Chapter 1: Chapter 1 Meat Your New Teammate

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A few things you will NOT see in this fan fic (and things that turn me off when I reading other peoples fan fics)

1. Naruto getting scars (kind of a pet peeve), It's has been said and shown so many times in the anime and manga that it's not even funny.

A Chidori through the chest, four tail Kyuubi form burning off almost all of his skin, etc. etc. Not one mark on him after he heals.

2. Naruto getting mobbed by his own village people (not as a child, but as a teen or adult).

I've just seen WAY too many others use this plot and in all honesty it doesn't fit the manga, unless you go nearly back before the manga started into the early years of Naruto.

I'm limiting myself to two of these for this chapter.

I'll probably add a few before most of the first few chapters so you all can get a feel for how I write.


I'm going to write this story mainly from the manga not the anime, but that doesn't mean that I might not use a character that's in the anime and not in the manga later.

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FYI most of the romance pairings I write probably will not happen in the manga.

Why I'm writing this: Mainly because I've read most of the longer, mature romance fanfics with the characters I like getting together and just wanted to try my hand at it.


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This is set three years after the war with the Akatsuki... You didn't think I was going to tell you how it played out here did you?

Ha, that material is way too useful for character interaction later.

Naruto is currently twenty years old and is still a Genin as they haven't had the Chunin exams because they were rebuilding the village.

It's a time of relative peace between the hidden villages.



Chapter 1: Meet Your New Teammate


It was a clear warm spring morning without a cloud in the sky.

Naruto was sleeping in his small bed at his home when several loud bangs on his front door tried wake him.

Naruto groaned slightly and tried to go back to sleep.

The banging came again but more forceful then before.

He covered his head with the pillow trying to ignore the sound.

"NARUTO GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE AND OPEN THIS DOOR BEFORE I BREAK IT DOWN!" An aggravated female voice yelled at him from outside.

"Oh great Sakura-chan…" He mumbled to himself unenthusiastically as he blinked sleepily a few times while he held his pillow.

"Guess I'd better get up before she knocks it down...again." He got out of bed and yawned while stretching his ribs.

"COMING SAKURA-CHAN!" He yelled while scratching his butt before putting on his Tsunade and Jiraiya house slippers.

His slippers had big stuffed heads over the toes of Jiraiya on the left and Tsunade on the right.

He thought they were the weirdest gift ever when he got them from Shikamaru for his twentieth Birthday, until he showed him how they worked.




Naruto picked up small box wrapped in red wrapping paper. "Ewe?" He said excitedly as he shook the box and it made no sound.

He looked at the tag. "From Shikamaru."

He ripped the paper off the box in typical Naruto fashion and pulled out a pair of Jiraiya and Tsunade bed slippers.

"Hmm." He said as he eyed them for a second.

He giggled a bit. "I kinda like them, but what's with Tsunade's face? She's never smiling."

He said pointing to the big smile on one of the slippers.

"She looks more like this." He took his palms and vigorously rubbed his cheeks until they were red and put on his best grumpy Tsunade look.

Everyone laughed, but Sakura who had a vein in her head bulging and gridded her teeth. "Naruuto..." She said soaked in venom as a warning.

Shikamaru seeing things might get out of hand jumped in and said.

"Hey Naruto put them on and follow me to the hall. I'll show you how the work." Shikamaru said.

"Hey I might not have an I.Q. of two-hundred, but I know what slippers are for!" Naruto said in offense.

Shikamaru sighed and scratched the back of his head. "What a pain. They are not just slippers, just come on."

Naruto followed him to the much darker hallway and put on the slippers.


"Ok now just run a little bit of chakra into your feet." Shikamaru said.

Naruto didn't see the point, but did as he was asked.

He gathered a bit of chakra in his feet and watched the eyes of the slippers dimly light up.

He could see about eight feet in front of him.

"I don't get it." He said at first...then. "OHHHH...I still don't get it".

Shikamaru sweat dropped.


"Well, have you ever got up in the night to go to the bathroom and stubbed your toe on something in the dark..." He said.

Naruto blinked again ...The gears in his head finally click. "WOW, this is the best-non ramen gift I've ever gotten!"

Shikamaru snickered softly. "Yeah, Choji is always getting up in the night to go to the bathroom and stubbing his foot on something.

So I made him some like these for his birthday, he really liked them too."


End of flashback


Naruto made it down the stairs to the living room and was just about to start unlocking the door when he heard.

"THAT'S IT!" There was an earth shattering sound as the door splintered in on him, flying in all directions.

Wood showered him at point blank range and bounced off of him.

Naruto was clearly used to this by now as he always kept himself charged with a small amount of Sage chakra to deflect the debris.

"Morning Sakura-chan." He said in a zombified manner as he turned around to head to the kitchen for some breakfast.

"NARUTO UZ..." She yelled until Sakura finally saw what he was wearing.

He was in his child like panda night cap, Sannin slippers and heart boxers...

The problem was that he had morning wood and his girth was so big it was giving him a VERY uncomfortable looking wedgie that he didn't seem to notice.


Sakura got the nose bleed that looked like a fountain.

Naruto was already eating his morning ramen when Sakura came to her senses and walked into the kitchen blushing.

Naruto was sitting on his knees at plain small wooded square table that could set four on the floor.

There was a steaming bowl of ramen in front of him that he was string to cool it off.

" come you didn't have your robe on when you answered the door?" Sakura asked with an annoyed look while blushing.

"Well, it's not like I had time to get it on before you demolished my front door." He said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes and then lifted his chop stick full on noodles to his mouth.

"Grrr still..." She said in playful manor while glaring at him as she walked over to the table.


"There's cereal in the cupboard if you're hungry, I know you hate ramen in the morning." Naruto said while looking up at Sakura.

"I still don't see how you can eat something so heavy for breakfast." She replied.

"Hmmm?" He looked up from his ramen and said. "You know I'll always have this first thing in the morning."

She sighed. "You know it's almost 11:30 AM right?"


"Oh shit! It's time for Konohamaru training! I've got to go Sakura-Chan." He panicked.

He tried to run off, but was stuck running in place as Sakura was holding his wrist to the table to keep him from getting away.

"Tsunade wants to see you A.S.A.P! That's what I came to tell you." She said with a huff.


"Urgha?" He moaned curiously. "What about...did she lose her sake again?

You know there hasn't been any S ranked mission since the Akatsuki was defeated."

He said as he struggled to get free.

"I'm not sure what it is, but do you really want to piss her off?" She replied.

He thought about it for a moment..."Not if my life is at stake, which it normally seems to be."

"Ok ok I'm going!" He poofed into smoke and was gone.

"Grrr, I think he likes to make me think he's sleeping in with his clones." Sakura growled as her eyes narrowed the place he had just been.



Mean while at Training ground thirty-six near the Hyuuga compound the real Naruto and four-hundred clones had been working on a new more cost effective jutsu most of the morning

while Konohamaru had himself and four Shadow Clones on a small fish pond trying to walk on water without disturbing the fish in the pond.

The training ground was in a wooded area in a opened clearing. A small stream in the back of the area gurgled with the sound of flowing water.

Naruto was wearing his sage outfit that consisted of a white long sleeve shirt with black sleeves,

a white trench coat with black flames embroidered at the bottom and his signature swirl symbol on the back.

He also was wearing white pants and black ninja sandals.

Naruto had just devised this training a few days ago to help him with his stealth and his chakra control.


"Ugh, this is impossible!" Konohamaru yelled in frustration as he threw his arms down.

"What's the point of a training method that all it does is keep my feet from getting wet when I walk on water." He said in frustration.

Naruto sighed; it looked like he'd have to explain it again.


"This isn't about keeping your feet from getting wet.

It's about you having your chakra control honed to such a level that you aren't wasting any of it.

For example, right now you can only do two Rasengans before you almost can't stand anymore.

After you master this you should be able to do three and still be standing." Naruto said in a frustrated manner.

"When you do this right your feet will not be lightly in the water when you're standing on it, you will be moving in sync with every ripple and motion.

When you're doing that then the fish under you will not jump and move every time you take a step." Naruto said bluntly.


"Aww, but it's still boring. Why don't you teach me how to do the Rasenshuriken instead?" He said hopefully.

Naruto rolled his eyes because he had been pestering him to teach him how to do it for eight months.

"That again...fine, I'll remind you once more.

One, you don't have enough chakra for it.

Two, your body isn't tough enough to handle the training for it, as part of the damage it does will come back on you until you learn how to throw it.

So it would probably kill you before you learned to throw it.

Three, it's a SS level forbidden jutsu that Tsunade would personally would kill me for teaching you.

Besides you'd need to be at Sage level to handle it." Naruto said sympathetically as his eyes glazed over for a few seconds.

"Crap speaking of Tsunade she wants to talk to me and she doesn't seem happy." Naruto frowned.

"Errgh! How am I supposed to get this when you're not even here to tell me what I'm doing wrong?

It's been forever since you taught me any new jutsu!

How am I going to make it to Sage level like this! Let alone Hokage level!" Konohamaru said irritatedly.


And Naruto thought HE was impatient, Konohamaru had only been at this for three days.

"Well, have you ever thought that all this training is for something?" Naruto said flatly.

The teen blinked a few times a bit dumbfounded. Naruto sighed again and said.

"You DO know that the first step to becoming a Sage is summoning right? In which you need a lot of chakra control... Here let me show you something."

Naruto reached into his pouch and pulled out a small purple scroll that he laid out on the grassy ground.

He put up the seal of the tiger and shouted. "UNSEAL".

After the puff of smoke cleared there was a giant three feet tall purple scroll.


"Dispel your clones and come over here Konohamaru." He said with a wave of his hand.

Konohamaru dispelled his clones with a loud pop and walked off the pond over to where Naruto was sitting on the ground cross legged with the scroll ready to open it.

Naruto turned the scroll around and opened about four feet of it to reveal the names Jiraiya, Namikaze Minato and Naruto Uzumaki.

Under each name was a hand print in blood.

"Do you know what this is?" Naruto asked.

"Isn't that the scroll master Jiraiya used to carry on his back?" He asked curiously.

"Yeah, but do you know WHAT it is?" Naruto asked looking at the dumbfound teen.

Konohamaru just gave him a blank look.

Naruto just looked up and groaned while thinking to himself.

"No wonder my teachers were always calling me dumb...Teaching is a lot of work...Seriously, what has Ebisu even been teaching his squad?"


"It's a summoning contract..." Naruto said and paused for a long moment for effect.

Suddenly Konohamaru's dumbfounded look turned to a smile.

Konohamaru was clearly shocked before saying. "Wow this is the same scroll the fourth Hokage use to make his summoning contract with the Toads Sages?"

He said in awe looking at the name Namikaze Minato.

Naruto smiled and said. "Yes, it's the very one."

After his initial excitement was over his face went blank as he seem to finally realize something.

"You mean that you'll make me your apprentice?" He stammered.


Naruto chuckled a bit before saying.

"Yeah, that's the idea. Now you know why I'm putting you through all this training, but before I teach you the Summoning Jutsu you're going to have to have a lot better chakra control".

Konohamaru jumped up and down in excitement.

"Anyway guess I need to see what Tsunade wants.

So training is over for today seeing as how you need to get lunch before you start your squad training this afternoon." The young Sage said as he got up and resealed the scroll.

Konohamaru beamed and said. "Ok Naruto, I'll see you later."

Naruto dispelled his clones and set off for the Hokage's office.

Konohamaru headed off to Ichiraku's Ramen stand for lunch.


Hanabi Hyuuga mentally cursed to herself as they were leaving.

The young Hyuuga had just turned fifteen years old. She was just over five feet three inches tall and one hundred and twenty pounds.

She had a very petite figure with curvy hips and a breast size of a full C cup and still growing.

She wore gray pants and a gray vest with a fishnet undershirt and had the trademark milky white eyes that everyone in the Hyuuga Clan had.

The young girl was named the Hyuuga Heiress after her father decided that she was a better match for job then her older sister Hinata.

She was also blossoming into a very beautiful young woman and had taken to spying at their new guests at training ground thirty-six.

She was at the far end of the training ground half way up a tree using her Byakugan to watch them whenever she could get away.

The young Heiress had taken an interest in just how powerful the so-called 'Hero of the village' was.


She was rather intrigued to find out that her father let him use one of their clan training grounds.

She had over heard her father and her cousin Neji talking a few weeks ago and didn't mean to ease drop, but just couldn't help over hearing about the arrangement.

But so far after two weeks of watching she was disappointed.

She hadn't seen any amazing jutsu and the details to the fight between Naruto and the Akatsuki were a closely guarded secret.

All Naruto did was the Mass Shadow Clone Jutsu and practice Taijutsu, walking up and down trees or water, setting meditating and many other boring things.

The only one that was even remotely interesting to watch was when one of his clones would be doing this weird Hold-Your-Kunai-in-front-you and appear fifty meters away,

but even this got boring after a few minutes of watching.


Then there were the most boring of all the clones to watch, the few that just read books or scrolls all day or the ones that just slept on the ground.

She rolled her eyes at the thought of it.

She sighed at another day without anything interesting happening as she jumped down from the tree she was in.

She turned around and ran into something hard which caused her to falling on her back side.

The young Hyuuga rubbed her head and looked up to see what she had been so careless to run into.

She saw a figure standing before her with near perfect chakra coils that were overflowing with power that could only came from a life time of training.

The young woman grimaced as she deactivated her Byakugan to see her father standing over her with a very stern look of his face.


"HANABI!" The clan leader said in a non to happy tone.

"The whole compound has been looking for you for an hour!

How many times have I told you never leave the main compound without an escort or telling me personally?" He said sternly.

She meekly replied while he dragged her away by her wrist. "Yes father."


Hanabi noticed they were going the opposite direction from the compound.

"Uumm father aren't we going the wrong direction?" She asked as Hiashi was dragging her through the woods of the training grounds.

"The compound is the other way." She said carefully.

Hiashi replied. "No we aren't, the Hokage has summoned you and I've been looking high and low for you!"

Hanabi's mind started racing. She mentally thought. "Why would the Hokage be summoning me?"


She was technically a Genin, even though she had been home schooled for her ninja training as she was the Heiress to the Hyuuga Clan.

She needed more training then the academy taught, like how to act with nobles and how to deal with Clan problems.

As they were racing through an area of small willows trees that were too small to leap through.

Hiashi swiped limbs out of the way as they passed and one of the thin sharp limbs smacked back in to Hanabi's face leaving a small cut on her left cheek.

She winced at the sudden sting, but she didn't dare complain.

A few minutes later there were standing outside the Hokage's office and they could clearly hear Naruto and Tsunade arguing quite loudly.


An annoyed voice, obviously Naruto's said.

"This is totally stupid. Why do you want me to take part in the Chunin exams?

I've already completed my Sage training for crying out loud. It just feels wrong for me to take part in this."

Tsunade sighed. "Why would you feel that way Naruto? This is nothing more than a formality for you."

Naruto was clearly irritated. "Well, look at it this way.

Imagine you're a Genin and you're taking the Chunin exam at the age of thirteen and Jiraiya in his prime shows up.

If you were him it would just be a 'formality', but for the Genin that he took the scroll from on the second part of the test it would just be overkill...

Sure they have got time to get another set, but someone that powerfully shouldn't be there in the first place!

It's the Chunin exams not the Hokage exams!"


Tsunade sighed. He had a very valid point, but...

"I know... I know Naruto, but the second part of the test you took seven years ago was meant to test the ninja's in a real life scenario

and in a real life you're likely to come up against more powerful Shinobi when you're just a Genin.

They need to know how to handle that situation." She said emphatically with a sigh.

"Besides we are still one hidden village among five. To raise through the ranks the villages we have set up the Exams so no one village becomes too powerful over the others.

Please understand. It may be a formality, but it's one you'll have to deal with." The Hokage said firmly.


"Yeah I know...I was fighting a losing battle the moment we started this...I'm not a fool anymore.

I knew it would turn out this way." He said with a huff. "But still... By the way even if I am a Sage, am I doing this exam solo?

I thought you had to be a three man team to even sign up...So are Hiashi and Hanabi my team mates?" He said with a curious look as he looked over at the closed door of her office.

Both Hyuuga's gave a start listening at the door.

Hiashi thought to himself. "Can all Sages do that? Knowing when others are near and knowing who they are? I never saw or heard of Jiraiya do that."

Lady Tsunade gave him a questioning look tilting her head to one side. "Hiashi Hyuuga? Why would I send the Hyuuga Clan head to..."

She stopped in mid sentence and shook her head in confusion. "Why on earth would you ask that?" She asked with a puzzled look.

Naruto flatly stated. "Because they are right outside the door."

Tsunade had forgotten that her little drinking binge with her new assistant had left her with alcohol poisoning and she had even forgotten to put up the sound proof seal for privacy.

Mentally cursed herself and thought. "Great! Half the town has probably heard us arguing."


The Hyuuga head saw what position they were in and clear his throat loudly and knocked on the door. "Hokage-sama we are here as you requested."

He stated awkwardly.


Tsunade put her head in her hands and sighed...It was definitely going to be a long day. "Come in Hiashi."

The door opened and the two Hyuuga's filed in while taking a look at her office. The Hokage was sitting at her desk still holding her head.

She had a foot and a half tall stack of paper work on her desk and another stack that seem to have fallen off her desk while arguing with Naruto was in a messy pile beside the desk.

On the other side was a much smaller stack of papers that was probably the 'Done' side.

Right in front of her desk was an unhappy and slightly frustrated Naruto.


He turned and smiled. "Oh hello Hiashi and Hanabi-Chan." He said cheerfully.

They returned the greeting with a slight bow. Hanabi was a bit surprised at Naruto's greeting.

"One minute he was yelling so loud the whole village could hear him, whether they wanted to or not, and the next he was smiling like nothing had ever happened.

He certainly is strange." She thought.


"Sooo, Tsunade are you going tell me what this is about or do I guess again?" He asked intently.

The Hokage took her head out of her hands and said.

"Your right, you have to have a three man team to participate in the exams. Meet Hanabi Hyuuga...Your new teammate." Hiashi's eyes went wide.


He had asked the Hokage to place Hanabi with a powerful and competent Genin.

He had practically begged the Hokage stressing that she was the Hyuuga Heiress and he wanted to make sure she wasn't with someone that was unsuited for being a ninja.

Like Shikamaru, the lazy Jonin or some nut job like Sasuke.


"Well." He thought as he scratched his chin. "There was no question Naruto is powerful...but competent... eehh yes and no.

I doubt they would run into anything Naruto himself couldn't handle and come back unscathed.

I am more worried about him using one of his Ninjutsu that could level a mountain and my daughter getting caught in the blast...

Naruto has two speeds when it comes to anything...over board full throttle and fast asleep.

To everyone that actually knew him this is obvious.

Well, it could be worst I guess. I'll get Naruto's Team seven file to see what kind of team work I should work with Hanabi on." He thought.


Hanabi was a shocked; she knew she was going to be put into a Genin squad soon.

She thought she would be the oldest in her team seeing as how she had to wait two extra years before entering school because of her Clan and heiress training,

but to be almost six years his Jr.? She clearly didn't see that coming.

She had to admit she was very curious about Naruto.

This would give her the chance to see if he really was befitting the name of 'Sage.' She thought it was unlikely that this goofball was a real sage.

Naruto seeing the stunned look on the two Hyuuga's faces wasted no time after Tsunade told him she would be his new team mate.

He walked up to the young Hyuuga girl who was still deep in thought.

He looked her over from a few different angels until she seemed to remember where she was and snapped out of daze with an uncomfortable look on her face.

Naruto gave the Hokage a questioning look and she returned it.


He looked back at Hanabi and said. "Ya know you're kinda cute." Naruto said with a big flirtatious smile.

She blinked a few times. "WHAT?" She thought in shock.

She went slightly pink in the cheeks and looked away clearly irritated.

"The nerve of this guy! Hitting on me in front of the Hokage AND MY FATHER!"

Naruto gave a sigh of relief and draped his wrist over the young girl's shoulders while looking at the floor.

"Thank Kami you didn't turn red and faint.

I was beginning to wonder if all Hyuuga girls went through that phase.

At least you're not like Sakura-Chan at that age... She would have hauled off and hit me." He said clearly relived.


The Hokage started laughing hard as she threw her head back.

Hiashi went pink with embarrassment for his eldest daughter and Hanabi's face was showing that she was a bit mad and didn't quite get everything being said.

She obviously hated feeling like a kid at the grownups table.

After the Hokage finally managed to stop laughing she said while still giggling a bit.

"You two have a lot to learn about each other!"


The Hokage then reached into her desk and pulled out two slips of paper and walked over to Naruto.

"Here these are free VIP passes to the new sushi and steak house that opened up on the east side of the river.

They are about to expire and I don't feel like eating there today.

You two go grab lunch and get better acquainted.

The exams are next month after all." She said with a smile.

Naruto took the passes and looked directly over at Hiashi. "Ok Hiashi-san lets go get lunch!" He said jokingly with a wave of his hand.

Everyone sweat dropped. "What?" He said questioningly.

He said looking at everyone then chuckled. "You didn't honestly think I was serious did you?"

The room seemed to relax a bit.


He then looked at Tsunade. "Thank you." He said in earnest and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

He walked back over to Hanabi and said. "Ok let's go Hanabi-Chan, but we are going to need to take a bit of a hmmm... unconventional way there."

Hanabi was off in dazed shock at what Naruto had just done to the Hokage.


"OH MY GOD! DID HE JUST KISS THE HOKAGE! How the hell does he still have a pulse!

I heard she almost killed a temple guard from the rain county for telling her that her shirt was coming undone and their celibate monks!"

Naruto said. "Hanabi -Chan. Hanabi-Chan!" He said waving his hand in front of her eyes.

He sighed. "Oh well, my stomach is growling. So I'll guess I'll have to use my 'other' way to get us there." He stated.

He got behind a very shocked Hanabi and wrapped his arms around her before drawing a kunai in front of them.

There was no smoke, no flash...nothing... One second they were there and the next they were gone.


Hiashi look around in shock before finally speaking. "Was that...?"

She sighed. "Yes it was THAT jutsu. He learned it, yes, but he's still not as good as the fourth was with it... yet.

He's only been practicing it for eight months and he's almost ready to try visiting the Kazekage with it."

Hiashi thought. "Wow I knew he was powerful, but to learn that Jutsu to that degree in such a short time.

I'm starting to wonder if anyone in history will be a match for him by the time he's thirty."


Tsunade gave him a tired look and said. "Something else you wanted Hiashi?"

He straitened himself up and presented himself respectfully.

"Yes, I am not so sure making them teammates is such a wise decision Hokage." Hiashi replied choosing his words carefully.

She rolled her eyes. "Oookkaayy" She said as she slammed her hands down on her desk. She was clearly getting down right irate with him.

"First off I'm late for lunch, second I'm out of sake, third my assistant is out sick and I've got a ton of paper work to do by myself...

Besides you practically begged me to put her on a team with 'The Best'... You know the old saying be careful what you wish for."

"But." Hiashi said before Tsunade cut him off.

"Look I already said both of them have a lot to learn from each other." She stated.

Hiashi went wide eyes. "You don't mean...well you know...I've heard Naruto has been quite the playboy in recent years...Ino, Hinata and Sakura..."

He paused for a moment. "And it looks like you just set them up on a cute date!" He snapped. "For Kami's sake, she is only fifteen!"


Tsunade rolled her eyes. "I guess I'll have to skip lunch. Put the privacy seal on the door, I'll get the window." She said flatly as she got up.

After the seals where in place the sat down. "What I tell you in this room never leave it tell I declassified it got it!" She said threateningly while pointing at him.

"Yes Hokage sama." He said respectfully, he wasn't use to getting near killing intent from Tsunade.

"Ok..." She took in a deep breath and released it.

"I'll just put it bluntly as it saves the most time...Before I even took the job of Hokage I named Naruto as being worthy of being my successor.

Jiraiya always told me "He's young" or "He's not ready yet", but you know what Hiashi...

I've always felt I had a better understanding of Naruto then anyone else and you know what?


I've always felt I was standing in HIS shadow." She stated while her shoulders slumped with a sad look on her face.

"If it wasn't for Naruto and his ideals of becoming Hokage, I would have never taken the job.

Everyone thinks it was the first Hokage's or the third Hokage's Idea's I follow ...but in reality, since I decided to take the job it's always been his ideals.

If it's his shadow I'm standing in then it's like the night sky and the stars are the few glimmering hopes that I've actually done right, but most of it is covered in the darkness of failure."


She stood up and turned to look out the window at the Hokage monument while crossing her arms.

"When news of Jiraiya's passing was first told to him, his first reaction wasn't to feel sad or lonely...He was furious, mainly at me for letting him go!

He was probably the only one in the village to would tell me straight to my face that I messed up.

It hurt a lot at first, but after someone told me what everyone was avoiding telling me I felt a bit better.

Then when Pain attack the village and no one could even come close to being that psycho's equal in battle...

I don't even think I would have been able to put up much of a fight against him even if I did have all my chakra at the time.

Naruto showed up and practically shooed me away like I was some child on the battle field and took Pain head on.

Destroying all seven paths of Pain by himself even when Pain was so powerful he'd already leveled the village with a single jutsu.

When Pain got the upper hand at one point and it looked like he was going to capture Naruto he messed up.

He nearly killed Hinata which forced out the Kyuubi's chakra.


Yamoto even told me for a few seconds he brought out all nine tails to bare before mastering himself again in his Sage form.

He bared chakra so powerful it's like standing in a incinerator in its four tail form.

He bared the pain of being in that form while fighting that demon for control and all to crushed Pain and save the village.

It nearly cost him his life...

I'm sure you've read the report on his final fight with Sasuke, you know the one that left the Uchiha blind."

She was still looking out the window at the Hokage monument.


Hiashi stunned at the Hokage's words.

He felt a bit awkward before he spoke. "Ummm yes Tsunade, but what does all that have to do with pairing him with Hanabi?"

He cringed at the thought waking of the Hokage up out of her ramblings.

Tsunade was still mostly lost in her thoughts but replied.

"That's simple. Have you ever seen Naruto eat? Imagine the Hokage sitting at The Fire Lord's personal dining table eating like that…"


Hiashi looked up thoughtfully and brought up an image of Naruto in the formal Hokage garb sitting next to The Fire Lord inhaling ramen.

"Hahaha hmmph...hahahahaha." Hiashi laughed for a few minutes before mastering himself again and wiping a tear out of his eye.

"Yes, yes I see your point Lady Tsunade-sama." He said with a rare smile still on his face.

She turned from the window to see the normally stern man smiling in front of her desk.

His laughter had helped bring her back from the sad depths of her own mind.

She was in a noticeably better mood.

"Yes I figured that if anyone could teach the knucklehead something about manners, grace, and nobility it would be the Hyuuga Heiress.

Besides you wanted to make sure Hanabi was relatively safe.

So it was a no brainier when I thought of it.

Killing two birds with one stone as the old saying goes." She stated with a slight grin.

"Yeah Hiashi be careful what you wish for you just might get it. Just like this time. She thought silently.


Hiashi said. "Well, then what would Naruto need to teach my Hanabi?"


"Guts!... I can't believe I thought that...It's like Jiraiya is in my head for some reason. Aww what the hell...".

She stood up and looked at him sternly and stuck out her arm closed fist like Naruto did when he was younger and said. "GUTZ!"

Hiashi was speechless at the Hokage's strange gesture and stared at her blankly.

In the corner of her office laughter erupted.

Tsunade looked over to see Kakashi doubled over his hands on his knees, his book from the make out series was on the floor and he was having a laughing fit.



When Kakashi finally mastered himself a few minutes later he said. "Long enough to see..."

Kakashi steeled himself with a stern look and punched his fist out in front of him and said. "GUTZ!" He entered another laughing fit.

Tsunade was grinding her teeth in anger while charging her fist up with chakra before charging the laughing Jonin.

When she was three feet from blasting him out of her office his look suddenly changed to his normal unreadable face and he was holding up an official Kage scroll.

She stopped less than an inch from smashing his face through her office wall. Her arm was still quivering with rage.

She snatched the scroll from his hands and said. "Don't think this is over Hatake..."

Her words dripped with venom.

She angrily went back to her desk and opened the scroll.


"Dear Hokage

Thank you for your incredible advice. I'm sure you helped avoid open war with the Village Hidden in the Mist, The Village Hidden in the Waves, The Village Hidden in the Rain,

and the Land of rice patties. How did you even come up with such an ingenuous plan? After six months, all of their nations are thriving.


Kazekage Gaara."




Nineteen year old Naruto was sitting behind the Hokage's desk going through stacks paper work.

An Anbu in a cat mask had just come in to the office and he didn't seem to be feeling too well.

He was leaning on the wall just inside the office for support while holding his stomach.

A familiar voice spoke. "Naruto, What are you doing? When the Hokage sees this she's going send you flying across town again."


"Hey!" He said in an offended manner. "Tsunade had her birthday last night and you know how that ends up Kakashi."

Kakashi knew this ALL too well.

She would be forced to greet tons of high ranking ninja's, Nobles and Lords until she was blue in the face.

She would get fed up with it and grab anyone that was nearby and drag them to the bar to get drunk.

Kakashi was the unlucky person near her when she decided to go to the bar last night.


"That still doesn't expl..." Kakashi suddenly went green and he ran for the bathroom on the other side of the office.

Naruto went back to sorting paper work into twenty to thirty smaller piles, but it was hard to work with his former sensei in the bathroom making the most horrible heaving sounds.


After ten minutes of this Naruto gave up sorting...The noise was just too distracting.

He crossed his arms and waited for the noise to stop. Another five minutes passed and it was finally quite.

He had just picked up the next paper in the stack when Kakashi came out of the bathroom looking like hell holding his cat mask in his hand.

"That still doesn't explain what you're doing Naruto?" He said shakily.


Naruto sighed. His cheerful face was replaced with a very sad one. "You know I've been dating Sakura-Chan lately...

Well, I was so caught up with doing things with her that I totally forgot about Lady Tsunade's Birthday.

When Sakura-Chan took me to the celebration I didn't even have a gift to give her." He said sadly as he looked down.

Kakashi eyed him as carefully as he could with a stomach that wouldn't sit still.

"I thought about it and if I was Hokage the best gift I could receive would probably be a day off from all the paper work, but it's been pretty hard to do.

A lot of this stuff I just don't understand who to put on the missions. Like that stack."

He pointed at the largest stack that stood almost three feet high next to the desk. It accounted for about half of the total paper work.


Kakashi was starting to feel that his own gift of socks was seriously beginning to pale in comparison to Naruto's thoughtful gift.

He sighed. "At least I should make sure he doesn't make a mess of things." He thought.

He began going through the three feet tall stack of papers...

"No wonder Naruto didn't know who to put on these missions.

They are all recon and information gathering missions for Anbu level ninja's and he doesn't know who all the Anbu ninja's are."

He started going through the stack putting down Anbu teams for missions almost without thinking about it.

Kakashi realized another of the problems Naruto was having…There was almost a month's worth of missions here

and he was trying to assign them to everyone in a day instead of spreading them out over a month's time...

"The Hokage has been being quite the lay about recently." He thought sourly while eyeing one of the missions.

They worked through the morning until Kakashi went to grab the next stack absentmindedly.

"Hey Sensei, those are the Genin missions I've already assigned. You don't need to do those."


Kakashi eyed his work and grimaced. "Naruto you have totally messed up on which teams to assign for these missions.

If these had been Chunin rank or higher missions this would have been a disaster.

You sent the Taijutsu type team to do negotiation missions, the Genjutsu type teams to manual labor on the docks and the Ninjutsu type team use to entertain young children...

What possible reason could you have for handing out missions this way?

Are you trying to intentionally assign missions to the wrong people?"


Naruto scratched the back of his head vigorously. "Kami and I thought I was dumb. No I set out the missions for the Genin right.

The Genjutsu users are physically weak so I sent them to the dock for manual labor so they will get stronger.

I sent the Taijutsu users into a mission were they need to use their head instead of their muscles so they got smarter.

Lastly I sent the Ninjutsu users to entertain kids because it takes a lot of social control and restraint using Ninjutsu to entertain them.

But I set a few of the Hyuuga medics in training to watch the Ninjutsu users just in case it got out of hand.

They need to learn NOT to depend on one form of jutsu all the time...or at least that's what I learned." He replied frustratedly.


Kakashi thought to himself. "He's using the missions just like training. It's actually ingenious at the Genin level, but it would have been a disaster at the Chunin level."

"Well what are you going to do when they all come back and have failed because there not suited for their missions?

That will hurt our reputation and our future job offers." He stated knowingly.

"Grrr that's why I gave them missions inside the village at a discounted rate and told the employers they would probably take a few days to get their work down." Naruto said irritatedly.


Kakashi thought." He certainly covers all his bases. If he had understood who all the Anbu black ops were, then he probably wouldn't have needed my help much at all."

Almost all the paper work was done, but a very small stack of papers not seven sheets high.

A very hung over Tsunade dragged herself through the door of the office.

"What the hell are you two doing here? I didn't summon you for any missions today." She stated half asleep and the other half hung over.

"It's ok Tsunade-chan, I decided to do your paper work for you so you could take a day off." Naruto said happily.

Tsunade replied half asleep. "Oh thank you Naruto that's so sweet of you."

She said while climbing onto the green sofa in her office to go back to sleep... "YOU WHAT?" She yelled as she snapped back awake and stood up.


Kakashi raise his hand to calm her and said. "Calm down Tsunade. Believe it or not he actually had all the missions sectioned out into types when I got here.

The only missions he handed out were a few D ranked ones to a few Genin teams.

Though I didn't agree with his choices of Genin to send on the missions at first. I do now that he's explained why he sent them on those specific missions."

She fell back down on sofa and held her head in her hands.

"Why am I dreading tomorrow when all this comes back to haunt me?

At least show me what that small stack that's left is." She asked half asleep half dreading the answer.

Kakashi stammered. "I...I don't really know to be honest.

He will not let me have that stack and tells me those are the ones he understands best and they are the easiest to do of all the paper work."


The Hokage groaned as she got up off the sofa and walked over to her desk and slid the papers out from under Naruto's fingers.

"They're just economic reports from the Mist, Rain and Mountain countries and two requests for loans from the swamp and rice patty countries.

Which we will decline and a mission from the land of the waves complaining about a over abundance of oxen in the southern part of the Land of Waves aanndd?"

She looked at Naruto clearly unimpressed.


Naruto said while frustratedly scratching the back of his head. "Well all their problems are economic, mainly stemming from food shortages in the long run.

The Mountain country doesn't have a lot of land to grow food on. So they depend on selling their ore to make weapon and tools for income.

Then they use it to buy food from other nations.

The Mist Village hasn't recovered from losing so many Ninja eight years ago when Orochimaru got a lot of them to join him in making the Village Hidden in the Sound.

It seems they have a stock of seeds just nowhere to grow them.

The Swamp Country has almost nothing. So it's really poor because the swamp lands are too watery to support any staple food for its people.

Even though the soil under the water of the swamps is ideal for growing crops.

The Land of Rice Patty's is also a poor country too, but it has a lot of man power.

They have a lot of flat land, but it's only good for growing prairie grass.

They depend on shipping imports for food, but with the shortages in other nations it's becoming too expensive for their people."


"I still don't get where this is going." She stated in a dangerous warning manner.


Naruto continued. "Well, the way I see it, if the Hidden Mist Village sells the Land of Rice Patties their seeds in exchange for food later they are set.

If the Rain country unblocks the two rivers they dammed up then The Rice Country will have all the water they need for growing crops.

If the Swamp Country digs out its swamp marsh soil and takes it to the Rice country in exchange for food later they are set.

We wouldn't even need to protect the shipments...Hell whose gonna steal dirt!

If The Mountain country provided the farming tools they need then everyone will have plenty of food later." He said.


Tsunade was starting to see what he meant and nodded. "So where does this C ranked Wave mission come in at?" She asked curiously.

He smiled and said. "They are going to need a way to transport all that stuff from one nation to the other...especially the Swamp Nation at the beginning...

Oxen are perfect for pulling a wagon or dragging a plow."

It seems Naruto did find a solution to all their problems. "Well… I do see one problem...

The Fire lord had a standing trade embargo order with the Mountain Country not to sell large quantities of ore or metal of any kind to the Rice Patty Nation.

They tried to attack the Fire Nation almost forty years ago and that's one of the reasons they are such a poor country today." She said.

She sighed. "The Fire Lord probably will not lift that agreement without a good reason Naruto."


He looked at her. "Well an economically stable country doesn't need to start a war to get the things it's people needs to survive and no country is going to willingly starve to death.

They will steal from another country to survive which will start a war.

Besides it couldn't hurt to give them the idea and ask the Fire Lord to adjust his trade embargo so it excludes farming tools." He said with a smile.


End of Flashback


Tsunade fell onto her desk depressed. Kakashi was looking over her shoulder reading the scroll.

"Why are you all depressed looking? This looks like good news." He asked with a smile.


"Because it was Naruto's idea.

He may have caused me more trouble than help with that birthday gift, but he did find the most important papers that I would have over looked

and solved problems of four Countries in a matter of twenty minutes.

I'm starting to worry if I'm even cut out to be Hokage anymore." She stated with a depressed look on her face.


Kakashi got a slight worried expression. "Don't say that Tsunade.

If I hadn't been there to help him he would have given all the missions he didn't understand to Shikamaru's squad...

We probably wouldn't have seen them for five years!" He said with a laugh.


The Hokage laughed as well. "You're probably right."

"Hmm Hokage-sama if I might ask, whose the third member of Naruto's team?" Hiashi asked.

She looked up at him and gave him a disregarding look. "Oh that... Sasuke Uchiha." She said absentmindedly.

Hiashi started with horror. "You can't mean that Hokage! Not with my daughter on that team!"

"Relax Hiashi; Sasuke isn't in any shape to take the exams.

This is still Squad Seven though and Sai and Sakura have already completed the exam. So the only other Genin on Squad seven has to be on the sign up form.

Sasuke is the only choice I can make."

She stated trying to reason with him.


"Naruto would have given me a lot of trouble if I removed Sasuke from the team officially.

So he'll just be on the paper as part of the team, not actual participating." She said.



Naruto was standing just outside Ichiraku's Ramen stand after using the Yellow Flash jutsu with a Very shocked and speechless Hanabi Hyuuga.

Everyone seemed to be staring at them...Especially Gai sensei and Rock Lee...



"Ok I'm standing out in the open with one arm around a very cute younger girl's neck and the other wrapped around her waist...umm check that looks bad.

I'm holding a kunai in a menacing type manner in front of her...umm check...that looks even worst.

There are rumors going around about me being a playboy...sigh...check.

She's total speechless and shocked at the moment...oh big check...that makes all the rest look even more bad.

The last two people on the planet that I would not want to be seen like this are in front of me...sigh check again.

Conclusion... Oh shit this isn't gonna end well!


Gai finally came out of his shock and took a slow timid step back.

Then faster than Naruto thought was humanly possible he turned around and ran away leaving a huge dust trail behind him yelling in a pleading voice at the top of his lungs "HOKAGE!"


Lee's shocked look quickly turned to anger then to resolve before saying.



"I MAY DIE TRYING TO STOP YOU FOR THE ERROR OF YOUR WAYS, BUT I CAN'T LET YOU DO THIS!" He said sounding like a total drama queen.

"Oh shit!", Was all Naruto could think as Rock Lee charged.



End of Chapter one

Will Naruto survive Rock Lee's assault? Will he make it to the restaurant before those free tickets expire?

And what will happen when Guy Sensei tells the Hokage about how Naruto looked like he was assaulting Hanabi Hyuuga?

That and much more is in the next chapter : Getting to know each other.


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