A Pair of Contacts

By: PaBurke

Disclaimer: No infringement intended. I'm just playing, no profit involved. If you recognize the characters, they're not mine.

Distribution: The Nook

Spoilers: Season 2 of Dark Angel

Similarly Smart

Cross: Pretender

Word Count: 100

Max knew that Logan had many more contacts than he revealed. She wasn't insulted; she knew that he guarded her just as fiercely. Logan had to have someone(s) to forge the IDs and passports and sector passes, but she had never met the person.

So when an emergency occurred and Alec was trapped, she ran to the building Logan sent her to for fake IDs. There she found a 'father' and a 'son' that looked damn similar in a building with more electrical equipment than the penthouse.

But Alec was in trouble and the mystery could wait for another day.