Luigi sighed as he lowered himself into the marble tub. He closed his eyes and leaned his head against the cool slick back. Opening his eyes he couldn't help but look at the poster at the foot of his tub. "Geneco presents The Genetic Opera, Blind Mag Live in Concert." Her hands were open and outward as if she were letting go of a bird, but for as long as it had hung there his eyes were drawn to one place; her mouth. He shuddered slightly feeling himself begin to stiffen. Ever since he met her Mag had been an endless source of fascination for Luigi Largo. She was delicate and at the same time indestructible. More than anything in the world he wanted to claim her, touch her, feel her beneath him, or hell on top of him, anyway he could have her. He was fully erect now; just thinking about how soft her skin must be how it would feel to press his lips to hers. Her full red lips, he had to keep himself from staring at them whenever she was around. Otherwise his head would be filled with thoughts of those lips closing around him, and he would have to leave and relieve himself of the consequence of those thoughts. He hadn't actually been to the opera in months because of that problem. The thought of explaining THAT to his father was unbearable. Yeah dad, sorry I haven't been sitting through the whole opera, it's just, I want to take the soprano up to my room and help her hit notes she didn't even know she could reach. Sighing again he closed his hand around his now rock-hard erection and began to stroke…

So for all of you who have seen the movie with commentary the discussion of Sarah Brightman's lips during Chase the Morning inspired this fic…for those of you who haven't the commentary is fascinating and hilarious…I recommend it!

I'm thinking of continuing with the Luigi/Mag idea in some form…would anyone be interested?