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Chapter One


The black Hummer slowed as the road began to wind and bend with the woods. Lucio smiled to himself. It had been a long time since he'd been away from a big city, he had almost forgotten what small towns, and more specifically, their roads, were like. He realized that he enjoyed the peace and quiet that surrounded him. It wasn't long before he pulled up to a house that seemed to be made almost entirely out of glass. Lucio stepped out of the car, and paused to take in the fresh air. The rain had finally stopped, leaving behind a freshness that he loved so much. The smell of it, yes he believed there was a smell to the rain, always made him feel, new.

"So, " he said out-loud to himself, "this must be the infamous Cullen house." He chuckled.

Izzy wasn't lying when she said it was a beautiful house, though she didn't speak much of the vampires who used to inhabit it. He tried to view the house objectively, to take in its architecture, and almost perfect location. But his mind was filled with Izzy's face, and the pain that remembering this town, this place, this family, always brought her.

"Well, this will be as good a place as any to hide the car for now," he said as he scanned the area. This was far enough away from town, and close enough for him to pursue his objective.

Now the real work began. After pulling the car into the garage, Lucio stepped back outside and contemplated his options. He leaned his back against a nearby tree and stared up to the sky. He inhaled deeply. He could contact the Cullens now, and deal with Sam Uley's pack later, or he could do just the opposite. He grumbled to himself, realizing that explaining to either party what was going on was not going to be easy.

He resigned to contact the pack first, reasoning that he at least knew where the Quileutes lived as of right now.

"To La Push I go," he spoke happily to himself. He chuckled again, realizing he was talking to himself, something Izzy always made fun of him for.