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Last Chapter

"Well, Titans, we've gone a long way." Robin sighed, standing on the table. He slowly turned around to look down at each of his teammates. "We've gone a long, loooong way. 70 chapters, to be exact."

Raven muttered something under her breath before standing up and leaving the room.

"Someone's PMS-ing~" Beast Boy sang.

"No, Beast Boy. It's too late to make any last-minute PMSing Raven jokes. It's over." Robin jumped down from the table and grabbed the front of Beast Boy's ridiculously stretchy uniform. Robin began screaming in his face. "DON'T YOU GET IT?! IT'S ALL OVER! WE'RE NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!!""

"Haven't you been OOC long enough, man?" Cyborg sighed.

"...No." Robin sat on the floor, glaring at all of them.

"Do you all recall the time in which the author had so stupidly inserted herself into a chapter?" Starfire asked, breaking the fourth-wall for the last time. She sighed and stared off at the distance fondly. "She was quite an idiot, indeed."

"No, Starfire, it was all a part of your imagination." Cyborg gently said, patting her head.

"Found it." Raven reentered the room, holding a brick in one hand. She strode up to Robin and bashed him over the head with it.

"Lolwut?" Beast Boy looked at Raven questioningly.

"With him dead, there'll be no chances of Generic Exaggeration returning for more 'special chapters'." Raven explained. "We need to close any final loopholes. Something like that. Yes."

"You know, Raven, you'd make a pretty crappy murderer." Robin said, rubbing the bump on his head and getting back up.

Raven pushed him out the window.

"Now all I need to do is perform one final emo act, and I think I'm done here." Raven cut her arm off and sank through the floor and disappeared, leaving the readers to wonder if she had gone to create her own spin-off show.

"So Robin and Raven are officially gone. Huh." Cyborg rocked on his heels. He kicked Raven's twitching arm away. "Weeeell, I guess there's nothing here for me then, either."

"You're leaving too?!" Beast Boy cried out.

"Well, of course, you blundering idiot!" Cyborg said. He grabbed Beast Boy's shirt and shook him back and forth. "IT'S ALL OVER, MAN. BYE BYE."

Cyborg spun around and ran out the door.

"It looks like it's just you and me, Star." Beast Boy sighed.

"Ooh! Ooh! I suggest we create our own talk show and then create a cartoon ripoff of a previously existing show and then take over the Fox News Network!" Starfire said excitedly.

"Yeah! And get government funds to do research on monkeys and tofu and other crap that only I care about!" Beast Boy said.

"...No, Beast Boy. Just, no. You are not funny anymore." Starfire sniffed, kicked him in the gut, and flew out the window.

Since there wasn't anything left to do, Beast Boy left the tower.

And ignorantly forgot to leave food for Silkie in the process.

With that, it all came to an abrubt end.


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