A flipped my pillow over my head and groaned heavily when the sound of my alarm clock arose loudly. I struggled under the covers, but managed to slip my arm out from under me. As soon as my hand touched the cold surface or my side table, I shivered. My hand scrambled for the snooze button until I found it and slammed my fingers against it.

I popped my eyes open when the sound of my alarm clock, once again, beeped loudly. I removed the stiff pillow from above me and gently rubbed my eyes. I curled up under the covers and shifted my head upward. 6:09. Great.

"Bella?" Charlie's voice boomed from the kitchen. I rolled over on my stomach, and pushed myself up. I threw the comforter to the floor and swung my feet over the end of the bed. My feet hit the floor with a thud and my dad's voice boomed again.

"BELLA SWAN?" he screeched.

"I'm up, dad!" I assured him. I glanced up at my mirror and a frown emerged onto my face when I saw my hair. I combed through the knots with my fingers and smoothed it all out. I opened my closet door and pulled a simple black T-shirt off a hanger and threw it on. I went over to my desk chair and grabbed my sweater and shoved it into my blue and white heart backpack. I went over to my dresser and grabbed my favourite pair of white short shorts.

I swung the strap over my shoulder and opened the door to the hallway. The sun beamed into my eyes as it shinned through the huge front window. I turned the corner and burst into my bathroom. I plopped my book bag down by the shower and heaved the first drawer open. I pulled out the flatiron and my brush. I plugged it in and waited for it to heat up. Once I was done straightening my hair, I went downstairs to eat breakfast.

When I was done, I hopped off my stool and hugged Charlie goodbye. I jumped into the backseat of my BFF's convertible. My two best friends, Lauren and Jessica, were in the front.

"OMG, did you guys hear about the pop quiz Mr. Kennedy is going to give out today?" Lauren gasped.

"Yes! I was so shocked!" Jessica squealed. Okay, so my friends are the ultimate gossip queens, but they are just like me, the goody-two-shoes of the school. We are all straight A students, girly girls, and your average juniors.

Lauren has long blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. She has the body any girl would die for, but she isn't on any sports team, and has never dated a day in her life. Just like Jessica and me. Jessica has curly, dark brown hair and is always happy. She's cheerful, and has tons of sprit, but she isn't a cheerleader. I, on the other hand, have nothing in common with these girls. I have wavy brown hair with chocolate eyes, but unlike me, Jessica and Lauren are beautiful. I've never been asked out before...

When we arrived at school we found out that the parking lot was full. I looked around for an open spot, but to my surprise I couldn't find any.

"Oh!" Jessica jumped, "There's a spot over there!" She extended her right arm and stuck her finger out, at probably the only open spot. Lauren hit the petal and we raced across the lot.

All of a sudden, a silver Volvo came out of nowhere. The car sped up. Can you guess where it parked? Yes, that's right in our parking spot. Lauren slammed on the breaks and the three of us screamed. Just then, the Cullens came out of the Volvo.

"OMG, THE CULLENS STOLE OUR SPOT?" I gasped. The three of us groaned and Lauren turned around. The Cullens. I hated them! Our families were rivals, they were just, too different. They lived off in some forest outside of Forks. My dad never got along with their father, Carlisle Cullen. He had adopted his 5 children with his wife Esme.

The weirdest part was that most of them were TOGETHER. Emmett, the big one with dark curly hair, was with Rosalie. Rosalie had the perfect body, perfect eyes, and perfect blonde hair. Jasper, who looks like he's always in pain, is with Alice, she's more...pixie like. Then there's Edward. He has bronze hair and beautiful green guys, not that I like him!

Edward is the school "rebel", he's a total player. I bet he gets all the girls with his eyes...his beautiful eyes! WAIT. NO! I did not just say that.

Lauren ended up going to the back of the school to park, and we got out carefully. I stepped out of the car and we all headed into the school doors. We walked to our homeroom when someone bumped into me, and I went flying forward.

Luckily, they caught me. I was glad, because I'm not the most popular girl in school, but tripping wouldn't give me the best image. I turned around and was about to thank whoever this mystery person was, but then I saw him.

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