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Teleporting was one of the few reasons Izzy envied Lucio. She loved the rush of it, the weightless feeling it left in the pit of her stomach. It was the most free she had ever felt, and she hated that she couldn't do so on her own. When she opened her eyes, her palm was still outstretched, just as it had been when Lucio sent her off.

Her apartment was a mess. There were weapons scattered all over the floor – daggers and knives were stuck in random sections of drywall.

"You're never going to get your security deposit back," Lucio had joked with her.

She stepped over the piles of bo staffs and swords, tip toed around the stacks of dirty laundry, and threw open the curtains. Though she couldn't see many stars in L.A., it was a habit of hers to stare at the night sky. It was one of the few things in this life that gave her some semblance of peace.

"God, what a mess this is," she muttered to herself. She leaned against the cool balcony door, and slid to the bottom, her hands in her hair.

She wanted to scream. She wanted to rip the skin off of Edward Cullen's body and burn it. She wanted to send a lightning storm so violent over Forks that everyone and everything would be razed to the ground. She wanted to rip out Victoria's heart and feed it to her – just so she could watch her choke on her own blood.

She wanted to do a lot of gruesome things – but she knew that they wouldn't make her feel any better.

Lucio and Althea had been working so hard to teach her to control her anger, to quench the rage that consumed her day in and day out. Some days were better than others. Some days – well, some days she made it rain and thunder for weeks at a time.

She had to give them credit. They truly were amazing friends. And she understood what they were trying to do, what they wanted for her. But she just couldn't give it to them. Victoria had taken everything from her – not just her family or material possessions – but her very soul. She wasn't the same person anymore; she never could be. She knew what she was giving up when she chose the path of Vengeance.

There was nothing she wanted more in this world than to stop Victoria from hurting anyone else the way she had destroyed her. And once she had accomplished that, there were no more reasons for her to live. She had seen enough in this life – suffered enough. She would be happy when it was over.

But for now, she had to fight. She had to be strong, had to push through the past to keep the future safe for everyone else. Even if that meant working with the people she hated most.

Just thinking of Edward made sparks fly from her fingertips. There were too many emotions when it came to Edward – too many things she wasn't ready to process.

She had loved him once. So much so that she thought her world was over when he walked out of her life. Even just thinking about it made her disgusted with herself. If she had only known how good she had it – if she had only appreciated her life for what it was, instead of focused on what is wasn't. She had her family, her friends – a good, normal, human life.

It was his fault that all of this had happened – his fault that Charlie and Renee were gone. His fault that Victoria was on a killing spree, slaughtering hundreds of innocent people in her path. It was his fault that all of it happened, and she never wanted to see his face again.

The loud crack of lightning striking an electrical pole outside let her know she was getting out of hand. She balled her hands into fists and took a deep, long breath – just like Lucio had taught her.

"Pull yourself together, Iz. We've got shit to do."

Her little self-pep talk over with, Izzy picked herself up off the floor and began dealing with the task at hand. First, she was going to need clothes. She stormed into the bedroom and nearly ripped the closet door off of its hinges. She headed straight for a sealed trunk in the back of her walk-in that Althea had given her months ago.

Inside were clothes - clothes that were enchanted with some sort of magic Izzy didn't completely understand. All she knew was that they prevented anything, including vampires, from picking up her scent. Althea hadn't told her where she got them from, only that she should save them for when she truly needed them.

Once she had dragged the trunk out of the closet, Izzy made her way back into the living room. Scattered around the room was a plethora of knowledge – books, newspaper clippings, articles, maps, photographs. Anything and everything Izzy had ever researched or found on Wurdulaks and Victoria was collected and thrown into a leather studded bag. Tossing the bag on top of the trunk, Izzy took once last look around the apartment.

Taking it all in made Izzy feel a little nostalgic. If she was being honest with herself, this was probably the last time she would ever see this place again. It had been her home – her safe haven. When all the world was confusing and dark, this was the one place she could come to to hide and just forget it. She had made memories here, good memories with Althea and Lucio. She felt a slight smirk creep across her lips and she thought of all the ridiculous things that the two of them had tried to do to make her "open up" to them. But, as quickly as the smirk had come – it had gone, as she realized the pain she was going to cause them at the end of all of this.

There was no turning back now. This was it. Though she cared about Thea and Luc, she wasn't going to let that stop her from accomplishing her mission. She took one last look around the apartment before she headed back to the bedroom where her things were piled up. She jumped on top of her bed and reached for the two weapons hung about it, like a headboard. She gripped the familiar, cool metal and instantly felt a surge of energy.

She twirled them about a bit – a few practice slashes here, a few stabs there. Once she felt she was ready she slid her weapons of choice into their holsters.

She kicked her trunk out into the living room, threw her bag over her shoulder, and adjusted her sai so that sat flush against her back.

Any minute now Lucio would be contacting her with an update and to 'port her back to Forks.

And she was ready.

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