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The Trial of Prince Xizor: A Forever Destined Vignette

Part 7/?

When they arrived at the Temple that evening, they were met with a victory celebration. Their family and all Jedi had gathered in the banquet hall to surprise them and Padme had been welcomed as a heroin. She wasn't sure they should be celebrating yet, but the entire Order was already sure that Xizor would be convicted, so Anakin and Padme had danced and spent the whole evening with their kids, surrounded by family and friends. Much later, Padme and Anakin put their sleepy children to bed and Padme went to visit her beloved father. She was still very worried that he hadn't woke up yet, but Bant remained positive on his status. His brain activity was strong and he would wake up soon. In the meantime, he would get some much needed rest. After kissing her father goodnight, she retired to their Temple quarters with her husband.


Riley stood in the palace ballroom, as they were about to celebrate yet another milestone in Padme's life. She had done and accomplished more in her short twenty-two years than most did in their whole lives. She had served two terms as Queen and the people loved her so much that they had wanted to instate her as Queen for life. But Padme believed in term limits and had declined. Instead, she chose to accept a position in Senator Palpatine's cabinet as his vice chair and had been working on Coruscant for the last six months. And just a week ago, Palpatine had been elected Chancellor and chosen Padme to replace him as Naboo's Senator. Tonight, they were celebrating for her. She had done much during her two tenures as Queen and Riley had been there for all of it. After a lengthy investigation, Padme, Riley, and their hired team had compiled enough evidence to arrest Governor Danae by the end of Padme's first term. He was convicted on charges of slavery, prostitution, and abuse on multiple accounts and received a forty-year prison sentence. Palo had been released long ago, but would go back to prison if he got near Padme and so far, he hadn't been that brave. The mountain villages were free of the traditions of old and under their new Governor, Padme's best friend Sabe, they enjoyed the same freedoms as everyone else. He smiled, as he saw his little girl, who wasn't so little anymore, approach him in a beautiful black evening gown.

"This is quite a party, Daddy. You really shouldn't have," Padme said.

"Are you kiddin' sweetness? I never miss an opportunity to brag about my little girl," he said.

"I know," she replied.

"Besides, everyone is really pleased about your election, so pleased in fact that I even saw a few members of the Jedi Council here," Riley replied.

"Wow…that is impressive," Padme said.

"Yep, now I think they're ready for your speech," Riley said.

"Okay, wish me luck," Padme replied.

"Okay, but you don't need it," he said, as his daughter walked up to the podium. Riley spotted the Council members and saw a couple younger Jedi as well.


Obi-Wan downed another scotch with ease. Anakin eyed the drink his brother had gotten him and sipped a small taste of it. He pulled it back from his lips with disgust on his face, as his eyes watered.

"Ugh…how do you drink this stuff? It tastes awful," Anakin complained.

"It's an acquired taste, baby brother. And it will knock you on your ass tomorrow if you're not careful, unless you have a tolerance like mine," Obi-Wan replied.

"I'll take your word for it," Anakin said, as he suddenly spotted the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen approaching the podium. His mouth went dry, as she happened to lock gazes with him at he exact same time.

"Who is she? She's beautiful," Anakin asked.

"That's the Senator," Obi-Wan replied.

"It can't be. Aren't Senators supposed to be old?" Anakin asked.

"Not this one. She has done a great many things for her people in her young years," Yan said, as he approached.

"Yes, we think she will be our greatest ally in the Senate," Qui-Gon said.

"She's just another spoiled politician," Obi-Wan replied.

"Not her. She cares deeply for her people. If only the Senate had more like her," Yan said.

"That is why we are here. We want her to know how pleased the Council is with her election," Qui-Gon added, as he spotted the drink in Anakin's hand. He swiped it and gave Obi-Wan a stern look.

"He is too young for this stuff," Qui-Gon scolded. Obi-Wan chuckled.

"Oh Dad, you're always so worried that I'm going to taint our little golden boy. He didn't even like it anyway," Obi-Wan replied in amusement. Qui-Gon was about to continue his lecture, when Anakin interrupted.

"Dad…something's wrong," Anakin stated.

"He's right…I feel it too. She's in danger," Yan said. Anakin saw someone dressed in a guard's uniform shuffling toward the podium. He realized that this person was dangerous. Padme was closer to him though, so he ran toward her, just as the man pulled out a blaster and pointed it at her. Padme gasped. It was Palo. He had somehow stolen a uniform and had made it past security.

"Padme!" Riley cried, as he tried desperately to reach her. But he wasn't going to make it. Palo fired and Padme screamed.

"NOOO!" Riley screamed. Just before the blaster bolt reached her, Padme saw a young man running toward her. Just in time, he tackled her and they tumbled to the ground, as the blaster bolt skimmed over their heads. Riley and his men tackled Palo to the ground and cuffed him.

"I'll make you pay for sending my father to prison. I swear I will!" Palo screamed, as he was dragged away.

"Are you okay?" Anakin asked, as he helped her up.

"Yes, thanks to you. You saved my life," she replied.

"It is the mandate of a Jedi to protect the innocent," Anakin said.

"I'm Padme," she stated.

"Anakin," he replied.

"Sweetness, are you okay?" Riley asked frantically, as he rushed toward them.

"I'm fine Daddy, thanks to Anakin," Padme replied.

"You saved my little girl's life, young man. How can I ever thank you?" Riley asked.

"There's no need, Sir," Anakin replied politely.

"You're a Jedi," Riley said.

"Yes Sir, well, I'm only a padawan, but I'm training to be one, Sir," Anakin replied.

"Well, thank you Anakin. You just saved my daughter and I'm very grateful," Riley said.

"You're welcome, Sir. I'm just glad that she's okay," Anakin replied. Padme smiled at him and calmly took the podium where she made her speech. Once she finished, everyone applauded and Anakin was captivated by her.

"Go on…ask her to dance," Yan prodded his grandson.

"I don't think she'd want to dance with me," Anakin replied.

"Then why does she keep looking over here?" Yan asked. Anakin had no answer.

"Go," Yan prodded again. Anakin approached her.

"Padme…" he said.

"Yes?" she asked.

"I mean, Senator Amidala…would you like to dance?" he stuttered. She smiled.

"I'd love to, but please call me Padme," she replied, as he escorted her onto the dance floor. Riley watched, glad that his little girl was safe and happy. She was all grown up now and while that made him a little sad, he always knew she'd be his baby girl…


Padme cuddled atop her husband's muscled chest, as they bathed in the afterglow of what had been a very passionate bout of lovemaking. He lifted her up and slipped out of bed.

"Where are you going?" she asked, with a hint of disappointment in her voice. He smiled at her.

"Don't worry angel, I was just going to get the dessert tray," he replied, as he pulled it to the bedside, before climbing back in. he took her in his arms and kissed her passionately.

"Should we be celebrating already? We haven't heard the verdict yet," she asked.

"Angel, I'm almost one hundred percent positive that it's going to be a guilty verdict. Besides, I don't need any special excuse to make love to you," he replied, as he kissed her tenderly. She smiled.

"I guess we don't need any special reason to eat chocolate cake in bed either," she added.

"Exactly. You know, you were absolutely brilliant in the courtroom these past few days. You should have become an attorney," he said, as he kissed her neck. She giggled, as he blew in her ear seductively.

"Thank you sweetheart, but remember, I do have a law degree in addition to my degree in political science and galactic history," she replied.

"Oh yeah…I guess you do," he said, as he kissed her again and sat up to cut a piece of cake. Padme propped herself up on her side and pulled the sheets around her body. She was in bed with her handsome, incredibly sexy husband and eating cake too. Life didn't get much better than that. He looked at her slyly, as he fed her a bite of the sinfully chocolate confection.

"What are you thinking?" he asked, noticing the sly look on her face.

"I was thinking about this night. Sex with you and cake. It doesn't get much better," she replied. He chuckled.

"We think alike, because I was thinking the same thing," he replied, as he took a bite. Padme sat up and pulled the sheet around her, as she reached for her glass of wine on the bedside table. Anakin smirked and used the Force to float her glass into the air, just before she could pick it up. She reached for it and he let her have it this time. She sipped at the fragrant red wine.

"You enjoy teasing me, don't you," she mentioned. He chuckled.

"Of course," he replied, as he sipped at his own wine, before leaning toward her.

"Though I enjoy being with you in general," he added, as he dropped a kiss to her cheek. He put another bite of cake on a fork and guided it into her mouth. Padme munched contently on the dessert and Anakin laughed.

"Are you laughing at me?" she asked, as she swallowed.

"Never at you, angel. I was just thinking about how cute you look with chocolate on your lips," he said, as he leaned closer.

"But I think I can help," he added, as he guided her lips to his. Padme cooed softly, as her husband moved his lips over hers sensually. Padme broke the kiss long enough to set her glass aside. Anakin set the plate of unfinished dessert aside as well, as his petite wife climbed into his lap and assaulted his lips with her own in a passionate manner. Anakin responded to her advances eagerly. He broke the hot, passion filled kiss a few moments later, just so he could gaze at the vision of beauty before him. His wife, the mother of his children, his precious angel. He caressed her face with a loving touch, before their lips met again and everything else ceased to exist. Slowly, he lowered her to the bed and using the Force, the lights went dark…


"You look very handsome, Mr. Father of the Bride," Jobal told him, as he straightened his formal uniform.

"Thanks Jo," he replied. Much had changed in the last two years. Padme had continued to please her people as their representative in the Senate. Governor Danae had been killed in prison and Palo had been charged with the attempted murder of Padme, Naboo's former Queen and current Senator. He had committed one of the only crimes on Naboo that actually carried the death sentence as a penalty. Parliament had enforced it, ruling that he was much too dangerous to the Senator and was executed. Not everything had been in their favor, however. Just after Padme had nearly been killed by Palo, the Neimodians had invaded Naboo. Fortunately they had been defeated by the Jedi, largely in thanks to Anakin Skywalker and Padme herself. But things in the galaxy continued to deteriorate and a Grand Clone Army of the Republic was born, as they went to war with the Separatists, with the Jedi on the front lines. Anakin was among them, but he spent every moment he could with Padme when he wasn't away at war. And now the day that Riley had thought he would dread had come. Padme was getting married. But Riley not only approved of the man she was marrying, but had become good friends with him. His little girl had found her one true love in Anakin Skywalker and Riley knew he wouldn't have to worry about her not being treated right or not being loved, because she had found her soul mate; a man that was going to love and protect her forever.

"Daddy…" he heard a sweet voice all to him. He turned and his mouth nearly dropped open, as he gazed at his little girl in her wedding gown. He flashed back and suddenly saw her again as a tiny little girl in a white sun dress, clutching a stuffed toy. That same little girl that used to run into his arms was now a fully grown, incredibly beautiful woman. He was giving her away today to a man he knew he could trust her with.

"You look beautiful sweetness," he said, as he got misty-eyed. Padme hugged him tightly.

"Are you ready?" he asked. She nodded.

"I love you Daddy," she said. His heart melted.

"I love you too sweetness," he replied. He looked around and saw things getting hazy. He looked around frantically in alarm, trying to figure out what was going on. Padme disappeared, but he could hear her calling to him.


"Daddy…Daddy, can you hear me?" Padme called. It was the next morning and she had come to see him. And while she was holding his hand, he had squeezed and wasn't letting go. Padme looked at Bant, who smiled.

"He's coming around," she said.

"Oh thank the Force at last," Jobal said, as she stood at his other side and kissed his forehead. Riley slowly opened his eyes and his vision focused on his daughter's beautiful face.

"Well, I guess you finally got tired of making us worry ourselves sick," Jobal pretended to scold, as she choked back a sob in her voice. He smiled and kissed her hand.

"I missed you too, Jo," he replied.

"Oh Daddy, I thought I almost lost you," Padme cried, as she hugged him.

"Hey, it's okay sweetness. I ain't going anywhere, but I sure as hell wasn't gonna let those bastards hurt you," Riley said, as he wiped one of her tears away with his thumb.

"Hey…welcome back," Anakin said, as he entered.

"Thanks. I hope you're here to tell me that the slime ball is about to fry," Riley said.

"Actually, you're not too far off. I was just coming to tell Padme that the jury is back," Anakin announced. Padme looked at him with hopeful eyes.

"So soon?" she asked. He smiled and nodded.

"I was told they deliberated for only four hours last night and then discussed things once more this morning. We need to be in the court within the hour," Anakin said, as she hugged him.

"We'll be back soon, Daddy," Padme said, as she kissed his cheek.

"Go get your justice, baby girl and we'll celebrate when you get back," Riley said, as he watched them leave.


"Please be seated," the Judge ordered.

"Am I correct in stating that the jury has reached a verdict?" the Judge questioned. A human female juror stood up.

"Yes your honor," she answered.

"Then we will proceed. On the forty counts of murder in the first degree, how does the jury find?" the Judge questioned.

"We find the defendant guilty," she announced. The audience erupted in chatter.

"Quiet please!" the Judge called, as the room gave way to silence again.

"On the two counts of attempted murder, how does the jury find?" the Judge asked.

"We find the defendant guilty," she announced.

"On the count of conspiracy, how does the jury find?" the Judge questioned.

"We find the defendant guilty," she repeated.

"And on the count of High Capital Treason, how does the jury find?" he asked.

"We find the defendant guilty," she answered.

"This court dismisses the jury with its thanks. Prince Xizor, please rise," the Judge ordered. He obeyed.

"Prince Xizor, you are hereby remanded to Jedi custody until your sentencing hearing, which will be held one week from now. Until then, we are dismissed," the Judge announced. Anakin and Padme stood up hugged. They let it be no secret that they were thrilled, as Anakin lifted her up and spun her around.

"Your honor, I would like to file an immediate appeal!" Aurico called.

"You request for appeal is denied," the Judge replied, as Mace and Kit took Xizor into custody.

"Enjoy your victory Padme, for it promise it will be short lived," Xizor called.

"Not if I have anything to do with it," Anakin retorted, as he put his arm around Padme's waist. Xizor glared at him.

"You too will be dealt with, Jedi," Xizor spat, as he was dragged away.

"You'll all pay for this," Aurico hissed, as he followed. But Anakin and Padme ignored their threats.

"Come on, let's get back. We won and it's all thanks to you, angel," he said.

"Well, not all thanks to me, but you're sweet. And you're right, we should go so we can celebrate," Padme replied, as they made their way toward the exit.

~*~Padme kissed her husband passionately, as the elevator took them to the ground floor of the Senate building.

"Am I wrong to be celebrating Xizor's eventual demise, even though he's a evil bastard?" she asked.

"Angel, this is the man that tried to kill Jayden and Natalie and threatens you on a regular basis. He's lucky I'm not the one putting the nails in his coffin," Anakin replied.

"You're right. I hope he burns in Sith Hell," Padme replied, as she kissed him again, with passionate fervor.

"Wow…" he said dreamily, as she finally released his passion bruised lips.

"Yeah…and there's more where that came from…tonight," she said sultrily, as the lift door opened. They came face to face with an angry Chancellor.

"Well, congratulations Padme. You've succeeded in taking away the man I love," Mon said coldly.

"Xizor is evil and he doesn't know how to love anyone but himself," Padme replied.

"She's right. You should be thanking Padme for saving you from him. You know exactly what kind of person he is deep down, but you refuse to admit it to yourself," Anakin added.

"No, I most certainly won't thank her. I only hope that she knows nothing but pain in the future for what she has done. I hope your love is stolen away from you as mine has been from me," Mon spat viciously, as she glanced at Anakin. She stepped onto the lift, as they got off.

"Enjoy him while you can, Padme. Your days of misery will come," Mon said, as the lift closed. Anakin saw Padme's stunned expression and quickly took her in his arms.

"Don't listen to her Padme. You're never going to lose me," Anakin promised. She leaned her head against his chest.

"I…I know. But I would be in eternal misery if I did lose you," Padme replied. He shook his head.

"Don't listen to her, angel. We've been through so much and nothing will ever come between us," he said, as he caressed her cheek. She smiled and felt his heart touch hers through their incredible, indescribable bond. How dare Mon even try to compare what she supposedly thought she had with Xizor to the true, powerful love that they shared. There was no comparison to be had.

"You're right. Let's go home to our kids," she said. He smiled back, as he put his arm around her and escorted her to their speeder…


Mace put Xizor in his tiny cell and activated the plasma bars.

"Justice will finally be served, your Highness. Enjoy your cell here, because where you'll soon be going will be devoid of any comfort whatsoever," Mace said, as he left. Xizor barred his teeth angrily.

"That's what you think, Jedi, for my plans have just begun," Xizor hissed cryptically and with his usual air of confidence…

Uh oh…Xizor is up to something and that's never good. But what's worse than Xizor? Weird, irritating relatives that you never knew about, that's what. Xizor's treachery isn't over, but our next vignette fills in a tiny gap, before Xizor realizes his plot in the following vignette. After hearing their brother was injured and finding out they have a niece they never knew about, Riley's brother and sister drop in for a visit. They're a couple of scam artists, but mostly harmless. What will Anakin and Padme think of her new eccentric Aunt and Uncle? Meanwhile, as if that wasn't crazy enough, Obi-Wan's great Aunt, his long dead mother's Aunt drops in to visit him after years of absence, and no one is thrilled by the judgmental, irritating woman's presence. All this and more, including Xizor's sentencing hearing is coming up in the next small vignette, titled Relatively Insane. This vignette will then be followed directly by the next, which will be explosive with good and evil clashing and warring. Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think. And look for the next vignette, Relatively Insane soon!