see this as something new?"

Before anyone could say anything, Kakashi spoke up wanting to get this mess over with and get NAruto home before the boy broke down. he could feel just how upset naruto was though he was holding most of it at bay pretty well. his refrences to Tsunade's plans for the baby made it more than clear to Kakashi how upset he really was. He had been thinking about the missing photo and he had come to a conclusion about it. "Naruto?" he asked deciding it was time to turn the tables completely on the Hokage who was still looking a lot too composed for someone as busted as she was. "Can you disrupt her henge?"

Naruto nodded. "But that is her mask, Kashi. Why would I want to, when we are trying to make her see how wrong it is of her to remove the value of other people's masks?"

"Exactly. She still has that photo we definitely want and if she doesn't go get it right this minute I want you to remove her henge. I will not be the only person in this room to lose my reputation and mask today. If she is going to insist on this, her mask will go also." Ice cold hard iron was in his voice as he told Naruto why he should disrupt her henge.

"Nice try, Hatake. But my henge is not a normal one and the Gaki can not disrupt it," snorted Tsunade.

That broke Naruto's temper free of his iron control and he whirled on her, blue eyes snapping as he snarled at her. "Wanna bet. One word, Baa-chan. Ky-uu-bi. Never speak to him like that again." He let the implications sink in as he reigned in his temper. The whole council was staring at him wide-eyed as they could practically see the level of control he was wrapping himself in before he continued, his voice a dealy quiet purr of pure menace, "Truth is, Baa-chan, I could have ripped it off you anytime I wanted to but I didn't. Even though you only wear it for the sake of your vanity, and there really isn't any need since you really look quite good for your age, it is yours so I have left it alone. But I do know exactly how to get rid of it. And I can make sure everyone in the village sees the real you while I am at it. Do you really want to test it, Baa-chan?" She paled and shook her head slowly.

Kakashi took the conversation back into his control. "Then go get that picture before I have him break your mask." There wasn't an ounce of give in his voice. He was tired of her games and was determined to make sure it ended today. Slowly, not even thinking about it, she got up and went into her bedchamber to get the final photo. She brought it back to them still in a daze not even noticing it was clearly visible to everyone in the room. Kakashi growled as he snapped it out of her hand and immediately slipped it into the envelope with all the others. Several of the council, who had gotten a clear look saw exactly why Kakashi had been determined to get it back. The very fact that he was in Naruto's mouth was proof that he was as into the action as Naruto was. And the fact that he was clearly allowing Naruto to finger him was also an indication as to his willingness to satisfy the blond in any way the boy wished. Hiashi had paled when he saw the image while Inoichi had to turn away to wipe a small stream of blood from his face. Shikato's brows had melted into his hairline while Chouza had choked on his jerky strip. Shibi had shown no visible reaction but did look to Naruto immediately. Koharu, Homaru and Tsume were the only three who had not even tried to see the photo. They didn't care what was on it so long as it got returned to the involved pair.

Naruto took a relieved breath as Kakashi jammed the photo into the envelope. "Is that the one we thought she was keeping, Kashi?" he asked. Kakashi nodded giving the Hokage a disgusted look that clearly said how low he thought she had fallen to even think of blackmailing him with it. The look told her it would be a long time before he forgave her for having that image and planning to use it against him. Once again she had gambled and apparently lost. She sighed and yet she couldn't deny, after everything she'd heard, it was probably a good thing she'd lost. . . . Again.

Author Note: And there it is. The big confrontation scene. Hope it was satisfying enough. I do enjoy laying the groundwork for total mayhem and mischief but cleaning it up is. . .not as much fun. Too much like housework. And you know I did hide the broom and the mop. Review please and tell me what you think. Did I drop anything in here? Red threads from early on I've forgotten about? And those pranks people. I really need prank ideas. Ino and Kiba really need soemthing they can hold their parent's feet to the fire with. So come on. . . .pretty please.