"Eww! That's gross!" Alice spat.

"That's not the point, Alice!" I suggested.

"Then what is the point? Do you ever have a point? Huh?"

"The point is we BOTH put gummy bears on out ice cream!"

"So? I know a lot of gross people, Edward."

"You know, Alice, you are so difficult!"

"Hey! You know, that's harder than it looks!"

"Again with the negative! Alice, this conversation is going nowhere!"

"So you agree; it's pointless. You have no point."


"Never in my life have I been so, so, UNAPPRICHIATED!"

"Yeah, whatever." I shrugged as she slammed my bedroom door.

Alice poked her head in the door, and watched me fall back onto my bed.

"You really like her, don't you?" I let out a small grin and she came and sat next to me.

"This has all... happened so fast." I nodded my head as I looked out the window.

"Do you think she's 'the one'?"

"ALICE!" I screeched. I took the pillow from behind my head and chucked it at her.

"I'm just saying. I mean, you've never fallen head over heels for a girl. Do you really think you're ready for a relationship? I mean, if you are IN a relationship, for real this time, she's defiantly the one."

"What are you talking about? I dated Tanya for 4 whole months. That's a relationship."

"And that's the longest relationship you've ever had."

"Oh shut up. Besides, it is a relationship. Just because I'm not like you and Jasper doesn't mean I can't DATE anyone!"

"So, you and Bella are dating? Like official girlfriend boyfriend?"

Damn it. She got me. I hesitated and stuttered. I didn't know the answer.

"Just get out!"


"What are you even doing here?" I half-shouted at Tanya.

"Oh come on, you know it isn't over until I say it's over."

"HELLO??? You broke up with ME!" I shot.

"Don't be silly, why would I do something like that?" She sneered.

"Look, I'm over you. Met someone else. You had your chance, and you blew it."

"Please! Like you could meet someone better than me. I mean, who? Your 'precious' long-time enemy? The one whose house we covered in toilet paper when we were 12? The one who now 'likes' you? Please, you know it's all pretend. Her dad probably set this whole thing up to scam you. Ha, you all fell for it."

"Nice try." I turned and headed around the swamp, and into the forest. I ran up towards my house, in a hurry to get away from her.

I opened the screen door to find Alice by the door.

"HELLO! You're late for your date, stupid!"

"I have a date?"

"With Bella! You two are going to the city. First, you take her to that little Italian place. Next, you will take a taxi to the theatre. You two will see that mushy musical. Then, you will take her to Central Park, and sit under the stars. Okay? Great, Bella's in the car!"