Title: Living My Life: Harry's Beginning
Chapter Title: You're a Sop, Harry
Chapter: 13
Words: 1,769
Story Words: 81,799

I know it's extremely short, but I did want to get something out there to help push myself into writing again. I'll post within a few days at most.. It'll probably bug me as much as you that I left it off like that.

Sss… Parceltongue…ssS

Mind Speak


~Other Languages~

The light faded from around the group, their eyes temporarily leaving them blind to their surroundings. There was shuffling, a cracking of branches and leaves underneath a heavy weight. Their eyes were slow to come into focus, but when the spots cleared their vision, they were left with a sight of wonder. Thousands of Basilisk of all kinds slithered around in the large valley below them. Harry had to wonder why most of the creatures that they had comes across lived in large valleys. Though at the moment, he did not want to question it. They were here to observe and to learn, though Harry was positive that their presence would not go unnoticed for long.

He was right.

The cracking and snapping of branches and leaves from before sounded again, but it was much closer this time and came from behind. Harry turned around, knowing that at this point, he would be the only one to survive if he caught the gaze of the Basilisk. Staring up at the bright yellow eyes, Harry could see and feel the confusion of the Basilisk. This one was very young, younger than Sylvia by a far stretch. He only felt the slightest of prickles in his eyes and head as he stared at what he believed was a young, blue Asian Basilisk. It gave the others time to place their own goggles over their eyes.

The Basilisk hissed, baring large fangs, though Harry only raised an eyebrow at the action. It was a way to chase off much lesser predators from a meal, but Harry was not sure why the young male had done so to them. There was a long hiss as a much large and older Basilisk came into view, its bright eyes giving Harry an immediate headache. He took this time to slide the glasses over his eyes, knowing that if they were to meet more, he would not be able to withstand the gazes.

Sss… Why have you taken so long to report in? Take care of these trespassers and report back… ssS

The younger basilisk swung its large head in their direction, causing the newer male to glare at them.

"No one move, just wait." Salazar's voice was soft but strong. The snakes turned their heads to him before turning back to speak with another.

Sss… This one in front me met my eyes without passing. …ssS

The larger male hissed out in surprise before lowering his head directly in front of Harry's.

Sss… Perhaps it is glass in front of his face that prevents our stares. The others have them as well…ssS

The smaller blue basilisk hissed out in a manner of a scoff.

Sss… He was not wearing them when I slithered up on them …ssS

Both Harry and Salazar exchanged looks, trying to decide if it was best to speak or not. Harry felt a breeze hit his face and the gaping looks of his friends told him that it probably was for the best to not turn his head. A flicker of rough skin met his cheek, letting him know that the Basilisk was testing the air and would be able to smell snake on him. Rearing back, the older male let out a hiss and cowered back.

Sss… Old one. This human smells of Old One …ssS

Sss… What shall we do? …ssS

The Basilisk that had smelled Harry turned to the younger one and jerked his head towards the forest.

Sss… Warn the King and Queen that we are coming. I shall find a way to escort them to the Valley …ssS

The group watched as the original basilisk slithered off into the forest, its tail disappearing into the brush. No one spoke a word, though Hedwig was trilling slightly on Harry's shoulder. The Basilisk eyed the phoenix, unsure of its motives. Hedwig's presence made the snake wary. The dark green basilisk lowered its head until their eyes were even with Harry's.

Sss… Follow …ssS

The large snake jerked its head and turned it massive body around, swinging its head back around to gaze at the group. It inched forward a few feet and turned its head once more, before continuing on. It did this a few times before Harry turned to the group, though knowing what the snake had already spoken.

"It wants us to follow."

The group picked up their belongings, having since dropped them while observing the two large creatures. Trudging along behind them, no on spoke a word, afraid that this would go wrong if they did. Blaine wove his way up next to Harry and took his hand. The smaller male flushed and smiled shyly before turning his attention back onto the basilisk.

Salazar had eyed Harry, unsure if the small male wanted to reveal that they could speak the noble tongue. Harry shook his head, a glint in his eye. He was going for a shock factor, in case things went south. Speakers at least had a modicum of respect from snakes, though he was not positive how Basilisks viewed those who spoke. Their walk was much longer than they expected, though it was still within a short amount of time considering that the sun had barely moved in the sky.

The clearing from below the cliff they had stood on came up fast, the hissing echoes of excited and curious snakes assaulting his ears. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see that Salazar was wincing as well, though the neutral expression he wore was quick to conceal the wince. Blaine squeezed Harry's hand tight as they stepped from the bushes and out into the vast valley. The group behind him tensed at the attention, unsure of how to proceed. Harry pulled his head up and straightened his shoulder before confidently following the dark green basilisk. Helga was on the other side of him, scribbling notes furiously in her notebook, seeing many different observations that she could record for future reference.

The path to what Harry assumed was to the King and Queen, was wide open and lined with hundreds if not close to a thousand different basilisks. He wanted to stop and observe them, look at their scales and their bone structures, learn the different types. He was thrilled, but knew that he would have to be cautious when beginning relations with the Basilisks. A few of the smallest wound their way beside the group, following beside Harry, staring at him in wonder. They spoke of the male that had resisted the killing gaze. Harry stopped and felt the group pause at his actions. The hissing around him hushed, the gazes of the basilisks not only curious, but sharp in preparation to attack should Harry harm them.

Kneeling down, Harry held out a hand to the small snakelings, letting them taste his skin with their flickering tongues. He raised a slow hand to his face, lifting the glasses until they sat on top of his head. Flurries of hissing whispers broke out at the action, but he ignored them in favor of looking the snakelings in the eyes. He did not feel even the slightest prickle, letting him know that they may have hatched but a month prior. Their gazes were only able to paralyze for a few minutes, but nowhere near petrification.

The snakelings were abuzz about Harry, trying to communicate with him, but he did not want to reveal his ability right yet. Leaning down just a bit, he smoothed a hand over the brow of each child and placed a delicate kiss on top of its head. The snakelings reared back and hissed with pleasure at the affection. A hand landed on his shoulder, revealing Salazar and a very impatient green basilisk. He smiled sheepishly at the others and gave one last pet to each child before standing.

As they walked away, the small snakes slithered off into the crowd, their small voices of excitement getting lost in the crowd of louder ones. The adults were now less hostile to the group, more curious than readying themselves for an attack. Blaine took Harry's hand once more, joined by Neville's hand on his arm.

"You're such a sop, Harry."

The young male chuckled, "I know, but I can't help myself when it comes to children. Especially creature babies."

The group around them chuckled at Harry's response, now more at ease with the situation. As they drew closer to the area where the King and Queen sat, though they had yet to spot them, the adults around them began to change. They were much larger, enough that a single fang was the same size as Harry. They towered over not only the group, but also the green basilisk that led them. Harry observed the basilisk that was leading them. Before, when they first entered, his head was held high. Now, his head was bowed to the ground in front of them, never rising more than a hair.

"If you are comfortable, I would suggest that you bow your heads just slightly. These Basilisks around us are old and hold some form of position of high status. We should respect that until we are permitted to look up."

The group looked at each other before bowed their heads so that they could see, but it was enough that the Basilisks around them began to whisper very lightly. It was when they hissed that Harry realized that this faction was quiet as they walked through. The noise from the other factions had numbed his ears into thinking that they were still speaking. Before Harry could ponder their silence, they stopped as the basilisk leading them halted. It's head bowed low to the ground the snout brushing against the green grass. Harry desperately wanted to glance around the green basilisk and gaze on the Royalty of the Basilisk race.

"Don't look up, don't move. I'll let you know what to do."

The group froze, some of them lowering their heads once more. Even Salazar respected that at this point, Harry was their very chance of everything going smoothly. He was the only one to know more than the stern professor. The hissing and the noise within the valley stopped with an eerie silence that followed. There was a pause when no one spoke or breathed, before a hiss that echoed.

Sss… Sylvia? …ssS

Both Salazar and Harry's head whipped up to find a massive black Basilisk tearing down the pathway towards them. Beneath the glasses, Harry was panicked, knowing this could go much worse and that it was headed in their direction.