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Jenny swallowed hard as she watched Vanessa storm out of the Snowflake ball.

How in the world had she managed to let the situation spiral out of control like this?

No scrap that. She knew exactly why she had agreed to operation: DESTROY VANESSA.

That reason could be summed up alone in two words: NATE ARCHIBALD.

The insides of her stomach began to wretch with the sickening pain of guilt.

She needed to find V and apologize. She'd probably do something rash…like grovel at her feet. Vanessa couldn't stay mad at her – she was Dan Humphrey's sister after all; that fact alone had to count for something.

Jenny took a deep breath and decided that if she didn't get a move on it soon – there would be no chance of her catching up with Vanessa tonight.

She took a deep breath and proceeded to stalk off into the direction that Vanessa had disappeared off to; only to feel a strong grasp take hold of her arm and pull her back.

She whirled around impatiently to inform her disrupter to shove off, but found herself freezing in her spot.

Majestic blue irises clashed with ocean blue.

Jenny found her legs wobbling at the sheer sight of the handsome god that stood before her.

She however was lucky that she was able to will herself from collapsing at the mere sight of his unavoidable presence.

She wasn't sure what it was about Nate Archibald that affected her so. The sound of his voice was enough to make her giddy, and a simple gesture like the stroke of his hand against hers could make her faint.

However, this meeting had impending doom written all over it. The look on Nate's face was etched with disappointment.

Jenny found herself cowering with dread.

"Jenny. Did you do that to Vanessa?"

Jenny looked at him ashamed. He obviously knew. Did he really have to ask? His face said it all.

"Yea," she stated quietly.

Nate's lips drew together in a grim line at her revelation. He closed his eyes and lightly shook his head.

"You don't understand though," she began pleadingly; god she hated that look of disappointment. His face seemed to convey the look as if his world was crashing down,"okay, she completely-"

"She what?" Nate interrupted, "she lied? She went behind your back?...so what?"

Jenny looked at him incredulously. Was he seriously justifying her actions?

"For that she deserved to be publicly humiliated?" Nate continued; dismissing her slowly subsiding astonished look.

"She's your friend Jenny?"

Jenny crossed her arms in response and chose to look anywhere but at him.

"You know," Nate began dismissively as he reached into his pocket and pulled out what could only be described as a letter, "there's no reason for me to tell you this now, but I wrote you this letter after the fashion show … telling you that I had feelings for you."

Jenny felt her eyes water and shook her head as she looked at the letter he was holding firmly in his hand, "I never got that."

"I know," he stated matter-of-factly, "Vanessa stole it."

Jenny rolled her eyes in annoyance at his statement.

"But she felt so bad about it," Nate explained, "She came and told me the truth."

There it was again, that creeping feeling of guilt. It washed over her again like a tidal wave, "Okay, look," she begged desperately, "I know what you must think of me right now," she looked down at the letter he held and then back up at his face, "bu-But if I had gotten tha-"

"I'm glad you didn't."

Jenny looked up at him stoically; taken aback.

"Honestly," Nate stated bitterly, "You aren't who I thought you were."

Jenny felt the tears beginning to well as Nate flashed her one last look of disdain, before walking past her; dismissively; discardingly.

Was that what she was? A mistake? Something to be cast aside.

She felt a sudden pang of pain ring out in her chest. She was too young to be having a heart attack – though given what had just happened she would have gladly chosen cardiac arrest over Nate's torturing words.

She clutched at her chest willing the pain to go away.

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What's this I hear? N traded Little J for a wardrobe malfunctioned V.

Poor Little J can't seem to catch a break.

First her victim/prey encounter with Chuck, then her crash-and-burn relationship with "hidden-in-a-closet" Asher.

And now Nate.

Guess the third time wasn't a charm.

But for yours truly, it's a reminder that love makes people do crazy things – just ask little J.


Gossip Girl.

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