Hi guys, I hope you all are doing well. This idea has been in my mind for a while, and finally I pulled the pieces together (at least some of them). This is Evo-verse with some changes, first of all Remy doesn't know Rogue, and although he received Magneto's offer to join the Acolytes he was still considering it. The characters are around the same ages from the series and... well I think that's all for now. Dear readers I give you, Revenge... enjoy!! R&R.

Plot: What happens when someone seizes you one of the most important things of your life, and however much you try you just cant hate that person? Is it possible to love that which you most hate? After the death of his brother Remy is lost, and nothing can ease his pain but one thing... revenge, or so he believes. They say from hate to love there's only one step and Remy LeBeau is about to find out... because 'hate/love' seems to have one name 'Rogue'.

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-New Orleans-

Two men were sitting in a small café located just off of Royal Street. The place was almost empty and shadowy even if the sun was at its full blaze, the perfect place for two thieves that didn't want to be bothered. The table was rather little, barely giving them enough room to rest comfortably their coffee mugs. An ashtray at the center of the table was overflowing with cigarette butts, a little to many for the short time they've been there. The occasion warranted it, though.

"Je suis tellement desolé," said the elder man as he stubbed out his cigarette in the ashtray at the center of the table before leaning back in his chair. He seemed to be about thirty or thirty-three years.

The young man looked up from the table where he had been sitting from the past twenty minutes. He seemed to be in his early twenties, tall and slim. His auburn hair fell over his eyes, giving him an intriguing look reinforced by the brown trench coat that covered his entire body. He bit his lower lip and nodded. His face showed no expression at all.

"New York hein?" he asked from behind the sunglasses that hid his eyes.


"Et mon pere?"

"He's on his way now."

"I should have gone with him."

"Non Remy, de less de better," the older man took a glimpse around the place and lowered his voice. "Ton pere doesn' want to make a big t'ing 'bout dis."

"Not a big t'ing?" the young man raised his voice unable to control his rage and slammed his fists against the table, spilling the coffee from his cup. "Goddamnit! It's mon frère we're talkin' about."

"Je sais, mais," the older man kept the low voice and shushed him. He took a napkin and cleaned the coffee from the table sending the waitress away with a gesture. "He was the Guild's heir. Do y' understand how much benefit our enemies could get from dis if they use it against us? Remy de circumstances weren't…"

"Circumstances?" the young man asked with a sarcastic laugh. "Mon Dieu Theoren listen to y'rself? Dis is far more serious dan all de Guild's stupidity!"

"Non Remy, dis is 'cause DE Guild's 'stupidity'. De one t'ing ton pere et ton frère had cared 'bout deir entire life!"

"Are y' sayin' I don' take care of business?"

"C'mon Remy don'…" He sighed. "Look, I know how you feel, Henri was mon cousin, vous êtes comme des frères pour moi." Now it was the younger one who sighed. "Wait for ton pere, y' can ask him anyt'ing. He'll tell us what to do, how to proceed."

"Proceed?" he chuckled. "All dis shit is de reason I decided to leave de Guild to begin with…"

"Y' can't leave now Remy," the man said almost in a pleading voice. "Ton pere needs y', de Guild needs y'. Y' don' have to marry Bella mais, y' just can leave!"

"Je ne sais Theoren…"

If Remy had a reason to stay in New Orleans after refusing his arranged marriage with Belladonna Boudreaux it was Henri and Theoren knew it. Now with his dead that reason wasn't there anymore, and Theoren knew his younger cousin. Remy didn't want to be near his father.

The already poor relationship between Remy and his adoptive father Jean-Luc LeBeau, Master of the New Orleans Thieves Guild, got worst after the young boy's refuse to marry the daughter of the Assassins Guild Master. Henri LeBeau, Remy's older brother, used to be the mediator between Remy and their father. He knew exactly how to deal with both men's character -they're more alike than they would like to admit- and with that link lost Remy felt his place amid the Guild was no longer the same. Henri was the only person Remy truly trust no matter what, and now with his brother gone he felt more lost and alone than ever.

"Et de fille?" Remy asked. "Que sais tu sur elle?" What do you know about her?

"Pas grand-chose," the other man said, taking a sip from his coffee cup. "Elle s'appelle Rogue, c'est une mutant."

"Une mutant?" Remy asked in surprise. He couldn't believe it. Henri had never been a mutant hater; for God's sake he always was the one who defended Remy when they're kids. And here he was now, walking with the dead because a mutant girl -one of his 'own kind' killed him.

"Oui, mais Remy…"

"Non," Remy cut his cousin off. "If de fille is a mutant den it's mine…"

"Ton pere doesn't want to have anyt'ing with mutants… at least now yet."

Big surprise, Remy thought. When did his father want to 'have anything' with mutants? For as long as he could remember, Jean-Luc adopted him because of his powers not because his 'parental instincts' or the little boy's need of love and affection. That had been a long time ago, but it always made him somehow sad to see how little his father has changed.

"Y' have somet'ing else? A picture, a description of her?" Remy asked clearly talking about the mutant girl his cousin mentioned.

"Non," Theoren answered. "Mais I found somet'ing y' may find interesting."

"…" Remy looked at his cousin.

"She is or used to be part of de X-men," Theoren caught Remy's entire attention. "A group of mutants under de tutelage of a mutant… Monsieur Charles Xavier."

"Oui, je le connais… Professor Xavier preaches de peaceful co-existence of mutants and humans."

"Et even so, one of 'his' students has killed Henri…"

"Dat petite conne," Remy muttered, grinding his teeth.

"Alors, qu'est-ce que tu vas faire?" Theoren asked in a low voice, leaning towards his cousin.

"I'll find her Theoren… I'll find her and she's going to pay for what she did." Remy said in a voice full of rage. "I'm going to make her pay."


-Next day-

Remy was standing in his father office. As soon as Jean-Luc came back from New York with Henri's body the head members of the Guild met at the Master's office.

"Remy?" Jean-Luc said in sarcastic surprise. "Y' still here mon fils. I thought y' wanted to walk away from dis life."

"I want," Remy answered without even turning to look at him. "I'm just here because of Henri."

"Y' know Remy," Jean-Luc said ignoring the rest of the men in the room. "Despite of it all y're mon fils, et as de Guild's heir y're suppose to…"

"Don' get any ideas Jean-Luc, not'ing has changed between us." Remy cut his father off. "How is Mercy?"

"What a stupid question Remy," said Jean-Luc. "Her husband is dead and she's expecting a child."

Jean-Luc turned his back on Remy and walked towards his mahogany desk. Once at it he spoke to all the men in the room, beginning by stating Mercy's situation as Henri's widow and future mother of his grandchild.

"She is not allowed to leave the manor by her own. I'll assign her a bodyguard, she's pregnant with Henri's child and could be a target to our enemies…"

Jean-Luc's voice became a distant whisper in Remy's ears. He was no longer paying attention and defying the Guild rules and his father pride, he simply abandoned the room.

Remy went straight to his room and took a military bag out of his closet. He put in a pair of clean shirts, a pair of jeans, a deck of cards, his bo-staff and some money. Then he wrote down a note and left the room. Walking by the hallway he considered the idea of seeing Mercy but the mere image of his brother's pregnant widow was too much to deal. Instead he wrote a quick note in a card and slipped it through the door.


Inside Henri's room and sitting in an old rocking chair Mercy was caressing her round belly. Even though her gaze was lost in the beautiful saw of the lawns through the window, her eyes hold no expression. The sound of footsteps by the door brought her back from her thoughts and she turned to find an ace of spades.

Mercy, don't you worry about anything. I'll always be here for you. Love, Remy.

Mercy opened the door but no one was there. She took a few steps and looked around calling his brother-in-law, but no one answered her. With a sigh, Mercy entered her room again and closed the door behind her. She heard the sound of a bike leaving and ran to the window to see Remy pulling out into the road.

"I'll have vengeance." Remy said to himself as he speeded up, his eyes sparkling with rage from behind his dark sunglasses.


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mon père - my dad
mon frère - my brother
mon fils - my son
petite conne - little bitch

Je suis tellement desolé - I'm so sorry
Je sais - I know
vous êtes comme des frères pour moi - you're like brothers to me
Je ne sais - I don't know
Que sais tu sur elle? - What do you know about her?
Pas grand-chose - not much
Elle s'appelle Rogue, c'est une mutant - her name is Rogue, she's a mutant
Oui, je le connais - yes, I know him
Alors, qu'est-ce que tu vas faire? - So, what are you going to do?