Hey it's me again Ratty, I'm back after quite a hiatus (darn college) and I'm flirting with a new category, Repo. This set will be the 7 deadly sins brought to you by the Largo kids. Sometimes it will be just one, or two, other times it will be all three.



Luigi sat back in the in his favorite chair, in the only fucking room in the entire house that was totally his; the only room where he didn't feel like stabbing something, the only room where he could get away from them. He hated being the middle child, hated it with a flaming passion. Always competing with his social-face-stealing-butterfly of an older brother and daddy's little whore, for what for the attention of a man who is going to write them out of his will anyway. Then what will he have? He won't have…well, anything, they'll just collect their losses and split he thought. Then he'll be alone. No loose, lab-coated bimbo's to push around, the only ones that weren't afraid of him were dead. No late night fucks in the graveyard with the local madman. No new faces, no zydrate, no nightlife, no fake Italian accents, no new gag inducing "arias" from little sis, No Mag (hell she was the only interesting spot in his life), Then there would be quiet, and darkness, no dad, no nothing, and he would be alone.


What's so great about her? Amber thought staring at a Genetic Opera poster. Just because she has some sob story people think she can sing. "I sing too ya know!" She spat at the elevator attendant, who gave no reaction. And I'm naturally good at it, no fake eyes here! The elevator door opened and she stormed into her room. She paced back and forth furiously. No stupid blind wanna-be sopranos can do what I do. She's nowhere near a beautiful as I am. I've got the most money, I've got the best friends, and nobody ever says no to a Largo. Besides daddy likes me best anyway the boys have to fend for themselves and I can have whatever I want. Whatever I want besides to star in the opera! "NO!" she screeched when her rage boiled over. She sank onto her settee, took a few deep breaths and composed herself. Here I am, she assured herself. It was only a matter of time until Mag danced with the Repo Man anyway.