Story Title: Living My Life: Harry's Beginning

Chapter: 12

Chapter Title: Basilisk Lesson

Chapter Word Count: 2,248

Story Word Count: 80,030


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The morning rose and Harry was aroused from his sleep by the sun peeking through the window. A warm body lay next to his in the massive bed that lay in the center of the tree in his room. Harry snuggled closer to the warm body and was just about to doze when the other stirred awake from their sleep. Blaine's breathing changed and his blue eyes opened. Harry popped himself on his elbow to look at his mate. It still surprised him at how easily he accepted the situation. He never would have thought in a million years that any of this would have happened to him. One thing that the Dursley's had done, was instilled the notion that he did not deserve any type of love.

Blaine, sensing the dark thoughts of his mate, pulled Harry closer to him. Snapping from his thoughts, Harry smiled to himself, knowing that the Dursley's were wrong. Harry pulled away from Blaine and sat up in the tree bed. He rolled off the side and stood up. Blaine sat and watched, as his mate got ready for the day. Grabbing his wand, Tempus, and found that they had an hour before they had to meet for their class of the morning, Care of Magical Creatures.

So far, all of the teens could agree that it was the favorite, since it was extremely hands on. Ever since the previous meeting with the Dragon Lords, all of the teens could not wait to know what laid ahead for them in that class. no amount of coaxing could get Helga to spill the lesson plans. Even the other Founders were unsure of her plans, but one thing was sure, everyone jn the household would be attending these lessons.

Blaine grinned at a fully dressed Harry, whom was flushed from embarrassment because Blaine had been watching him dress. Rolling from the bed, Blaine groaned at the stiffness of his muscles. The previous day consisted of DADA and Potions. Dressing as fast as possible, Blaine followed Harry to the sandy floor and down to the kitchens. It wasn't long before others joined the two mates. Harry was already halfway through cooking breakfast, giving everyone at least a half hour to enjoy, before their excitement that was sure to happen.

By now, Harry knew that it was easier to carry his satchel around instead of leaving it in his room. He carried his trunk in there as well since it seemed that he would be in need of it for every class so far. The only one that he hadn't needed it for, was Charms. By the time the last fork was placed down, which belonged to Helga to torture everyone, all the occupants in the room were on the edge of their seats. Helga laughed jovially and waved her hand, as sending all the dishes to wash themselves. The teens dashed out of the room and sped towards the designated room. By the time the adults walked into the room, the teens were prepared for their lecture.

Helga walked slowly to the front of the room, knowing that it would cause the teens to be more restless than they already were. She smiled at the restless teens and they relaxed knowing that their lesson would soon commence.

"Good morning class. I'm sure that you have anxiously waited for this class. Today, we are going to talk about Basilisks."

Harry perked up, knowing that this was as creature that he didn't know much about due to the lack of information available in his time. It would have been easier on all of them in his second year of this type of information was known, but it had been forgotten over time.

"What is a Basilisk?" Helga asked, knowing that she would get the typical answers, which were still correct.

"A Basilisk is a snake that can live up to thousand of years. Known mostly as the king of snakes, it prefers a solitary lifestyle instead of living with others. Though they are known to gather in large areas during mating season, to find their mates. After mating and the eggs are laid, usually the males fertilize the eggs before leaving. Then, the females gather the eggs into a pouch that is on the breast, slithering off to their own territory. There are occasions of large families and the ones that have mated, they gather into one large area, staying together as one massive group. The studies that have been recorded on these groups have yielded results showing that the number of hatchlings to survive is almost 100 percent. That, and the magic of the Basilisk is higher, therefore, their aging is immensely slower than that of a solitary Basilisk." Harry paused to take a breath, unknowing of the amazed stares he was receiving.

"The only known cases of these groups revolve around the Royal Basilisk. Not much is known per se about the Royal Basilisk, other than that one can tell of it's bloodline because of the red marking on the forehead, denoting the royal bloodline. I do know that the Basilisks that hail from the bloodline are able to control their petrification abilities. Also, they are able to reverse their effects if one was to not be killed, but petrified instead. Their venom is ten times stronger than a normal Basilisk. Normally, a person is unable to be healed from their venom, even with phoenix tears, only normal basilisk venom are the chances higher of survival by phoenix tears. The only time that a person is able to survive is if they are a Parcelmouth, due to the genetics having an antibody to all snake-like venoms. The only known weakness of a normal Basilisk is the cry of a rooster. Royal Basilisks on the other hand, the only way to kill them is with a weapon forged by the goblins, as their weapons are the only ones that can pierce the magical hides. In addition, the goblin blades take in what can only make them stronger. So, when a Royal Basilisk or a normal Basilisk is killed with a goblin blade, the blade itself becomes imbued with properties from the body of the Basilisk, such as the magic and venom." He paused, thinking.

"A Basilisk is very rare, as their eggs must be incubated underneath a toad. The most common misconception is that it is a chicken egg, when in reality it is a regular snake egg, or a Basilisk egg. The eggs themselves when first laid are in reality, the same size as a chicken's egg, which gives reason to the misconception in the first place. That's pretty much all that I can think of on Basilisks."

Harry withdrew from his glazed look, only to see the amazed and startled looks he was receiving from the others. Helga had sat down on the top of the desk that she was using, a defeated and amazed look on her face. Even Salazar looked impressed.

"What?" Harry questioned.

Merlin chuckled, "Dear boy, do you realize that you are probably the only person to really know enough about Basilisks to be considered an expert. You knew even more than what I knew. Possibly even more than Salazar."

Harry turned a bright red and everyone turned to look at Salazar, to confirm Merlin's point. To their surprise, Merlin was correct, as Salazar looked shocked and was nodding his head. Harry let his head drop to the table and he groaned. The others switched back to staring at him. Harry turned his head, only to find Blaine staring at him, a proud look on his face. Harry flushed and buried his head in his arms.

"Well," Helga clapped her hands together, "it seems that Harry gave the entire lecture I had planned to do, and moreso. Does everyone know how to block the gaze of a Basilisk?"

"There is no way to completely block it. The only way that you can survive its deadly gaze is to see the reflection." Damien smiled, happy to know that much.

"Actually, there is a way to block it." All eyes swiveled over to Harry, who held up a pair of glasses in his hand. Salazar was the first to take the object from his hand, examining it thoroughly. Harry rolled his eyes at the man and was beginning his explanation, though Neville interjected before he could get a word out.

"Is this in reaction to the Chamber incident?"

Harry grinned and nodded. "Exactly, I wanted to make sure that if there was ever a threat again, I would be prepared for it. Though, I never thought that it would be used in this manner. I was bored over the summer after second year, and developed this. It took a fair few tries, but I got it to work."

Neville got an odd expression on his face. "How do you know that they worked?"

Looking away, "Well, I actually used the eyes, which unless in a specific mirrored container, can be just as dangerous as when the Basilisk is alive. Only difference is that it can no longer kill, and the period for petrification is only five minutes. It wears off. I found that out by accident. But, I know because I tested them until they were correct. Don't worry, there are no side effects from that, except that I have an extremely high tolerance to petrification of any type."

Lily and James both looked like they wanted to scold him for something so dangerous, but it seemed that he knew what he was doing. Also, they weren't sure if he'd be able to handle a scolding like that. So they just gave him a worried look, to which he just smiled shyly and gave an apologetic look.

"Fascinating." All the attention turned to Salazar. "Theses are magnificent! I wish that I had these when I had Sylvia. Speaking of Sylvia…"

Salazar handed the glasses back to Harry. Sss… She's of the Royal Bloodline. I hadn't known that, I just figured that all the females had the red marking. I am unsure of how high her standing was, or whom she belonged to, but she was my familiar. She chose me…ssS

Sss… I know she did, don't worry about that. As for the red marking, she is of the High-Blood. Or as we would call it, the Royal blood. She essentially was the next successor to rule the Basilisks…ssS

Salazar's eyed widened. Sss.. So this means that her venom runs through your veins?...ssS

Sss… Yess… In realitly, because her venom and blood run through mine, I am her son. It's the magic, the reason that I can do more than just speak Parceltongue, I can read write and cast spells. In essence, I am part Basilisk and part Phoenix…ssS

A cough interrupted, "As much as it is interesting to listen to hissing, its hard to understand the conversation. So please, for those of us who don't have a talented tongue, enlighten us."

Harry laughed as well as Salazar, knowing that Sirius was being serious for once.

"He was asking me about Sylvia. He was inquiring about her. In essence, because her venom and blood run through my veins after I was bitten, I am her son. It's odd, I know, but I'm essentially partial Basilisk and Phoenix. He wanted me to confirm hi suspicion. Sylvia of what they call the High-Blood of the Royal Basilisk."

Many of the people in the room gasped or cried out in surprise. Lily rushed over to her son to pull him into a hug. "Oh my boy. Are you okay?"

Harry patted her awkwardly on the back. "I'm perfectly fine mum, actually both of those aspects make it easy for me to accomplish more. Since Basilisks and Phoenix are essentially enemies, each one only is enhanced within me, not warring. I believe that if I weren't a Parcelmouth, then there would have more dire consequences. Currently, I'm stronger than ever because of it, so I'm not worried about it too much. Only difference is that any creature can sense the two of the creatures within me, making them friendly because of the Phoenix, but wary because of the Basilisk. It's a love-hate relationship. I promise, I am perfectly fine."

Lily nodded and kissed Harry on the head, causing him to smile slightly, feeling light because he had a mother that would fret over him. Helga drew the attention back to the front of the room.

"Harry, since you gave us that excellent lecture, I am sure that we are ready to visit one of the breeding grounds. Its at a time that they are after breeding so we are not in much danger. Harry, would you be able to supply us with the special glasses?"

Harry nodded, "Of course I can, give me one second."

Helga continued on while Harry started to transfigure the Basilisk glasses. "When Harry is done with these, Hedwig has agreed to take us once again. Harry dear, I do have a question. How do you know so much about the Basilisks?"

Pausing, Harry grinned, "Goblins."

That would be the only answer they would receive from him. About ten minutes later, he was finished, distributing them out. "Hedwig?"

The beautiful white phoenix flashed in, trilling happily. Everyone gathered their glasses and belongings before taking ahold of one another. Hedwig grabbed onto Harry's shirt and they all disappeared in a flash of white.

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