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Rogue loved the way days dawned bright and sunny in the West Coast. She'd always loved sunny mornings, and California seemed to have some of the best.

She stepped onto the back porch of their little beach house on the shores of Valle Soleado California, and the wooden floor creaked beneath her feet as she walked. It felt just so good to be there that she couldn't help but feel a little guilty from time to time for the way she -or rather they- had left the Institute. But every time Remy wrapped his arms around her and kissed every inch of her, she knew she had made the right choice.

Sitting in one of the white cushioned chairs on the porch, Rogue closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of the sea breeze on her face. The smell of brine filled her nostrils as the wind whipped her hair back. If in the end all the pain and hurt had led her to this, then it had all been worth it. A life at the side of the man she loved was everything she could ask for plus more.

Love, such a small word paired with such a vital meaning. Rogue smiled. How many times she had swore that she would never let it happen to her, simply because she wasn't like the other girls. She was different. But again, he was different too. He was special. Remy LeBeau was like no one else she had ever met. She had tried so hard to stay away from him after their time in New Orleans, knowing she would be going against everything she stood for, knowing his reasons to woo her, knowing the kind of womanizer he was, knowing how untouchable she was, and how human contact was forbidden to her. However every attempt failed, and for that Rogue couldn't be gladder. For the moment he set foot in the Institute, Rogue felt drawn to him; attracted to the mysterious Cajun thief so strongly that every time he was around she couldn't think straight. All she could see was him, all she could feel was him, there was no one else except him.

Yes, Remy LeBeau was definitely something else.

Rogue still remembered it all so clearly, like it was yesterday. Every time she closed her emerald eyes he was there, with his perfect grin and his deep red eyes burning into hers. Every time she closed her eyes she could remember how it was to touch him, his skin tingling in the most delightful way at her touch. Every time she closed her eyes she could feel him next to her, like the first time she had been his. Powerless that first time, Remy had touched her every way possible, but he had also reached her heart. By bringing down the barriers that she had built day and night since her mutation first manifested, Remy with every touch, every caress, and every kiss had knocked them down… one by one.

Yes, Remy LeBeau was without a doubt her luckiest gamble.

"Mornin' chère," Rogue heard his husky voice behind her and she turned around, not caring that her double colored hair was more tangled than ever, to see Remy leaning against the door in all his shirtless glory.

"Morning sugah." Rogue smiled

"I was lookin' for y' petite," he said with a mischievous grin, as he sat next to hers. "Definitely missed y' when I woke up this mornin'."

"Well, yah found meh now Cajun." Rogue said as she leaned her head on his shoulder

"Dis came for y'," Remy said, holding an envelope in his hand. "It's from Storm."

Grabbing the envelope from his hand, Rogue tossed it aside without opening it.

"Ma belle, don' y' t'ink-"

"No." She cut him off.

Truth to be told, right now, Rogue didn't want anything to change. She wanted things to stay exactly like they were.

"Let's just stay here for a while more hun... Ah don't want to go back to the Institute, not yet anyway."

Remy wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulled closer to him. First, he kissed the tip of her nose, then her cheek, and finally, he kissed her soft lips. Rogue smiled at him. "Neither do I, petite... neither do I."

The Thieves Guild could wait. The Institute could wait. The X-men could wait. Playing the hero and saving the world could wait, since for now all they needed and all they wanted was there. Rogue and Remy discovered that the only place they truly belonged was in each other's arms and they intended to make the most of it.