A/N: I didn't expect to post this story up so fast. But I had some friends check and they said it was good. So here it is, my first Furuba fanfic. The story is be about Shigure's past, featuring my OC. Of course, I don't plan on altering the real story line so I'll try to keep the story as close to it as possible.

I figured this would be a two part story, obviously starting off with a prologue, interrupted by an interlude, and then ending with an epilogue. The first part will be called The Ascent. The second part will be called The Fall. I don't know how many chapters there will be but I hope no more than twenty. So enjoy.



Shigure was sipping hot tea in his chair, a book propped open by his hand as the fire raged in the fireplace. To anyone who momentarily peered into the room, it would have appeared that Shigure was enjoying a good read. However that was not the case; his mind was far from the dramatic storyline. The past was all that preoccupied his mind as his eyes merely glanced over the printed words. If someone asked him what happened in the story, he wouldn't be able to recall. That was how deep his reflecting was - wondering if his mistakes could be corrected, if a certain girl hadn't left him with such heavy words.

He glanced at the calendar on the wall and saw the date. "Today's that day, huh?" He said to himself. He almost smirked but he stopped short. Sighing, the man returned to his book.

As Shigure tried to figure out what the title character had done in the last twenty pages, Tohru, Kyo and Yuki entered the room. Kyo and Yuki both looked irritated that they were in the same room together. They only person keeping them there was Tohru, who had them both by the wrists. Shigure looked up, his glasses framing his face nicely. "What's the problem this time?"

Tohru spoke. "Kyo and Yuki got into an argument and I tried to stop them but they wouldn't listen then Kyo wanted to fight Yuki and Yuki called Kyo a stupid cat so Kyo was about to fight but I didn't want them to hurt each other so I-!"

"Easy, Tohru," Shigure interrupted, closing his book. "I can already figure out the rest. What was the argument about this time?"

"Rat boy put leeks in my soup!"

Shigure feigned ignorance. "Leeks?"

"He knows I hate them!"

"Can I leave, Shigure?" Yuki asked with an even tone. "I don't want to be in the same room with a stupid cat."

Kyo rolled up his sleeve and shook his fist at Yuki. "What was that rat boy?"

"Are you deaf, too, idiot?"

"Oh, you're asking for it!"

"Please, no fighting," Tohru pleaded.

Shigure sighed in an exaggerated fashion, capturing the three teenagers' attention. "You shouldn't fight over something so trivial, Kyo. You should just forgive Yuki or forget about it really."

"Why?" Kyo exclaimed. "He started it!"

"Even so, holding a grudge too long can be bad. Suppose one of you dies tomorrow. You two would end on the wrong foot without even correcting it. It would haunt you for the rest of your life."

Yuki raised an eyebrow at his cousin's peculiar demeanor. "You're serious for once, Shigure."

Shigure's eyes widened in mock surprise. "Is that so?" He questioned before smiling and averting his gaze. He rested his cheek on his hand as he stared off into a distance. "I was just thinking about a time when I was in a similar situation and ended on the wrong foot with someone. Of course, it wasn't over something so dumb as leeks."

Tohru took a seat on the floor, wanting to hear the story behind his strange mood. It was possibly one of the few times she would get to see the inner workings of the author's mind. "Who was it?"

"Hitomi Sohma," Shigure replied nonchalantly.

"Hitomi Sohma?" Yuki repeated. The name was so unfamiliar to him yet it sounded right in his mind.

"She was my first kiss," Shigure explained. "She was also the zodiac's sheep before Hiro."

Yuki sat down to the left of Tohru. "I never heard of her before," he commented.

"You were a bit young to remember her," Shigure replied. "It's a pity. Not many people know her tragic story."

"Tragic?" Tohru frowned as her eyebrows furrowed together.

"Yep," Shigure confirmed. "She died twelve years ago today. She hated me till her last breath."

"Why?" Yuki asked.

Shigure smirked, his gaze on three kids. "I can tell you the story if you want. It's more understandable that way."

Tohru said she wanted to hear the story. Though he didn't want to listen, Yuki decided he would because Tohru wanted to. Kyo remained standing, trying to figure out what to do. I don't want to be in the same room with Yuki, he thought. But why should he be with . . . He sighed. "Fine," he said out loud, as he plopped down on Tohru's right. "I'll listen to your damn story."

"Okay," Shigure said. "If you really want to. But just to let you know, it's not a happy story. No one is happy at the end of it. Well, except for possibly Akito and Minako Sohma."

Kyo folded his arms, already skeptical of the existence of Hitomi Sohma. Now Shigure had mentioned another person he had never heard of. "Minako Sohma? Who is she?"

Shigure glanced at his watch and saw that it was past eight o'clock at night. How long would it take him to cover the story from start to finish? He absentmindedly removed his glasses and cleaned them with his kimono. "I'll start at the beginning," he said, about to find out how long it would take indeed.